Kitchen Cabinetry

I’ve had a lot of people email about and comment on my black kitchen cabinets.
I always considered myself more of a white cabinet kind of girl.
But when I learned (the hard way) that polyurethane painted on top of white paint, turns yellow…I knew I would never be happy with the durability level un-polyed white cabinetry had to offer. So that’s when I researched my other color options.
I am a Gemini. And let me just tell you, we are a spontaneous, indecisive and imaginative bunch. And that is why I was basically forced to paint them black. If I had picked any other color, I would have wanted to change it within 48 hours. I knew that black was a great, solid, classic color and that I could change out my accent color whenever I pleased. (Please excuse the lack of a backsplash and the unfinished trim in this photo)

That being said, I ADORE brightly-colored kitchen cabinetry. I am SO envious of those of you who’s kitchens are graced with red or green or yellow cupboards!
But for us Palmers, the color will have to come in the form of dishes and artwork, and that sort of thing. :-)

I have also received a lot of comments asking about the trim we added to the top of the cabinets to make them look taller. You can see in the before picture above, they used to be pretty short and plain. Here’s how Kevin and I did it:

We used the decorative trim to cover the seam between the top of the existing cabinetry and the newly added 1×6. Pretty nifty huh? :-)

And, I’m not sure if you noticed in the video I posted a while back, that I attached mirrors to the backs of the open cabinets. I just took the measurements and had a local frame shop cut them for me. Total was around $60.00, and it really opened up the space. There is, after all, only ONE tiny window in our Kitchen. :-( (Mental note: take a picture of the mirrors sometime in the near future)

And here’s a picture of what is on the top of the fridge today:

I got the birdcage from a little shop here in Prattville called “Main Street Interiors”. The rust-colored bird was a gift from my Mom. It’s actually a tealight candle holder. The candle rests in a shallow hole in its back. The book, called “Give Us Our Dream” was purchased at “Eastbrook Flea Market” in Montgomery, Alabama. Three floors of booth after booth filled with goodies galore! What a fun place that is to shop- highly recommend it! And, last but not least, the topiaries came from Marshalls, a long, long time ago.

I’m sure the next time I post pictures of the kitchen, the top of the fridge will look different. You know us Gemini’s. :-)

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  1. Desiree says

    I have been wrestling with the Black Kitchen Cabinet decision for a week now….My heart says yes…my head says., R U crazy!!!? As a sister Gemini, i truly thank you for your post. Decision made…black it is!
    I will be a nervous wreck til its done!

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