Living Room Update – Two Sofas It Is!

Okay! Here is the final tally on the poll I posted the other day

Layout Poll

…and here’s the inspiration photo I put together in Photoshop again:

Living Room | Idea 2

I’m happy to report Kevin’s fully on board with the two sofa layout now, too!

A few commenters mentioned that they thought we should pull the sofas in and away from the wall a bit, and I absolutely loved that idea, so I pulled our existing sofa in about 10″ this morning.

Living Dining Room Layout

(Excuse the still-need-to-be-reupholstered dining chairs! I got them at a flea market several months ago, and their down-filled cushions are ridiculously comfortable, but I see ticking stripes in their future!)

Some other folks mentioned that they would position the second sofa so that it faces the fireplace (instead of using the two armchairs where we’ve got them), but we’ve had a chair-a-half in the spot before, and we didn’t like how it cut off the room, or always seeing the back of it from the front door, kitchen and dining room.

Others mentioned they thought we should put the TV above the fireplace, but we’re really excited to tuck it inside of a built-in on the left side of the fireplace- as shown in my inspiration photo. We even moved it over there this morning, just to see exactly what it would look like once we have it mounted on an arm that extends and pivots out from the inside of the built-in. Here’s the view of it from just behind Kevin’s recliner:

Living Room Layout 2

…and here’s the view from my chair:

Living Room Layout

We like it on the left side of the fireplace because when we tried it on the right side, we could see a glare from all the windows that way. (All the windows are on the left side of the room, which is the front side of our house.) We couldn’t see any of the windows reflecting when we put the TV on the left side of the fireplace. I also like that it won’t be the first thing you see when you walk through the front door, if the doors on the built-in are open at the time.

That last photo also reminds me to mention that I’d love to use a couple of upholstered ottomans in front of our existing sofa. I like the idea of having two soft things there to contrast with the one (hard) coffee table in front of the second sofa.

Someone also mentioned that they thought it would be hard to look at the TV if it was close to a window, but we plan to add a roman shade and drapes to that window it’s next to, so we’ll be able close it off if need be.

Over on the other side of the room, here’s a photo that shows exactly where the second sofa will eventually sit…

Living Room Layout 1

…and here’s a view of the TV from the left end of it:

Living Room Layout 7

We like the idea of using the coffee table in front of it so that if Sweet P wants to sit on a smaller armchair or bean bag closer to the TV, he can do that.

And speaking of the coffee table- it needs a bit of a makeover. It’s a little on the high side right now, so I’m going to cut about 6 inches off each leg and add small casters so that we can push it around wherever we need to use it. The top has seen better days too, so I think I’ll sand that back and re-stain/seal it. I was thinking of going lighter with it, but if we go with sisal-colored carpet squares (which is what we’re leaning towards), it might need to stay darker so that there’s some contrast between the two.

Someone also mentioned they thought it would be hard to watch TV from our current sofa, but it’s literally as deep as a twin bed, and because of the shape of the arms, the sides of it are almost like having a padded headboard you can lean back against. I pulled the pillows off of it for these next two photos so you could see how deep it is and how great it’ll be for stretching out towards the fireplace or TV:

Living Room Layout 3

Living Room Layout 5

The seat cushion (and pillows) are also down-filled, so it’s super comfy, and we plan to use an identical one on the other side of the room. (They’re made by Cisco Brothers, and we got ours from the friendly folks at Atchison Home.)

Last but not least, here’s a straight-on shot of the living room looking back at the kitchen and dining room areas:

Living Room Layout 6

It’s been fun pulling things together in here over the past couple of years, and it’ll probably be a couple more before we can check the living room off our list, but I’m excited to at least have a plan now. As for the kitchen, we’re starting the island makeover next week, and I’m so excited to blog about that as we go, too! 😀

PS- Want to learn how to create your own inspiration photos using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements? Check out my Room Makeover Training Class over at for more info!

Room Makeover Training Class Using Photoshop | Shoot Fly Shoot


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  1. Kristin C. says

    I love it ALL! I like the idea for the television where you can have it hidden! And the two sofas against the walls definitely makes the room seem more open. I can see where the room would be separated if the sofa was in front of the fireplace. You would have to walk around instead of just strolling in =)

  2. Shirley says

    Hi Layla…first I would like to say that I am totally in love with your KITCHEN!!!!!! Hubby and I have been trying to come up with something that we can live with, yet if we decide to sell much later on, then it will still be appropriate for selling. This hit it for us! We love the color combination and just the whole look of it. Unfortunately we don’t have the walls for the chalkboard paint, however, I do not like stainless steel appliance (just my preference) and we are considering changing them to chalk paint. It will definitely make a statement in there and I won’t see all the fingerprints anymore~!
    OK…so your living room is coming along beautifully as well. We actually bought our home just a year ago and I painted all the main rooms (living room, kitchen, dining room and 2 large hallways, a light grey color. I was going for something similar to yours. WELL after I realized hubby didn’t like it, I changed up the way I was heading. Still a bit modern like yours with kind of a country twist. Hard to explain but it is coming along nicely. ONE QUESTION? I may have missed this somewhere in your post but where did you purchase your living room sofas? They are absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks and I look forward to seeing the
    finished product!

  3. says

    Two sofas are really better than one. They made your living room appear spacious enough without it looking overly designed. The print of the sofas and pillows matched your carpet, too. I must say, it’s an elegant living room. You gave me a very good idea. Thanks!

  4. says

    Hey- I started to rearrange my room the other day and then I came across this and it’s so cute. And it’s the same proportions/layout as my house. But can you tell me how wide and long the living dining space is? I’m trying to get a feel if I can pull this off before moving the furniture. Thanks!- Emily

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