Millbrook Mountain Home Tour

Hi! I want to introduce you to some new friends, today. Meet Jane and Billy Brooks:

Jane and Billy Brooks

They’ve been married for 52 years, and they have 3 children, 5 grandchildren, and 3 great grandchildren. In Jane’s words, they “do just about everything together”, and they share a huge passion for creating. They’ve been busy designing, building and decorating their home together since 2004. Our mutual friend, Debbie, invited me to go visit them with her the other day because, as she put it, “y’all just need to meet!”.

I love that part of friendship. That part that stretches all the way back to our very first friends, and that still, after all these years, still gets us excited about putting “our” people together. :-)

The atmosphere in their home is just as warm and inviting as the couple themselves, and I absolutely love that they had so much fun dreaming it all up together from scratch.

Iron Work Front Doors | Columns | Dining Room

Round Dining Room Table | Ceiling Medallion

Gold Plate | Marble Jug

Billy makes the most beautiful furniture pieces in his workshop downstairs. Check out this sideboard he built out of reclaimed pine:

Pine Sideboard by Billy Brooks | Millbrook Alabama

He made this vanity in the hall bath, too:

Diamond Travertine Tile | Bathroom Sink Vanity Green Bathroom

Some of their furniture and decor came from Scott’s Antique Market in Atlanta. Jane said one of their favorite things to do together is take short, spontaneous trips, and I could literally feel the fun in the stories they shared about their adventures!

Something else I noticed as we wandered from room to room is that everything felt so comfortable because it was all so durable.

Stone Fireplace | Tall Ceiling | Red Living Room | Pine Floor

Funny how people can match their places in that way, isn’t it? :-)

Fireplace Decor

Stone Fireplace | Red Rug

Red Armoire | Rug Covered Chair and Ottoman

Red Armoire | Asian Cabinet

You probably already figured out that Jane’s favorite color to decorate with is red. She told me she’s always been most drawn to the energy red brings into a room.

Red Countertop | Pine Floor | Kitchen

Crackle Finish Kitchen Island

Red Countertop | Kitchen | Pine Floors

I love the energy she brings into a room, and I admire her and Billy so much for letting love takes the reins when it came to picking out a countertop that spoke directly to their spirits!

Red Quartz Countertop

Fig Tree | Wooden Grate | Sideboard

Red Sofa | Old Wood Doors | Oriental Rug

Black and White Striped Chair

Media Room | Inky Black Paint

Antelope Bookend | Old Books

Leopard Pillow Sham

Red Rug

This morning, I asked Jane what she loved most about Billy. She said “his sense of humor, how he loves people, and how he never meets a stranger”. Billy said his favorite things about Jane are her kindness and compassion for other people.

Woods and Sky | Millbrook Alabama

They’ve known each other for over half a century, but those were instantly my favorite things about them, too. :-)

What a treat to be able to meet and share a little bit about them and their labor of love with you today! Jane doesn’t blog, but if you have any questions for her about anything in the photos above (or just want to say hello to her because I think Y’ALL just need to meet, too!), feel free to leave her a message in the comment section below.

Happy Monday from Millbrook!

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  1. Marianne in Mo. says

    A fun, relaxed home! You should always do what you love, and not worry about trends so much! I would like to ask Jane & Billy the story about the panel behind the red sofa. It is so dramatic and caught my eye. (How could it not?) I love it!

    • Jane Brooks says

      So glad you like it! There are 3 panels which we hung side by side. We found them at Scott’s Antique Market in Atlanta. We were told they were used in a Department Store for display. Some of the panels are hinged and open up (for what reason I don’t know).

  2. Doreen says

    Stunning and exactly my tastes also. Red is my fave color too! I have the same couch and love it! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. chrissi says

    love this couple. i cannot believe that they have been together for 50 plus years-look at them….they look 50. amazing. truly one of the best homes i have seen highlighted, just so darn welcoming. relaxing. thanks so much for highlighting these two.

  4. Mary Ann says

    It is great to know that there are couples out there that still have this wonderful bond.

  5. sherri snook says

    I love your beautiful home. I was wondering what the wall color is in your entry and main part of your house and if its the same color that is in your kitchen. I love it. Thanks for sharing.

    • says

      The color is “Sagebrush” by Glidden Paint. It is the same color used in the kitchen and is used almost in the entire house. We like it because it seems to compliment the colors we love (RED).

  6. Amy Youngstrom says

    Lovely home. Lovely couple.

    So wish I could decorate with less. I love how there is space (not all the cabinet tops in the kitchen have something on them.)
    A real talent. I don’t have it, I so wish I did. I have more of a country clutter look. Sigh!

    Thanks for sharing your home with us.

  7. says

    So sweet! My favorite colors are red and mustard. I know that most people have moved away from reds but I just can’t seem to do it. Glad to know that I’m not alone.

    And J&B if you ever come home and your beautiful floor is missing…it was me. 😉 I love that floor!
    Your comments about each other is says it all.

    Jake’s a Girl

  8. Donna says

    Gorgeous home! I’m curious where Jane got the gorgeous rug in the roomwith the coral sofa?

  9. karen healey says


  10. Georgia Koenig says

    Hi to Jane via Layla & The Lettered Cottage. To Jane: Your beautiful home that you & your husband have created together is amazing! Gracious yet cozy, homey yet sprawling – just gorgeous in every way. The furnishings Billy has made, your KITCHEN that I covet, your RED kitchen counter tops – WOW. I can imagine you two with all of your children, grandchildren & great grandchildren just being family & loving each other in that wonderful space. My question is just this one – I couldn’t help but admire the BEAUTIFUL wood(?) flooring in most of the rooms – I am no pro but it reminds me of what I THINK is called (wide board) Heart Pine, often seen in beautiful & very old homes, both in the South & in New England as well. One often sees floors made of that type of pine or something similar that has been reclaimed from homes that have been renovated or torn down etc & then the flooring is refurbished & installed once again in another home. So, WHAT ARE THOSE AMAZING FLOORS MADE OF? What kind of wood? Just LOVE the wide planks & the color & texture of the wood (if it is laminate, it is the most “real” looking that I have ever seen!) Thanks for allowing Layla to share your home with us, her loyal readers! Sincerely, Georgia Koenig, from Southern California. P.S. I don’t have a website or a blog but have been following Layla’s Lettered Cottage for about 4 years now & REALLY enjoying her homey, friendly style, her ideas, her spirituality, her loving heart & all that she shares with her readers, especially all the great ideas for decorating & DIY projects – and Kevin too, of course! They are a wonderful couple who set a great example of a loving & fun, dedicated marriage.

    • says

      You guessed right. The floors are antique heart pine (10-in wide boards). Recently, we had our carpet in the bedrooms replaced with the same boards. We just love them. We, too, are so thankful to have met Layla and Kevin and we love how they are sharing ideas with others.

  11. Edna Brooks says

    Jane, I had really forgotten how beautiful your home is. It is absolutely gorgeous. I know that it’s a wonderful feeling to get up in the morning in this beautiful home. You all have been blessed.

  12. mary foter says

    Jane your house is beautiful. I love the wood floors they show warmth and comfort, but the red counter top is the perfect pop of color in the kitchen. I love that you decorate with the color red it is a powerful color, I to also use red in my house.

  13. Tammie says

    Jane & Billy,
    I’d like to know about the white media center. Did you buy it or build it yourself? How deep are the cabinets/drawers?

    • says

      The white media center was built by our cabinet maker. It is 31″ deep. We just recently replaced the old T.V. with a newer slimmer one. Billy added the shelf and would you believe I found 3 baskets (at Target) that perfectly fit the space!

  14. says

    I’d love to know about the wall color. My walls are too yellow and I am looking for something softer. What a beautiful home and a beautiful couple! Thanks, Layla, for introducing us!

  15. says

    This home is stunning. Beautiful decor, love it. I have a question about the fireplace stone…what is it? It’s so pretty.

    Thanks for featuring this home, Layla.

    • says

      The fireplace is built with artificial stone. It is used a lot in our neighborhood. A portion of the front of our house is artificial stone.

  16. Rachel says

    Gorgeous…love the wood work especially in the living room on the wall? wow.
    When I first saw the picture of them and how long they’ve been married I couldn’t believe it! You both look fantastic!

  17. says

    I love red and the energy it brings to a room. When I told people I was going to paint the entire dining room, including the ceiling red, I got a few eyebrow raises. It’s the most complimented room in the house now.

  18. says

    They look so sweet! Billy reminds me of my dad with his deck shoes. I love that sailboat on the mantel. I haven’t been out on a boat in years, but sailboats will always have a special place in my heart. When I was a girl, we were out on the lake in my dad’s 23′ Columbia nearly every weekend in the summer. I remember feeling so big riding in his pickup with that boat on the trailer behind us. We got wide-eyed looks from folks every time we drove it through town. There weren’t many sailboats in North Central Arkansas, and they do look especially impressive when they’re up out of the water. :) Thank you for sharing (and apparently, for the trip down memory lane!).

  19. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    First of all, Jane has been married 52 years?????? She’s how old? LOL. She looks FAB!!!!!! Positively FAB.
    What a gorgeous home. I am a red girl also…… the energy that red brings to a room. I saw that red countertop and wanted to SCREAM. I love that! (Could not talk my hubby into us having a red sink) Lovely Lovely Lovely.
    Everything in this home is simply divine. Such creative talents.
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh one can dream to live in a house like this. This is MY kind of house.
    Thanks for sharing.

  20. Jo says

    I love the house! Every single detail is perfect. However, there must be a typo. Married 52 years!!!! That can’t be…unless they got married when they were 10!! The house is almost as beautiful as they are. Thanks for sharing.

  21. hello haha narf says

    i am still swooning over that kitchen! perfection!
    now i shall be dreaming of a gorgeous red counter top…

  22. Terri says

    “Instant” drool over the wide plank heart pine floors…….. :) … BEAUTIFUL…. as is the entire house I’m sure!!! The kitchen island is just gorgeous as well!!!!! Thank you for sharing with all of us Layla!!!!! How blessed to celebrate so many years together!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    I had to come back upstairs where I could drool on my PC. My Gosh….what a gorgeous house. I believe I have the same drapes that are in the dining room. Pottery Barn???? Love them. I, too, love old antique Persian rugs. I am drooling, terribly, over the red countertop…….what in the world is that called???? I have to make a note for my next house. I love it!!!!! Every little cotton picken thing in that house screams………the way I love to decorate. I need a JOB!!!!!
    I have sent these pix to my hubby. He will not have a moments peace from now on. LOL. This is my DREAMHOUSE!!!!! I’d love to come to AL and pick Jane’s brain. And just WHY does she not have a blog????
    LOL! Oh thank Layla for sharing. This post was like Christmas…… made me so happy.

  24. Kim A says

    Hi Layla,
    Beautiful home and beautiful couple. On another note, is the ShootFlyShoot site down? I tried accessing it today and get a “forbidden” message?

    • Layla says

      Hi Kim!
      Kevin is in the middle of updating their software, and backing up all their databases, but it should be up and running again soon! XO

  25. says

    I love Jane and Billy’s style, but had to go back and read the first sentence under their photo a few times! They’ve been married 52 years? They don’t look old enough to have been married that long! :)

  26. Sylvia says

    Could I live in that house? Yes, indeed. I would love to know about the floors. I’m guessing reclaimed pine but it could be new flooring made to look old.
    Thanks for the awesome tour.

  27. Karen says

    Nice to meet you Jane and Billy. Congratulations on your 52 years of marriage! Thank you for the warm welcome into your beautiful home.
    Love the homemade furniture. How amazing to be able to create such a work of art.
    Blessings for many more years together……

  28. Anne-Marie says

    Can you please share the paint wall and trim colors used in her rooms. I love the gold color.

    • says

      The majority of the house is painted “Sagebrush” by Glidden Paint. The hall bath with the pine vanity is “Brookside Moss” by Benjamin Moore. All trim is “Gauze White” by Devoe.

  29. Jenn B says

    Hey Jane and Billy, What fun it is to have a peak into your beautiful home. I love all the details and especially the pieces Billy made. Thanks so much for sharing! I also wondered if you’re Hassey Brooks parents? I graduated from Lee with him. Thanks again for sharing your home. It is easy to see there is lots of love there

  30. Carolyn Travis says

    What a joy to visit my friend through these beautiful photos and comments! You and Billy are precious friends to me and I loved getting the opportunity to have this “up close and personal” contact with you through Layla’s Blog (also a work of art). Your home is gorgeous and so many unique pieces make it perfect. How good God is that you called me while I was looking at the blog! He is just to awesome! Thanks in advance for that great pound cake you are bringing to me and Bill . He will be DELIGHTED!!! to say the least. Love you

  31. Karen O says

    I noticed the huge photo of geraniums (I think they look like geraniums) in the kitchen. I am a collector of geranium pictures. Do you know the artist of this print. Lovely home! Thank you for sharing

    • says

      No. We are not Hassey Brookses parents but we are distant kin to him. After reading your comment, we went to Southern Makers at the train shed in Montgomery (thanks to Layla’s recommendation) and saw Hassey and his brother. They had a display there. We really enjoyed talking to them. What nice guys!!