• Lettered Cottage – Partial Floorplan Layout

    Other than the two Guest Bedrooms, the Guest Bathroom, the Reading Room, the Mudroom and the Laundry Room- this is a partial layout of our place.
    I did this drawing in my “Plan 3D” program before I bought furniture, so that I knew I’d buy the right sizes. I’ve made some MAJOR mistakes in the past, and ended up selling some brand new pieces that were just TOO BIG for the rooms they were intended to go in. :-(

    Here’s a closer look at the Living Room. Keep in mind, it’s not the right kind of fireplace, it doesn’t have accessories, and definately doesn’t show the correct colors- but as far as the layout goes, this is it:

    And lastly, here is the Dining Room & Kitchen layout. I would have LOVED to have a big kitchen, with an island, that’s open to the Living Room.
    That being said, I think the people that built the house should have put the kitchen where the Master Bedroom is, and vice versa. We live on a pretty popular street, and it would have been nice to have the Master Bedroom on the back of the house, away from the traffic noise out front.

    I should mention, our piano is actually facing the other direction. It opens up into the Living Room (not the wall), I just noticed it’s facing the wrong way and I’m too lazy to go back and change all three drawings! :-) I think the size is a little off too, there’s actually plenty of room to walk between the piano and the over-sized chair. Oops!

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