Lucy Loves Lush

Remember Lucy? I wanted to send her a little surprise for doing such a great job on that awesome kids room decorating video she made for all of us, so I sent her a gift card to one of her favorite stores…

…and since Lucy loves Lush, (and so do I!) I thought I’d give away a $25 Lush gift card here today, too- just for fun!

Lucy (and her Mom) put together another little video especially for this post, and in it, Lucy shares her 3 favorite Lush products…

Thanks so much for announcing the giveaway with us, Lucy and Dawn! Your videos always make me smile so big!

If you’d like to enter for a chance to win, just leave us a comment in the comment section below (Google Readers will have to jump over to our blog to enter) between now and Monday morning (at 9am CST). We’ll randomly select a winner then, and announce their name sometime next week. Good luck, and happy weekend!

*This giveaway is sponsored by me, myself and I. Lush doesn’t know who I am or that I bought gift cards from them. If, however, they do happen to come across this post and want to send me a lifetime supply of bubble bars, I would be happy to make room in our linen closet. ;-)

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  1. says

    I’m definitely a Lush fanatic. I haven’t been since I moved from Boston to Charleston, but when I frequented, my favorites were the Jungle hair conditioner, the Lemony Flutter moisturizer, and any of the Karma products they had. That smell always makes me feel calm.

  2. Cynthia Bunn says

    I’ve heard about LUSH products for some time and would love to have the gift card so I can give them a try!

  3. Babs says

    Oooo! I’ve only ever had one LUSH product before and I loved it! They are so yummy.

    And Lucy is such a great vlogger, I’ve subscribed to her channel now. :) Such a cutie!

  4. Kim says

    My favorite Lush products are the lotion bars and the lemony flutter cuticle cream!

  5. Diane Cutaia says

    she is too cute … precious …love her descriptions … she is a natural saleperson

  6. Patty says

    I stumbled upon Lush when I was trying to make my own products and their website looked like they did such a great job that I decided to leave it to the experts…..would LOVE to try the products.

  7. Lindsay L. says

    She is so darn cute! Oh and I lurve Lush, try Angels on Bare Skin ;) thanks!

  8. Danielle H says

    I love LUSH! I especially love the shampoo bars and bubble bars and the bath bombs. Everything smells heavenly. I’ve reined in my obsession but I’d love to win and get it going again. ;)

  9. Karen S. says

    I have never tried Lush, but really want to! Lucy is too cute ~ love her! Thanks for the chance.

  10. Kim Benne says

    Lucy is adorable.

    We just got our first Lush nearby, I am excited to try their stuff.

  11. says

    Lucy is adorable! I’ve heard about Lush products before, and have always wanted to try them, but we don’t have a Lush store nearby :/. Have a fabulous weekend!

  12. says

    She is THE cutest thing EVER….she should be snapped up for commercials. I’ve not heard of Lush but will check them out for sure now having seen this adorable spokesgirl!

  13. Lauren B says

    A LUSH bath bomb at the end of a good or bad day is devine! I love these products and give them as gifts.

  14. says

    I love Lush, You love Lush, doesn’t everybody love Lush? To go into the store is so fun. Count me in on the giveaway…

  15. Carol says

    I have loved Lush ever since my daughter and I stumbled upon the first US shop in San Francisco!!

  16. Liliana says

    I’ve always wanted to try Lush products! I’ve heard such good things about them.

  17. Andrea says

    What a cutie patootie! I love all things LUSH…and like Lucy, “Honey I Washed the Kids” is one of my favorite soaps there!

  18. Naomi W. says

    I just bought my first items at Lush last month – while in Hawaii. My daughter had heard about the store. They have so many fun items.

  19. Amanda says

    OOh fun! Would love to try some Lush products! I’ve heard so much about them!

  20. Cheryl B says

    She is just so adorable and sh has no fears about being on camera.
    Thanks for showing us Lucy again.

  21. annalee u says

    The name Lucy must be synonymous with adorable. That’s my dog baby’s name. Lush is a great company, too!

  22. Katherine says

    Lucy is so cute! I love Lush, too. Have since I discovered them while studying abroad in London in 2005. I absolutely love their Squeaky Green solid shampoo for my dreadlocks. My husband uses the Soak and Float, which is good for flaky scalps *and* makes him smell like a campfire (which I happen to love)!

    Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  23. darla says

    Ooh sounds fun :) My girls and I have really enjoyed Lucy’s videos. Thank you for making us smile :)

  24. Justine says

    isn’t she adorable!?? Who knows where that precociousness will lead her!!! Go Lucy! Thanks for the chance to win the LUSH gift card!

  25. says

    Lucy is the BEST!!! She should be their spokesperson!

    I’ve never tried LUSH but it sounds amazing!


  26. Amy says

    Lucy is so cute! Thanks for the giveaway! I wouldn’t mind making room in my linen closet for lots of Lush things either! =)

  27. says

    How cute is she??

    Lush is my new favorite store… my husband thinks I have a problem. I just discovered it 6 months ago and I’m crazy for it! My favorite is the Avobath Bomb. Mmmm…

  28. Sherry (BTLover2) says

    I’ve been wanting to try some Lush products for a long time. The closest store is 4 hours away (I think). It would be fun to “sample” some items with a fun little gift card someone is giving away. Yay!

  29. Carly says

    Lucy is adorable! My sister actually works at Lush, so I sent her the link to share at her store. She could be their spokesperson! :)

  30. Brenda Cofer says

    Yay! Would love the chance to win. Thanks again for sharing your lives. Y’all rock!!! : )

  31. Diane Larsen says

    Just discovered your blog through some Pinterest doodling and can’t wait to get thoroughly acquainted. Thought I would enter the giveaway just for fun, although I never win anything. I think the ideas on The Lettered Cottage are going to be my prize!

  32. bridget says

    Lucy is so cute and lush is amazing… I have been fan for many many years back when i lived in europe i was so excited when it finally came state side

  33. Barbara Hunnicutt says

    What a little doll!!!! Have never tried these products….would love to try some! Love your blog :}

  34. Camille Dickson says

    Mmmmm. Lush. Takes me right back to England where I fell in love with their bath bombs!

  35. bdaiss says

    I’ve been hearing wonderful things about Lush and would love to give them a try! Thanks for the chance and the amazing generosity. Also – I love Lucy. What a fun and fabulous girl she is!

  36. Beth says

    I am so glad I decided to un-mute my speakers and watch this video. Lucy is about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, and possibly Lush’s biggest fan?

    I don’t even want to win the gift card. I just wanted to say how happy Lucy makes me!

  37. Maureen says

    Love Lush……and so does my daughter… will be a battle as to who gets to use the gift card!!!

  38. Emma says

    Such a cute girl! Love lush so much! The store and their products smell so yummy!

  39. Amy says

    Lucy is so DARLING. They are blessed to have such a great kid! Thank you for sharing these videos so we can enjoy her. :)


  40. says

    We know and LOVE Lucy!!!!! She is so adorable and spunky!!! I also have a little girl adopted from CHina and they have sent little videos back and forth. They are cyber friends.

    We would love to try LUSH!!

  41. Kelly E. says

    OMG!! What an adorable video! Lucy did a wonderful job announcing the giveaway – and what a little spokesperson for Lush! Thank you for the chance to win. :)

  42. Denise Graf says

    I’m so glad to see Lucy here again! My daughter loves to watch her videos. My daughter and I have never tried Lush products but we’d love to now!

  43. kelly says

    oh my goodness that girl is adorable! i think lush needs to hire her for their spokeswoman!!

  44. Gina S. says

    I’d love to win a gift card from Lush. I’m thinking Lucy should be a real spokesperson for them! She is the cutest little girl.

  45. Josey says

    I’ve never even heard of this company, so what an introduction this would be!

  46. Kathy McDonagh says

    I would love to give Lush products a try. You have me hooked on Lucy. I’ve watched ALL her adorable youtube videos. That girl is going places!

  47. Marianne in Mo. says

    So fun to see Lucy’s videos, she’s a hoot! I’d not heard of Lush, so will go and check them out! But everyone can use soaps, so what a great giveaway!

  48. DJ says

    Lucy is quite cute and quite the spokesperson. I’ve never heard of Lush so I’, off to check their site!

  49. Grace says

    Lucy is just too adorable!!!! I love Lucy & Lush!
    Pick Me!
    Pick Me!
    Pick Me!

  50. Tracey Bartula says

    What a cutie pie! I love all of Lucy’s video’s! yay for Lush too! Good stuff!

  51. Linda says

    Fun giveaway! I tried the solid shampoo once and really liked it. I wonder if it’s compatible with colored hair, though…hmm…. Lots of fun stuff at Lush!

  52. melaniek says

    that video could not have been any cuter…. and I love the chance to try some bubble bars!!

  53. cj says

    I haven’t tried any LUSH products yet but that cute little Lucy sure makes me want to!

  54. LuvWheaties says

    I would love to try some products from Lush. If Lucy and Layla love them, that’s good enough for me!

  55. Erika says

    Perfect timing! I just recently saw a review on Lush’s solid-shampoo-bar-thingies and I’ve been dying to try them!

  56. Amber says

  57. Joy Jenkins says

    Lucy is too cute! The new Sarah Richardson inspired room is perfect!!

  58. Dawn L. says

    I adore LUSH! I didn’t know it existed until last Christmas, when I was given their most recent catalog AND told there was a physical location nearby. I went there and found GREAT Christmas gifts for many people on my list. Such fun products!

  59. Carly says

    Oh my goodness, could she be any cuter?! I have never shopped at Lush but would love the chance to try some of their products. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  60. says

    I’d never heard of Lush until I read this post, so I’m sure they don’t know who I am either, but I’d still love to win this gift card :) Thanks for the giveaway, Layla!

  61. karen says

    What an enthusiastic endorsement! I would love to give LUSH a try.
    Perhaps it would make my bath luscious!

  62. Maggie says

    How darling is Lucy! I would buy pretty much anything that cutie said was a good product. Thanks so much for the Lush give-away!

  63. Debbie Scarimbolo says

    How adorable! Having taught first and second grades for years I appreciate this Lucy’s ability to communicate so effectively. Great job! A+++!

  64. Rachel Carey says

    If I’m chosen, I’d like to give the card to Lucy! Now she can have a LOT of LUSH! She’s too cute!

  65. Rose Lane says

    I LOVE Lush, but a lot of the time there isn’t room in my budget. Giving away a gift card is so sweet!


  66. Sarita says

    Never heard of lush before. Went to their online store. Oh my! Love good shower goodies. Thanks for a chance to win gift card.

  67. TamiK says

    Now I could eat her up she is a doll and not sure just what i would get thanks for a chance

  68. Stephanie says

    Her video is too cute!!!

    My daughter & I love LUSH!!! We gave her teacher a bath bomb and gift card at the end of the school year. Lots of fun things to look at and try :)

  69. Carolyn says

    Lucy is precious. I’ve never heard of Lush before but am a sucker for all and any bath products. The bath/shower is my happy place. :)

  70. says

    i love lucy.
    i love lush.
    what a fun giveaway!!!

    i want a bubble bar so i can cut it into 9 pieces : )

    p.s. hi, lucy! i have subscribed to your youtube channel, sweet girl ♥

  71. Barbara Hartling says

    Lucy is just so darn cute, I would love to try some Lush products, they sure have a fan with Lucy..

  72. ChristiL says

    Thanks for introducing me to Lush, Lucy! And thanks for your generosity, Layla!

  73. Retta says

    Lucy rocks….I believe she is my Bree’s twin in personality!

  74. Brianna says

    Lucy is SO cute! I love how she acts just like an older beauty guru.;) And I really want to try something from Lush.

  75. Kim says

    Can you believe I’ve never been in Lush! After seeing Lucy’s 2nd video I now know I can no longer wait to go and see all the fabulous products! Thanks for the great info Miss Lucy!

  76. says

    Lucy has excellent taste! (And, so do YOU Layla! LOL!) I absolutely LOVE Lush!!! My favorites are their bath bombs! LOVE LOVE LOVE!! They actually inspired me to start making some of my own! I also really like their fresh facial masks!!

  77. Erin says

    A Lush store just opened here! I’ve always wanted to go in so what a great give-away! Thanks

  78. Dawn says

    What a great giveaway, Layla! Lucy is so sweet! My 9 year old daughter and I could put that LUSH giftcard to good use for sure! Thanks and have a great weekend!

  79. Amber says

    Lucy is a darling – and I agree Lush is lovely! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  80. Martie says

    I love Lush….our mall, 1 hour away, just opened a lush department inside a major department store, yea!! Thanks for offering up an chance to win.

  81. Christie says

    Cutest thing ever!! My nieces love Lush too! I’d love to try Lush for myself.

  82. Kristen Singleton says

    I’ve never tried Lush but Lucy has sold me on it! A gift card would be the perfect way for me to try it out ;)

  83. Lori says

    I am not familiar with lush products but that video makes me want to run out and buy them! Could she be any sweeter?!

  84. Cheryl says

    What a natural little sweetie. Would love to try Lush just because she loves it so.

  85. Susie carnahan says

    I was kinda like Lucy when I was growing up, I always
    Cared about design & my favorite thing to do was
    Pleading with my Mother to take me to lunch in the
    Wichita Innes Dapt. Store tea room, I always had a
    Handkerchief in my patent leather purse & the best
    Part was visiting the China Dept. & looking at every single
    Pattern on it’s lit display – I chose Desert Rose when I was
    About 7, that is my pattern & I use them, not just on

    Lucy is a cutie xx

  86. says

    Never even heard of LUSH, but we LOVE Lucy and her videos. When we brought our 3 year old daugther home from China, LUCY videos were the ONLY thing that would stop her crying. We tried baby Eintstien, Mickey Mouse everything but then my friend Dawn posted a Lucy video and my little Libbie would sit at the computer for litteraly hours watching Lucy over and over and over. she would point at the screen when the video would end which meant play it again . Lucy is a great little markerter. you’ve got the right gal for any product! We love LUCY!

  87. Stephanie says

    I’ve actually never heard of LUSH before, but it sounds like somewhere I would LOVE!!

  88. Sue R. says

    If Lucy Loves Lush……… maybe……. Susie Seeks Suds!!!

    Thanks for the giveaway! I am always saving your ideas to try in my home, but my husband is not as eager as yours — wish we could swap for a week!

  89. susan Googins says

    Have never seen a Lush store, but hope I can find one in NC! Looks like some fun products!!

  90. says

    Yay! I’ve loved LUSH for YEARS, back before they had any stores in the US and I had to order from Canada. Would love to win this giveaway! :)

  91. says

    oh this WHOLE post is stinkin ADORable!! you made me smile today Layla with this…and let me tell ya…I needed a smile!

  92. Amy Winningham says

    My daughter and I are not familiar with Lush products (nothing close to us in North Alabama!) but would love to win the gift card so we can try them out!!!

  93. Zan says

    Adorable! She could sell me on anything!!! Thanks for the giveaway offer. I am keeping my fingers crossed!

  94. Sandi Lou Hixson says

    she is the cutest thing EVER!!!….i would think LUSH would be over-run with business! ;-)

  95. Barb says

    Went into my first Lush store in Vegas..spent an hour or more with an energetic and knowledgeable employee..he almost talked me into buying everything!!! I absolutely loved the bath bombs and bubbles..the lotion bar shaped like a hand is awesome.

  96. Vicky says

    I (gasp!) have never even heard of LUSH until now! Of course, now that I have seen their website I can’t wait to try :)

  97. says

    Hi Layla,

    We LOVE Lucy! I recently joined my sister-in-law and mother-in-law in watching the Lucy video’s. We all fell in love with the adorable Lucy! While we shopped we used what we called the “Lucy” standard, and would ask ourselves if it was funky or jazzy before we would purchase. She has definately jazzed up our lives! Thank you for sharing!

    Leanne @ The Burlap Cottage

  98. Brenda BP says

    Adorable little girl! I have never heard of Lush products, but would love to try it. Thanks for the giveaway and precious video!

  99. Zolane says

    Lucy’s a cutie! I have not heard of Lush but would love to try their products. Thanks for the opportunity!

  100. Zolane says

    Lucy’s a cutie! I have not heard of Lush but would love to try their products. Thanks for the opportunity!

  101. Talia says

    Lucy is absolutely adorable. I would be thrilled to win this give-a-way!

    Thanks for the chance! :)

  102. Lisa W. says

    First of all THANK YOU for bringing Lucy back on….just love that little girly, she makes me smile!!! Thanks for the chance Layla…and I will certainly make sure “LUSH” knows who you are!!!

  103. Patty Page says

    I have to confess I’ve never heard of LUSH before. Maybe it’s not a midwest thing? Anyways, I checked out their website and would love to try some of their bar soaps! I love Lucy, also!

  104. Beth C. says

    I haven’t been to Lush in ages, but this would be a wonderful birthday treat!

  105. stephanie says

    Never tried Lush products, but if Lucy recommends them I would love to try it! :)

  106. jessica lewis says

    I would love to have a little shopping spee in LUSH. Thanks for the giveaway. This tired momma could use a little pampering!


  107. Kesha says

    Lucy is adorable! I have never tried Lush, but I sure would love to! I have never heard of it before until Lucy:)

  108. says

    Thanks Lucy for a great video and thank you Layla for offering the giveaway. I just went to the Lush website and found out that they are a a mall near me. After Lucy’s recommendation, I have to visit and check out all of the scents.

  109. Jcrn says

    I love her honesty and enthusiasm.. She is better than any commercial when it comes to convincing me to try Lush products because she is absolutely believable as well as adorable.

  110. Sheila says

    Lucy is absolutely adorable!
    Thanks for sharing her video’s. I would love to try Lush products. If you and Lucy love them I’m sure I would too.

  111. Robin says

    Lucy is a doll!! And Lush has the most fun products around. If I win, Can Lucy come to my house for a visit?

  112. Connie says

    I have never heard of LUSH, but based on Lucy’s message I do love them very much!

  113. Sarah T says

    Lush products look awesome! How fun! And little Lucy reminds me of someone at my house. :)

  114. Laurie says

    I’ve never tried Lush but Lucy sure makes me want to check them out! Thank you for the chance to win :)

  115. says

    Oh, I love Lush too! I gotta agree with Lucy…the Bubble Bar is pretty darn fabulous. My other favorite thing is the Each Peach massage bar. It smells soooo good. I was really sad when my last one melted in our cross-country move. Now we live pretty far from Lush, and it’d probably melt if I ordered online.

  116. Harbormom says

    Grandgirls 7-year old Marley and 3-year old Elliott would LOVE to try LUSH! Lucy is a doll!

  117. colleen gilgenbach says

    Never heard of them or bubble bars.
    Guess I have some exploring to do

  118. says

    How cute is Lucy?! She is absolutely precious! Thanks so much for the introduction to Lush! I had not heard about this company before tonight but I think a purchase will be in my near future :)

  119. Becky V says

    I don’t have a lush close by- but it’d be a good excuse to make a trip into the city!

  120. Cindy in NM says

    I would love to try some Lush products. They sound wonderful. And hey, if Lucy loves Lush I am sure I will! What a great intro video!

  121. says

    How cute is she?! So cute! I enjoyed it. Apparently I missed the first round of Lush, because, I hadn’t heard about it until now.. and after looking through the bag.. and the full description of all the items who wouldn’t want to win a Lush gift card?! It seems to be awesomeness! :) Thank you for sharing and all the wonderful information.

  122. Kaye Chastain says

    Such a cutie!! Am not familiar with “Lush” but would surely like to be! Hope I win!!

  123. kimmie says

    I love LUSH! I just starting using a new leave in conditioner called “R&B”…you don’t need much but it smells AMAZING! I’m serious you will be getting compliments left and right!


  124. Leslie says

    So stinkin’ cute. Can hardly stand it. My Lindsey and I love Lush too. Thanks for sharing Lucy with us.

  125. Kristin says

    That Lucy is such a cutie pie! What a treat LUSH products are…great giveaway!!

  126. Amanda Wulf says

    She is so cute! Well, I have never heard of LUSH. I would love to win the gift card. Guess I will have to check them out on the web since my curiosity is up! LOL! Thank you for the chance to win the gift card, it is very generous of you to do this.

  127. terri says

    Wow! Lucy is a cutie. I’ve never heard of lush but look forward to checking them out. Love your blog! Thanks for the give a ways.:)

  128. kim e says

    I had not heard of LUSH before now. After checking out their website, I will be checking out their only store in MN at the Mall of America!

  129. Donna K. says

    Lucy is too danged cute! Think I will have to check out her videos on a regular basis.

    Is it a terrible thing that I have NEVER heard of Lush before? Well, I haven’t. But now that I’ve visited their web site, I just might have to start buying!

  130. Caroline C. says

    Never been to Lush, but I see there’s a store nearby. Looks really cool! I’ll have to check it out.

  131. Amy Conley says

    I must be honest, I’ve never heard of LUSH, but I do love a good give-away and this looks like one! I also have to say yourlog is one both my husband and I are following, and you have NO idea how odd that is! We love seeing the things you’ve done with your home (given us a few good ideas, that’s for sure) and how cheaply you’ve done it, too. Keep up the great work.

  132. Beth N. says

    Love Lucy, she is so cute! I have not heard of Lush so would love to check it out :-)

  133. Louise in NE OK says

    I’m sure my only granddaughter would love to try this out! (She is the lone girlie surrounded by 7 grandsons!) And that Lucy, she has a career waiting for her in the movies!!!

  134. Cathy A. says

    I love Lush and Lucy too! I really like the Curly Wurly shampoo, the R&B hairstyler and my very favorite is the Buffy bar – absolutely can’t live without it!!!

  135. christina spargo says

    Have never tried……I always look at the fizzy balls and see the price and put back….hope I win

  136. Vicki H says

    I love Lush and due to my location in the midwest cornfields in Indiana – the closest stores are a few hours away (Chicago and St Louis)….and although I order on line – there’s just NOTHING like the experience of the stores!

  137. Laura Argust says

    I Heart LUSH! So stoked to see Lucy posting about her favorites! I love watching the videos and naming the products before she does just to quiz myself on my LUSH knowledge. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for a gift card!

  138. Katina says

    I might be too late to enter this, but what the heck! I love your blog and if I don’t make it into the drawing, I’m happy to just say thank you for all the inspirations you provide! Thank you Thank you Thank you!

  139. says

    Lucy is so cute! I read this post last night and spent FOREVER watching all of her YouTube videos. She’s the sweetest :) Thanks for sharing!

  140. JessicaA says

    Lucy is sooo cute and I’ve heard so many great things from Lush. Would love to try their stuff out!

  141. Linda says

    When a friend and I went to lunch just the other day, she smelled amazing! I asked what she was wearing. Her answer? Lush/Gorilla/Dirty. I have been trying to get my hands on some of this ever since as this is not a common product here in the Midwest (i.e. Iowa). Therefore, what a coincidence this giveaway is. Oh, how I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win it! And by the way, I hardly ever bother to enter anything like this, which tells you my degree of LOVE here. ; )

  142. Krysta says

    It must be the month of Lush. I was just checking out their site last week contemplating trying one of their solid shampoos.

  143. Laurie V says

    This is the first I’ve heard of Lush, would love to try it. And Lucy, she is just so so cute.