Kitchen Update – Island Makeover

Did I say Rosemary Gallery? I meant Heather Gray. ūüėČ

Old Corbel | Kitchen Island | The Lettered Cottage Kitchen

Kevin wasn’t 100% sure about painting the island such a deep¬†green, so we went with a color that we both¬†felt 100% about instead. (I’m a paint color junkie, so switching it up wasn’t a big deal and I’ll probably use my Rosemary Gallery¬†on a piece of furniture sometime instead!)

Heather Gray (by Benjamin Moore) was the perfect compromise.¬†It’s like three colors in one. It goes from looking gray-gray, to green-gray, to blue-gray, depending on where you are and what time of day it is.¬†I absolutely¬†love grays that do that! #ChameleonColor :-)

The folks at New Look Decorating¬†in Montgomery, AL for helped us find it. We just pulled up this inspiration photo on my phone while we were there…


…and left with a quart of Heather Gray fifteen minutes later! (Thanks again, guys!)

The old bar top and corbels popped out really easily, and after the “new” (super old!) corbels were up, we also¬†added some X’s to the sides of the island:

Kitchen | Heather Gray Island | Gray Owl Walls | Simply White Cabinets and Trim

I was determined to work some “barn doors” in there! I think they go great with our farm-style galvanized pendant lights…or “chicken lamps”, as my Uncle Kevin likes to call them- LOL. (After he said it, it hit me: “That’s why I love them so much!”) #Farmgirl4Life :-)

The new (Frosty Carrina) counter top and bar top are coming in this morning and I am SO excited to see them in place!¬†We’re extending the bar top out by 4 inches so that it measures 16 inches deep. It used to be 12 inches and I never felt like that was enough room.

Oh! And that reminds me, yes– we thought about making the island all one level. But the thought immediately passed¬†because we, A) like sitting up higher there,¬†B) almost always¬†¬†have a pile of mail and/or paperwork on the backside of the bar, and C) want to keep our dirty-and-not-yet-loaded-into-the-dishwasher¬†dishes hidden. Our entire first floor is one big open space so I love having a little “barricade” there to hide our mess from the living and dining spaces! ūüėÄ

I’m also excited to be able to work in¬†some¬†more of our backsplash tile on the back side of the bar.

Ming Green and Thassos White Sunflower Tile | The Lettered Cottage Kitchen

I’ll be back next week with some more updated photos! Happy weekend!

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Kitchen Update - Frosty Carrina Countertops
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  1. says

    I laughed about your “chicken lights” because we actually just bought three chicken feeder tops still connected to the pipe to use as our lights above our bar. They have that same shape as yours. We just bought them in April at TX Antiques week in Warrenton. We have the same raised bar set up and we have that same issue with a pile of mail on the backside cabinet. Check out my blog on how I’m using a chicken feeder to once again corral the mail. So far it’s been working well. Plus I roll up my magazines and seem to be getting to them sooner now.
    Love the corbels! After seeing yours way back when Lucy got them for you I contacted her to get us some. She came through like a champ and we went up to SAAA before coming to Chapel Market last October. Speaking of which…..Are you doing it again this fall? We could use another anniversary trip from TX to AL!
    We LOVED the entire trip, seeing houses in your little neighborhood. In fact I told my hubby I would move there if I ever had to move from our place in the country to a neighborhood. That’s only if I can’t afford Tybee.
    Thanks for inspiring me and my family in soooo many ways! Tybee is now are favorite beach to go to (ranks way above FL even!)

    Shannon ~

  2. Heather Bergeron says

    Love your blog and all the design inspiration. Can you share where you got the backsplash and the name?

  3. Connie says

    I love your kitchen!!….. I’m especially loving the color of your island. I looked through all of the comments . Is the color, Heather Gray?…. It looks like a blueidh mint green. Anyway, I love it!
    Could you e- mail me back and tell he the color?
    Thanks, Connie

    • Layla says

      Hi Connie!
      Yes, it’s kind of buried there in the middle of the post, but yes, it’s called Heather Gray and we had it mixed at Benjamin Moore here in Montgomery. :-)

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