Mary Kay Andrews – Summer Rental Giveaway

A few weeks ago, I opened my mailbox and found a book from our friend Mary Kay inside

And like all of her books, I could not put that sucker down! Read the whole thing in three days!

I kept telling myself I should slow down and just read a certain number of chapters per day- but I couldn’t do it. I just had to know how it ended! It’s about three childhood friends from Savannah (Julia, Ellis and Dorie) who spend a month at a tumbledown beach house called Ebbtide on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Their plan is to recapture the friendship of their youth, but things don’t go quite as easy breezy as planned. It’s jam-packed with humor, intrigue, suspense and a few steamy Summer romances too!

I couldn’t help but envision the “Nights in Rodanthe” house the whole time I was reading it…

(Did’ja hear they moved that house so it wouldn’t get swallowed up by the sea? It’s available for rent now too!)

Summer Rental hits bookstores on June 7th, but Mary Kay is signing two copies for two Lettered Cottage readers this weekend, so if you’d like to throw your name in the hat, just leave a comment on this post and we’ll randomly select two winners at noon (Central Time) on Sunday, June 5th. And in addition to the book, each winner will receive a set of Mary Kay’s recipe cards and an “MKA” beachy bumper sticker. Good luck!

PS- The painting on the home page of our site today was created by Donna Robertson, and if you missed Mary Kay’s “Summer Rental Essentials” guest post the other day, click here after you leave a comment! Also, in case anyone is interested: Page and Palette Bookstore in Fairhope, Alabama is hosting a “Read It & Eat” with Mary Kay at Tamara’s Downtown on Friday, June 10th. Mary Kay will lead a discussion beginning at 1:00pm over a lunch at Tamara’s, followed by a book signing at Page & Palette. Event tickets are $35 and include admission to the Read It & Eat, your lunch, and a hardback copy of Summer Rental. Tickets available at Tamara’s Downtown and!


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    • Donna Lee says

      I LOVE Mary Kay Andrews! I’d love a chance to win a signed copy of her newest book, SUMMER RENTAL. Thanks!

  1. Katie says

    I’ve been looking for a summer read. This one looks perfect! Thanks for the chance to win :)

    • Joye says

      Spending a lot of time in the south and especially savannah I’m a huge fan if Mary Kay Andrews and can’t wait to read her latest novel!

  2. Patricia Wash says

    Thanks for the opportunity to win “Summer Rental”. I have not read this author and will definitely do so. Love the east coast beaches and the sound of this read.

  3. Sarah Carper says

    I’ve been looking for the perfect summer book and this looks like a great one! I’d love a chance to read this book!

  4. missy says

    I can’t wait to read Mary Kay’s new book!!!! I want to win!!!! Thanks!

  5. Nancy M Isbell says

    I love Mary Kay Andrews’ Books. A friend of mine bought the right to have her friend’s name in a book at a silent auction recently. I am so jealous. I will donate to her favorite charity to have my name in her next book!

  6. says

    Just finishing Savannah Blues and love it! Can’t wait to start this one. So excited my name is a character. Really cool.

  7. Debbie says

    Oooohhh…sounds like a great book! (and the draw date is on my daughter’s birthday!) Love, love, love your blog!

  8. Holly says

    I have a weekend lake trip in a few weeks, love a new book to read. Thanks, I enjoy your blog!

  9. says

    I was introduced to her Mary Kay Andrews’ books by you!! I love her books, and can’t wait to read this one. Thanks so much for offering this giveaway!! Have a wonderful day! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog!!!

  10. says

    That looks like a great summer read! How cool for you guys to know her and love that house you posted a pic of!

  11. Cathy Price says

    I don’t know how this happened, but until a few months ago I had never heard of Mary Kay! Now that I have found this treasure I would love to read her new book! Sounds like a great summer read!

  12. Kirsten F says

    Just read ‘Savannah Blues’ after you mentioned MKA – love her sense of humor!

  13. says

    It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to find a book I couldn’t put down. I miss getting lost in the pages. We’re moving to a warmer climate where there’s no real beach at hand, so your description of Summer Rental sounds like just the right pill!

  14. Kate says

    I’d love to read Mary Kay’s new book! I’m also heading down to Tybee for the first time with my cousin this summer, thanks to all the wonderful photos I’ve seen on your site! Thanks for the vacation advice, and suggestion for summer reading while I’m lazing on the beach there! :-)

  15. Debbie Elsea says

    I have it on reserve at the library, but would LOVE to have a copy of my own. . . .My favorite author by far!!!

  16. debbie says

    Would loveee to win. What could be a more perfect way to be introduced to her books than by winning a signed copy? Would be awesome.

  17. says

    This book sounds like a really great read! I’m another one who can’t put a book down that really intriques me! This sounds as such a book!

  18. Angela Bushatz says

    Girl throw my name in that hat. I could use some good Mary Kay reading. Just LOVE her stuff!!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  19. says

    I would LOVE to win a copy! We’re heading out for vacation later this month and I need some good books to read!

  20. Kati says

    I would love to get some summer readin’ done…at the beach of course! I love your blog, I have even gotten my husband addicted! Thanks for all you do & post!

  21. says


    What a wonderful read to start my summer reading spree off with! I’d love to add Mary Kay Andrew’s work to the Fairfield House library! Please include me in your wonderful give-away!

    Your Friend,

  22. VickyL says

    Love Mary Kay ! Can’t ever stop reading her books once I start…it’s a bit obsessive! Would love to win this !
    Thanks so much!

  23. Venita says

    I just happen to be looking for a book to escape in for a few days! I hope I win!

  24. Jeanl says

    I have never heard of her so would really like to get acquainted with her books…looks like fun!

  25. says

    Oh, I need a nice summer read! Unfortunately, I can’t read it at the beach, although it’s 3 blocks from my house. My son would drown himself if I was trying to read ;-)

  26. Esther says

    Oh- I’d love to win!! I’ve read all her other books and have been waiting for this one to come out!

  27. Robin says

    I have read all of Mary Kay’s books after my sweet sister introduced me to them. I would love to have the new one for my beach trip in two weeks on 30A!

  28. Harbormom says

    I put Mary Kay’s new book on my “reserve” request list at the library when I read about it on your site yesterday, but I’d love to get one signed by her! Going back to the beach for the 4th of July, and this would be a perfect addition to my beach chair and umbrella!

  29. Tracey C in NC says

    Would love to add this to my beach bag for our annual trip to the Outer Banks (Ocracoke specifically) of NC. Thanks for the give away!

  30. Donna says

    Please sign me up, it was you Layla that got me interested in Mary Kay’s books, but I am having trouble finding them locally. I live in the Okanagan in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. So I would truly love a copy!

  31. says

    OMGosh, I would love to win this book. If I don’t, I will be buying it. My all time favorite place to be is the outerbanks. I have seen the house from the movie just before they moved it and it was indeed washing away. You couldn’t even get up close to it.

  32. Gena says

    Oh pick me! This would be a terrific birthday present since June 5th is my birthday! Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. Amber says

    Nothing better than a good book. I can’t wait to try all of her books. Thank you for doing the giveaway.

  34. Amanda M says

    I love that movie, Nights of Rodanthe. That home is just gorgeous! It’s weathered look and bright blue awnings are just magnificent!

  35. says

    That would be the perfect win for me. I’ve got 2 vacations planned to 2 different states and beaches in July. Sounds like this book would be the perfect read on a beach, you know to fully get into the characters! ;-)

  36. says

    I’ve read ALL of her books and I just can’t ever put them down. Hissy Fit had me laughing OUT LOUD!!
    this would be great to have!!!!

  37. says

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that house from Nights in Rodanthe!! Just looking at it makes me want to go to the beach!! I could use a good summer book right about now!!

  38. says

    Yes please, I would love to win a great summer read. I’ve got a vacation to grandparents planned late in the summer, so I can read and not feel bad about ignoring my children! Because I can’t put a good book down till it’s done. Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

  39. Linda Vandenberg says

    I went to library and there are already 6 holds for Summer Rental! So I got The Fixer Upper and read in 2 days and am starting on Deep Dish…Hope I win!

  40. Sherry says

    Just finished reading “Savannah Breeze”. Would love to add another of Mary Kay’s books to my summer reads!!

  41. Cheryl says

    I would love to have this book to read. It looks wonderful. I really enjoyed her post the other day.

  42. Stephanie L says

    I could use a little escape from chasing two little guys all over the place!

  43. Laurie H. says

    I would pick this up at the bookstore… I like the cover!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  44. says

    We are leaving 2wks from today to get our son from China & will be on the plane for 13hrs! Would love a great book!!!


  45. Cheryl F says

    I discovered you and Mary Kay through Julia’s “Hooked on Houses” blog. I am now a regular visitor to your site and I love it! You have a fantastic eye for design. I’ve ordered a couple of MK’s books online and cannot wait for them arrive. I live for good books to read on the beach when i can get there or books about the beach to make me feel a little closer on the days I can’t get there.

  46. sharon says

    Sounds like a good beach read. alas I won’t be going to the beach this year so, maybe a read for the chaise on the back deck

  47. Diana says

    BOOKS + ME = LOVE!!! but no housework or anything else getting done!! LOL… I would LOVE a copy of this book!!! i have not read anything by this author and am intrigued!! THANKS!! for the opportunity!

  48. lindsey says

    AHH! I literally gasp out loud at work when I saw MKA had a new book.. how was I unaware?!? She is my number 1 all time favorite author and has a fantastic body of work. If you havent, read Hissy Fit… its my favorite beach read… ever. I would be exstatic to win this, fingers crossed!

  49. Joyce says

    Love it! You turned me on to her books- such fun they are! Would I love a copy of her new one? Yes, please!

  50. Kathleen says

    Love Mary Kay Andrews books! I’ve even downloaded them to my ipod to make my exercise more entertaining!

  51. Emily C says

    I love Mary Kay Andrews! I’m reading Hissy Fit again right now, can’t wait to read Summer Rental.

  52. Jaclyn says

    I’m so intrigued – how I’ve been looking for a book I can’t put down to enjoy on our patio…fingers crossed! :)

  53. Shari says

    I could use a good summer read-excited for the chance to win a signed copy, too!

  54. Brooke says

    Oh can’t wait to read her latest! I love all of them, I bet “The Fixer-Uper” was one of your favs, I could picture you as the main character in that one. Long live Weezie and Bebe!

  55. Darlene says

    Based on our recent weather, and lack of ‘spring’, a good beach read would put me back in the summer frame of mind. Sign me up!

  56. Elisa says

    Just yesterday I was looking for a summer read (altho it sounds like this will keep me extremely occupied for only a few days – I love books I can’t put down!)
    Congratulations on another book Mary Kay!

  57. Heather N says

    I would love to win a copy of the book (especially a signed copy!). Thanks for the giveaway!

  58. Jackie L. says

    Thanks for a giveway on some reading material – keeping my fingers crossed!

  59. Betty says

    Headed to the beach the first week of July. This would be a great addition!

  60. Christy says

    Headed to OBX next month, would love to have some summer reading for my beach vacation! Sounds like a great book

  61. Melissa says

    This sounds like a great summer read. Perfect for lazy afternoons poolside.

  62. says

    Sadly, I cannot make it to the beach this summer, so reading a great beach book would be a close second! Thanks for the give-away! Love your blog!

  63. Kendi says

    I love that house in the movie!! Love to read and would be very happy to win a book! Love your blog, keep up the good work!


  64. Jewel says

    What a perfect book to read by the pool or at the beach! (Or on my porch pretending I am at the beach).

  65. Deborah says

    Oh how I hope it win! Would love to have a signed copy of Mary Kay’s new book! So enjoyed her guest visit with you guys.

  66. Sabina Kelly says

    oh wow – we’re heading to the beach in two weeks and i still need to find that perfect read. Just finished “the help” and am looking for the next good book!

  67. Jackie says

    I need a good book to read this summer. Summer is beginning to sound fun…ride motorcycle, read and decorate.

  68. Dawn says

    Wow! I would love to read it and then share it with my Mom and Mother-in-law so we could discuss it! It sounds like the perfect summer read! Thanks for sharing!

  69. Kris says

    Would love to be thrown in the hat! I’ve been hearing about this book everywhere-can’t wait to read it. May be just what I need right now!

  70. Alecia Shannon says

    What a great giveaway!!! I love me some summer reading…what is it about the summer and books?!?!? :-)

  71. says

    Just got back from the Outer Banks a couple of weeks ago. I love Mary Kay Andrews and cannot wait to read this new book. I am also a BIG fan of Nicholas Sparks. I loved Nights In Rodanthe the book and the movie. I just so happened to pick up a postcard this year with the house on it. I got 2 of my oldest sisters to start reading NS books and they truly enjoy them as well as Mary Kay. I would love to have a signed copy of her book. Thank you Layla!

  72. Penny says

    I would LOVE to attend the Read It & Eat (how clever!), but alas it’s a far, far drive from London. :(
    I’d be happy winning one of the signed copies, instead! :) Love your blog and loved her guest post.
    Sign. Me. Up!!

  73. Marlie B says

    Would love to read her new book. Thanks for the chance to win it! Love your blog too!

  74. says

    I’ll take this opportunity to tell you how much I enjoy and learn from what you and Kevin do.
    Thanks a ton, guys!
    I’ll probably order Mary Kay’s book anyway. I love Tybee Island. As for vacation rentals, my husband and I have two vacation rentals in St. Marys, Georgia (where folks catch the ferry to Cumberland Island). I dream of one day having you and Kevin fluff ‘em up! Have a fine Summer you all.

  75. Lisa W. says

    OH could not want to read that baby…the cover alone is YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for the chance:)

  76. Beth says

    Please put my name in the hat for Mary Kay’s book. Would love to read it!

  77. Lorena says

    I would love to win the book! Love everything related with the books! Please pick me!

  78. says

    Sounds like a great read to start off summer. Love your blog :) I’m sure my 2 girls would love to read that book too.

  79. dhenderson says

    I am “caught up” on all of MKAs books and I’m just waiting for June 7th!!

  80. Sue says

    I love Mary Kay Andrews’ books and have read them all. I have preordered her newest that just happens to be released on my birthday. It will be automatically downloaded to my kindle app on my Ipad. What a great birthday present to me! I discovered Mary Kay after stumbling across her blog and loved it. Little did I know a book I’d purchased but hadn’t read yet was one of hers. So after reading her blog and her adventures of fixing up her beach house, I was anxious to read it. Needless to say, I was hooked and read all the rest. Loved seeing her as your guest blogger.

  81. Chris says

    Savannah Blues was the most fun reading, my dumb book club ever had. Can’t wait to read Summer Rental

  82. Catherine says

    I would love to win Mary Kay’s next book – I really enjoyed Hissy Fit and The Fixer Upper. She has a real knack of creating a sense of place and characters you would love to meet.

  83. says

    Giddy! I would love to WIN a signed copy of Summer Rental! Give me a good book and a tall glass of tea and I’m set for the day!

  84. kelly says

    just made reservations for a trip to florida…crossing my fingers hoping to win this book. would love to take it with me to the beach. thank you and mary kay for being so generous!

  85. Christine Aldinger says

    gosh yes throw me in!! i was just looking at my rocker on porch thinking go rock and read a book!

  86. nancyo says

    since I live in a land lock state (colorado), I could really use some beachy inspiration when sitting in my backyard looking at the mountains :)

  87. Shelby says

    Since we can’t go anywhere this summer, a good summer read would be the next best thing~

  88. Brenda says

    Now there is a book that I could curl up on a wicker chair with! :)

    And, let’s see…I am sitting under a big shade tree, in my big wicker chair…with a gentle breeze blowing by… and a cat curled up on my lap…and a glass of raspberry iced tea in my hand… Ohhh… I feel like I am already on vacation!

    Thanks for the great posts – they are such a joy to read!

    Be blessed! :)

  89. twelve30 says

    This sounds like a perfect “beach” read – a must have. Thanks for the giveaway.

  90. Robin A. says

    Nothing better then a great book to read on the beach! Count me in!!!!! Thanks!

  91. Olivia Juenke says

    Went to amazon just a few days ago and noticed it wasn’t out yet, good thing I didn’t buy it because I’m gonna WIN… .well, hope so!

  92. Cindy Logan says

    Pick me, pick me! Sounds like a book I would really enjoy! I have read one other book of hers.

  93. meghan says

    Ohhhhh, I want to win!! I love Mary Kay Andrews! Her books are ALWAYS so good. Fingers crossed!!!!

  94. Beth M. says

    I love all of Mary Kay’s books and can’t wait to get my hands on Summer Rental! Thanks for this opportunity!

  95. Paulina J! says

    Would love to win it since this summer we won’t have much of a vacation. We will be moving!

  96. Cindy says

    Would love a good summer read. Thanks for the chance to win! Looks like there’s another Cindy R here too!

  97. Janine O. says

    I LOVE to read. I am sure I would love this book. Great summer reading!! Let me win, PLEASE!

  98. Kathy says

    Heading for the beach for two weeks, but first to the library to grab a few Mary Kay Andrews books!!
    Love finding a new author.

  99. Beth A says

    I really love Mary Kay , and would love to have this signed book. Please put my name in….Thanks!!!!!

  100. Susan says

    Would love to add this book to my growing collection of “beach ” novels. Love MKA’s books, and I read them fast too.. as her books transfer me to being like a “fly on the wall” and I am “there” and have to get to the “end”.
    Thanks for offering the opportunity to “win” MKA newest book.

  101. cynthia says

    I loved Savannah Blues and have been hooked ever since. Can’t wait to read her latest.

  102. Cathy A says

    I need a new author to read! I tend to find an author and then read all of their books and then move on to the next. Literary OCD?

  103. Kathy M. says

    This would be great reading for our July beach trip to Dauphin Island. Would love to win so I wouldn’t have to buy it.

  104. Penny says

    That sounds like a great book to read while laying on the beach :) I’ve heard a lot about this author but I’ve never ready any of her books…think I’m going to have to pick one up. You might want to check out Jennifer Crusie…she’s a wonderful author too. Right now I’m reading “Agnes & The Hitman” Its a murder/mystery/comedy-romance.

  105. Elizabeth says

    Love her books (especially The Fixer Upper). Can’t wait to read Summer Rental.

  106. Jillian says

    MKA books have a special place on my bookshelf and in my heart!!! She is such an inspiration to those of us who dream of writing for a living one day!!

  107. Kelly K says

    I would LOVE to read Mary Kay’s newest book! Please put my name in your hat :)

  108. June Newsome says

    Love Mary Kay’s books and I’ve read them all. Every time I think I have a favorite, I remember something from one of her other books and then I’m confused again. Looking forward to Summer Rental and a signed copy would be even more special. Your blog is great!

  109. says

    I would love to read that book, I can see it now … Lying in my hammock, breezes blowing, reading a great book … Heaven!


  110. Jennifer Bryan says

    I’m so ready for this book! I love all of Mary Kay’s books. I’ve been jonesin’ for a new Mary Kay read. I so can’t wait until June 7.

  111. Jennifer says

    I am headed to the North Outer Banks for summer vacation in August… this would be so awesome to read while on the beach!

  112. Mary Ellen says

    Love MKA books, and her Tybee house looks awesome! Can’t wait to read her latest!

  113. Patti J. says

    I would be just tickled to get my hands on this book early. I’m ready for some “Summer Mood” reading!

  114. Becky says

    The book and Serendipity sound amazing! I want them both! Thanks for the heads up!

  115. connie says

    ‘Could definitely go for a good summer read!- autographed no less!
    Great giveaway! Thank you!

  116. Christie Hampton says

    Love this author! I devour each book and am sad when I am done reading it. MORE MORE MORE!

  117. Loretta says

    I have recently found and read all of Mary Kay Anderws books an every last one of them were great. Cannot wait to get a copy of her new one. Purchased copies of them all so i will buy this one in case I do not win. Love her sense of humor it is contagious. Have all my friends reading her work now.

  118. says

    Sign me up! I have a stack of books going right now but there’s always room for one more! Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  119. says

    As I open my book, the pages turn from the salty breeze as the ocean sprays my feet. I’d love a book!

  120. Erin Clark says

    I can’t wait, it perfect for my upcoming summer vacations or book club on June 30th!

  121. Vel Smith says

    I’m a big Mary Kay fan. I’ve read her books and reread them by audio in my car and love the southern drawl of the narrator. I’d love to have a copy of her new book! Thanks for the chance.

  122. Kerry says

    Hi Layla, i just stumbled across your site the other night and could not stop reading! Sound familiar?
    Anyway, i would love to have a good book to read this summer – especially bout estranged friends trying to recapture their relationship. Would do me a lot of good right now :-)

  123. lindsay says

    Love Mary Kay Andrews. Have read all her books and was waiting patiently for Summer Rental to finally come out!!

  124. Molly Rooks says

    I LOVE Mary Kay’s books!!!!!!!!! I have read them all!
    Think about how fun it would be to go shopping with
    Mary Kay and Layla!!!!

  125. Melissa R says

    This book sounds great! I’m working on my summer reading list and would love to add this one. Thanks!

  126. luanne says

    I’ve been waiting for this book to come out for soooo long. I own every book MK has written and can’t wait to add this to my collection! I’m addicted to her southern humor and have gotten all my friends reading her now too. An autographed copy of one of her books would be a great addition–crossing my fingers :)

  127. Victoria Burand says

    I can never put down MKA’s books! I’ve read them all! I am so excited for a new one….please, throw my name in the hat!

  128. ann weisman says

    Wasn’t it lovely for our favorite author to write us something new for summer vacation. I am like you, I always read them too quickly!!

  129. Tina K says

    I’m not familiar with any of her books, but from the comments, it sounds like I’ll be pleasantly surprised. Crossing my fingers!

  130. Jeanne Taylor says

    My all time FAVORITE author! Got hooked with “Hissy Fit” while recouping from surgery in 2004 and her books have been the reading material of choice for my “get well” gifts among other occassions. This is the only one I don’t have! And I loved MK’s guest blog. Her list of 10 for beach houses was a bonus since my husband and I are in the midst of renovated a cottage in PCB…can’t wait!!

    Oh, and a BIG happy birthday to you Sunday Layla!!
    All the best,

  131. Dianne Callahan says

    Wow! I love your blog and I love MKA! Summer Rental is on my must read lkist this summer – I so hope I win!!!

  132. says

    ooohh….what fun! Going to the beach this summer and would love to take this with me for the week! Thanks so much for the chance to win! Pam N.

  133. Laura A says

    My mom and I both love Mary Kay Andrews… her birthday is in a few weeks and I think a signed copy of her latest book would be the perfect gift! :)

  134. Toni says

    It’s on my bucket list to read ONE book this summer. (more than one if the kids don’t find me hiding out on my lawn chair in the back yard!)

  135. Tenna Rasmussen says

    MK’s books are the reason I insisted my mom, sister and myself go to savannah last year for vacation! Love them!

  136. says

    I would love a copy. I’m looking forward to some time off of school in August and hoping to read a book. I would love to read one about the beach since I’m dying to get down to one.


  137. Andrea says

    Always looking for a great summer read! My five kiddos and I have all committed to reading at least one book per week throughout the summer…I’d love to throw this one in the mix!

  138. Michelle M. says

    I could use a good read 4 days in and my boys are already stuck to the video games…not from me not dragging them out though. I keep interrupting them…maybe this would give them some peace to

  139. says

    Can’t get to the beach this year, so reading about one in a great location is a close next best!!

  140. Peggy Crawford says

    There is nothing like a Summer Rental and nothing like a good summer read! I would love to find myself by the ocean with a good book this summer. Thanks for offering us a chance to win!


  141. Dawn Lewis says

    I would love a copy! I’ve been in love with her books since I got an advanced reader or Savannah Blues! When I ran a bookstore I always recommended her books! They are fantastic!

  142. Debby says

    I am always looking for a good book and this one surely looks like a winner. I would love to win.

  143. Gwen says

    Love reading and would totally enjoy receiving a copy of this book. Thanks for the chance to win.

  144. Sharon says

    So ready for some summer reading. Lets get some new books on the nightstand…in the pool tote…next to my rocker on the front porch! :)

  145. says

    I really need a good read to escape to the beach!! Maybe I can pretend to be there while my 5 kids drive me nuts! Pick me! Pick me!!

  146. Janna says

    Pick me! Pick me! I love her books. My sister lives in Savannah and I live in Oregon and I first read Mary Kay Andrews’ books (Savannah Blues and The Fixer Upper) on the plane to go visit my sister…

  147. jenny says

    The wait for this book is killing me. Now a chance to win a copy? Great start to the summer.

  148. Sally says

    I go to the Outer Banks every year and always enjoy a book set there. Would love to win this and have it signed!

  149. Barbara Smith says

    My dad is 82 and has read and LOVES all of Mary Kay Andrew’s books…what a great Father’s Day gift, after I read it first!

  150. Lori says

    I have read all of Mary Kay Andrews books and this one is already on my calendar to buy! (More than her book – I REALLY want to stay at her beach house :)

  151. Janet C says

    Oh please pick me! I read all her other books last summer when I was laid-off (from the library). And you’re right, they’re marathon reads, you can’t put them down.

  152. Denise says

    I will definitely carve some time of the summer to read this books – love her books! Thanks, Layla!

  153. says

  154. Melinda says

    Sounds like the perfect summer read! Now all I need is some sunshine to visit the Pacific Northwest…

  155. mrskraft says

    TOTALLY need a new book for summer! This would just be perfect; even if I don’t win, I just might go out and buy it! :)

  156. shea says

    I would so love a fun book to read! I miss reading so much. The littles sort of hinder that hobby. Thank you for the giveaway!

  157. PattiP says

    I love the Outer Banks! We visited there 2 summers ago and stayed in Nags Head. We drove to the end and took a ferry to Ocracoke Island and on the way stopped in Rodanthe where we saw “Serendipity”. I would love to read a story set in the Outer Banks!

  158. MARION says

    Fingers crossed! Legs and toes too!
    It sounds like the perfect deckchair read.
    Thanks for the chance xxx

  159. Carmen says

    I would love to win this book, I have read all of her books! LOVE her!!! I’ll be buying it if I don’t win!

  160. Rhonda says

    Can’t think of anything better to do than to curl up with a good book. This one looks like one that would be perfect for a summer read!

  161. Terri says

    ahhhhh…. perfect reading for the beach….. this is exactly what I need while I am soaking up the rays and enjoying the beautiful beaches here at home (Jax Fl.) Thanks to K&K for the opportunity !!!!! Terri

  162. Meredith says

    What a beautiful painting by Donna on the home page! Fits your site and the topic beautifully :)

  163. Nancy says

    I would love a good book to get lost in. Of course, no housework gets done til I finish it. Oh darn.

  164. Deanna says

    I could use a good summer read – even if it will only last me 3 days (or less!)

  165. says

    Love MKA and would l o v e her new book as a read for this summer though will probably be like you, racing through another enjoyable book. Love your site. Thanks.

  166. says

    Enjoyed learning a bit about the Nights in Rodanthe house. I’m glad it was rescued but they could sure use your expertise on the interior! LOL I can appreciate the sentimentality of keeping it true to the film, but golly, some of the pictures made me cringe. In my opinion, a beach house should look, and more importantly, feel like a beach house.
    Thanks for the giveaway offer! :)

  167. Kathy says

    Have never read MKA but looks like a good one to begin with! Enter me!!! Please!?

  168. Jill says

    Always ready for the next MKA book. Can’t wait to read Summer Rental. Would love to win it too!!!

  169. Erica says

    I’m going to the beach in July and this would be PERFECT!!! Thanks for the reading suggestions!

  170. Janice says

    By Friday, June 3rd I will have finished additional teaching certification classes and taken the National Teachers Boards examination. I am looking forward to reading for pleasure again. Please put my name in the hat for MK book.

  171. Susan Kavanaugh says

    I cannot wait to read “Summer Rental” and would love an autographed copy of the best southern fiction author!

  172. says

    Oh, yes….I adore her! I’m in ITALY right now until October with my family and despite the beauty here, was still missin’ my Southern Roots. So I ordered some of her books (and Annie Dillard, etc.) for a good dose of ya’ll and “bless her little ol’ heart” fire and TWANG!!!
    I devoured them all. And here I am a “serious” journalist/writer…..just a’ lovin’ these fun and ADDICTIVE books!!!!!!!! My prejudice was quickly overcome and I’ve already ordered her new book!
    I have been meaning to email you for weeks and weeks…but the aforementioned Italy “thang” has kept me crazy.
    I was adopted and am praying for your adoption. I just want to say that my parents are MY PARENTS. I was SO BLESSED to be adopted by them. While we have 3 biological kids, we’re adopting, too. You are gonna ROCK as parents with all the joy and humor with which you live your lives and the CREATIVE SPIRIT that explodes out of you both.
    But I’ll write you a separate email on that!!!


    Lana In Italy

    PS I’m a fellow transplanted Alabamian–Rhoda’s a friend and I’ve followed ya’ll for a long time but have maintained for the most part my “lurker status.” You guys are an immense blessing to all who read you.
    Oh, and we restored a 100+ year old house in VA and your adventures make me nostalgic!!!

  173. says

    I’d love to read the book. I’ve seen that house on the outerbanks! I live in North Carolina and get out there as often as possible. It’s so lovely just to drive by and imagine…

  174. Erin says

    *Toss* My name is officially in the hat. Would love to win it so I don’t have to buy it but I will have it either way!

  175. Elizabeth says

    Would love to have something to read this summer. Put my name in the hat…Love your blog you and kev make me giggle on your videos……Eliz

  176. Lisa says

    The book sounds great, almost as good as a month in a beach house with some friends. I will definitely check out this book.

  177. Jill says

    I would love to have a copy! I need some summer reading materials. Thanks! Jill

  178. Elaine says

    Yay! I love her books and can’t put them down either! Can’t wait for her new one to come out next week!!

  179. Lisa says

    Love, love, love The Lettered Cottage!!! I would love the book, too!!! Thank you for the daily smiles!

  180. says

    we’ve vacationed in OBX with my husband’s family- so not only would this be a great birthday win for me, but it’d also be a great book I could ass along to family! too cool! :)

  181. Diane P. says

    I would love a new book to read this summer while rocking on the porch! Thanks!

  182. Robin says

    Sounds like a great summer read. I would love to have a month away with my best friends (my mom and my sister). Life is so frantic and rushed for my sister that we can’t get more than two days with her.

  183. Kat Herring says

    I adore MKA’s books and your blog! Would love to win a copy of “Summer Rental” for some “Summer Reading”!!

  184. Karen says

    First off I have to say that house looks spooky scary to me. The book on the other hand sounds exactly like what I like to read. A signed free copy would be fabo but I’d purchase it for my kindle if it’s available.

  185. Joan Pratt says

    I would LOVE this book! And if I was anywhere near Fairhope I would be there. I love her!

  186. Eva says

    I would love to win this one. My brother lives in Fairhope. I wish I was there this weekend. I am always
    looking for good summer beach reading.

  187. says

    Love MK and all her books! I’ve been waiting for this one for a while!!! Cannot wait to pick it up… or hopefully win it here!

  188. says

    I fell in love with Mary Kay when I read Savannah Breeze. I would love to have a signed copy of her newest book. :)

  189. Jennifer Dennard says

    I would love to read her latest. I’ve enjoyed all her others so much!

  190. Janet says

    After reading her post the other day, I downloaded “Hissy Fit” onto my Kindle. Ok I am hooked now and want to read all her books. Have you ever read Dorothea Benton Frank? She is another author of fun beach reads. Please sign me up for the newest MKA book.

  191. Kathleen Harris says

    I will be reading her books as soon as I can my hands on them! I read about Mary Kay elsewhere (and her books) and then couldn’t find the info again. And, here she is! Making notes on my iPhone so I have it with me.

  192. Stephanie Elder says

    I’ve read!!! I can’t wait to read this latest one! If I don’t win, which I won’t because I never win anything-I’ll still be buying it! Love your blog!

  193. Pam Womack says

    I would love to have a signed copy! I read all the time and have never read her but always looking for new authors!

  194. Staci Smallwood says

    Please enter me. I love Mary Kay’s books!
    Not sure if I’m supposed to say something witty and engaging or if the drawing is random???

  195. Angelina says

    I would love to have this book on my summer reading list. Thanks for this giveaway.

  196. says

    This looks like a GREAT read. I’m adding it to my summer reading list. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy.

  197. Julie says

    I looooove Mary Kay’s books, and I agree, you can’t put them down. They are deliciously fun and they are really an official kick-off to the beach season!!!

  198. SharO says

    I love summer time books to lay in the hammock, next to the river and just read, read, read.

  199. Laura says

    I would love a good summer read. I love to read on my porch swing in the back yard. Oh geesh, now that is what I want to do right now!

  200. valentina says

    So,so, so busy raising 4 kids and packing to move…cannot wait to sink down into an awesome summer book! Such a fun idea!!!

  201. Mary Slimp says

    Love Mary Kay Andrews and am already pre-paiying for the privilege of getting my Summer Rental asap (keep stalking my Amazon cart counting the days until June 7th!), but to have a signed copy would be the icing on my co’cola cake.

  202. Ginene says

    A new Mary Kay Andrews book and a rainy summer afternoon…sounds like the perfect way to relax! Love your blog!

  203. Sarah says

    Oh, I love Mary Kay Andrew’s books and have been looking forward to this new one! Please let me win!

  204. says

    I first heard about Mary Kay Andrews on your blog and love her writing. I would really love to have an autographed copy!

  205. Kristin says

    Loved The Fixer Upper and Savannah Breeze so I’d be thrilled to have this!

  206. Gay says

    Am an avid fan of your web site and also have read everything that Mary Kay Andrews has ever written……need a really good summer read!

  207. moesha in mn says

    I’ve been looking for a good summer read and for a southern girl living in the cold north, it will be perfect to our beach trip to Gulf Shores, AL coming up soon.

  208. Bev says

    Sounds like a really fun read. I’d love to “throw my hat in the ring – thanks”

  209. says

    I would love a good book to take on holiday with me next month. This one sounds perfect!
    Thanks for the chance to win a copy.

  210. maggie says

    I’d be over the moon if I won a signed copy of MKS’s new book! Thanks for a chance!

  211. Samdok says

    I’m always looking for a new book to read. This one sounds great! Sign me up!

  212. Connie says

    I love MKA books!! I would love to win a copy of her newest!! And Signed no less. How terrific !

  213. Suez says

    Sign me up too! I’d love to win the signed copy but I’ll sure buy it (its on kindle I hope), it sounds like my kind of read! Suez

  214. misti d. says

    I good use a great book for the summer! Love you guys blog, so creative. Wish you could redo some of the rooms in my house ;-)

  215. Chris says

    I know what you mean about reading her books. I find myself wanting to hurry up and see what happens but at the same time wanting to slow down so it won’t be over so quickly.

  216. Marty Trout says

    oh, i hope i win, i hope i win, i hope i win!!! lol Thank you for the chance! LOVE your style!!

  217. Lauren says

    This book looks great! Definitely on my must read list for the summer. Thanks for the giveaway.

  218. Danielle says

    Sounds like a good beach read!
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  219. Sandra says

    Your earlier post this week was the first I have heard of Mary Kay Andrews. Summer Rental sounds similar to the books I like to read. Please put my name in the hat.

  220. Alison C-B says

    Thanks for offering to give away the signed copies of MKA new book! Happy summer!

  221. Danielle S says

    New to the blog and loving it!
    I’m always looking to add a great summer read to the pile!

  222. says

    I spent many wonderful summers in the town of Salvo on the Outer Banks so I would love the setting of this book! Also, congratulations to the author!

  223. Lisa says

    This sounds like a fantastic book, I’d love to read it this summer! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  224. Cyndy says

    Love your site, and get very inspired by your work. Would love to win a copy of this book so pick me, pick me!!

  225. Millie says

    I’m visiting the Outerbanks at the end of June and would love to read a book set in the same place!

  226. says

    Can’t wait to read it! Even better to have a signed copy!! I actually grew up on the Outer banks. (Manteo High class of 95 woop woop!) Have a great day!

  227. monica says

    Wow….look at all the many people who commented. That is awesome. It would also be awesome to own a book signed by Mart Kay. I hope my name is drawn.

  228. Barbara N says

    Mary Kay Andrews has been a favorite of mine, since I picked up her very first book. Beach, Sand, Romance, Friends….would could be better. I drove to Tybee Island to buy “Deep Dish”. She so perfectly paints the picture of the perfect beach trips. I would LOVE to win her newest book.

  229. says

    I LOVE MKA! Being a Southerner myself, I love her humor, her wit and her way with words. I think I’ve read all of her books up to The Fixer Upper. It and Summer Rental are on my summer reading list. I’ve already been to the beach, but I think Summer Rental would be great to read poolside! Thanks for a fun giveaway!

  230. Lisa from Vermont says

    Please throw my name in the hat. I would enjoy this books very much! Thanks!

  231. designgurl says

    Mary Kay is the best! I’ve read all her books and can’t wait for Summer Rental to come out next week!!

  232. Daniella says

    Sounds like a fantastic summer read, much needed for this mum of 4 – throw my name in please!…thanks:)

  233. Melissa says

    Yeah! Sign me up for the book! I’m a North Carolinian stationed in Virginia and love to read books that take place in my home state! :)

    • says

      My beach side curiosities this sumer are magical. I so wish to visit in reality this beautiful house right on the beach with my toes in the sand. Reading and imagining is the next est thing so I would love to win this book and sit in my shady rocker to enjoy it while listening to the birds and I wish the surf!

      Thanks for the opportunity!
      Smiles, Cyndi

  234. Lindsay says

    Oo I would love to win this! Love a great summer read! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  235. maddie says

    ..always in the market for a good book…even better if i win and signed no less!!

  236. says

    I would love to win a copy, I always enjoy a great summer read!
    Loved Mary Kay’s guest post too, really cute!

  237. tracyo says

    Sounds just like what I need for the summer! Planning to camp, read and relax a lot this summer and looking forward to it! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  238. Geri fom Vermont says

    Would LOVE the opportunity to win this book…looks like just what I need…to dream about summer, that is …it’s supposed to be in the 30’s tonight here!!! Love you guys…such an inspiration to both my daughter and myself!! Thanks!

  239. Susie says

    I love her books and this one would be SO appreciated by this land-locked Colorado girl!!! Thanks for posting this!!!

  240. says

    After reading your post about MK, I have been aimin’ to make a trip to Books A Million to get one of her books.
    Sign me up!
    Love your blog! Happy summer reading…

  241. Corrie says

    Loved Mary Kay’s post the other day, especially all the eye candy. Haven’t read any of her books yet, but would love to start with this one!

  242. Sue says

    I would love a signed copy of this book! It looks like the perfect summer read. Thanks.

  243. TLGITW says

    I’m a lover of MK’s books since the first one. Oh to wander the beach – or to plop on a lumpy couch and just read away.

  244. Renee S. says

    What a fun win this would be. I’ve never read one of Mary Kay’s books. Sounds like I need to. : )

  245. says

    I feel lucky to live in North Carolina just a few short hours from the Outer Banks. It is a wonderful place to visit and we go often. Nothing like the ocean. It speaks to my soul.

  246. Sarah C. says

    Loved MKA’s post on TLC the other day :). I am crazy for her beach house – it’s lovely and I felt relaxed, just looking at the pictures.
    Love her books as well :)

  247. Debbi Beverage says

    Sounds like a great summer beach read! I really enjoy your blog!
    Debbi from @ the beach

  248. Connie says

    Beach houses – the best! Would love the book. Hope I win! Love your posts!

  249. Kara Ayer says

    I’ve never read any of her books but would love to. I love your fresh ideas on your blog and always look forward to getting my email updates.

  250. Rebecca says

    This looks like a good summer ready if i’ve ever seen one! I’d love to have first dibs! :)

  251. Jenne says

    Yay! Fun giveaway – and I’m trying to figure out how to get that feeling without leaving home :)

  252. says

    Thank you so much for the giveaway and the guest post from MKA. Love a great summer read and wish I lived closer so I attend the lunch and presentation. Would greatly appreciate winning.
    Thank you, Teresa T.

  253. Heidi says

    I love Mary Kay Andrews’ books – funny and entertaining! Can’t wait to read this one

  254. christine weeks says

    nothing speaks to me more than a good book and some sunshine to go with it!

  255. Sara C. says

    Who wouldn’t love a new summer read? Me, pick me! Love your blog too btw.

  256. Martha says

    Been a fan since Hissy Fit – would especially love to have an autographed copy of Summer Rental!

  257. julie says

    I love to read and I’m always looking for great suggestions. Would love to win a copy.

  258. samantha sue says

    I could use a new summer read!! going to be finishing up my currant book in a week or so… fingers crossed

  259. Nancy says

    I’ve never been interested in entering a give-away but since I’ve read many of her other books, I’m in on this one!

  260. Lori says

    Mary Kay Andrews is one of my two favorite authors and I’ve read all of her books. I cna’t wait to read Summer Rental!!

  261. RomanWoman says

    My daughter and I are HUGE MKA fans! Would love to have an autographed copy of her new book for our library.
    We have a house on Tybee Island as well. Think I will walk around till I find her cottage. Would that be stalking?

  262. Annie says

    I just put a hold on some of her other books at our local library. I would love to own one.

  263. Amy Conley says

    I can’t wait to read this book! I LOVE everything MKA writes and look foward to each and everyone of her books!

  264. Julie C says

    I love books that you can’t put down! I’ve never read Mary Kay’s books, but have gotten hooked on other beach reads, and loved them. Would love to read Summer Rental :)

  265. Lucia says

    I’m going to the beach in August…do you think if I win the book that I could wait to read it until then??? Nah! I would love to have this book!!

  266. says

    As I’m sitting in my little home office, reading your post..the wind is gusting and snow flakes are being tossed around. Although I live in the far North of Canada, this isn’t suppose to be happenening! It’s June 2nd for crying out loud!

    My Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer and I have just recently moved to the North West Territories. You can check out our adventures here:

    I need all the summer LOVE I can get. Please put my name into the hat..and if it isn’t cheating one for the snow too.

    Welcome to summer!

  267. Leslie says

    What a lovely idea for a summer giveaway! Thanks for offering. If I win, perfect, but, if not, I know which book I’ll be tracking down for my first summer read!

  268. kelly says

    i have never read her books before, sounds great! i have always wanted to visit N. carolina’s outer banks!

  269. Lauren Boxx says

    Love Mary Kay! My fav of her books is Savannah Blues. It’s so much fun reading about where you live!

  270. says

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! So many comments that I’m not holding my breath on this, but I would absolutely love the opportunity to read this book—beach stories but especially stories of gal pals always warm my heart—possibly due to being from a coastal town and still loving so many of my dearest high school gal pals. ;) Now that we’re back in Oregon, I’m missing some of that southern heat and sunshine!

  271. Libby says

    Love MKA! I’ve read all her books and even most of the Callahan Garitty books. I pre-ordered Summer Rental on my Kindle but would LOVE an autographed copy :)

    P.S. Love Lettered Cottage too, y’all are so creative!

  272. Cyndi says

    I just returned from a vacation in North Carolina and although the Outer Banks time didn’t fit our schedule this time, I look forward to a leisurely week along the coast in the not-too-distant future. The book sounds like a perfect summer read!

  273. karin thompson says

    I would LOVE a signed copy! I am trapped in the middle of Kansas and crave the sand between my toes!

  274. Athena says

    I’ve read several of her books and love them. I would love to read this one as well.

  275. Renee says

    I would love the new Mary Kay Andrews book. I have all her books and have even bought copies for one of my nieces. Thanks…

  276. Jessica R. says

    What’s not to like about summer, especially when they include lazy days and reading?? I enjoy Mary Kay Andrew’s books and really enjoyed her guest post.

  277. Cindy says

    I would love to be in the drawing for Mary Kay Andrews new book! Sign me up for her beach escape!

  278. Shannon says

    A Mary Kay Andrews book = a great summer read! I hope I win a copy so I have something to read on our beach vacation next month.

  279. says

  280. Sherri Simmons says

    MKA is a great writer….really really funny! Thanks so much for giving your blog readers this contest!

  281. says

    I love all of Mary Kay’s books. Please enter me. I am going to be knocking on the doors to buy a copy as soon as it is published. Thanks for hosting .

  282. vicki patton says

    Would love this! I’m reading Savannah Blues now. My first time to read one of her books.

  283. Susan says

    Can’t wait to read this book! and jI ust loved MK’s blog on Summer Rental necessities!

  284. says

    Hi All,
    I love EVERYTHING about this contest! First, I grew up as a summer child at Tybee, my father lived at Nag’s Head on the OBX, just two blocks from the ocean, and I am a great Mary Kay Andrews fan. I met her a few summers ago at Seaside Sisters, one of my favorite shops at Tybee. I have read her books, Savannah Blues is my fav. I actually know the family who lived in her Tybee rental house before she bought it, and I know the mom of the pretty blonde in the photos of MK’s house on the blog. I really NEED this book to make my life complete! Love to all at the Lettered Cottage! D

  285. Dianne says

    Too funny, I was just making a list of books this morning, to read this summer. Would love to add this one!!

  286. Angela Williams says

    I went and found one of her books after she did your guest blog and am half way through Deep Dish and loving it! Would love to have another one to read!

  287. Beverly Palmer says

    Oh this would be the perfect read for my first Tybee Island visit this month!

  288. Jessica says

    The first time that I have heard of MKA was the other day when I read what she wrote on your blog. She sounded interesting so I have thought of ordering one of her books. I would love to win “Summer Rental”.
    Looking for summer to arrive here, it has been wet and chilly!!!!

  289. Judy says

    The book looks great. I hope I win so I can read a new book and new author.

  290. sarita says

    when i have a book i want to savor i will read a chapter – put it down – do something else -come back – read another chapter..etc…thank you for a chance to win this book – i KNOW it will be good..

  291. Jane H. says

    Ooooooooooohh, it’s my birthday this month, and we are headed to the Outer Banks for a getaway. LOVE your blog, love MKA, have all of her other books, this would be a welcome addition to my collection. Thanks!

  292. Jenny Walker says

    Would LOVE a book! Head to the beach on the 7th…can’t wait to read the book there!

  293. Vivian says

    I LOVE Mary Kay’s books – all of them – and I can’t wait until this one hits the shelves. Wouldn’t it be GRAND to be the winner here ;o)…..thanks for the chance, Layla and Kevin.

  294. Kelly C. says

    My SIL’s name is Mary Kay, she has to be an awesome lady!! I’d love to try one of her books!

  295. Jill Palumbo says

    I would love to win this book! I have all of her other books so far and reread them all the time. What a great giveaway!

  296. Julie says

    My friends and I have enjoyed all of Mary Kays books, I can’t wait to tell my friend that just moved to North Carolina about the newest one!

  297. holly says

    I’m intrigued! I’ve never read one of Mary Kay’s books but after reading her post the other day and hearing about the new book I’m very interested!! It would be the way to enjoy the warm summer nights ahead. I love to sit on the patio with a glass of wine and just enjoy the weather! I love the “Nights in Rodanthe” house…I would LOVE to stay there sometime!

  298. Cindy Forister says

    I just love Mary Kay Andrews, I can’t afford to get to the beach this summer. So I would really love a chance to win Summer Rental, sounds like the perfect backyard hammock mini vacation book for me.! Please Please pick me!!:)

  299. Kimberly Paulson says

    I would love to win this book. I get to take my first vacation ever with my hubby in September, and we’re going to Tybee Island and want to spend a little time touring Savannah, too. I can’t wait, and having this book to read would really get me in the mood!

  300. Kris says

    Would love to read that one. I love finding new authors to read.

    Thanks for a chance.

  301. Mary Jo Griego says

    Oooooo, throw my name into the pot! I read instead of watching TV and would love it :D Thanks!

  302. Bekah Moody says

    I love every book of hers that I have ever read! By far one of my favorite things to do in my freetime would be to read her books!

  303. says

    ME! ME! ME! My mom and I LOVE her books. We’re headed to our summer rental in a couple of weeks and I could use a good read:)

  304. Carol Swiderski says

    Have read all her other books and LOVE them! Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this one…

  305. jenny jones says

    LOVE Mary Kay’s books and have been eagerly waiting for this one. I finally went to Tybee Island last year and saw exactly what all the fuss was about. I highly recommend her book Fixer Upper!

  306. Stephanie C says

    I’ve been waiting very patiently for this book to come out. Finally!

  307. Susan says

    Sounds like a great read….and a great giveaway. Thank you to Mary Kay Andrews, & you!

  308. Jessica says

    I love MKA’s books & would LOVE to win this book since I’m from NC!!!

  309. says

    I picked up a MKA book 3 years ago in a grocery store on the way to the beach because I needed something ‘beachy’ to read and the picture looked to fit the part. I have been hooked since. I LOVE Mary Kay Andrews and am waiting with crazy excitement for the new book to come out!

    PLEASE PICK ME!!!! Help a fellow ‘Bama girl out! ;)

  310. Lirael says

    Ooooh yes please! In my head, I’ll pick up your pretty house, stick it on some gorgeous beach and use that as a decor for the story! Can’t wait for summer reading :)

  311. Nicki says

    I’ve got a thing about beach house stories lately; I’d love to win this book!

  312. Allison says

    I’d love a chance to win this book. It sounds like the perfect summer read!

  313. Tiff says

    You give a great promo for the book Layla! Makes me want to read it and re-capture a bit of summer because it’s getting very cold down here in Australia now!

  314. Sherry W. says

    Sounds like a great book and I’d love to read it. Here’s me tossing my name into the hat……

  315. Gina says

    Sounds like a great summer read! I love the cover of the book too!
    What a gift if someone can write in such a way that you cannot put the book aside until you have finished it!
    Would love to win it!

  316. Mary Anne says

    That book sounds like a great read! If I don’t win, I’ll have to put it on my library request list! ;)

  317. Lindsay says

    I’d love to win a copy, if I don’t I’ll just have to add it to my summer reading list!

  318. Dawn says

    I LOVE Mary Kay Andrews. I’ve read almost every book! Can’t wait to ceck out this one!

  319. Jonnette Cool says

    Love your blog and your e-zine as well as MKA’s books… would love to add this one to my collection. Thanks

  320. says

    Oh How I ADORE MKA!!! I am so thankful that a friend introduced me to her about 6 years ago!! Hissy Fit was my first read and I usually start off my summers by reading it! I’d love her new book to read instead! Thanks to you and MKA for the giveaway!!

  321. Anne says

    Enjoyed reading Mary Kay’s guest post and hope to win her latest book, “Summer Rental.”

  322. Josey says

    Being a law student who is finally off for a much needed restful summer, reading this over a casebook sounds exactly like what I need! Thank you for the giveaway!

  323. Lisa Sowell says

    My husband and I have birthdays a day apart and we really needed a rest a few years ago, so a very good friend gave us their lake house for the weekend. Lake Oconee, and she also gave me the book Hissy Fit to read. I could not put it down, I have now read all of Mary Kay Andrews books and they are the BEST! I have been waiting for a new one and am very excited about this one. I could use another get away, even if it just in my mind. Thanks :)

  324. Louise in NE OK says

    Would love to win the book! I love a book you just can’t put down! Thanks!

  325. Heather says

    Your blog is great :0). I would love to win a copy of ” Summer Rental “.I have a daughter named Julia which I noticed is a character in the book.Have a great day.:0)

  326. Heather says

    Your blog is great :0). I would love to win a copy of ” Summer Rental “.I have a daughter named Julia which I noticed is a character in the book.Have a great day.

  327. Belinda says

    I have read all of Mary Kay Andrews’ books – LOVE THEM – and can’t wait to read this one! Pick me! Pick me!

  328. Kristie says

    I can’t wait to read it! I love all of her books. I couldn’t pick a favorite if I had too! Thanks for giving them away to a lucky reader!

  329. Kristie says

    I’d love to win a copy of her new book!! That would be the perfect beach read for our vacation!!

  330. says

    I’m retiring after 31 years of teaching 1st graders. I can’t wait to pleasure read again!!!

  331. Ann says

    Mary Kay’s book sounds like a good summer read. Would love to enjoy this book this summer.

  332. Kelly says

    I don’t know how I haven’t heard of MKA before – her books sound exactly like something I’d love! I will be looking for them next time I’m at the library/bookstore!

  333. Jackie G says

    I’m curious about this book and this would be an excellent summer read.

  334. Cindy Macalik says

    Mary Kay ROCKS!!! I love everything she writes. Can’t wait to get my hands on Summer Rental!

  335. says

    What a lovely giveaway! And how lovely would it be to stay in that gorgeous house!!! Thanks and take care! :)

  336. Cass says

    I will be on quarter break in about a week and was trying to decide what I should read during my time off…this would be perfect. Thanks for the opportunity!

  337. kristen says

    I need a good book to read this summer. I hope I win. This book sounds perfect :)

  338. Kayla says

    This sounds like a perfect summer read! I am actually getting ready to go on a trip with my family in 2 weeks to Folly Beach S. Carolina and I am soo excited! I am 25 and I know this sounds crazy but I’ve never seen the ocean so this trip is kind of a big deal for me. Love to win the book to read when I get home (if I didn’t get it before) an enjoy my vacation all over again! Here’s to another long hot summer-

  339. Carolyn says

    Me and two of my bff’s just went to Old Orchard Beach in Maine this past Memorial day weekend.It was awesome, because although we all went to high school together 30-something years ago,they had never become friends…I was friends with them, but they did not know each other. This weekend, was such a gift, because now they both know why I love each of them so much…they bonded, and are now making plans to hang out together in Connecticut(I live in New Hampshire). I guess we could have written our own summer novel this weekend,so I would love to read this one!

  340. Kim says

    I have already pre-ordered the book on my Nook but would LOVE a signed copy. :o)

  341. Carla Power says

    Just finished teaching third grade the school year. I love Ramona, Judy Moody and Amber Brown, but I am looking forward to reading a grownup book. I can’t wait to have my own “dear” (drop everything and read) time.

  342. Steffany says

    I adore MKAndrews books and cannot wait to read her new one! :) And if I lived closer (we’re in TX) would LOVE to go to her reading & lunch; what a wonderful way to spend an afternoon!!

  343. Sue McCoy says

    MKA is one of my favorite writers. I have all her books and would love to add her new one. Please place me in the running for a free copy.

  344. bebba says

    it would be so very nice not to be on the public library’s waiting list for Mary Kaye’s latest book. I’ve loved ALL her other books and cannot with to read this one. She cannot write fast enough to satisfy me!

  345. Candice Joannides says

    I love Mary Kay Andrews’ books! I would love the chance to win this one.

  346. Audrey Brown says

    Sounds like the perfect summer novel! I’d love to read it during our camping trip! :)

  347. says

    HOLY COMMENTS!! I love the outer banks. I love the beach. I love books and the people who write them. And I love you and your blog. sign me up to win!

  348. Christy Q says

    I love Mary Kay Andrews – her writing style totally draws me in and I can picture myself right there. Thanks so much for the chance to enter!

  349. Annie says

    It’s summer … and I need a good book – this one looks like a keeper!

  350. Silva Sebring says

    Sounds perfect!! Four kids home on summer break – I need me a good beach read….that I can dive into and finish quick:)

  351. says

    I have had a love affair with the Outer Banks for a long time now…and miss it! hope Can’t wait to win this book…THX Layla!

  352. mandy at eight is enough says

    loved her post and would love to win her book…sounds like a fabulous read…have a great weekend…take care…xxx

  353. says

    Summer Rental sounds like such a great read! I think I need to rent that house used for “Nights in Rodanthe”, snuggle up with a good blanket and get reading! :)

  354. Sarah Sharp says

    This book sounds so charming! Can’t wait to read it. It’s going on my Goodreads list today. Thanks for the suggestion and crossing my fingers I might win a copy :)

  355. Beth says

    I love MK Andrews’ books – she truly has a gift for writing page-turners!! Thanks for the opportunity! Beth

  356. Moondogie16 says

    Would love a great summer read, and would love to rent that beach house!!

  357. Carrie says

    Love all Mary Kay Andrews books. Can’t wait to read this one at the beach this summer! perfect.

  358. Katie says

    I would love a good book, and have never read any of hers. I am looking for a new author to enjoy!

  359. Wendy says

    School is out in two weeks! I sure need a summer read…to go along with your great blog, of course!

  360. says

    Oooh! I love when I find a good ‘coming-of-age’ read that I can’t put down! The kind you think about, even when your not reading it. Hope I win! Thanks for the opportunity.

  361. says

    I’d love to win this book….thanks so much for the opportunity. My high school girlfriends and I get together and rent a house every summer, so this book sounds right up my alley:)

  362. kelli says

    I love stories on friendship and reconnection. Sounds like a great read. I am a Georgia girl so maybe I will get lucky:) Thanks for the post

  363. Gretchen Nelson says

    I read “The Fixer Upper” after you recommended it and loved it!!! Can’t wait to read this one :)

  364. Kelly says

    I want it! I want it! I got hooked on Mary Kay’s books when my family vacationed on Tybee Island last summer. I can’t wait to read the new one. Pick me! Pick me! I drove by Screened Inn to see how you worked your magic when I was there, too. :-)

  365. Katie Jean says

    School just ended today for me!! I would LOVE a great summer read. Pick Me!! :)

  366. Debbie Jacobs Designs says

    I have read everyone of MKA books and loved them! By June 10th I want to be able to make that statement again. So pick me!!!!

  367. Sally says

    Love Mary Kay’s books and would be in the land of “beach bliss” if I won a copy of her newest book. Thank you so much for the chance to win such a fabulous giveway!!

  368. DebbieDoodle says

    I may have found my new favorite author. Sounds like a perfect beach read!!!

  369. Jenny SJ says

    The latest Mary Kay Andrews book is one of my favorite things about each summer. So excited to read “Summer Rental.”

  370. says

    I love Mary Kay Andrews. Have read many of her books. Read Deep Dish last week on vacation. Born and raised in Savannah but my family moved to North Georgia when I was 13…that was 47 years ago and I still haven’t recovered…there is something so special about that city and Tybee…many memories…her books take me right back there and I love it!!!

  371. Jan Brent says

    I love Mary Kay Andrews. I’ve read all of her books. Would love to win Summer Rental!

  372. says

    I’ve read every one of Mary Kay Andrews’ books and haven’t been disappointed yet! I would love to win this one. Cute cover!

  373. Shirley says

    I have not read Mary Kay Andrews books before, but after the last post that she did I began checking to see what I could find at the library. Thank you for an opportunity to win her latest!

  374. Jen V says

    I’d love a new summer read…always looking for another new author to follow!

  375. Debbie from the Wichita Mtns. says

    We are doing the beach house thing with friends this summer. It would be great to bring this book along.

  376. says

    Love Mary Kay Andrews and am in need of a summer read. Please pick me. Please pick me. Please pick me. : )

  377. says

    Always love a good summer read! I devour books in the summer…the more, the merrier. Thanks for the chance to win.

  378. says

    I would love a chance to win her book. It’s popular here in beachless Mn. I just checked the library and I am on the reserve list after 231 patrons. Thanks for the contest.

  379. says

    Great giveaway…I would love to win!! I will be needing a new book for my summer vacation!!

  380. says

    i was given a copy of her first book to take to the hospital when i delivered my son a little over a year ago and i couldn’t put it down…in fact i missed my first 5 contractions so it was that good! i didn’t realize she had another one coming out and i cannot wait to read it!

  381. Erin says

    I am such a book nerd so I’m always looking for new Authors! Will Check her out!

  382. Sarah Ferenz says

    Oooh Layla! This book sounds like the perfect summer read! My birthday is next week, and this would be the perfect present!

  383. Vickie H. says

    For sure, count me IN! Would love to pick up this sweet summer read! I know anything she writes will be excellent!

  384. Jennifer says

    What a great giveaway!!! A stack of great books is my only summer essential!

  385. mary kay says

    Hi! My name is Mary Kay! I have read all but one of Mary Kay Andrew’s books and LOVE them. I would love to win her new book for my summer reading. I also LOVE your blog. I read your blog every day and can’t believe I am just now leaving a comment! Thanks to you and Kevin for all your hard work on your beautiful blog!

  386. Amanda Adams says

    The book sounds interesting! A beach book for the summer is fab. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

  387. says

    I was so excited when I saw the picture of Serindipity or better known now as Nights in Rodanthe house… we live in Frisco, which is just a little further down the island. I would LOVE to have a copy of Mary Kay’s new book. I am in dire need of a good beach read. And I’m super excited that it’s based in the OBX. :) :)

  388. joanne ledbetter says

    take me away! It has been a long winter, and hardly any Spring here in MI. This would be the perfect escape!

  389. Dana says

    Hi – I would love to win a copy of this! My friends and I are starting a book (and wine) club so this looks like a great read! Thanks!

  390. sandi r says

    love to win a copy of the book. Sounds like a great read. It rains here so much would have to read it on the porch…….

  391. Lynnetta says

    I love Mary Kay Andrews and have been looking forward to the new book coming out for some time. Winning a signed copy would be awesome!

  392. says

    I love Mary Kay Andrews’ books!! I usually try to only read them as a “treat” but I have just read two of her books back-to-back. I did that only because I knew she had the new book coming out this month. I can’t wait. I hope I win. I live in Prattville and I could just drive over and pick up the book if I win!

  393. Cynde S. says

    Discovered MKA thru following Paula Deen on twitter & facebook. Picked up my first book, “Deep Dish” on audio to play while I work or driving in the car. She is simply a hoot. I can’t wait till I can get my hands on one of her books to read. So please pick me. Would love to see one of her books made into a movie. Also love the fact that following her led me to your blog now.

  394. says

    I love Mary Kay’s books! This is exciting to read another! Perfect for summer! I love your blog! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  395. janet says

    my daughter always buys me the newest mary kay andrew book! i have all of them in hardback! she was soooo excited to give me an autographed copy of DEEP DISH! looking forward to getting SUMMER RENTAL! my idea of a summer vacation is ….the beach, a beach chair, an umbrella, a cooler full of “beverages” and a mary kay andrew book to read!! ahhhhh…i hear it callin my name!! :)

  396. AJ says

    Thanks so much for the chance to win this book- It sounds just like my kind of read. Please tell Mary Kay thanks too! AJ – queenofmynest(at)gmail(dot)com

  397. Jane-Ellen says

    Every one of her books are great! Can’t wait to read this one. I would absolutely adore a signed copy. How exciting would that be!!!

  398. Kristi Fitzgerald says

    Recently discovered Mary Kay Andrews and her books and love them! Love her cottage too! Such an inspiration and makes me dream of visiting the area someday and possibly owning my own little place just like it someday where I can read her books lazing around on the cozy front porch. :)

  399. Sandy says

    Would love a chance to win this book……..I got married at the Outer Banks and was also visiting right before the Serendipity House was moved. Sounds interesting !!

  400. Audra says

    Yay! I just started reading her books based on your recomendation. So far so good :) This one looks great as well!

  401. Lynn says

    Ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh … looks like a great summer read. Pick me! Pick me!!

  402. Cheryl says

    Sounds like the perfect book to kick off summer reading! Love to read and would love to win!

  403. Cyndia M. says

    I have enjoyed every single book Mary Kay Andrews has written immensely. I think I’ve read Hissy Fit ten times. I’ve been waiting with baited breath for this new one!

  404. Sarah W. says

    Ooh! My cold Alaskan summer begs for a book about friends at the beach! :)

  405. Cathy Chapman says

    I love everything to do about the beach! Would love a good read to go along! Thanks, love your blog!


  406. Christine says

    We used to live in the same neighborhood as Mary Kay Andrews (aka Kathy H. T.) and I would love to win the book!

  407. says

    I am looking for a new book for the summer, just got sone with one and read it in 3 days too, cause i couldn’t put it down… Thanks for the giveaway!

    P.s. would be my first MKA book…

  408. says

    Just performed in Dixie Swim Club at our local theater and it was about five friends who rented a cottage every summer in North Carolina! Summer Rental is just like that!! Love it! Good luck to everyone! :)

  409. says

    This is why I should win this book- Drving from South Carolina to Minnesota, South Dakota, Utah and back to South Caolina in July. WITH MY 13 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER, 11 YEAR OLD NEICE, AND 10 YEAR OLD SON IN THE BACK SEAT. I need this book and possibly my heat examined!

  410. Karen T. says

    I’d love a book by Mary Kay (almost as much as I’d love to stay at her beautiful beach house!!!)

  411. Tiffany says

    Heading to the beach in a few weeks. This would be perfect beach reading!!!!

  412. Mary says

    I need to put down my knitting needles and read a good book.
    Thanks for the contest. Someday I am going to get out your
    way. Missouri seems so boring compared to the coast. It’s hot
    here too.

  413. says

    Hi! Please sign me up for the book giveaway. I have been meaning to read one of her books. Heard about her on your blog. I love the Nights in Rodanthe house. I thought it had been destroyed. Glad to know it is still OK.

  414. Patti says

    I would love a copy! My 2 sisters and I are going to rent a summer cottage in Tybee in September and I would love to take this with me!

  415. Jennifer says

    New to your blog and a new summer read signed by the author would be a fun start to summer.

  416. says

    I would love to win her new book…and after reading her post earlier this week, I want to stay at her summer rental!

  417. Kris says

    I’d love a copy. Sounds like the perfect summer read. I’m in the process of building a house and need to read books that take me on vacation this summer (instead of the real thing)…in my new hammock. :)

  418. Charlotte says

    MKA is my FAV author, LOVE all her books! Can’t wait to read this poolside this summer here in AZ! Would love to win an autographed copy! Good luck everyone! :-)

  419. Anna says

    I love reading books that include my home state of North Carolina. I would love to win a copy of this one!

  420. Joy Cooper says

    I have always wanted to go to the Outer Banks and was able to for the first time this year. My sons enjoyed kite surfing and I enjoyed just being there! I would love to read a story set in the Outer Banks.

  421. says

    I love book reviews…can’t wait to read this one (or win it) :) Thank you for recommending it!!

  422. Ellen says

    Looks like a great summer read. If I don’t win it I will have to purchase it.

  423. JMB says

    A week at the beach coming up in early July…this would be perfect! If only I can stop myself from reading it ahead of time :o)

  424. amanda l. says

    i love to read and i love the obx! i have been going for 40+ years now, including living there for two summer while in college. :) my family will be heading to kill devil hills in july for a family reunion…can’t wait!

  425. says

    Oh, please pick me! I’d love to check out the new book. And all of these posts have me craving some beach time. I think I’m going to have to plan a trip!

  426. Deborah says

    I would love to kick off summer with a great read! Maybe then we’ll get some hot weather here in Seattle!

  427. Cindy says

    I am reading “The Fixer Upper” now and love it. The obx has always been my family’s favorite beach destination – many fond memories from the past 30 years there. Planning to go for a long weekend next week. Can’t wait to read this book – hopefully on the beach, feet in warm sand, sun on my skin, and the sweet sound of Atlantic surf.

  428. Michelle Wright says

    Count me in for a good book, a comfy chair and a good relax on the deck.

  429. Julie says

    I found Mary Kay Andrews books a few months ago and now have five under my belt. Savannah Blues and Blue Christmas have been my favorite so far. Being a Georgian, it’s neat reading stories based on places in our state. Would love to add this one to my collection.

  430. Penny says

    I looking for a GREAT “Summer Beach” read. Can’t wait to read this book.

  431. Maureen S says

    I’d love to have a Summer Rental or in my case…read about one. That would be a great read for the summer. I plan on reading a ton too. Thanks.

  432. says

    Even if I don’t win this giveaway (fingers crossed, however!) I’m going to buy this book. Looks like a great summer read!

  433. christina says

    I love Mary Kay Andrews! I am on the waiting list for Summer Rental at my library but my very own (signed!) copy would be even better!!

  434. Kim Larson says

    Oh.. Pick me, Pick me! Sounds like a fun summer read! I am a long time fan of hers, and yours!
    Thank you!!

  435. Jett Bocz says

    I love her books! I can’t wait to read this one, and I would love to win a copy!

  436. Jen Wilhelm says

    Would love to win- my mom and I both love MK. We could share – ’cause I know it wouldn’t stay closed until her birthday in July!

  437. Andrea Dutt says

    This looks like a great book to read!! cant wait for my vacation in July to Florida, just laying outside and reading books like this! Thanks!!

  438. Jennifer S says

    I love reading Mary Kay’s books. Looking forward to reading this one too!

  439. okcAmyAAAmAmyinOk says