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First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the love on our last post! We’re in the process of organizing each and every bit of information that everyone submitted, and it’s absolutely awesome to know that so many folks are up for a DIY design adventure with us! We’ll keep you posted on any exciting developments, and again, thank you for being a part of this journey with us!

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog post!

If you read our e-zine the other day, you probably saw the pretty photos Mary Engelbreit shared with us last Summer.

Today, we thought we’d show off a few more of the pics she sent us, and some that appeared in her magazine (Home Companion), back in 2008.

But before we show you the additional photos of her current home, we thought we’d share a couple of photos of one of her previous homes.

Here’s a photo of the living room in the house Mary called home in 1994. Mary said, “It was much bigger and more formal than our current home. At one point, a friend of my sons was living there for a week and we didn’t even know it!”

Here’s another corner in that same house…

By 1998, they found themselves wanting to scale back and move into a something more manageable. They bought a smaller house on a cul-de-sac, so their daughter could play and ride her bike safely.

Then in 2008, Mary’s family moved into this home, which we featured in our e-zine

Mary told me all the plantings have grown up now, and the front beds look much more lush.

We already showed you this precious pic of Mary’s master bedroom…

(Mary’s cat, “Skinny”)

…but here’s a shot of the other side of the room…

(source: Home Companion – Aug/Sept 2008)

I love the way the antique dresser pops against the crisp white board and batten wainscoting! And the antique brass tones of some of Mary’s collectibles really play nicely with the warm yellow and orange tones she decorated with…

Here’s a shot of her living and dining room…

(source: Home Companion-  Aug/Sept 2008)

It would be literally impossible for me to not smile in there!

Here’s shot of her fireplace…

(source: Home Companion 2008)

I love that paper parasol on the hearth. What a great idea to conceal a little bit of the firebox!

Here’s a peek into Mary’s kitchen…

(source: Home Companion 2008)

Among lots of other things, I am absolutely cuckoo for cocoa puffs over those metal picnic baskets on the right side of that picture!

And speaking of vintage things- check out this pillow Mary made for their den…

Mary said, “It was a muff, believe it or not. I found it in an antique store. I just unfolded it and turned it into a pillow. It’s one of my favorite things because I have a soft spot for anything with a picture of a house on it.”

Here’s another pillow she made from a vintage dresser scarf…

Which brings me the question I’ve been meaning to ask you…

What tickles your fancy when it comes to vintage or flea market finds?

I’ve been on a vintage map & globe kick lately, and I’d love to hear about the types of treasures that make your heart sing!

See more of Mary’s work at!


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  1. Angie Meyer says

    OH! How can you not love Mary Engelbreit! In today’s world, we all need to be surrounded by more Happiness and Whimsy! :) As far as collections go, I’m always amazed at the things you collect, as they’re they SAME things I look for! I recently SUPER scored a vintage globe! I’m a teachers’ associate at my son’s school, and our school is in the middle of a remodel. My room has become the drop off for items people are getting rid of, and one of those was a great old globe. I let it sit for a couple weeks, to see if anyone else wanted it…. (teachers get first pick of course), but when no one took it, I walked out of that school feeling awfully giddy! :) Happy day! :)

  2. says

    I miss Mary’s magazine! Thanks for spotlighting her today. I know why you like her. I love all vintage things (just check out my blog for the free things my mother-in-law left me). I collect the old fiestaware and georgian love birds depression glass.

  3. Maria says

    Vintage teacups and saucers tickle my fancy. Mary Engelbreit is my favorite artist. I subscribed to her Home Companion and I miss it so much. I loved the paper dolls in it every month. My grand-daughter, Scarlett, has been a fan since birth. She is 8 now. She says Mary is her favorite artist, too. She did a reading fair project on Mary’s book Queen of Christmas. She won first place in her division at her school and second place in the district. We love Mary!

  4. Sarah W. says

    It sounds silly, but I have a collection of spice jars/tins and most of them came from my family’s old homestead or the homes of beloved family members, belonging to my great aunts, some from great grandmothers, etc. So far they are just huddled in a heap in a corner of my kitchen counter and I’ve been trying to come up with a pretty way to display them. Any ideas??? :) Other than that, antique hunting is incredibly sparse in Alaska and I’m envious of the pictures of flea markets I see on the internet.

    Also miss Home Companion! My absolute favorite thing was the annual artist’s studio tours. I’ve kept all those issues and when life gives me lemons, I take a bubble bath, grab one of those old magazines, and dream of a really great art workshop for myself.

  5. says

    “Martha” has nothing on Mary! Mary is the queen of everything! What a gorgeous home! I am so inspired to do something, I have no idea what, but I really need to channel my inner Mary, my house is in shambles and I would give up the family dog to have some of that Mary look in my home…ok..maybe not the family dog!!

  6. says

    Can you help me?
    Does anyone know the name or the source
    Of the beautiful white paint that Mary Engelbreit uses on the
    woodwork in her home? I just love the comfy, clean sweetness
    of it.


    • Layla says

      Hi Judy!
      I’m not sure what color that is, but I bet if you reach out to Mary (maybe on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) she would be happy to tell you! :-)

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