Master Bedroom Re-do Update: HomeGoods Bedside Lamps & Ikea “Lenda” Curtains

Kev and I received a HomeGoods gift card last month, so the other day we jumped in the car and headed up to Birmingham to see if we could find a couple of matching bedside lamps for our bedroom.  It took approximately two seconds to fall in love with these dual-function darlings…

It took approximately two days to successfully remove the tags from the bottom of each of them…

(Even with the help of Goo-Gone!)

The lampshades and rattan “lids” come off, so we have the option to fill the glass bases with different items if we want to…

I’m cuckoo for cocoa puffs for the simple, caramel-colored finial on top of them…

But now that the lamps are in place, I think I’m gonna swap out the curtains.  Too much beige-on-beige action goin’ on between the lampshades, the curtains and the window shades.  No biggie though. We bought a pack of white curtains the last time we went to Ikea, and they look just like the beige ones we’ve got hanging in there right now. They have the cute little stripe detail on them too…

(from Ikea)

I took the white ones out of their packaging this morning so that I could starting steaming out all the wrinkles.  Max curled right up underneath one of the panels…

I guess that means he likes them too.

So, here’s another before shot of “my” corner of the room…

And here’s where we’re at right now…

(Bedside chest from Urban Farmgirl)

Just gotta swap out those curtains, attach a small piece of trim in the corner where the “Moonlight White” painted MDF planks meet the “Blue Hubbard” painted wall, add knobs to my beside chest, and hang three more closet doors.

Oh yeah! That reminds me! Stay tuned for our closet door re-do post! We’re thrilled with how they turned out, and about the extra 225 square feet of visual space they’re gonna add to our room!

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  1. says

    I already love it Layla!!! Can’t wait to see everything. And I’m definitely going to use that Blue Hubbard color somewhere in my house.

  2. says

    i have the Lenda curtains in white in our kitchen and love them. as for your corner of the room and those lamps…. perfection! i want that lamp for our living room and i did NOT want to leave the house today but i might have to go hunting for that lamp. ;)

  3. says

    Wow, that looks amazing! I love the new lamps.

    Just a little tip, I’ve found that soaking a paper towel in WD-40 and using that to rub off stubborn stickers works 10 times better than goo gone. :)

    • Heather Sullivan says

      They are! They were standard panel doors…she has a post on this. Simple! I love the new hardware!

  4. says

    So loving your new lamps, your bedroom will soon be an oasis for you to escape. I only hope you don’t love it so much that you and Kev leave us all forever as you vacation indefinitely in your perfection of a master bedroom. Please don’t gooooooooooooooooooo!


  5. says

    Hi Layla and Kevin,

    This is coming together so nicely. Great textures in there!

    A tip for removing the price tags – fill a shallow bowl or plate with water and then set the lamp in there where the price tag is (hoping it’s on the bottom) and 15 minutes later that tag should rub right off! Cause it gets wet from the water.

    Can’t wait to see more!

  6. says

    La, la, la LOVE how it’s all coming together!
    Those lamps are pretty dang great, too! :)
    Looks like all your hard work is paying off!

  7. says

    I absolutely love your bedroom and those lamps are awesome. I wish we had a HomeGoods store in Lincoln or Omaha. They have just fun things. Love your website too. You’re soooo talented. Max is adorable too.

  8. says

    As I was reading your post, I was chanting the following in a little happy sing-song voice, “Layla’s so fab-u-LESS… ” And you ARE!! I’m loving the way this is turning out so airy and light.

  9. says

    I feel your pain on trying to remove the HomeGoods price tags – they are the worst. I always had used GooGone, until recently when a friend told me to “warm” the sticker with my hairdryer. I tried it and it came right off – and in one beautiful piece! So I’ve now added “hairdryer” to my list of indispensable home “decorating tools”! :)

  10. Penny Muten says

    I have a trick even better than Goo-Gone or WD-40 for removing stickers — is a hair dryer! It warms up & softens the adhesive so you can just pull off the sticker. Most of the time there isn’t even any residue left behind! :D

  11. says

    Layla, you guys are miracle workers. Love Moonlight White by Benjamin Moore–it’s what we used throughout The Breeze Inn–which by the way, is where I am right now, working away at next book. When are you guys coming back to Tybee? PS–check out the Feb. issue of Country Living, where none other than fancy pants Washington interior designer Darryl Carter picks Moonlight White as his favorite shade of “warm white.” We’re in great company!

  12. says

    I don’t know anything about Goo Gone but I guarantee you that “UN-DU” adhesive remover would have saved you 1 hour and 59.5 minutes… You can find it at Michaels or online at a scrapbook store. It’s wonderful and made to lift photos so it doesn’t damage a thing!

    Hope that helps.

    I would love for you to visit me @

    • says

      I just re-read that it took you two days to remove the tags not two hours…

      So, in that case the UN-DO would have saved you 47.75 hours… :)

      Sorry for the confusion … carry on… lol

  13. says

    Layla, I just bought the same exact curtains from Ikea on Sunday. Make sure you wash them before hanging &/or hemming. I’m on my second pair because I cut mine before washing and they shrunk up a good 6-8 inches. Lesson learned : /

  14. Paulina J! says

    I LOVE your style and am now a faithful reader. How adorable is Max! Also, I hate those stupid labels and have found that soaking the item in water (if item can get wet) does the trick. I like to use bottles as vases, which means having to get rid of super sticky labels. Just fill the bottle with water to make it heavy and fill up the sink or a container with water. The label and glue come right off. I’ve never had to use Goo Gone.

  15. says

    Layla, love the new lamps, what fun you are going to have filling them with whatever you little heart desires!!! Your corner is loooooking GOOD!!
    I am celebrating my one year blogaversary and I have a giveaway going on until Monday for a $75 Container Store gift card. You can use it at the store or online. Come on over when you have a chance. I know we are all in the organizing mode. The organizing bug has bitten me. Time to Purge, purge, purge!! Kathysue

  16. says

    Thank you guys sooooo much for all the tips on removing those pesky adhesive tags! We had a heck of a time with those little boogers yesterday! Ha!


  17. says

    Don’t even get me started with Home Goods – I’m an addict. I need to buy stock. I’m there weekly. I texted my girlfriend because we have one that is about 5 miles aways and then they added one 2 miles away and I said it’s urgent call me. She did and I said Home Goods is going in…LOL! Haven’t seen those in ours and if I did I would have bought them myself since we rent a little beach house they would be perfect. Love the look.

  18. Brooke Thorington says

    Love it! Don’t you just melt when your furbabies approve of your decorating. I’m getting my new sofa delivered tomorrow from Granville Furniture. It’s fawn, to match the pugs – sometimes you have to change your decor to compliment the doggies. Love watching your progress one county over. Keep up the good work. Plus knowing that you are a huge Mary Kay Andrews fan just makes you even cooler.

    What would Weezie and Bebe think? I think they wouldn’t leave your house, ever :)

  19. says

    I’ve had the same problem with those sticky stickers, and found a trick that works in seconds: wipe it with a little bit of lacquer thinner. Sounds scary and kinda stinks, but the stuff came off like butter. :)
    Oh, and I am loving your bedroom transformation! You are awesome!

  20. says


    Don’t you just hate those price tag stickers. It’s even worse when they put them on something that can rip! I am swooning over those lamps! What a find! I love shopping trips like that. Walk in, yell BINGO, walk out! Have you decided what you will display inside, if anything? I can easily envision sea shells, floats, white coral… the options are endless and can be changed as often as you like — perfection!

    Your Friend,

  21. says

    For one hilarious split-second I thought you were saying that you were gonna fill those lamps up with Cocoa Puffs! And the scariest part? In that split-second you had me thinking it was the right thing to do. See what you do to us, El????

    Love your room. Hope your week is swimming right along.

  22. says

    I finished tearing out carpet in my bedroom today…I wish I could just move into your bedroom and you two could come finish mine. I love the mirrors on the doors – you will soon see that in my bedroom….if I ever get to move back into it!

    • says

      Hey Shana!

      That door actually opens up pretty far, (about 3/4 of the way) but I have all the stuff I don’t really need to get to that often on that end of my closet- so it’s all good!


  23. Cathie says

    Layla, I read your blog with relish! I wanted to relay my ‘trick’ for removing those horrible price tags/stickers. It’s simply lighter fluid and tissue paper. You’ll be surprised at how simple and efficiently it works….just don’t do it around an open flame!

  24. says

    Looks awesome! I love the look and one more tip on the stickers – Pledge (or any other dust spray, but I only know pledge – LOL) works great – spray it on, let it sit for about 1 minute and then wipe right off.

  25. says

    HI Layla,
    HomeGoods has some wicked stickers! GEEZ LOUISE!
    I am loving your lamps! I recently blogged about a gift card burning a hole in my purse from Hobby Lobby! Turns out it was spent on new lamps too!
    Oh…oh…oh… By the way…I still love the beige curtains! I think they look great and add contrast to the white wall!
    Lookin fab!

  26. Tracey @7294cottageway.blogspot says

    Just love stoping by your house:)…It is one of my favorite..if not my very favorite…of them all! Running to my Home Goods to see if they have any of those lamps left! Anytime you are in Florida…stop by!

  27. says

    What lovely lamps! Can’t wait to see the final reveal!
    Homegood is the WORST at placing the most difficult stickers in the most inconvenient places. I don’t know how many times I’ve ruined perfectly good nails on their stubborn price stickers.

    But that’s really the only thing about Homegoods I can complain about. :)

  28. says

    Can I house sit for you when you are out of town. You’re only a few states away and your bedroom seems to peaceful and relaxing! Love the progress and can’t wait to see the final product!

  29. says

    I have those IKEA Lenda curtains on about 90% of the windows in my house. They are so affordable yet they look almost like real linen. Such a bargain!! Your master bedroom transformation is coming along great so far!

  30. julianna says

    Looks great — can’t wait to see the finished room.

    I’m curious — I have the Lenda curtains, but they’re tab tops — is there another rod-pocket version I didn’t notice, or do you have some trick for switching tab tops to rod pockets?

    Oh, and don’t forget — Lenda have a 4% shrinkage rate, so be sure to add 4% to the hemmed length (I know not everyone is like me and geeky enough to actually read the directions instead of just hemming the darn things).

    • says

      Oh – I want to know the answer to this too … I haven’t purchased them because I didn’t like the tabs for our room, but if I can make them rod pockets I would drive to IKEA immediately!

  31. says

    When you said you had the option of filling the bases with different items, your next words were…”I’m cuckoo for cocoa puffs…” I had visions of breakfast cereal in your lovely lamps. I guess they’d add some nice texture.
    Your room is looking fantastic.

  32. Denise says

    Love, love, love the bedroom re-do. Can’t wait to see the completed room. Thanks for the inspiration!

    Denise <

  33. says

    L.O.V.E. the curtains!! Just last weekend I found 4 of the Lenda curtains in white at Goodwill for about $3.00 each! I of course snatched them up! I was giddy! I still am!! They are in perfect condition and are now proudly hanging in my bedroom and I love them even more!!!

    Your bedroom looks great!! Can’t wait to see the prop lockers you’re planning on building!

  34. kelly says

    Looks wonderful! I am lovin’ those lamps!! Man at the possibilities……Got a question I keep forgetting to ask – are you planning on using your Pottery Barn Clearlake quilt??? You know I love accents of red, so I keep waiting to see if it is going to pop up in this room. Inquiring minds want to know……
    Oh and one other thing…got the new spring PB catalog and Ballard yesterday. Take a look at the “book bundles” in that were in will like them (they are already on the PB website)

  35. says

    Hi Laya and Kevin, loving the lamps, so coastal and classic. You need to buy yourself a tiny bottle of “eucalyptus oil” (chemist, or do you call them drug stores over there) or supermaket not sure which section. Just use some drops on a rag and that sticky stuff will come right off. I too have spent days prior to buying this trying to get the sticky stuff off… the lable comes off, it’s the residue that’s left that is the problem. Your room is coming along nicely can’t wait to see the end result. I love reading your blog, very inspiring. Kathy (Brisbane, Australia)

  36. Caroyln says

    The door mirrors are amazing…..the door looks very nice closed but doesn’t it bump against the bedside table when you swing it open?

  37. born2bbrunette says

    I take a washcloth and get it good and soaking wet with warm water and set it on top of the sticky tag. Leave it for about 10 minutes and then you can easily peel off any tags without any trouble or leftover residue :)

  38. Crissy armstrong says

    Beautiful! I love the way the room is turning out! The mirrors look awesome! Have you heard of krud kutter? Its good. We like it as much as goo gone.

  39. says

    Love how the room is turning out! The mirrored doors are so pretty. Also, the lamps are fabulous.

    B’ham Homegoods is the best. I always go in knowing there is nothing I need, yet I never leave empty handed! Hope they still had those fabulous Provence linen pillows so you could check them out. :)


  40. says

    Love following along! We are renovating a very old house right now, and I certainly find inspiration from The Lettered Cottage.
    We are tediously peeling 60 year old wallpaper off of walls in every room, and so looking forward to painting!
    Will be back often!

  41. Nancy says

    I love you blog, and have been checking it for awhile now. Just lovely stuff you do. I have a question about the curtains for IKEA. It appears in your photos that the tops of the curtains look like a poll pocket instead of the tabs. Did you alter them, or can I just not see the tabs? Thank you so much if you can get back to me, if not that is ok too. Addicted Reader-Nancy

  42. Bev says

    Oh my goodness …… my husband and I saw the exact ones at our home goods and said he would love to have them in our Hilton Head home. We should of got them because they probably are already sold :(

  43. says

    Those lamps with the fillable base were made for you!!! :) Great find!

    We made curtains for our living room and dining room out of the same IKEA curtains! Also, did those mirrors doors in our bathroom and daughter’s room–love the illusion of space they add and they seem a bit vintagey, perfect for your cottage.

    Wishing you and Kevin the best in the new year!!!

  44. Charlotte says

    Instead of changing out the natural linen color for white….. could you put a trim on the lampshades to visually break it up? I love the natural linen color against that white wall. I know you will have depth with texture, but the natural linen just looks “right” there. But you are the expert, not me. Just an outside eye.

  45. Tonya says

    Love it! I have tried all the little remedies to remove sitckers but the one that I just found that works THE best ever is lemon essential oil! Just a little on a Qtip or paper towel and viola-it’s gone! Thanks for the inspiration!

  46. says

    To Dearest Layla & Kevin

    My Tip For Free For You

    Removing price stickers from any item.
    Spray a little furniture polish on the label, wait a few minutes then simply wipe off.

    Love from Robyn x

  47. BJ Ketley says

    Hey, try neat eucalyptus oil for getting those sticky labels off glass and crockery. I used it to remove lots of very old, goeey stickers on my fridge door recently, and I have yet to find a label that won’t come off after a bit of a soaking and a rub with this oil. It’s available freely in Australia; not sure about America. Tee-tree oil (alas, another Oz product) works very well for this too. And (bearing in mind that you’re on an adoption course), it gets crayon off paint. If you don’t already have washable paint… good luck!

  48. Beverly says

    I totally want those lamps! I absolutely LOVE want you’ve done so far and can’t wait to see the rest! I love how you dress? a bed. I may have to add mirrors to all of our bedroom closet doors – yours look so good. Keep on doing what you’re doing!

  49. says

    Hey Layla! I left home without your email address, so I figured I’d google you and leave you a comment. Your blog & home are beautiful! You & Kevin are so talented! Anyway, shoot me an email so I can forward you the information on the “Ethiopian Christmas” donation party that is tonight from 6:30 to 8:30. I’ll be there, but only very breifly. Maybe we’ll run into each other! It was so nice having you guys over last night!

  50. says

    Goo-gone is the best and I still dont understand why stores continue to use those ridiculous labels. Have you noticed that the labels at Crate and Barrel dont stick? I hapen to like the beig on beige especially up against those wonderful white plank walls…I am afraid your white panels might just disappear. Love your cozy room though

  51. says

    ~*I LOOOOVE the lamps and all the inspiration and energy that you share. Layla! Can you believe that we do NOT have a Home Goods store in the entire state of Washington!!!! It kills me! We have to drive to Oregon!!! Happy New Year! I’ll be popping in to TLC often!!! *Lynne*~

  52. says

    Looks amazing so far! Thanks for the tips on the lamps and Curtains. Hope my Homegoods as those lamps, LOVE them.

    For the tags, good ole fashion peanut butter works wonders. Just slap peanut butter on the tags and let sit for a while, then rub off with a dry cloth. Never had a problem using this system. Hope that helps! T

  53. says

    Great room! I just found your website, and I love looking at your beautiful decorating style. Here’s a handy tip: baby oil (and probably any other oil) gets sticky labels off very easily. I tried everything last week to get a label off a tin, and baby oil took it off right away. I used to work in the NICU, and we used it to get medical tape from baby hair (used to hold catheters in). It would probably also work for gum in hair, in case you decide to decorate with gum…and get it in your hair…or maybe not :)

  54. says

    I have the Lenda’s in white and I LOVE them. I’ve even used the material for a small chair re-do and making tie-up shades for our dining room!

    When you guys started your closet door project I was a little apprehensive, but it really looks amazing! And I love the lamps you picked out!

  55. says

    To remove (sticker) tags, I always use olive oil (or any oil on hand). I pour a little on and let it sit for awhile, then I take a sharp edges whatever (usually an paint scraper) and peel it off. It always works like a charm for me and then I don’t have to search around my home for a bottle of goo gone…I can be a tad disorganized sometimes! That is why I look to your blog for help!

  56. says

    Don’t you just LOVE Homegoods. Everything but their darn industrial strength glue stickers? I’ve returned stuff before that was ruined by the sticker and I couldn’t get it off! :) Great find on the lamps…

  57. says

    I love your lamps! At first I thought you were implying you could fill them with cocoa puffs which actually sounds quite convenient and delicious! Ha!

  58. says

    I am also in the middle of a bedroom re-do and have been blogging about it! All of my items are from places I’ve gotten gift cards to over the past year or so…. Bed Bath & Beyond, Target and Home Goods. I love what you have done. I LOVE the lamps!

  59. says

    Gorgeous Layla! I have GOT to check out curtains at Ikea. I love those white one you’re going to hang! (Actually I like the other ones too.) Have you ever tried taking stickers off glass or ceramic with a razor blade? Works like a charm and if there’s any residue left the Goo-B-Gone gets it right off (or WD-40). Can’t wait to see the closet doors all finished. You’re never going to want to leave your bedroom!

  60. says

    I have those same beige curtains and they are great, but I can’t wait till summer when they will be switched out for something lighter and brighter….maybe a pattern :) Love how things are coming along. Your home looks beautiful!

  61. says

    it looks awesome and i love how the closets look from this angle. i love that you changed the color of the hinges – what a difference such a small change can make. very inspiring. i’m thinking about picking up some oil rubbed bronze to brush up some stuff around my house.

  62. says

    I have to tell you the discovery I made that makes removing labels a breeze. The Magic Eraser! It is seriously magical. SO much better than Goo Gone (which is what I used to use too.) The Magic Eraser rubs price tags, labels on food jars, anything sticky really, right off! It is even more ridiculously easy if you soak the item first. And, your room looks lovely! I can’t wait to see it completely done!

  63. says

    Gah! Looks like a catalog! I love how you are able to capture the beautiful colors and soft, streaming light in your photos. And what a cutie little Max is. Looking good so far!

  64. Grace says

    Love you guys ,the room and all of your work!!!

    In the future don’t bother with Goo Gone….Just heat the sticker up with your blow dryer and take it off with a
    single edge razor or exacto knife….lifts right off!

  65. says

    Well done – it’s gorgeous! One of my biggest pet peeves are stickers! argh. If you soak the label in orange essential oil (very inexpensive) they come right off and you are left with a lovely citrus aroma! LOL!W

  66. says

    Another Home Run! I have a similar lamp in my Living Room and it gets filled with different stuff each season, whenever I get moody, or just because I can.

    Love the way your bedroom is coming together. I have by-folding closet doors in my Guest Room that are just screaming to be replaced. Though they do serve a purpose {save space when opened} they are truly outdated.

    Looking forward to seeing the complete bedroom re-do when you are done.

    Jan @ the BellaCasa blog

  67. says

    I’m an interior designer from Melbourne, Australia – I loved your blog, I found it very inspiring. This is all new to me but I have just set up my own blog
    You may like to check it out because I had so much fun doing it.
    Thanks for providing me with such great entertainment!

  68. says

    I adore how it’s turning out. The panels on the bed wall are amazing. The lamps are adorable and I can see why it took you such a short amount of time to fall in love with them! (:

  69. says

    The bedroom is looking wonderful! Can’t wait to see the finished product!

    A quick suggestion for removing price tags from glass… this has never failed me… Get out your hair dryer. Blast the price sticker with your hot hair dryer for a minute or two, then slowly peel away the sticker… it should come right off! It’s that easy! The heat melts the adhesive and makes it much easier to peel away.

    I think that trick works on stickers stuck to any surface that won’t be damaged by the heat of a hairdryer.

    Hope that helps for next time! :)

  70. says

    something just randomly dawned on me…. the Lenda curtains I have, have tab tops… did you sew yours to have rod pockets? they look more tailored that way!

  71. Geri fom Vermont says

    Room looks wonderful…as does your entire house….quick question…I bought the JC Penny headboard and spray painted it but did not lightly sand it down first and now it’s scratching very easily…is that why?? Or maybe the fact I painted it in a non-heated garage when it was rather chilly…guess I need to re-do in the spring!! Anyway LOVE the headboard…..thanks for such a great idea!! Keep up the great work guys….you are an unbelievable inspiration to many!

  72. Judy Hinten says

    Looking great! I’ve found that nail polish remover is the best thing to take off those stickers, works like a charm.

  73. says

    That is a lovely shade on the walls. My question – the side talbe looks really close to the closet door, is it difficult to open or it that an illusion created by the photo?

  74. says

    Hi Layla

    Love your new lamps! Is there a way to fill up the glass part? I could see some beach sand or small starfish in there….

    Your bedroom looks lovely. We just completed our new bedroom, working hard over the holidays.

    All the best in 2011 and thanks for all your inspiration.

  75. says

    Those are really tough tags! Very well sense of style. Beach sand and a few shells on the glass part of the lamps will really make it romantic. They look perfect for the both of you. I can’t wait to see the outcom of everything. Good job!

  76. says

    Great lamps – love HomeGoods! I can’t stand sticky tags. My trick to removing them easily (without scratching the surface) is to spray a little Pam on a paper towel and gently rub it on. It loosens the tag so it can be peeled off and gets rid of the sticky residue that they can leave behind.

  77. Adrienne says

    Loved the simplicity of the curtains so much I went straight to Ikea and got some for our Master bedroom; what a great deal!

  78. says

    hey – didn’t have time to read thru all the comments, so if this is a double tip, sorry! WD40 works like a charm to take off stickers. in fact, it works like a charm for a ridiculous amount of stuff! love your blog!

  79. Valerie Gardner says

    The lamps are super cute….but I have to ask….how in the stink do they work? I see no “innards”….

  80. KellBell says

    Know that this is kind of late, but better late than never. To get off tags with glue, heat the tag with a hair drier for a few seconds then peel off, the sticky stuff that is left will come off with a little rubbing alcohol.Love the lamps, sea shells would look really good in the base.

  81. Erica says

    Hi, I wanted to say these are so cute! I have 2 questions about the curtains, 1) how do they do at blocking out light? 2) how did you get rid of the little tab top things that come on the curtains?
    thanks! :)

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