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Remember when I blogged about that random act of kindness that happened to me the day before yesterday?

Well, the folks at Compendium (Live-Inspired.com) read my post, and the sweet comments attached to it, and were kind enough to send me an email last night offering our readers a 10% discount on all of their products between now and the end of the year!


The discount only applies to orders from last night (at 7:00pm CST) ’til December 31st of this year. So unfortunately if you already placed an order (like I did!), the discount won’t apply. BUT, if you held back and didn’t get a few things because you were trying to keep your order around twenty bucks (like I was!), just know that whenever you’re ready to splurge again- you’ll get it for 10% off!


The night I found their site, I go a BUNCH of metal postcards, like the one my anonymous friend sent me.
There are SO MANY cool phrases to choose from!
They even come with matching envelopes…


And at 49 cents a piece, well, let’s just say my twenty bucks went a looooong way!


Here’s the stuff I didn’t get, that I will eventually use my 10% discount on…








Anywho- here’s how to take advantage of the discount…

When you’re ready to check out online, there will be a place to enter the code…


It’s on the same screen you enter your mailing address on.

The code should be entered exactly as I’ve typed it above.

Make sure to check and see that the 10% discount has been applied before you make a payment.
(The discount will appear in red lettering on the payment screen).

If you are concerned that it doesn’t seem to be working, please feel free to give the sweet folks at Compendium a call at (800) 914-3327.
They will be happy to make sure it’s correct.

(Note: This discount cannot be applied to orders placed before 7:00 pm CST on July 22. Also, they can’t apply the discount after payment has been made, so make sure you check that it’s there before you pay!)

Happy shopping!


If you left a comment on our post yesterday (or any day for that matter!), I want to take a moment to thank you.

Because you’re sweet, it may not seem like that big of a deal to you to send us an encouraging or complimentary message now and then, but I want you to know that those kind words make all the “tough stuff” I don’t blog about, SO much easier to deal with.

I just really wish I could give ya a big hug and tell you in person!
Why can’t you live closer!?


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