• Mercury Glass Candleholders from TJ Maxx

    Okay…after all the talk yesterday about the mercury glass candle holders I would LOVE to have for my mantle, I decided to make a trip to TJ Maxx JUST TO SEE if they were on sale.
    Well, they were.
    There were two there, and they had been marked down to $5.00 each because they were both broken around the top. I debated on whether or not I should get them, because after all they were damaged, and I really need four of them, not two.
    After about 15 minutes of debating, I decided to get them. If anyone out there in Blogland would like to help keep an eye out for two more the next time they are in TJ Maxx- I would be thrilled to paypal you for them (plus shipping of course). :-)

    Here they are, in all there chipped glory:

    I’m thinking I can glue some greenery around the bottom of a candle to cover up the chipped parts of them.

    The shorter one has the image of a snowman on it, and the taller one has the image of Santa or a nutcracker on it.

    Let me know if you see these little guys and can help me out with my dilemna!


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