• Me and Mom

    My Mom and I are roadtrippin’ to Minnesota (and Wandawega!) this week!

    We’ve driven 640 miles, and passed through four sunny states so far. The drive has been gorgeous! Such beautiful weather, and the trees on the sides of the road are just starting to explode with fall colors. (Rumor has it, they’re going to get more “fiery” the further north we go, too! Yay!)

    We stopped in Franklin, Tennessee this afternoon and discovered a really cute shop called “Rebecca’s” while we were walking around downtown…

    And this huge Sugarboo Designs sign, inside the front door at a shop called “Lulu’s”, stopped us smack dab in our tracks today…

    Love it! Definitely need to make a trip back to Franklin sometime. What an adorable town!

    Tonight, we’re spending the night at a Holiday Inn in Mount Vernon, Illinois. Unfortunately, the internet connection here is less than stellar, and I had to search high and low for one, so that I could put this post together…

    You wouldn’t believe where I finally found a signal.

    Or what I had to use as my desk chair.

    Ahhh…life on the road.

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