Living Room – During

Okay….here are a couple of “During” photos of the Living Room.
Still no wood front door with windows in it, no travertine tile on the fireplace.
But you see where I’m going.

Notice, the opening between the Living and Dining room is bigger in the “during” photos. We decided to pull out the reciprocating saw (you know, the one that looks like a meaner version of the electric knife you’d carve a turkey on Thanksgiving with) and Kevin went to town on the wall one weekend. We crossed our fingers the ceiling wouldn’t cave in. So far, so good.

The floor under the carpet we ripped up was mostly wood, but partly concrete.
You see, the previous owner added a Master Bedroom & Bath, Laundry Room and Kitchen on to the house before we bought it. So, unfortunately, we couldn’t just refinish the hardwood flooring. :-(
We opted to go with laminate wood flooring by Shaw in a chocolate umber color.
It’s super durable, cleans up in a snap AND cost 84 cents a square foot. I found it on Ebay and we road tripped to Georgia to pick it up. We are on a TIGHT budget people!

Anywho, let me know what you think of the progress….I LOVE hearing your comments. Makes my day!

Kitchen Cabinet Hardware
The big 3-4

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