Lettered Olive – Sneak Peek

While my Mom is working on different products at her place, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in sawdust & seashells, and wading through stacks and stacks of the most inspirational quotes & words in existence over here at mine.

I have a confession.
I’ve had a love affair with Typography for quite some time now.
Numbers, letters, symbols, punctuation- I love to admire them all.
There is so much beauty and grace in the written word.
A single letter or number, used in the right way, can often make my heart skip an entire beat.
There is an extra-special kind of magic, though, that occurs when just the right words are gathered together. For example…

“And then we sat,
on the edge of the earth,
feet dangling over the side-
and marvelled that we
had found each other.”

- Erik Dillard

Words strewn together in a way that makes it impossible not to feel.
They are my escape. My motivation.
Silent little ‘smile-makers’, if you will.

Here’s a sneak peak at a few things I’ve been working on…

“above a twin-sized headboard, or crib, or in a cottage by the beach”.
This piece measures 28″ tall, 18″ wide.
Color, Rainwashed.

“end of a long hallway, or tall narrow wall
that is crying out for something to make a statement”.
This piece measures 44″ tall, 14″ wide.
Color, Eucalyptus.

Two simple words that pack a positive punch.
This piece measures 24″ tall, 14″ wide.
Color, Sandbasket.

This piece reminds us to let our light shine, everyday!
It measures 24″ tall, 14″ wide.
Color, Apple.

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  1. Screaming Meme says

    I’m in love with them…Very fresh and exciting…You made my heart skip a beat! I will promote this product because I think it is amazing and fun…Have you had any orders from design boutiques and such? I’ll email all my friends and get the word out! :) Love,meme PS the twinkle trinkle little star is precious! :)Oh and can you do custom orders…I know a few people who would love…”Deep in The Heart Of Texas”…It’s a proud thing here…Or qoutes from inspiring people…I’ve got lots of ideas…email me….my email is [email protected]

  2. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality says

    Layla, I'm so happy to see what you are going to be carrying. Love them all, esp. the Twinkle, Twinkle one. So cute! With your abilities & talent, I know you'll do well. You will just have to take a break for your Design Star debut, ha-ha.

  3. Marie says

    How beautiful! I love what you are doing! The colors are perfect. I can’t wait to see your website when it’s up and running!

  4. Kristi says

    Can’t wait to see more! I love your twinkle twinkle one. I’m going to be redoing our kid’s bath with a beachy color “theme”, blues, light greens and sand colors. Now I’m looking for a verticle striped shower curtain in those colors. It all started with a light green steel pale I found at Homegoods as the inspiration. Not to mention I love beaches and cabins and oceans. Maybe the walls a robin’s egg blue, or maybe a sand color. But perhaps one of your signs or other decor will fit in there nicely. :-) Best of luck to you.

  5. Kimba says

    Hi Layla! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment. I’m blushing!

    Your blog is wonderful. I hardly know where to begin. I watched your video and I know that I would love to watch you on Design Star. You’re just the cutest thing! I could listen to you talk all day.

    And I just love, love, love your beautiful creations! I can’t wait to see your shop once you officially open.

    So nice to meet you. :-)

  6. chriskauf says

    In response to the question about the glass being painted , yes well yes and no , those are stock Ikea doors I bought to fit this island I built from MDF , I frosted the glass a few times , and just recently recoated them with paint, so they are 2-3 frosting , and two coats paint, I love the look, I had thought fabric at first but it looked awful.
    What fabric did you choose for your dining room?
    We don’t have a lot of fabric stores around here I would have loved to browse along with you , love a good fabric store.

  7. Beth says

    What a fabulous idea! I love, love, love ALL of them!!! You will be getting an order from me sometime since we are remodeling our home. Best wishes.

  8. The Old Painted Cottage says

    Hi Layla,

    So nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by my blog today – that’s how I came across yours. And I am so grateful.

    I’ve spent my evening reading your entire blog (I think yours is the first I’ve ever read all the way through) and all I can say is where has your blog been all my life?

    You are a very talented and incredibly inspiring on so many levels. I took a sneak peek at your upcoming website, and I can’t wait to see more of your work. I’m a complete letter, number and word – a – holic too, so I’m pretty sure I’ll be one of your first customers. Ha!


  9. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality says

    Layla, I'd love to do a shopping day with you. Email me when you get a chance. I don't see one listed for you. Sept. is pretty wide open for me, I think I might be out of town one weekend in Oct. Come on up! We would have a blast & I'm sure I may know a few places you haven't been before, but we can def. hit Homegoods, one of my fave stores too.


  10. Chris says

    I’m #21? Sooo not a good best friend. You have some massive talent! It would take me three years just to think up those designs and another three years to actually make them. I love how you displayed them in your home! Perfection!! I wonder if you could make a blinkie gadget thing and people could put it on their blogs to advertise for you? I have no clue how to do that, so you’re on your own there. Alright….off to e-mail you. This is getting too long. Beautiful, Layla!!!!

  11. Kris says

    I cannot wait!! I love the little star one!

    Congratulations on your “almost opening!” You’ll be a sure success..I know it!

  12. kari and kijsa says

    Happy Labor Day! Thank you for all your prayers and encouragement!

    kari & kijsa

  13. Linda at Lime in the Coconut! says

    I am sooo excited for you! What a great start for the lettered cottage…and the rooms you have worked so hard on make a most beautiful backdrop!!


  14. Darlene says

    Those pieces are FABULOUS!! I can’t wait to see the shop.

    I stopped by your Design Star video and left a 5 star and a message. You are just too cute and would be fabulous on there.

    Love your blog!!

  15. Screaming Meme says

    Hey, Miss Layla~ I’m up late tonight getting some work done. I’d like to talk to you about ordering as wholesale…

  16. Lacy says

    It all is perfect. I want one!!! I am so excited for you and I went over to Rate my space last week and your def my 5 star girl!!! Loved the video!

  17. Anonymous says

    I love these! What unique pieces for the wall. I love your reading room. Where did you get the bright green pillow?

  18. Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage says

    Layla…..such a great idea! What are you waiting for…open that online store, quick!

  19. aunties says

    Simply gorgeous! So peaceful, soothing and inviting. They do bring a smile… and cause a heart to skip a beat!
    Congratulations on the new business. I already watched the audition video and Yes! I gave you a 5 star rating. Can’t wait to see you on the screen with your very own show.
    Best of Luck!

  20. Layla says

    THANK YOU ALL for the all the positive feedback on the Quoteboxes. You have (once again!) inspired me to continue to on, with an overflowing heart, and bring Lettered Olive to life!

    Okay….let me answer these questions-

    Deb: Yes! We will ship to Canada.

    Meme: I will email you right after I’m done here. SO excited to talk with you!

    Lori: Maybe one day we will open a brick and mortar shop, but for now, it’ll just be online.

    Anonymous- The green pillow came from Target. A couple years back.


  21. Suzann says

    They are all lovely. Being in the printing business, I understand completely how you feel. Amazing work.

  22. Darlene says

  23. The Pumpkin Pink Cottage says

    Wonderful wonderful Wonderful, Okay sweetie, I voted you a Five Star your house is stunning I love it…I’m linking your blog so I can check back often…Your Words are wonderful and my favorite was Radiate Love…have a beautiful day , Lisa

  24. Magpie Interior Design says

    Lovin’ the Twinkle Twinkle one!!! Might need to have another baby just so I can buy it! LOL.

    Can’t wait to see more! Congrats again!


  25. Mim says

    Like your header pics, now they are all yours.
    Will you be redoing your kitchen?
    Your new business looks wonderful.
    Thanks for giving us a peek.

  26. Cottage Rose says

    I love your work very pretty and fresh. Good luck with your new store. I can’t wait to see whats up next. Have a good week.


  27. Amelia says

    Wow, I love those pieces! Can’t wait to see more LO products; I hope you’ll entertain custom orders too!

  28. Daisy Cottage says

    I’m so excited for you Layla! Your new site is already BEAUTIFUL – can’t wait till you are open!


  29. Jersey Girl in DC says

    These are SO GREAT!! My favorite is the twinkle, twinkle little star!! Cannot wait to see your site! :) I also just voted for you!
    - Jennifer

  30. Kristin says

    One of these will look perfect above my bed…I have to have it :)
    I’ll be patiently waiting for the site to be up and running!
    -Kristin @ Pumpkin Cottage

  31. Angela says

    Those are so BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE “Twinkle, Twinkle *”

    My best to you and your mother in this endeavor!!!!

  32. Amanda says


    I really love your Quoteboxes. The written word really is so powerful and inspiring. One quote I thought of that I would love to have in my home is, “Pour Out Grace.” I just thought I would share for more inspiration. :)

  33. maria says

    so many people have pinned these images! i am so in love with the twinkle twinkle little star sign. nothing compares. anywhere! when can we order from you? our first baby is due in february, and our last name is starr, and we’d love this for his nursery! thanks so much!

  34. Shaina says

    Oh Layla, just like so many others, I am in love with your “Twinkle, twinkle” art/quote box!!! Please let us all know how and when we could commission you for such a project!

    • Layla says

      Hi Casey!

      I actually only ended up making that one. It was pretty easy using pieces of wood, and wood letters from Michaels if you feel like giving it a try! :-)

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