Lettered Cottage- Guest Bathroom Accessories (Part 1)

I’ve started to pull together some accessories that may, or may not, make it into the Guest Bathroom.

I love the shape of this piece…

…and the frame really speaks to me too. I’m thinking I can “re-do” the middle part somehow. Haven’t thought about what I’ll do yet, but I’m sure I’ll come up with something. :-)

It was marked down from $7.50 to $5.00 at a flea market, so I snapped it up.

This oversized wooden ball was a fun find, priced at $7.50 (marked down from its original price of $15.00)

Not sure how I’ll use it, or if I’ll paint something on it, but I thought it might be neat mixed together with other round objects.

This old hook rack immediately called my name when I spotted it sticking out of a bunch of stuff in a booth at one of my favorite local flea markets. Imagine my joy when I saw that it was priced at just $1.00!

I may paint it, I may stain and seal it, I may leave it just the way it is….I’m not sure yet. But I can’t tell you how much I love it.

And lastly, I picked up this little towel/trinket holder at the same flea market I got the toothbrusher holder at. The owner of the shop marked it down from $12, to $10 for me.

It needs some work, but I look forward to spiffing it up!

Accessorizing is definitely the most fun part of re-doing a room, but a lot of my clients have said that they don’t know which ones to use. I believe that if you accessorize with things that you LOVE, you’ll never get it wrong. Also, take cues from photos in magazines and online. Notice the way the stage their rooms, how they arrange things, and what colors/finishes appeal to you in those photos.


Lettered Cottage - Guest Bathroom Accessories (Part 2)
Lettered Cottage - Guest Bathroom BEFORE

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