Living Room – During the Painting Stage

One of the most time consuming, yet gratifying, things I’ve ever done was paint the Living Room in this little cottage we call home.

I started with walls like this in my Living Room…

I was WILD about the texture. I see walls like these in almost every issue of Pottery Barn magazine, but knew I was in for a LOT of painting to achieve the look I wanted.

SO, I ran out and purchased some oil-based KILZ (because otherwise the knots in the pine would have bled through a yellowish color), and began painting on TWO coats. UGH.

Then I started to experiment with paint choices. (Check out what the Kitchen used to look like!)

And once I decided, after days of intense scrutinization, I began to paint the room “Natural Choice”. Ah, the magic of paint…

Room Reveal and a Contest!
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  1. Suzann @ Lavender and Roses says

    You’ve done such a great job on your home! Everything looks wonderful. As a HUGE Pottery Barn fan, I think you’ve truly captured the PB feel in your whole home. I can only hope to do the same as we attack room by room. UGH.

  2. mollyandmarshal says

    Oooh I love it! I love the panel look, it’s definitely a Pottery Barn style. And I love that you painted the fireplace!

  3. Beverly says

    I must have missed it … what did you do with your fireplace? Mine is somewhat similar and I’m thinking about plastering over the bricks.

  4. Linda at Lime in the Coconut! says

    Kindred pals…Our home (and guest house) was full of dark dark panelling. It was an amazing, while time consuming, transformation. I remember painting at 2 and 3 in the morning while the whole family was quietly asleep!

    Your living room is no less than spectacular, girl!

  5. Catherine says

    Nice pictures! Is that a photography backpack I see in one of the pix? Your pix look like natural or ambient light shots that are properly white balanced and sharpened. Who’s the photog in your house? Good pictures are such a plus for a decorating blog!

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