Lettered Cottage- More Beadboard Panelling!

Mr. LC decided to resume installing the rest of our beadboard panelling on the other side of the Kitchen. yesterday.

We had already put up this full sheet on the wall next to our Master Bedroom door…

…but he still needs to add a small piece down near the bottom. I had also already primed and painted it- however, it does need another coat of paint.

We did a full wall of beadboard on that wall, instead of the usual 65″ height we do, because the artwork hanging on it wouldn’t have hung right with chair rail moulding sitting at the 65 inch mark- and we love the look of a whole wall of the stuff! :-)

Last night, we moved the china hutch out of the way, and began cutting the rest of the 65″ tall pieces, which hubs will install down the wall on the left, today.

Here is a photo of the 65″ high paneling we did on the other side of the room…

We’re building a headboard bench, out of this $20 headboard I found at a flea market, to set next to the china hutch…

I’ve got this idea to use a collection of various antique plates on the wall above the bench- starting on the beadboard panelling below the chair rail, and stretching all the way up onto the painted blue wall above.

We’ve been recording everything on video tape, and will continue taking pictures along the way. Mr. LC will be blogging about our process soon!

I hope you have a marvelous Monday….but if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, like so many of us do on this particular day, remember this:

Enthusiastic Attitude

Stop fighting against what you have to do.

Turn it into what you want to do.
For any given task, you can be miserable and plodding or you can be enthusiastic and highly effective.

It all depends on your attitude.
Instead of dreading and avoiding something that you must get done, choose to look forward to it. Then jump in, make it happen, and get it finished once and for all.
It’s really very easy to make a change in your attitude.

You can do it without lifting a finger.
With a positive, enthusiastic attitude toward whatever task you must complete, the work will go more quickly and smoothly.

And, you’ll feel a whole lot better while doing it.
Decide that you truly want to get it done, and soon you’ll be reaping the rewards of your effective effort.

Ralph Marston

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