Loft Guest Bedroom Inspiration

…speaking of creating inspiration pictures

I met a girl named Erin at the pool a few weeks ago, and of course I couldn’t resist asking her to send me a photo of her upstairs loft area when she mentioned that she was having trouble figuring out what to do with the bed alcove up there.

Here’s the picture she sent me later that day…

Loft Makeover Before | The Lettered Cottage

…and here’s what I had fun coming up with in Photoshop for her:

Loft Makeover Inspiration | The Lettered Cottage

It’s just one of a million possibilities, but Erin said she wanted to replace the (faux) iron beds that are up there now, so I thought it would be fun to try some built-in beds instead. They wouldn’t necessarily have to look just like these built-in beds…but something like this would probably be pretty simple for a carpenter to knock out in a day or two. I also popped in an old sideboard, but I used my eraser tool to chop down the legs so that it would sit at nightstand-height. The colors, textures, bedding and accessories could all be tweaked or switched out for different options- but I’m hoping this will help get Erin’s creative gears a’turnin…and that she’ll call her across-the-lake-neighbor Layla if she wants help bringing her ideas to life! 😉

Here’s a inspiration board that shows the items I pulled from the internet to create my inspiration photo:

Pottery Barn Style Inspiration

(Rug, sideboard, ceiling light, bedding, table lamps, curtains)

You can really see in that photo of the bed how nicely the bedding goes with white-painted wood (the bench), and the wall color is almost the exact same shade as Erin’s current wall color, so she wouldn’t have to repaint if she went with bedding in those colors. Not having to re-paint is always a plus! Said the girl who spent the last three days (and dusks!) painting 29 kitchen cabinet doors on her front porch…

Layla and Kevin Palmer | The Lettered Cottage

Kevin and I are helping some friends re-do their kitchen right now, and I’m so excited to see their reaction when we’ve got everything in place- partly because reveal day is always so much fun, and partly because that means we’ll be done painting cabinets at that point- LOL! 😀

PS- Want to learn how to create your own inspiration photos using Photoshop? Click here to be redirected to our online Room Makeover photoshop class!

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How To Create Room Makeover Photos With Photoshop (Presto Change-o Class)

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  1. Molly says

    Hi, I have a question regarding total room makeovers. We just moved and I am struggling with our blank canvas of a home (the owners painted it all beige before moving out, so it literally looks like a canvas). We are struggling with feeling overwhelmed at needing to do everything from paint to floors in some places to windows and fixtures. Our last home was just about how we wanted it so it just needed extra touches. While we thought the process would be fun we are also finding ourselves impatient at wanting it to feel like us and have that home feel we just left behind. That was a long side note, but our question is when you have inspiration and a direction for a room do you find yourself changing over the course of getting it all done, whether its color changes or even just a rug that throws the feel of the room in another direction. We start out one way and then we find a deal or some piece or color we love and find the room taking on a whole other “feel” and direction than we started with. We arnt sure if we should be better at keeping to the original path to make sure it turns out like we want or if this is typical and in fact gives it more of that personal touch! Just curious!!! We have never had so much to do, we have always had at least a few things that weren’t changeable that we had to work around. So this is new to us to have to take a place that isn’t us and make it us! Our last home we lived in for almost 10 years! And for example the flooring we picked throughout the first floor ended up about 5-10 shades lighter than we thought it would (it’s a natural finish vs a stain). Our mistake couple with a salesman that didn’t make sure we knew that! So that changed the look of everything! Just as an example! Oh and another example is we were going to have a navy and white playroom but found an incredible deal on a piece of furniture that we liked, but that throws off the navy and white direction. Almost feels like we waste time looking for inspiration when it all changes anyways .

    • Layla says

      Hi Molly!

      I used to just sort of “wing” things when I pulled together rooms, but now that I know how to plan them using Photoshop, Kevin won’t let me buy/build anything until I KNOW I’m gonna love it- LOL! 😀 Even though some things may change along the way, it’s usually just the style of something versus the color, texture, pattern, layout, architecture or quantity- which is where the real time and money can add up when you start to change your mind after you’ve already bought or built. I hope that helps! :-)

  2. says

    What a great idea! Love the built in bed concept!

    We just got a new home. I have been pouring over your blog, and love your simple cottage style. I have gotten so many wonderful ideas and will be following your blog. Can you come up to North Dakota and help me with my new place? lol

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