Kitchen Update Video

So? Did you guess the color I’m painting my Kitchen? :-)

Well gang, I hate to say it, but we are STILLLLL working in the Kitchen.
I know I promised to post a video of our progress, so I’m going to follow through and show you a sneak peek, PLUS a little peek into one of my favorite rooms here at the Lettered Cottage. :-)
We’re THIS CLOSE to being done in here, so I’ll post a more finished reveal tomorrow. (I mean it!)

Still a LONG ways to go. Stainless appliances, new countertops, a rug, new lighting…I need it all…sigh….

Truth is, I wouldn’t be happy if I didn’t have a “To Do” list. :-)
I mean, can you imagine me living in a house where there was nothing to re-design or nothing to decorate?


Kitchen Update - Blue & Beadboard!
Kitchen Video - Tomorrow, I promise!

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