Master Bedroom Re-do Update: Plankification 2010 is complete!

Thought I’d share a master bedroom update here today since we’re one step closer to constructing the built-in thing-a-ma-jiggy. Woo hoo!

You may remember this inspiration drawing I posted a while back…

Well, Kev started by attaching a bunch of ten-foot long 1″x6″ MDF planks (from True Value) to the wall near our bedroom door…

…and this past week he caulked all the nail holes and painted everything “Moonlight White”, which is a Benjamin Moore color, but we had it mixed at True Value.

As you can see, we decided not to plank the “bump-out” wall, like my original drawing showed. Instead, we painted it “Blue Hubbard”- which is a Martha Stewart color available at Sherwin Williams. Not only is it my new favorite paint color, it’s also the same color that’s on the walls on the other side of the room. It was a cost-effective alternative to the planks and I thought it might be nice to bring a bit of that color across the room.

We’re gonna work on our closet doors next, but after that we’ll tackle the prop locker thing-a-ma-bob…

It’ll probably stick out 4″-6″ past the bump-out though. I measured some of my biggest baskets and in order for them to fit inside, the unit will have to be about 16-18″ deep.

(Don’t worry- we’ll use a piece of trim in the corner where the Blue Hubbard wall meets the planked wall.)

I’m not really sure exactly what the whole dealy-whopper will look like yet, (I told you- I’m big on surprises) but here’s one idea that might be cool…

(And I’ve got big plans for that Blue Hubbard wall over there too, mwhahahaha!)

Who knows. I’ll play around with a couple more ideas, and we’ll see what happens. I just wanna have a little closed storage space, a little open storage space, and maybe a couple of spots to tuck some baskets.

In other bedroom-related news, thanks to DecorChick! for giving me the heads up on this sweet n’ snuggly suit from Target…

I’m obsessed with it, and I really wish it was socially acceptable for adults to wear onesies in public.

And that it had feet.

And that it had snaps, instead of buttons.

And that it had a flap in the back…hee hee!

My constantly-cold husband searched the mens department, hoping to find his very own guy-sized onesie, but unfortunately all they had was two-sies.

Guess he’ll just have to stick to long johns and rooster hats this Winter.

Stay cozy!


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  1. says

    What about some shallow shelves built in on the ‘blue’ part of the wall to hold pictures, etc.? Lined up with the part that sticks out beyond it, and let the blue show from behind?

  2. says

    Your room is going to be gorgeous! And I was so hoping that you’d be running around in your butt-flap pj’s in this post. Or non butt-flap as the case may be. Actually, I don’t like these pj’s for that very reason. It’s freezing in my house at night and I hate getting completely defrocked to use the bathroom. TMI? Yes. TMI ;). Love you!

  3. says

    My husband got some similar to those pjs at the Bass Pro Shop store…I think they’re supposed to be for wearing under “hunting clothes”, but he used to wear them at home and let me laugh at him! LOL Those Target pjs are SUPER cute!

  4. Tiffany says

    My husband has a red “onesie” where the butt flap opens. He’s threatened many times to wear it in public!

  5. says

    Your bedroom is looking great and I can’t wait to see what your little surprise is on your bump out wall. That onesie is RAD! I have a friend (yes she’s married) that wears those zipper footie pajamas that you can buy in adult sizes at Target, haha. That’s going a little overboard though I think ;)…maybe you’re due for a Hoodie Footie, hehehe, they come in Red now!

  6. says

    You sure know how to rock out a plank wall! :) Love it and I love the Blue Hubbard color, so soothing…you’ll never want to get out of bed! Can’t wait to see it all done!
    I’m with Decor Chick….I was hoping for a video or pic of you frolicking around in your new suit! hee hee hee
    Hey, I had a dream of you last night….I dreamed TJ and I came to your house and you weren’t home, but the door was open…we danced in your kitchen!! lol No more sugar cookies for me before bed! You finally did come home and gave us the grand tour of your house…it was funny! lol

  7. Kim says

    It’s lookin’ good Layla & Kevin! Hey, maybe Kevin can fit into a women’s extra large? Heeheehee. I’m pretty sure Target had those in solids.

  8. Deb CLaytor says

    I want to know what program do you use to do all this cool stuff. I am a visual person, and can never seem to imagine my space and the space needed for my projects…….No matter how much I measure and draw it out. I can’t seem to picture it in my head…..

    Merry Christmas!

  9. says

    Can’t wait to see it all done!!

    You might be able to find Kevin a an adult size “onesie” at the GI Depot or other Army Navy surplus store. Ours has them……they are all creamy linen…..kind of like what Charles Ingalls used to wear on Little House. I was soooooo tempted to buy one for my husband for Christmas but I chickened out!

    Merry Christmas you two!


  10. crissy armstrong says

    loving the progress! i’m super inspired. i wish i had a blog to show you our playroom and daughter’s “finished” bedroom.

    and, you two are too cute. diggin’ the rooster hat, kevin!

  11. says

    Google a place called The Vermont Store. I get their catalog and I’m pretty sure they have those jammie/long underwear in there with feet, flap, and all. At any rate they’ve got stuff in there to keep all you snow birds warm.

  12. Cathy A Wilhite says

    Cottage by the Sea is right, The Vermont Store sells footie pajamas for men, women and children. Love your blog and tweets, you make me smile and laugh every day!

  13. Gracie says

    Hey Layla,

    JCPenney’s has footie pajamas for adults.|71431

    Still no snaps, but it doesn have a zipper to make it a lot easier to get on/off then buttons. I bought some two years ago and they have been really fun to wear. My kids think it is great that mom has pjs like theirs :)

  14. says

    I just love reading your posts, because they always make me laugh!
    I love the planks in your bedroom! I would love to try this in our master bedroom. What do you think about only doing this on one wall in the bedroom? Would that look odd? The wall would be the main focal point wall and it is vaulted with some cubby space up high.
    Thanks for brightening my day!

  15. Krista says

    Did you know that Target doesn’t even sell men’s Christmas socks? They are definitely getting the short end of the stick.

  16. Momo Mopper says

    I’ve been following the progress in your bedroom and other parts of your home. I am liking the MDF boards on the walls but I am not sure how to go around windows … to trim them out? I guess I would have to remove the existing trim but then ends of boards will show. I wonder if I am making sense. If you previously addressed this in a post, I must have missed it.

    Also what do you do when you walls are not straight … we have an old house.

  17. says

    Room looks great! and I have those Jammies!! I bought the a couple of weeks ago(bit of a splurge at 20 bucks) but I thought they were way too cute. Now i’m trying to find some super cute slipper to go with them.

  18. Deanne Schermerhorn says

    Hello….your home is absolutely gorgeous! I am constantly on your site trying to get inpsiration for my own home, thank you for sharing it with us! Just wondering if you could tell me where you found the “spice” boxes you have hanging on your kitchen wall? I love them!

  19. Lisa says

    ah hahaha! i have a 5 week old and the onesie part CRACKED me up. snaps, yes, snaps are much, much better. :-)

  20. Beverly says

    I’m totally doing our bedroom in planks – it looks amazing! You guys are such an inspiration. Love the pjs – I think my husband would live in them. ha ha

  21. says

    It’s going to look so great, Layla! I love the white planks. And that locker idea is so cute! I’m trying to learn a program like you have to do mock ups of what rooms will look like. It’s called Sketch It. Hopefully it works, cause I always love your inspiration drawings (:

  22. says

    Go to for those footed pjs, Layla. That’s where I’m headed and just hope I don’t have to answer the doorbell this winter or I’ll spook our visitors who like to “just drop by”.

    Jan @ BellaCasa

  23. says

    Do ya’ll have a TSC store?? They sell waffle his and her onsies in a range of colors and they are on half price right now..perhaps you could order’re further ahead on your bedroom than us..although we have $900 worth of rough cut pine boards sitting in there..”climatizing” my husband says as he procrastinates…and hangs my Christmas Lights and holds the fort while I power shop and and and..maybe by next Christmas….

  24. Melinda says

    Love the progress so far and can’t wait to see the finished product! You guys have such talent…sigh…

  25. Christy W says

    I love the planks. I was wondering what is the name of the grey paint you used. I am wanting to paint my son’s room grey and it is hard to find a grey that doesn’t look blue or other colors once it is put on the wall. By the way I have seen footed onsie pj in the boys section at Target they look big my your hubs could rock those.

  26. page says

    Help! I am doing on a wall in my house and am worried about painting it after it is installed. I want to be able to see the little gaps between the boards but am worried the paint will drip or make it look funny. It sounds like you painted after. How do you make this look good? Thank you so much for your help! I love your blog.

  27. Jared s says

    How did you keep spaces between the MDF? Did you use spacers, or was that a natural seam in between each?

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