Kitchen Cabinets

So, remember those cute (Minnesotan) second-cousins I mentioned in my last post? Well, this is their Grandpa Kevin:


He’s my uncle, and he owns a cabinet business called Mainstream Cabinets. It’s located in Mapleton, Minnesota and it was so fun seeing him and his showroom in person last month!

I’m a sucker for cabinets, counters, and cup pulls, so I was like a kid in a candy store wandering around in there…





We also enjoyed spending time with him and my aunt at their house in Minnesota Lake:



My Uncle Kevin built their house, and my Uncle Rick’s house on a neighboring farm:


(That’s a (Xzeres) wind turbine behind those trees. No power bill- SWEET!)

And although he can build a house from the ground up, my uncle’s true passion is in kitchen design, and he was so sweet to send us home with some new kitchen cabinet shelves…


So what’s looked like this for the past 8 months…


…now looks like this!


Hooray! No more dishes in our pantry- ha!

I’m hoping to finish up our guest bathroom makeover within the next couple of weeks, then I’ll start painting those upper kitchen cabinets white.


We’re planning to personalize the counters, backsplash and island, little by little, between now and the end of the year- and I look forward to blogging about all of our cottage-y changes along the way!

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  1. Wanda says

    Not to be snarky but you spent time with “him” not “he”. I’m an English teacher. Can’t help but to correct you youngsters. Love your design style.

    • Layla says

      SO funny, Wanda! I called my mom before I published this post and even after Googling it, neither of us could figure out the correct wording- ha! πŸ˜€ Thanks for the heads up.

  2. says

    Love this series about your trip to MN, I can’t wait to spend a month back home starting Friday. I grew up taking swimming lesson at the Minnesota Lake indoor pool, watching the relatives play ball on summer nights, and enjoying Festag complete with showing my sheep out by the lake. Can’t wait to see how you transform your new kitchen into your beachy, laid back style.

  3. Linda says

    Did you make the spooning box or did you buy it? I’d like to know how you embossed them or where you bought them, if you don’t mind. I thought it wood be a great anniversary gift.

    • Layla says

      We got it from a friend, Linda. There’s a link to the post about it in one of the comments above. :-)

  4. Perrie says

    Goodness…I just stumbled across your blog…and read the story of you visiting your family in Minnesota. I was born in Minnesota..and when I read your post further and you mention MINNESOTA LAKE…it honestly made me tear up….my most favorite Gramma lived there!!! I have the fondest memories of summertimes visiting her and making memories!!!! Loved her to the moon and back a quadzillion times.

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