Lettered Cottage- Water Ski Sign

Hey y’all!
(My Southern hubby must be wearing off on me…I’m from Minnesota, and don’t think I’ve ever type the word “ya’ll” until today) :-)
I am so excited about the latest addition to the Living Room here at the Lettered Cottage.

The girls at White Flower Farmhouse sent me this great, old, hand-painted water ski yesterday and I absolutely LOVE it!

That Lori sure can wield a paintbrush- she did all the lettering by hand:

I love how the slate blue matches my shutters flawlessly….and the fresca blue-colored shadow on each letter is the perfect too…

It’s even neat that the sign actually points South…which is what direction the beach is from our house. :-) (I know, I’m a nerd)

Slowly, but surely, this place is being accessorized, which makes Mr. LC very happy.

Because believe it or not, when he’s not doing this…

…he is consumed with creating an inspiring place to live, just like me. (How did I get so lucky?)

And speaking of Mr. LC- it’s his birthday today!

But unfortunately he won’t be here today- so honey, if you’re reading this- (and I know you are)


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