• Kitchen & Dining Room Updates

    Got some more work done in the Kitchen and Dining Room this past week, woo hoo!

    My mom and her husband gave us some beadboard they had left over from a project they had recently worked on, so we put it to good use as a backsplash in our Kitchen. Here are some photos of the project from start til now:

    I also finally picked out some fabric for my Dining Room curtains.
    I went with something kind of unconventional. I chose burlap!

    It was $2.16/yard, and required very little sewing. I just hemmed the top and the bottom, attached the panels to some ring clips, and voila! Instant custom-length drapery panels for 28 bucks total! I love the “cottage-chic” look of them, and being the texture-junkie that I am, they are the perfect choice for me.
    (I need to get a couple more packages of the ring clips, so the folds aren’t quite as deep.)

    Love the glass finials on the ends of this rod:

    The Lettered Cottage is finally starting to feel like a home. We closed on this house on October 31st last year…times flies when you’re having fun remodeling…

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