Lettered Olive Logo

Calling all opinions!
I am trying to settle on which “Lettered Olive” logo to go with.
Here are the seven choices I have designed. I love them all, but am curious as to which ONE gets the most instant gut reaction from you all.
(FYI: The “things” or “scribbles” on the left and right side of logo #1, #2, #4 and #6 are parentheses. I love the mixture of their organic-ness, next to clean, crisp type…yummy!)








I want EVERYONE who reads this post to please leave me a comment telling me which logo you like best. (Wonder how many people read this thing anyway?) It’ll only take a second, and I’m determined to get at least 200 opinions, so that I can make a very educated decision. This is super important to me, and I trust your opinions….you’re some stylish folks!

I should tell you a little bit about the thought process that went into the creation of these designs.
Lettered Olive is going to be about unique and inspiring cottage decor.
Our style is classic, organic, stylish and simple.
We love to mix clean-lined & fresh with time-worn & crusty.
A lot of what we create will be seaside-inspired, and other things will be farmhouse-fresh.
Lettered Olive will also offer both Interior and Landscape Design Consulting services.
I tried to design logos that I thought encapsulated what we’re all about.
Now it’s your turn to choose which you like best!

Ready? Set? COMMENT! :-)

Edited on 9/14/08- Some folks have suggested I design a “more creative” logo. But I gotta say, “simple” seems to be where it’s at:

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  1. Lisa says

    3 or 5, defiantly. The other ones are kinda messy looking. From what I can tell, your style is anything but messy, so it wouldn’t really convey the right idea to a customer. IMO.

    :) Lisa

  2. Kelley says

    I’m actually surprised at myself but, by far, my favorite is #5 for its simplicity. Simply beautiful.

  3. Teacats says

    #5 In black on ivory stock paper — or in white on dark olive green — don’t forget to send in your cards and brochures to Victoria magazine, Country Home and Country Living magazines.

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage

  4. Magpie Interior Design says

    Absolutely #3. Possibly #5. I like 3 for you better because you (and your bus. partner mom, from what i can tell) seem young and hip and that one seems a little more casual/youthful/modern to me than #5.

    My $0.02!


  5. Chris says

    WHY do you do this to me? If you can’t choose, how am I supposed to?? Alright…fine. I will say that my eye JUMPED to #3 over all others. I prefer the lower case. It looks more casual to me, which will fit the line you’re going for. I certainly don’t think using #5 is going to drive customers away, however. They’re both great. I just think it stands out more having it be in lower case. Having said alllll that. I like them all–really.

  6. Jenni says

    3 and 5 are my favorite. They are both just clean looking. I can’t to start spending some money at Lettered Olive!!

  7. Johannah says

    I was in the middle of deciding which one to choose when I noticed your sign in the blog header: “The Lettered Cottage,” on white with those curly-cues above and below. Perfect!

  8. sarah @ a beach cottage says

    i like 3

    it looks vintage but is also plain enough to be able to take other themes, you never know where your business will go…


    p.s. am i too late for your giveaway, great idea!

  9. Darlene - Our Creative Life says

    I vote for #3. It's simple & classic. The others look a bit cluttered to me.

  10. Pink Slippers says

    I like 3 and — BUT 5 more! I hope we can all help. Let us know which one you chose. Wendy

  11. Blushing hostess says

    #4 is a gorgeous, sophisticated font (what is it?) and #6 is a good upscale retail workhorse… my heart leans to 4, my life with bottom lines to 6. Great good luck!

    p.s. Did I mention I love 4?

  12. Nancy says

    #5 is perfect. It has that typest letter thing which I think is kind of your signature. It is very similar to your blog logo which is awesome.
    BTW, good time to introduce myself and say I really enjoy your blog.


    PS-I have also voted for you for Design Star :0)

  13. jnifferjuniper says

    I am going against the grian here…I LOVE #4, like blushing hostess.
    If you want a mix of classic/organic &crusty , #4 says it all.
    They are all beautiful, but #4 has crisp clean elegant letters , balanced by the organic aged leafy things. It's a little yin and yang.

  14. Nancy Hood says

    I’m going to answer before I read the comments. I like number 3 the bestest :) and then number 5. I’m not crazy about the others~just my two cents ;)

  15. Beth says

    I like #3 the best but would like to see the braces (or brackets) above and below the words like in your blog “header”. I tried really hard to like the others but I just couldn’t get there.

  16. Kendra says

    I like the font on 3. I think you could do the more speckled brackets with that font if the speckled parts are outside the brackets and not on top of the words. That font makes me think of olives or olive oil, so it seems very appropriate.

  17. Anonymous says

    Hi Layla,

    I like 3, with 5 coming in 2nd.

    Discovered your blog recently, now a regular.


  18. Henriettae says

    Hi from Sweden! :)

    I love your blog, but since I read it through Google Reader, I very seldom comment… (shame on me!)
    Anyhow, I like option no. 5 the best. I like the script ones, but I think they might seem too messy after a while. I like no. 3 as well, but I think it looks more classy with the capitals, and since that is what you want to communicate, I’d go for that one.
    Good job on picking out the options, though – all of them are really very nice!

  19. [email protected] says

    I would go with 5 or 6! Good luck!

  20. kendalee says

    Number 6 is the one I find most appealing. Number 3 is nice but very safe (dare I say even a touch boring?) and to me doesn’t really say much about the “feel” or style of the business. For me 6 captures the clean, organic simplicity of 3 and then adds the time-worn and farmhouse or seaside feel too. But none of them are horrid so whichever one you go with will work as long as it’s what YOU really feel is the right one. Hope that’s not too much opinion. But you did ask… :)

  21. Anonymous says

    Hi Layla!

    My hubby and I own our own business, and the 1 piece of signing advice that we received was to keep the lettering simple so that it is easy to read and remember.

    I like #3.

    Best of luck to you both!

  22. Faye says

    I’m going for #4…I’m thinking #3 is just too common….I like the way #4 is just as simple, but just enough different to stand out.

  23. duchess says

    Ok – without looking at everyone’s choices…..I’m going with either #5 or #1.
    Good luck – they all look great.

  24. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality says

    Look at all the comments! That’s great. OK, without looking at all the rest, I’m gonna say that #4 and #6 stood out to me the most. It will be fun to see what you choose!


    I like 3 and 5, either one fits your style. You have done such a good job redoing your home. Good luck with HGTV. I’m rooting for you!

  26. megan says

    I like the fonts in 5 and 6 but think the brackets are way over done. I agree with the few that think that you should use your same logo as your blog header. It looks very nice. Using what you have already done, a simplified flourish on #5 or #6 fonts would be beautiful.

  27. Anonymous says

    #6 is my first choice, not sure why, maybe it’s the cursive font.

    Good luck with your new enterprise.


  28. Aleta says

    Absolutely #3! It’s unpretentious and doesn’t shout. It’s perfect for the type of look you described you were going for.

    Warmest bear hugs, Aleta

  29. Spymommy says

    #5 Layla – it’s classy but modern, clean, crisp and clear – just like your design style.

  30. Tammy & Walter Przybylo0 says

    Number 5. The others are just “off” or a bit too cluttery feeling. 5 offers fresh, clean lines with a sophisticated yet comfortable feeling :0)
    Love your bloggy!!

  31. Lacy says

    Im just poppin in real quick from Texas with no electricity, but rigged dsl. I wanted to tell you I do want the PB letters and Ill email you tomorrow in the daylight when I can see better. I love 3 and 5 also!!!!!

  32. Swan Family says

    Hi Layla,
    Totally love your blog! I am a new reader. I think #5…the design is totally you. It is clean, classy and simple. Best of luck I can’t wait to see your stuff!


  33. Anonymous says

    None of them really do it for me. I don’t know what those squiggly lines are supposed to be and the bracket things don’t show much creativity. I love your style and your creativity and would have expected something clean-lined, simple, classic and maybe with an olive/olive branch or something above or below the “lettered olive” words. Sorry I don’t mean to offend but I think if you are going to all the work to make a logo that will represent you it should really be wonderful.

  34. Layla says

    A “lettered olive” is a type of seashell.
    The squiggly lines are parentheses, in one of my favorite fonts. I happen to think they’re very organic looking- just like my style. :-)
    I love parentheses and brackets. That’s why I incorporated them into my logo.
    Can’t get much more clean-lined, simple and classic than #3 or #5.

  35. Inspired Kara says

    Yeah, I’m gonna have to hop on the 3 and 5 wagon. Can’t help myself. I love clean and simple :)

  36. shura says

    I’m useless here … I like them all.

    Although, I agree that there is something to be said for the “whatever is easiest to read” approach. So with that in mind, as much as I appreciate the cursive in #6, I vote for #3 or #5.

    btw :) “The Lettered Olive” name was genius. Just obscure enough to be interesting, yet not unpleasantly cryptic.

    In my book, anything from South Carolina has got to be good.

  37. Nancy Hood says

    you do NOT need to be more creative! That’s like me telling Paula Deen she needs to take cooking lessons!! jeez~

  38. Michele says

    I vote for #3, it’s clean and easy to read. You see the name, instead of trying to figure out what those scrolling things are supposed to be.

  39. Marie says

    I like #’s 3, 5 and 7. I can’t pick my favorite from those… I like the ones without the designs on the sides since I can’t figure out what it is.

  40. Connie says

    #3, #3, #3!!!!

    Clean, simple, to the point.
    No fuss, this is it. Good luck and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for you.

  41. Linda at Lime in the Coconut! says

    Ok…WHEN did you slip 7 in??

    Changing my vote to {7}.

    No doubt, whatsoever.

    I agree…simple sticks in our minds, is easier (and cheaper) to replicate on things. It’s all in the subtleties of the typeface…that’s what I say.

  42. Mrs. Trixi says

    With 146 people giving suggestions, what’s one more?! In my humble opinion, I like 5 and 7 and I definitely think simple is where it is at.

  43. Kelli @ Vintage Vavoom says

    You haven’t gotten to 200 yet, so I thought I’d try and help ya out. The one I was drawn to first was #6.

    I guess it’s because the font just flowed with the parenthesis.


  44. paperjunk-lc says

    I too like 3 and 5 but I hesitate because those brackets are used so much. Esp. in scrapbooking circles. I do like the idea of putting something similar on top and bottom much like your blog header.

  45. Jen@The Cottage Nest says

    Well, I love #3 but I don’t think you should use. I want it for myself! I agree about simple being better. By the way, I voted for your video. Good luck. Also I wanted to thank you for the wallpaper idea. I’m currently scheming about where to use it. I originally wanted to do that in my dining room but since I just painted I’m looking else where! Jen

  46. Layla says


    We don’t want the company to be entirely “seaside-themed”…hence no shell in the logo.


  47. My Place of Peace says

    Looks like you are well on your way to your goal of 200 comments! :) I like number 6 best.

  48. Amy From Texas says

    Hi. I’m a professional graphic designer and I can tell you before reading through any of the other comments that most people will say #3 is their favorite. Probably because it looks so much like the other home store logos we are used to seeing. Go with what YOU like best. It’s your company.

    Personally I like #2… I’d make the side thingies a bit smaller. Just my 2 cents! Good luck with the new company. How fun!

  49. Amy From Texas says

    Hi. I’m back… I just looked at them again and now I like the font on #6 best. It would look great alone with just some speckles around it, like it was a signature found in an old book. Okay… good luck deciding! ha.

  50. vanclan says

    Hey Layla,

    I happened upon your blog a few weeks ago & have really enjoyed seeing the "redo" of your beautiful home. Without a doubt, i love #3. I love the clean lines, the curly brackets and certainly love the look of all lower case lettering.

  51. Aunt Mimi's Creations! says

    #7 for some reason stands out to me! I am sure what ever you decided on will be as wonderful as your shop is going to be!

  52. Kimba says

    Holy cow girl! Look at all of these comments! I’m sure you have more than enough opinions, but I haven’t been able to stretch my marketing muscles in a long time so I throw my opinion in too. I worked in advertising/marketing back before the kiddos came along.

    One of the things you want to consider is where you will be using this logo and should that in any way affect it’s design. I completely agree that simple is where it’s at right now. The examples you showed demonstrate that perfectly.

    So where will you use it? On a website. Sales materials like advertising. In-store signage. Product tags. Do you have a physical store? I can’t remember. If so then you’ll need exterior signage.

    I think any of the logos would work in close-up applications like a website or tags…basically anywhere that your customer is close up. My concern is for applications where you’re looking at the logo from far away. Like exterior signage on a store. Try and picture the more detailed logos from far away. I think that the could start to appear kind of messy and you would lose the impact of the simplicity.

    I do like #3 and #5 because they are easy on the eyes. Just from a gut level, I think I like #5 the best.

    I also like the concept of #7 although the font is a little difficult to read. I might try out a version of that one with the font from #3 or #5.

  53. Anonymous says

    All of the choices are nice. My vote would be for #6 without the parentheses. (french script font without being too busy/fussy)

    I enjoy your blog and seeing pictures of work in progress.


  54. Anonymous says

    I’m partial to #6.
    By the way, I love your blog. It’s one of my favorite escapes of the day. Thanks for the inspiration you provide!


  55. Ashley says

    I do like them all but #3 is definitely the best – simple but stylish and cute. I’m looking forward to see which one you’ll choose!

  56. Cote de Texas says

    #7 – love it
    get Feedburner or Site meter to find out how many people read your blog – they are the best!!!!

    thanks Layla for your sweet comment on my blog! much appreciated.

    love your blog and have been following since the beginning.


  57. new every morning says

    I like #3 and #7.

    Just found your blog … and I’m wondering where I’ve been all this time! Nice!!!

  58. Anonymous says

    Just discovered your blog this week and I’m addicted!

    I would go with #3 without the parenthesis (too distracting) or stay with the font in your Lettered Cottage logo (brand identity).

    As a product manager at a type haus, I’m around type all day! I also categorize all our type, so if you’re interested in “organic” looking fonts, I’d be happy to give you a list.

  59. Lisa says

    Just discovered your blog this week and I’m addicted!

    I would go with #3 without the parenthesis (too distracting) or stay with the font in your Lettered Cottage logo (brand identity).

    As a product manager at a type haus, I’m around type all day! I also categorize all our type, so if you’re interested in “organic” looking fonts, I’d be happy to give you a list.

  60. Layla says

  61. Sweet Old Vintage says

    Layla… I like #7. THE NAME IS WHAT YOU ARE SELLING NOT THE ARTWORK… It has the crispness needed to do this… The other designs in my eyes take away from the lettering… Hope this helps… So many opinions….

  62. amelia says

    I like #3, it is simple & casual, classic (the brackets) and with a bit of modern touch (the text font). Btw, I love your work!! I bookmarked this blog, too :)


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