• Kitchen Island Paint Colors

    I blame Erika’s Instagram feed.

    Especially these two pictures:


    (ErikaMPowell on Instagram)


    That’s Martha Stewart’s “Gabardine” on the trim and cabinetry in her bathroom, and Sherwin-William’s “Rosemary” on the cabinets in her kitchen. (And those are her adorable (and clearly very talented) kiddos!)

    Seeing those insta-pics triggered a spontaneous run to Home Depot for paint samples yesterday. I just had to see what her colors would look like on our (currently mustard-colored) kitchen island!  (Even though we’re not exactly ready to make over the rest of the island yet because, technically, it would be smarter to replace the countertop first). #ButHey #AtLeastIDidn’tPrematurelyStartTearingApartAWallAgain ;-)

    Gabardine by Martha Stewart at Home Depot | Rosemary by Sherwin Williams

    And of course, I had to try out a few other samples too:

    Gabardine | Grays Harbor | Dutch Tile Blue | Classic French Gray | Gallery Green | Needlepoint Navy | Rosemary

    Visitors you’ve been warned, the back side of our kitchen island is reeeeally colorful right now- LOL! :-D

    I laid some of my favorite countertop/backsplash tile samples on the counter above each paint sample- just to get a feel for how each color would look in the future:

    Grays Harbor | Rosemary

    I kind of keep flip-flopping from minute to minute, but as of this minute, and out of these colors, I *think* I’m leaning Rosemary, and Kevin’s *thinks* he’s leaning Gray’s Harbor.


    Rosemary by Sherwin Williams

    Gray’s Harbor:

    Grays Harbor by Sherwin Williams

    Do you have a favorite?

    I’m sort of leaning Gray’s Harbor right now. ;-)

    Keep in mind, we’d like to paint the cabinets on the other side of the kitchen Simply White. Here’s a link to post that shows how our kitchen is set up, if you’d like to take a gander: Our Kitchen.

    I’m thinking once we choose a color, I’ll just go ahead and paint that one color on top of all of those other colors and we’ll just live with a two-toned island for a while.

    Hey! It’s better than an 8-toned island, right?

    Like I said, I blame Erika’s Instagram feed. ;-)

    PS- Just in case anybody’s curious: the countertop sample is Frosty Carrina by Caesarstone, and the backsplash tile is available at Home Depot.

    …and for more pics between posts, join me over on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram!

    Instagram Pic_Lettered_Cottage

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