Me and Mom

My Mom and I are roadtrippin’ to Minnesota (and Wandawega!) this week!

We’ve driven 640 miles, and passed through four sunny states so far. The drive has been gorgeous! Such beautiful weather, and the trees on the sides of the road are just starting to explode with fall colors. (Rumor has it, they’re going to get more “fiery” the further north we go, too! Yay!)

We stopped in Franklin, Tennessee this afternoon and discovered a really cute shop called “Rebecca’s” while we were walking around downtown…

And this huge Sugarboo Designs sign, inside the front door at a shop called “Lulu’s”, stopped us smack dab in our tracks today…

Love it! Definitely need to make a trip back to Franklin sometime. What an adorable town!

Tonight, we’re spending the night at a Holiday Inn in Mount Vernon, Illinois. Unfortunately, the internet connection here is less than stellar, and I had to search high and low for one, so that I could put this post together…

You wouldn’t believe where I finally found a signal.

Or what I had to use as my desk chair.

Ahhh…life on the road.

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  1. says

    My laptop is too heavy to hold up like that!!!! Someday I’ll get a new lighter one… In the meantime, I hope I don’t have to search for a connection that way!!!

  2. Martha clark says

    Where are you going in MN? I live in MN and am a loyal follower on FB and google! We have a lot of great shops here! I hope you have fun!!

  3. says

    Franklin is a great town, you were in my neck of the woods! How wonderful to be traveling with your Mom, have a great time!

  4. says

    Franklin is so great! I live just a bit away from there, but one day would love to move there. And Rebecca is so sweet!!! I hope you were able to meet her when you stopped through.

    xo~ Michelle

  5. says

    franklin rocks! that’s my home town! and i especially love it in the fall….riding on the back of my dad’s motorcycle….. :) glad you loved it!

  6. Kat Morris says

    You have traveled through some of my territory! My sis lives in Nashville and Franklin is one of my favorite little towns. Mt. Vernon, IL is just a hop skip and a jump from where I grew up! You will pass the exit for Marion and my hometown is just up the street. Enjoy! Time spent with Mom is the BEST!

  7. Judy says

    Northern Minnesota leaves are blowing away as we speak :-) Hope you enjoy your visit….it’s a great place to live!

  8. Dianne says

    The poem written on the sign at “Lulu’s” was written by my co-workers father, Samuel Pugh…my co-worker gave me a copy when his father passed away at age 102! He was a minister and poet, who lived here in Indianapolis. I cannot wait to share this post with his son!!!

  9. says

    Oh yeah Layla,
    I can’t believe you are headed to Wandawega. That I think has been one of my favorite post you have had. I can’t wait to see all your beautiful photos and wonderful story telling. You can’t return soon enough you little jet setter:)

  10. says

    I was in MN this week! in Minneapolis and St Paul, the weather is GORGEOUS and the trees are all turning orange, truly beautiful! have fun!

  11. says

    Wish I could be heading back to MN this fall too. NorCal is finally turning green, but all I want to see are the oranges and reds (like driving north up 169 from ‘kato to the cities!) There is nothing better then the smell of a MN fall either. The smell of harvest, fireplaces, and crisp frosty grass. Not to mention all the fun fall festivities celebrating the abundance of harvest…love me a good hayride followed by a bonfire! Enjoy your time visiting family!

  12. says

    Wow! You didn’t even have to tell me that was your mom! You two are so cute. I am heading up to Minnesota next week and I can’t wait! Never been up there, let us know the “must see” little places that you come across. Have fun!

  13. Paula J says

    LOVE Franklin!! We live near Memphis, but would move there in heartbeat!!! Lots of great antique shops!

  14. Ann W says

    Your Mom is so cute! I love her hairstyle. I Need, Need more pictures of that camp. Please take lots. Loved the post about the kitten. I think the universe will reward you soon. Ann

  15. says

    welcome to wisconsin! when you arrive. it is a perfect time to be traveling thru the state of wisconsin with all the fall colors. the river road from la crosse wisonsin up to minnesota would be wonderful. if you do make sure to stop at nelson, wi – for $1 homemade ice cream cones at the nelson cheese factory. have fun.

  16. Sandra says

    Hope you and your Mother have a safe trip. Wish I was headed back to MN with you two. I miss home! Enjoy your stay. :)

  17. says

    Layla… I call Franklin, TN home… It’s a wonderful place to live and visit. I’ll have to show you around on your next visit. My girlfriend owns an amazing store down there I’d love to introduce you to.

  18. says

    I believe you will have to pass through Iowa to get to Minnesota if I am not mistaken. Ahem, helloooooo. Iowa is a balmy 80 degrees today!!

  19. JT says

    Gorgeous weather here in Minnesota…and predicted warm through Wednesday…hope you get a chance to experience what an amazing fall season we are having! Love the message on the sign and plan on posting it in my side entry somehow…thanks!

  20. says

    You and your Mama look so much alike and so cute together! Hope you’re having a ball.

    ps – You have officially inspired me to try rocking the knotted button-down over tank look. Do you ever STOP inspiring me??? ;)

  21. says

    Welcome to MN! If you get antsy for a project I would DIE to have you check things out at my house :) I’ve got a corner fireplace in the living room that’s the bane of my existence :) The weather has been amazing here, I’m sure you’ll love it!

  22. Terry Pitzer says

    Franklin is one of my favorite shopping destinations, and I’m very familiar with Rebecca’s. I’ve bought several child’s table and chair sets for my grandchildren there. Next time you’re there, you’ll have to stop by H.R. Dumplins for lunch. They have the best rolls and fruit tea!!! My son lives in Brentwood, the next town up I-65. And if you’re ever in Bloomington/Normal, Illinois, I’d love to show you some Midwest hospitality. Have a wonderful trip!

  23. says

    We just drove through downtown Franklin last weekend on our way to a soccer match and I thought it was the cutest town! I definitely want to go back there sometime to poke around. . .I’ll meet up with ya :) Thanks for sharing. . .I even pinned that framed inspiration picture that you found. .definitely right up my alley. Have a great week with your mom!!

  24. says

    Aw, gotta love a road trip with your Mom, you two are too cute.. Enjoy this life long memory.. and thank you for bringing us along, because you had to work hard to do it.. greatly appreciated. :)

  25. Andrea in WI says

    Make sure you stop in Lake Geneva, WI and check out the little shops in that cute town! And yes, the Fall colors are beautiful!

  26. Ashley in Nashville says

    We live in Nashville and visit Franklin often. Do not miss the opportunity to put yourself into a pastry-induced coma at Meridee’s Bakery!

  27. says

    It’s so funny to read that youre in Mt. Vernon. I’m from that area and always had troubles, when I did live at home, with the connection.

    Glad you’re on your way!

  28. Kenna says

    The weather is great here in MN right now and most of the trees are at peak color! What a beautiful time of year for a road trip.

  29. Frances says

    Have fun at Wandawega! We’re in Illinois, so not tooooo far. BTW, very obsessed with those ceiling panels from Lowes. Bought some for our sunroom after seeing your post about them, and now I want to do our office and kitchen, ha ha. They’re SO easy to work with and you can’t tell them apart once they’re up from the more expensive ones. Thanks again for that post!

  30. says

    We all know that the “throne” can sometimes be the best place to take your laptop! :-) lol
    You and your momma look so happy…I just love it!
    I read the sign about using your days for good…so I’ve decided after typing this comment, I’m going to play with my son….he’s growing up WAY too fast!
    Love ya Layla! (and Kevin too..and no Kevin, you weren’t an afterthought!) :)

  31. Sabrina says

    I live in Nashville and LOVE going into Franklin to check out the antique stores! I will have to go into Rebecca’s! I love that sign you saw too. Very cute! Have a safe trip!

  32. Debbie says

    Oh, which route did you take through Illinois today? Mt. Vernon is South of where I live, so you may have come right through here! Yes, the leaves are looking gorgeous and will hopefully continue to get even prettier. I hope you and your mom have a wonderful trip! You two look so much alike! :)

  33. Betty says

    My sister and brother-in-law live in Franklin, TN… I love it there!!! All of those shops are the best!!!

  34. Denise says

    Oh my goodness! You were just an hour away from where I live when you were in Mt. Vernon, Illinois. Have a safe trip!

  35. says

    I’m from Franklin, TN! I love love LOVE it there as well; there is a fantastic store I think you would love called PD’S …. (119 S Margin St
    Franklin, TN 37064)

  36. Ter'e says

    You and your mom are so adorable together. I have a Mini-Me too – she’s in Kansas City.
    Getting settled in, in Sandestin……, is it ever beautiful here.
    I’m kinda in your neck of the woods!

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