• Milk Jug Lamp


    Did you have a good weekend?

    It was a busy one over here at TLC!
    Among other things, I finallllllly finished re-doing the jug lamp I got last year on the Endless Yard Sale


    It’s no longer blue, it no longer has a fabric decal on the front, and the shade is much spiffier now too.

    Check it out!

    Up at the top of the base, under a few layers of grime, I discovered a pretty copper color…


    And underneath the huge fabric ship sticker, I found the words

    Mitchell Dairy Co
    Bridgeport CT 63


    They’re sort of engraved into the metal, so I used an old sponge tip applicator to rub some light brown eyebrow shadow into them so they’d stand out a little more…


    I used Rustoleum’s “Heirloom White” spray paint (satin finish) on the base…


    And last but not least, I re-covered the shade in a textural, neutral-colored fabric and a bit of jute trim I had left over from my chandelier project


    The fabric came from Claudia’s Cloth Barn (here in Prattville, AL), and the jute trim came from M&J Trimming

    Here she is!
    All made up and ready to sit on my bedside table…


    I’m stoked about how it turned out!

    Especially when I saw that this one (available at Bellacor) costs $524.90


    My milk jug lamp cost just $30 altogether.

    That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout Willis!

    Happy Monday!

    PS- It looks like I removed the handle in the photos- but I didn’t! It’s still there!


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