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    Thanks for all the sweet things you all had to say about my Living Room!
    This was one of my favorite ideas:

    “…I think that the mantel could use some great salvaged brackets corbels what ever you like to call them , it would add some bulk with that amazing mantel…”

    Isn’t that GREAT? I am DEFINITELY going to do that Chris. Thanks for planting the seed!

    And this comment was such a treat too-

    “…simply add some rich and spicy colors-
    dark burnt pumpkin, saffron, dark oregano, indigo, claret,
    brandy or copper, for a change during the cooler months…”

    -Jan at Rosemary Cottage

    Truth be told, orange was my first inclination. But after a thorough search for throw pillows and rugs, I’m just not finding what I like. So, I’m now leaning towards mossy green or navy blue. And I’d love to switch it out with red around the holidays.

    So many of you said I should keep the mirror up. But are you SURE three of these wouldn’t look better?

    That’s what I had in mind. I just LOVE em. The thought of something really, really old and crusty-looking hanging behind that deliciously glossy black piano is so intriguing to me.

    I’m all about a wonderful blend of old and new. When you get it right, the mixture is magic!

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