• Living Room – During the Painting Stage

    One of the most time consuming, yet gratifying, things I’ve ever done was paint the Living Room in this little cottage we call home.

    I started with walls like this in my Living Room…

    I was WILD about the texture. I see walls like these in almost every issue of Pottery Barn magazine, but knew I was in for a LOT of painting to achieve the look I wanted.

    SO, I ran out and purchased some oil-based KILZ (because otherwise the knots in the pine would have bled through a yellowish color), and began painting on TWO coats. UGH.

    Then I started to experiment with paint choices. (Check out what the Kitchen used to look like!)

    And once I decided, after days of intense scrutinization, I began to paint the room “Natural Choice”. Ah, the magic of paint…

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