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The first time I saw this coffee table in a Pottery Barn magazine, it was love at first sight. But priced at $599, I knew I had better start looking for something comparable (but priced waaay lower) at the local flea.

Finally, after some intense searching, I spotted this antique childrens schoolhouse table for $125. Normally, that would be waaaay more than I would care to spend too, but I really felt a connection with it. To cushion the blow a little, I put it on lay-a-way. :-)

Now, several months later, after weeks of painstakingly removing three layers of gooey-backed wallpaper (some of which had been painted over), sanding the top down until it was completely unfinished, and distressing the body & legs- I gave the whole thing a few coats of “Provencial”-colored stain from Lowes…

One of the things I was most drawn to about the table were the openings on the sides of it….I could just see them filled with books:

Now I just need more of these books!

It was so much fun accessorizing the top…

The $7 blue-and-cream striped rug came from Kohls. Because its a rug, and made to stand up to some moisture, it works great as a “giant coaster”.

The rope knot came from TJ Maxx for $3.99. Pretty great price, considering the one below is $98!

Design Within Reach

The wire basket came from TJ Maxx:

It was only $14.99:

I love the single, aged-wood handle:

The vintage soda crate came from a flea market in Milton, Florida.

It’s located inside of the old Post Office building, right on the main drag…

They had lots of delightful, colorful things, all grouped together, which you know I’m a sucker for…

But when I saw the darling blue Barq’s crate on the bottom of this stack, I just had to get it!

These crates are normally priced between $12 and $20 at most flea markets, but I scored this baby for just $7.00!

Anywho, now that I’ve got the coffee table figured out, I’m on the hunt for the perfect 5×8 area rug to use on the floor underneath it.

An assortment of these pillow covers, to cover the pillows on my sofa and oversized chair are also on my list:

They’re all from Pottery Barn, and again, a little more than I’d like to spend, so I’ll just wait ’til someone posts them on Ebay. (OR until someone surprises me with some for my Birthday. (“cough, kevin, cough, 2 of the Oxford Stripe ones, cough!”) :-)

PS…The personalized burlap runner in the photos above is by Grace of Coastline

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