Master Bedroom Re-do Update: Mirrored Closet Doors

Well, we’re fiiiiinally done re-doing our master bedroom closet doors, and I’m happy to report we’re pretty stoked about how they all turned out. There really wasn’t anything wrong with them before…

…but YOU KNOW ME. Once a project idea pops in the ol’ noggin I gotta git-after-it!

They’re not perfect, but it’s all good.

The re-do was pretty simple. We just removed the doors, and their old, painted-on hinges…

…and added some new, oil-rubbed bronze hinges to each one instead…

We bought four 3-packs for around $8 a piece at Home Depot…

Then we took off the old, scuffed up door knobs…

…and replaced them with new, oil-rubbed bronze utility pulls…

We found them on the hinge/window hardware aisle at Home Depot. Here’s what the packaging looked like…

I think they were around two bucks a piece. They’re actually made for windows…

…but I thought they’d make nice-looking door pulls, so on they went!

We already blogged about how we attached the mirrors to each door, but here’s a close up of the edge of the mirror we needed to cover up with trim…

And here’s a photo of the trim we ended up choosing… (Home Depot)

We painted all the molding first, then mitered all the corners. Then we glued all the pieces to each door with Liquid Nails specifically engineered for attaching mirrors. (Not regular Liquid Nails!) After that, we fixed up our miter cuts with white shrink-resistant/crack-resistant silicone (Walmart) and gave ‘em all a quick coat of touch up paint. (Moonlight White- Benjamin Moore)

The next step was to make sure the door on the far right didn’t ever accidentally bump into my bedside table, so we picked up a variety of supplies at Home Depot…

The chain was 50 cents, and the “screw eyes” were a buck or two.

Screw eyes.
Sounds like somebody from Scooby Doo or something.

I spray painted the screw eyes (giggle) with some oil-rubbed bronze spray I had, and we attached one to the door frame, and one to the door. We used a small length of the chain in between them to prevent the door from swinging open too wide…

The surface bolt was about five bucks, and we added it so that wild & crazy little ones don’t accidentally fling open Momma’s closet door and bust that chain right off.

We mounted it on the inside of the door…

…so us taller folks can push it up…

…and into a little hole we drilled…

And look! I can still access all the clothes I never wear with ease- ha!

And everybody steers clear of each other on the flip side…

I am going to get rid of some more of those clothes though, for real. We got rid of a bunch of stuff and added some new shelving to the closets a couple of months ago and Kev’s closet looks SO much better than it did before…



I finally got around to labeling those handy dandy storage boxes we pull from every day, too…

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  1. says

    Oh, oh, oh, oh! I love it!! So light and airy, peaceful and calm. I can’t believe your self control in leaving it for LAST! Very pretty.

  2. says

    What a great idea! I would have never thought of it! The doors look amazing. It looks like you spent big bucks on those doors!

  3. says

    They turned out amazing!!! Makes me want to go mirror something! lol Can’t wait till you get some little ones running around in there putting their little fingerprints all over your new mirrors. :)
    Love ya girl!

  4. Penny Muten says

    They turned out awesome! I may just have to take this idea for our master. We don’t really need the room to appear larger, but we do need a full length mirror & a little extra light bouncing around is always nice!!

  5. says

    Do you ever read the Nester? In her words, “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful.”

    I love your bedspread!

  6. says

    thank you Layla! I didn’t know they had pulls and knobs in oil rubbed bronze. after 6 years of waiting, i have finally found what i want for my kitchen cabinets – thanks a bunch!!!

  7. says

    Layla they look wonderful and Kudos to you and Kevin for doing them on your own. You are making your home Your very OWN!! I love that. I too, have mirrored doors in my dining room. I will have to admit I love mirrors for the light they reflect in a room. I bet your love the fact that your room now looks larger!!
    My dream for a long time has been to put mirrored french doors on my entry closet. Just so you know for a 5ft closet I got a qoute 5years ago for a mere $1400, so don’t you feel even more wonderful knowing that. If you want to see my dining room just go to my blog and you will see it on the side bar!! Great job as always,Kathysue

  8. says

    I’ve been collecting mirrors because I’m planing on making a collaged wall of oddly shaped mirrors. I’m glad to see this! =D

  9. says

    I love what you have done and who knew what those little mirros could do to your room and reflecting all that light. You two are very clever and thank you so much for sharing all your ideas. Kathy, Brisbane, Australia.

  10. kelly says

    THAT turned out fabulous and sure makes it look bigger! (and your floors look super too!) Questions….if you did a mirrored treatment to a window and hung it above a door, would it look anything like a transom window…or just like a mirror above a door?? Thinking of maybe trying that somewhere here…And, what did you do with the PB Clearlake quilt?…am patiently waiting to see it somewhere in your cute house.

    • Kevin & Layla says

      Hey Kelly!

      Thanks for the compliments!
      I’m not sure about the mirror transom. I have a feeling it would just look like a mirror. But who knows? :-)

      The Clearlake quilt and shams will make their way onto the bed in Spring and Summer….can’t wait!

  11. says

    Looks great! A lot better than all the mirrored doors we just removed from our closet doors.

    Some of our bedrooms are pretty small though, so we’ll probably introduce mirrors somewhere!!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  12. says

    I wasn’t sure how the doors were going to look with mirrors, but they look great!!! Love the peacefulness of the colors you’ve used in the bedroom :)

  13. julianna says

    It looks beautiful! On a related note … A couple posts back, when you posted the new lamps and the lenda curtains, there were four or five of us wondering how you got the tap top Lendas to look like rod pockets. I’m being pushy and asking again in case you didn’t see the questions amongst all the comments. (If you saw and are choosing to ignore, then please excuse my pushiness and continue to ignore.)

    • Kevin & Layla says

      Hey Julianna!
      I’ll be blogging about that in an upcoming post. :-)
      Stay tuned for the super simple switcharoo!

  14. erin says

    Oooh! Ooh! I smell a weekend project for the hubster! Do you happen to know what kind of trim that is? Chair rail maybe?

  15. Jan says

    WOW!! The doors look fantastic. I can’t believe how much they changed the look of your bedroom, very beach cottagey.

  16. says

    Wow- thanks for sharing! I have the same problem with a closet door in my girls’ room constantly being flung into a little end table. I’m definitely going to add a chain, … and then retouch the paint on the table!

  17. says

    Love the mirrored doors – It’s unreal how much larger it makes the room seem!
    I am sure you are enjoying the new look.


  18. AshleyG says

    of course, i love everything you do. But, when I saw this post my jaw dropped because I just loooove it! When you had said you were going to put mirrors on your closet my first thought was “ugh..” but ohhh my! You have blown it out of the water! So much inspiration! I’m stealing the oil rubbed bronze hinge look! Do you think that would look good throughout a ‘modern-cottage’ style house? I’m loving it!


  19. says

    The doors turned out great and I can’t believe how much they open up the room and make it look bigger! Your room is really shaping up. Love it!!! Love & blessings from NC!

  20. Lisa says

    The doors turned out beautifully! How funny is it that I am in bed with my sick little boy watching scooby doo? And the words ” and I would’ve gotten away with it too if it weren’t for you meddling kids and that mountainf climbing dog of yours!” was just said!

  21. says

    **SWOON** Your room looks just as gorgeous as your inspiration photos! LOVE the mirrors AND the rest of the room! The lock for the top of the closet is an awesome choice! When my youngest was little I baby sat another little one who was a total escape artist. We had to put them on our exit doors and we still use them at night for security. ;-)

  22. says

    Great job on the mirrored closet. The molding info was especially helpful; I might have to venture to HD or Menards in order to find a trim that fancy-schmancy (as my local hardware store is *ahem* limited in its selection)

    Can you share the heights that worked for you in closet organization? I spy three shelves – their capacity must be dreamy!


  23. says

    I am amazed at how such a “simple” alteration can completely customize the look of a space! I love the light mirrors bring in and of course you have balanced it perfectly with the textured wall behind the bed. Great job!

  24. Laura says

    I’m kinda new to your blog so you may have answered this before, but where did you get those storage bins in your closet???? I’ve been looking for some just like those!

  25. Alima says

    Beautiful! What a huge difference in the before and after picture! I love it!
    I also LOVE what you did with the wall behind your bed!
    Just found your blog yesterday, I think. It’s great! :)

  26. Maureen says

    Greetings from Canada! Just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for your blog. I love that you are so open with sharing not only your ideas, but your sources!! Thanks to online shopping I can now get hold of some of the stuff you reference that I normally couldn’t get in Canada! We are about to embark on our master redo and loves these closet doors. Our “master” is only 12 by 11 :( . In fact our entire main floor is only 500 square feet (finished the basement out of necessity!), so needless to say any ideas to create the illusion of more space/light are welcome.

  27. says

    Oh, this post just makes me smile -I heart your fun photo shop extras – they add something special and I so appreciate your humor as well! Our 2 boys are big into Scooby these days and my husband and I were just commenting that the show always ends with that same ‘meddling kids’ quote – HA!

    Your doors look just lovely and the professional organizer in me wants to give you a big pat on the back for the work on the INSIDE as well!


  28. Rachel says

    Those are awesome! They work for you young girls, for we middle agers…I only allow mirrors from the stomach up in this house. Anything else makes me cry. Great tutorial and photos!!!!!!

  29. Sara says

    Layla, I love it! We each have 2 closets doors per closet and we are constantly bumping into each other with the doors. I was actually thinking about taking them down and putting up a big pretty curtain.
    I am showing my man this picture though, because I think you have me sold!

  30. geri says

    Layla & Kevin.
    You’re bedroom looks amazing.
    Everything you “switch a roo” comes out looking like
    a BILLION bucks.
    I use to love HGTV for all the great shows they had on
    transforming rooms into beautiful spaces for less.
    They are so missing the boat these days, especially
    when everyone is not having tons of money to decorate with.
    You have brought back the fun and excitement of decorating
    and creating and redesigning on a very small budget.
    HGTV should take more notice to where they are lacking…
    A Layla and Kevin & A Lettered Cottage.

  31. says

    Speaking of closets… I have a question.

    Do you have any recommendations for how to set up an organizing system for your closet?

    We are doing some renovations to our new (old) house before we move in to it, and I would LOVE to set up our closets (kids, too) before we take residence. And while the closets are empty.

    any ideas? anyone? resources?

  32. says

    I LOVE your closet doors-am showing my husband this tonight for our next project! We have a similar bedroom layout & need to do something with our doors. I have searched your blog for the last hour looking for the color of your bedroom floors-the only mention I find is about the laminate floor your purchased off e-bay-but the bedroom flooring looks much lighter and I cannot tell if they are laminate..Can you please share your master bedroom floor info with me?
    Thank you so much….I also purchased the Penny’s bed and am painting it this weekend…Had been stalking the PB version and just could not justify the price—then I saw your blog entry and called JCP’s immediately and ordered! Thanks so much….I love how YOU make ME feel about decorating my home.

    • Layla says

      Hi Chris! The floors in the master bedroom are also laminate and were purchased from a local liquidation store. Thank you for stopping by and for the sweet comments!

  33. says

    These look really great! I love how the light just bounces off of them making the whole room feel larger. Good job on organizing the closets – I am on a quest to get mine done soon…I guess I should get to it!

  34. jaime ciavarri says

    Wow! Looks absolutely amazing!!! Everything about it looks incredible! What a transformation!! One question – how did you fill the holes from the old doorknobs? Thanks jaime

    • geri says

      I never look at the names on the posts but love reading them.
      I was so surprised when I just happened to look at one random name
      and it was yours.
      Too Funny.
      Glad you are still loving Layla & Kevin & The Lettered Cottage.
      They still make my (decorating) day. geri.

  35. says

    Wow! this looks like you actually added square footage to the room! >:[ I have nowhere to do this and the handiest hot husband…I’m wandering around the house visualizing every closet with a mirror…I need to move! (in with y’all, hahaha)

  36. Lou Ann says

    OMgosh, the presto-chango there is FABULOUS! What a wonderful retreat! (And believe me, when those little feet finally arrive in your home, as much as you will ADORE them, you will need a restful retreat now and then!) :-) Kev’s closet looks so much better. One tip for maybe getting a bit more storage space: We recently had some shelving added to our master closet and the lady who designed them recommended we hang our slacks ON THE TOP RACK and the jackets/shirts on the BOTTOM RACK. I know that’s totally bass ackwards, but because the pants don’t hang down as low as the upper body clothing, it leaves 6-12″ to put things (like folded sweaters) on the shelf that the lower clothes hang on. Once I got used to it, I was able to pull my outfit together with the pants on top and am lovin the extra storage space! THANKS for the eye candy on a cold and dreary Friday!

  37. Kathleen says


    The mirrored doors are wonderful. They open the room up and probably give an added sense of spaciousness and I really appreciate the step by step tutorial. The bedroom looks so serene…love it!

  38. Crissy Armstrong says

    Your room is stunning! I’m in awe! It is really coming together. Love the mirrors – especially the four of them.

    Beauiful!!! I’m so inspired. I want my bedroom to be this beautiful!

  39. says

    WOW! Your doors look AMAZING! (Well…….your whole room does!) Seems most people are taking mirrors off the doors these days, but you add them, and make them look AWESOME! GREAT JOB!

  40. Gracie says

    I really like the mirrors. I wasn’t so sure when you initially mentioned the idea, but they turned out great. Your bedroom is so beautiful!

  41. says

    It’s come together so nicely! It’s funny that “mirrored doors” are totally 80’s (you know the ones I’m talking about) but you go and make them totally modern and beautiful. It’s really a lovely room. If you ever come to DC you must visit and give me some ideas for our tiny little master!

  42. Michele says

    LOVE it!! you have given so much character to your space. Very smart of you to add mirrors to those doors in a room w/only one window. so much light in the room now. you have shown how good design is also good problem solving!

  43. says

    I know you have like a thousand comments on this already. But just wanted to add one more :) Your room is Perfect. Love Everything about it.

  44. SheilaG says

    Beautiful! I usually buy those cheap floor length mirrors and have to hide them on the back side of a door. This looks so much better. You’ve probably already answered this question somewhere and I missed it, but what is the bedding you’re using?

  45. says

    Love the new doors!! And I about DIED when I saw that you call them “undies” too! LOLOLOL

    My teenage son about has a heart attack everytime I say the word undies. “Mom PUHLEEEEEEEASE don’t call them undies……… they are called UNDERWEAR.”

    SORRY! We wear our undies with pride!

  46. says

    My favorite part of this post was when you wrote, “Momma’s closet”. Sounds so good! Been praying for you two and your soon-to-be little one(s).

  47. says

    Layla I just LOVE your Master Bedroom! It looks so amazing.
    I have 2 places I can use the chain and “screw eyes” – why didn’t I think of that?!? – to keep the door on my antique wardrobe from slapping the picture on the wall next to it (it stands in the corner of the room) and to keep my front door from hitting the chair and entry table! Thanks for the tip.
    Isn’t it amazing how much difference new hardware can make?

  48. says

    I love the way the doors look. They reflect so much light too. For the swinging door problem, would a hinge pin door stop work or would that not be adjustable enough? I love what you did though, it works so well! It looks nice too because there is nothing showing from the “fancy side.”

    • Kevin & Layla says

      Hmmm…I’m not sure what a hinge pin door stop is, but I’m definitely intrigued! I’ll hafta check ‘em out next time we go to the store. :-)

    • Kevin & Layla says

      Thanks Megan! If you saw some of the rooms we’re not finished renovating/decorating, you might not wanna move in!

  49. says

    Wow! So light and airy. I really love this and I’m not usually a fan of mirrors.

    It must be very motivating to clean and organize your closet when thousands of people are going to see it on your blog ;-)

    • Kevin & Layla says

      They were just SO unorganized before. It was driving me nuts!
      I’m so happy I know where everything is now!

  50. Cass says

    Oh my…I am in love with your closet doors. The mirrors add so much light and that extra punch. Your master re-do is a knock out. :)

  51. Jenny B. says

    The doors look AWESOME!! My parents had huge mirrored doors on their MBR closet, and I loved going in there and playing in front of them when I was little. :)

  52. Krystle says

    It really turned out looking good. I was a little nervouse when you said you wanted to put mirrors on your doors. I thought it might look cheesy but I really like the way it turned out. I also loved the inspiration picutres you posted. Some of them you couldn’t even tell they were doors.

  53. Rosalie says

    All I can say is “Oh. My. Word!” I LOVE how this turned out. I keep looking at the before and after pictures, and the after just looks stunning. Way to go. I love it!

  54. says

    Nice job!
    But why in the world would they sell the hinges in packs of THREE?!
    Don’t you need them in pairs?! How silly!!

  55. says

    How much do you want a bet that we see a mirroring revolution across blogland now? You fabulous trendsetter you! I love them. I think I need a mirrored door now.

  56. MayBelle Johnston says

    I love the doors, they look perfect to me. Your bedroom is lovely. I have a blue and white guest bedroom, do you think the mirrors would work on bifold doors. That would really open up a small guest bedroom.

  57. Kristi @ Creative Kristi says

    Gorgeous! I love love love this! Now how will I about installing doors on my totally doorless, door frameless closet? Hmmmm thoughts to ponder. :)

  58. Abbey says

    Just came across your website and I’m finding so much inspiration!! The mirrored doors are the perfect touch!

  59. says

    Love it and thank you for all of the details!

    Did you post about the storage boxes and where you were able to find ones with zippers? Please share if you are able.

    Thank you, Teresa

  60. Lindsey says

    Wow! You guys did a fantastic job. Great idea for keeping the door from opening too far, and for “locking” it. The mirrors are beautiful.

  61. says

    What a great solution for boring closet doors. Also glad to see you kept the beige curtains in place of the white ones…room looks great and very inviting.

  62. says

    I was so excited to see this post, I’ve been waiting on it! I LOVE LOVE LOVE how these turned out!! I’m going to consult with the hubs and see if he’s on board to do this in our bedroom… our bed sits opposite 4 closet doors (just about identical to yours) plus another door, so we wake up facing 5 boring doors. We’ll see if we can remedy that soon!

  63. Kim says

    The closest looks great. One small tip that costs very little money…The small, plastic hangers that are used for childrens clothing work great for pants. They take up a lot less room and make your pants hang much smoother.

  64. says

    You truly have a gift. That is one of the most beautiful redos I have ever seen. And I love how you guys DIY on a workable budget. I wish our paths could cross, we could become bestest friends, and then trade favors. Or let’s be honest, I’d pay good money for you! I’d love a Palmer make-over for me and for my parents’ house. They have the coolest antiques that desperately need the Kevin and Layla touch! Oh, if only!

    I love reading your blog, watching you work, and am rooting for you big time with this new adoption adventure.

  65. says

    You two are the most creative bloggers/decorators I have come across in cyber world. I love your style so much. You have given me so many great ideas. I enjoy DIY a lot and your projects are totally do-able with a very high end look. Keep um coming!

  66. claire says

    looks fantabuluos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- am so jealous – ur storage is the same size as my entire families – and there are 6 of us!!!!

  67. says

    Looks so great Layla. I may steal this idea! By the way have you checked out our master bedroom redo yet on my blog? You gave me advice on my slanted walls a couple years ago (do you remember)?? Anyway, we love our new bedroom…even got some beadboard on the ceiling. Woo Hoo!

  68. Amber Clery says

    ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. the mirrors have really opened up the space,love the blue hubbard wall and LOVE the bedding. :)

  69. says

    I just love the room! It is sweet & peaceful. The doors are beautiful. Thanks for sharing! BTW, there is nothing my 10 month old likes better than looking at the “baby” in the mirror! Children just love mirrors. My 3 y. old could make silly faces in the mirror all day long.

  70. Emily Zimmerman says

    Love your blog!! Anthropologie has their coiled rope knobs on sale for $3 each. They looked like you’re style and I had to pass it along!

  71. says

    LOVE the mirrored closet doors!!! Our master small and dark with only one window, this might be just the trick to bounce some more light around! Thanks for the great inspirations

  72. Suzanne Hatcher says

    Hi Layla,
    I looooove every single room you have redone in your beautiful home. My husband and I have been going room to room in ours as well, as it was in pretty sorry shape when we bought 5 years ago…We are now on the LAST project in the house…our master bedroom is almost complete, and we have added a bathroom from scratch…What a project this has become! I am almost an expert plumber by now..
    Anyways, i was wondering if you could describe to me how you and Kevin put up the wood on the wall in your master bedroom (the wall adjacent to the new mirrored doors)….i love the look and want to do that in the new bathroom.
    Any help you could provide would be fantastic! THanks much!!

  73. Phillip Horner says

    the room looks great.. the flooring what kind is it? Did you lay the flooring over cement….

  74. Maria King says

    This is exactly how I want my master bedroom…WOW. Layla, what is the name of the blue or green paint color you used…if you don’t mind. This is just brilliant.

  75. Ellen says

    Hi, love the room. I am redoing my foyer and want to paint the closet door a color. I love the color you used on the walls in the master bed room. It is just the color I am looking for you. Can you tell me the brand and color name? Thanks!!!

  76. Brenda Toungate says

    Love what you did! Also…what did you do to the wall with windows? Is that some sort of bead board or other? I love the look. Would like to do that to my daughters room to make it look more like a seaside cottage.

    • says

      Hey Brenda! We put up long planks of 1×6 MDF on the wall with the window and part of the side wall in the bedroom. Here is a link to one of the posts. Thanks for the comment!


  77. Debbie says

    I love the master bedroom look! What color are the walls…the blue? It is so peaceful and sweet,

  78. Jules says

    I just love this transformation! I came to your site from the post on Pioneer Woman and must admit I have almost made it through all your archives over the past couple of weeks. I just love all the sweet, sentimental details in each room. My husband and I are about to start looking for our first home (we’ve been in an apartment for the first 2 years of our marriage) and your blog has really changed my mindset in this whole process. I hope to find a cute little house with some character and look forward to adding our personal touches! :)
    By the way, my husband is a Graphic Designer and he really likes the fonts and general format of this blog. So do I! :)

  79. Geneva says

    I’ve searched high and low on the interweb for a close match to your storage boxes with the pulls and zippered top – and nothing compares! Any idea where you found those amazing storage boxes? I love to use a bunch of those in my closets to finally get everything organized! Thanks :)

  80. eileen marie says

    Found you through YHL -great job! You & Sherry seem to share the same penchant for ORB! (Loved that link on your site to the adoption story. Ever since we visited an orphanage in Tanzania this summer, we have toyed w/ the idea of adopting some Tanzania children who need a home & our love.) I think Screw Eyes sounds like he might be friends with ODB or Ludacris. :) For closet organization (we do have MUCH smaller closets), may I recommend flocked hangers?

  81. Taylor says

    Fabulous work! I love it! My master bedroom has closet doors almost identical to your original doors. I really want to do this project but I can’t find mirrors at a reasonable price. Where did you find mirrors for $40?

  82. Kris Cannon says

    Brilliant! We are buying a house and all the secondary bedrooms have sliding mirrored closet doors that make it difficult to access the closet fully. I wanted french doors but it was pointed out that the mirrors make the room look bigger. A first I was like… :( Then I looked around and saw this pretty straightforward fix, and now I am all like :) :) :) :) !!!! Thanks world wide web for taking talent from obscurity into my home! Y’all are precious and I hope your projects together never drive a nail between you! lol My husband and I could never tackle a project together, you are blessed!

  83. Rob Becker says

    I love the color of your bedroom walls!! Can you please tell me the color name and brand?!! Pretty please!! Thanks

  84. Kasey says

    I also love your room color and who be interested in knowing what it is. What size are those doors? I’ve decided to put in four 2ft French doors but feel it might not look as well. Thanks!

  85. says

    This is exactly what I’m looking for! Similar layout in the house we are going to be moving into. The colors are what I want too! I found your blog the other day, but found your bedroom picture on this evening!

  86. ROXANNE says

    Great idea. I have these same doors throughout my house. You’ve given me the idea I need. I can use your same molding & frame the upper 2 sections with a large piece of 1/4″ furniture grade plywood & then do the same with the lower section. I’d have a much more up-to-date look, without having to replace the doors. Thanks again for the idea.

  87. Andy says

    Yr room looks gorgeous! I especially love the wall color. I went to Sherwin Williams and purchased a sample of Blue Hubbard. However, it looks slightly yellow in the area I painted…not sure why.

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