“Words are like nets-
we hope they’ll cover what we mean,
but we know they can’t possibly hold
that much joy, or grief, or wonder.”
-Jodi Picoult

They sit out there every afternoon, those egrets…

Herons in a tree

One by one, they fly over to those twiggy trees from all edges of the lake. Reminds me of a giant cotton plant…big white birds, dotting tall, skinny brown sticks.

They gather just before the sun starts to set, usually right around 5 o’clock. I’m sure it has something to do with safety in numbers (and height) overnight, but I like to think they’re just smitten with the sunset, too. :-)

You wouldn’t know it from these hazy-day photos, but they really do have a front row seat from that spot.

Unfortunately, I’ve discovered it’s a seat built only for birds…

Herons Flying

One step too close, and they all head for the hill. Oops! Sorry, egrets! I didn’t know you were so skittish!

There’s that word again: know.

It’s been on my mind a lot this week.

I told my Aunt Chriss yesterday, it’s such an interesting feeling to know someone is your child, but to not know the someone that is your child, yet.

Thanks to Three Angels Facebook page, I’ve known since last summer what what it feels like to know of him. I know his soulful eyes through my screen, but I don’t know how it feels to be seen by his soul yet. I know 7 seconds of his giggle, but I don’t know how it sounds in the air right around me yet.

This year though, I get to know! I get to be seen his soul, and I get to hear the sound of his spirit while he’s sitting right in my lap! 😀

The adoptive mamas in Haiti were kind enough to share some more fun “knowns” with me this week, too:

1. Our boy is a sunbeam. He has been nicknamed “The Greeter” because he is, as my friends put it, “the world’s friendliest little person, always smiling and toddling up to greet everyone who enters the orphanage”.

2. He “talks” a lot and his voice sounds like Boo from Monsters, Inc. He is very good at repeating words, and currently speaks Crénglish. Some Haitian Creole (which is a lot like French), and some English. (Wow. Friendly, cute and smart as a whip.) #TripleThreat 😉

3. One of the adoptive papas taught him the sign for “more” because he LOVES playing Ring around the Rosie. Another adoptive papa taught him how to say “beep beep” while he was riding around on the orphanage’s toy car.

4. My friends are still “reading” him the photo book we sent, so now he’s talking to MAMA and PAPA, too.

There’s a good time comin’, y’all. I can feel it in my knowns. :-)

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  1. Kathy T says

    Congrats—my daughter and son-n-law have been fostering a little boy that they recently found out they get to adopt. What a blessing!! I still can’t wrap my mind around this blessing for our family!! Enjoy this anticipating time for when you know!!! This is the foundation of your life as a parent.And of course as my mom told me years ago…enjoy sleeping and doing the little things you can now.

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