Lettered Cottage – Guest Bathroom BEFORE

Alright, here it is. Be prepared to shudder in your seat. We haven’t done anything to this room since we bought the place a year and a half ago.

To the right, when you walk through the door, is a huge vanity. It’s 36″ high, which makes it hard for our niece and nephews to reach the faucet without pulling up a chair.

The cabinets are all installed backwards, so the doors all open the wrong way. The floor is covered in peel-and-stick tiles. The counter top is a light beige Formica, with tiny neutral-colored flecks.

There is a flush-mount style light fixture above the sink, and there aren’t any baseboards in the room.

To the left, when you walk into the room, is the toilet and tub…

The tile around the tub is a light blue-gray color and it’s held in place by unsealed cream-colored grout…

Above the toilet and tub, is a large expanse of wall, and on the ceiling is an oddly positioned florescent light…

So as you can see, we have quite a bit of work to do in here.
Good thing we love a challenge, right?

Layla :-)

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