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    While my Mom is working on different products at her place, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in sawdust & seashells, and wading through stacks and stacks of the most inspirational quotes & words in existence over here at mine.

    I have a confession.
    I’ve had a love affair with Typography for quite some time now.
    Numbers, letters, symbols, punctuation- I love to admire them all.
    There is so much beauty and grace in the written word.
    A single letter or number, used in the right way, can often make my heart skip an entire beat.
    There is an extra-special kind of magic, though, that occurs when just the right words are gathered together. For example…

    “And then we sat,
    on the edge of the earth,
    feet dangling over the side-
    and marvelled that we
    had found each other.”

    - Erik Dillard

    Words strewn together in a way that makes it impossible not to feel.
    They are my escape. My motivation.
    Silent little ‘smile-makers’, if you will.

    Here’s a sneak peak at a few things I’ve been working on…

    “above a twin-sized headboard, or crib, or in a cottage by the beach”.
    This piece measures 28″ tall, 18″ wide.
    Color, Rainwashed.

    “end of a long hallway, or tall narrow wall
    that is crying out for something to make a statement”.
    This piece measures 44″ tall, 14″ wide.
    Color, Eucalyptus.

    Two simple words that pack a positive punch.
    This piece measures 24″ tall, 14″ wide.
    Color, Sandbasket.

    This piece reminds us to let our light shine, everyday!
    It measures 24″ tall, 14″ wide.
    Color, Apple.

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