Master Bedroom Re-do Update: Mirrored Closet Doors

Well, we’re fiiiiinally done re-doing our master bedroom closet doors, and I’m happy to report we’re pretty stoked about how they all turned out. There really wasn’t anything wrong with them before…

…but YOU KNOW ME. Once a project idea pops in the ol’ noggin I gotta git-after-it!

They’re not perfect, but it’s all good.

The re-do was pretty simple. We just removed the doors, and their old, painted-on hinges…

…and added some new, oil-rubbed bronze hinges to each one instead…

We bought four 3-packs for around $8 a piece at Home Depot…

Then we took off the old, scuffed up door knobs…

…and replaced them with new, oil-rubbed bronze utility pulls…

We found them on the hinge/window hardware aisle at Home Depot. Here’s what the packaging looked like…

I think they were around two bucks a piece. They’re actually made for windows…

…but I thought they’d make nice-looking door pulls, so on they went!

We already blogged about how we attached the mirrors to each door, but here’s a close up of the edge of the mirror we needed to cover up with trim…

And here’s a photo of the trim we ended up choosing… (Home Depot)

We painted all the molding first, then mitered all the corners. Then we glued all the pieces to each door with Liquid Nails specifically engineered for attaching mirrors. (Not regular Liquid Nails!) After that, we fixed up our miter cuts with white shrink-resistant/crack-resistant silicone (Walmart) and gave ’em all a quick coat of touch up paint. (Moonlight White- Benjamin Moore)

The next step was to make sure the door on the far right didn’t ever accidentally bump into my bedside table, so we picked up a variety of supplies at Home Depot…

The chain was 50 cents, and the “screw eyes” were a buck or two.

Screw eyes.
Sounds like somebody from Scooby Doo or something.

I spray painted the screw eyes (giggle) with some oil-rubbed bronze spray I had, and we attached one to the door frame, and one to the door. We used a small length of the chain in between them to prevent the door from swinging open too wide…

The surface bolt was about five bucks, and we added it so that wild & crazy little ones don’t accidentally fling open Momma’s closet door and bust that chain right off.

We mounted it on the inside of the door…

…so us taller folks can push it up…

…and into a little hole we drilled…

And look! I can still access all the clothes I never wear with ease- ha!

And everybody steers clear of each other on the flip side…

I am going to get rid of some more of those clothes though, for real. We got rid of a bunch of stuff and added some new shelving to the closets a couple of months ago and Kev’s closet looks SO much better than it did before…



I finally got around to labeling those handy dandy storage boxes we pull from every day, too…

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  1. Phillip Horner says

    the room looks great.. the flooring what kind is it? Did you lay the flooring over cement….

  2. Maria King says

    This is exactly how I want my master bedroom…WOW. Layla, what is the name of the blue or green paint color you used…if you don’t mind. This is just brilliant.

  3. says

    so excited about this place – it’s gorgeous! I want those closet doors (seems so cheesy), but whoa what a nice addition to a smaller sized bedroom (like my master).

    Thanks for sharing this!

  4. says

    Love this and the entire room! Do you mind sharing the color of your walls? Love the lightness it brings to the room.

  5. Ellen says

    Hi, love the room. I am redoing my foyer and want to paint the closet door a color. I love the color you used on the walls in the master bed room. It is just the color I am looking for you. Can you tell me the brand and color name? Thanks!!!

  6. Brenda Toungate says

    Love what you did! Also…what did you do to the wall with windows? Is that some sort of bead board or other? I love the look. Would like to do that to my daughters room to make it look more like a seaside cottage.

    • says

      Hey Brenda! We put up long planks of 1×6 MDF on the wall with the window and part of the side wall in the bedroom. Here is a link to one of the posts. Thanks for the comment!


  7. Debbie says

    I love the master bedroom look! What color are the walls…the blue? It is so peaceful and sweet,

  8. Jules says

    I just love this transformation! I came to your site from the post on Pioneer Woman and must admit I have almost made it through all your archives over the past couple of weeks. I just love all the sweet, sentimental details in each room. My husband and I are about to start looking for our first home (we’ve been in an apartment for the first 2 years of our marriage) and your blog has really changed my mindset in this whole process. I hope to find a cute little house with some character and look forward to adding our personal touches! :)
    By the way, my husband is a Graphic Designer and he really likes the fonts and general format of this blog. So do I! :)

  9. Geneva says

    I’ve searched high and low on the interweb for a close match to your storage boxes with the pulls and zippered top – and nothing compares! Any idea where you found those amazing storage boxes? I love to use a bunch of those in my closets to finally get everything organized! Thanks :)

  10. eileen marie says

    Found you through YHL -great job! You & Sherry seem to share the same penchant for ORB! (Loved that link on your site to the adoption story. Ever since we visited an orphanage in Tanzania this summer, we have toyed w/ the idea of adopting some Tanzania children who need a home & our love.) I think Screw Eyes sounds like he might be friends with ODB or Ludacris. :) For closet organization (we do have MUCH smaller closets), may I recommend flocked hangers?

  11. says

    IN LOVE! I need mirrored doors in my house ASAP :) I love the wall behind your bed…. your whole room is amazing!

  12. Taylor says

    Fabulous work! I love it! My master bedroom has closet doors almost identical to your original doors. I really want to do this project but I can’t find mirrors at a reasonable price. Where did you find mirrors for $40?

  13. Kris Cannon says

    Brilliant! We are buying a house and all the secondary bedrooms have sliding mirrored closet doors that make it difficult to access the closet fully. I wanted french doors but it was pointed out that the mirrors make the room look bigger. A first I was like… :( Then I looked around and saw this pretty straightforward fix, and now I am all like :) :) :) :) !!!! Thanks world wide web for taking talent from obscurity into my home! Y’all are precious and I hope your projects together never drive a nail between you! lol My husband and I could never tackle a project together, you are blessed!

  14. Rob Becker says

    I love the color of your bedroom walls!! Can you please tell me the color name and brand?!! Pretty please!! Thanks

  15. Kasey says

    I also love your room color and who be interested in knowing what it is. What size are those doors? I’ve decided to put in four 2ft French doors but feel it might not look as well. Thanks!

  16. says

    This is exactly what I’m looking for! Similar layout in the house we are going to be moving into. The colors are what I want too! I found your blog the other day, but found your bedroom picture on this evening!

  17. ROXANNE says

    Great idea. I have these same doors throughout my house. You’ve given me the idea I need. I can use your same molding & frame the upper 2 sections with a large piece of 1/4″ furniture grade plywood & then do the same with the lower section. I’d have a much more up-to-date look, without having to replace the doors. Thanks again for the idea.

  18. Andy says

    Yr room looks gorgeous! I especially love the wall color. I went to Sherwin Williams and purchased a sample of Blue Hubbard. However, it looks slightly yellow in the area I painted…not sure why.