Kitchen Cabinet Makeover (Part One)

Our kitchen cabinet makeover project is officially under way and I am loving this Ultra by Muralo paint!

Painting Kitchen Cabinets | The Lettered Cottage

Ultra by Muralo

We decided to take one chunk at a time, so this week we’re working on the upper cabinets. We started by removing the (8) doors and their hinges.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets | Simply White | Ultra by Muralo Paints

Then we lightly (hand) sanded everything with a sanding block wrapped in 120 grit sandpaper. After that, Kevin cleaned up all the dust with water, and then followed up by wiping everything down with some professional strength lacquer thinner. (That’s what the guys at New Look Decorating recommended doing.) Last but not least, I taped off the walls around the cabinets and we fired up the Wooster brush!

Painting Kitchen Cabinet | Ultra by Muralo

The guys at New Look recommended we brush it on, and so far it’s looking great, but I think I will do the final coat with a small sponge roller today, just to get an even smoother finish.

Painting Kitchen Cabinet | The Lettered Cottage | Ultra by Muralo Paints

We’re painting the doors out on the porch today, too.

Kevin and Layla Palmer

Ya know, in between song and dance breaks. 😉

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover (How To Paint Cabinets)
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  1. Jenni says

    Your kitchen looks amazing!!
    One question:
    Where did you find the rug in front of your stove? It’s really pretty!

  2. Sunny says

    First… intent on information as we are painting our cabinets, second..admiring backsplash (again)
    third…smiling because you two are just too cute!

  3. Jen says

    Can’t wait to see your finished kitchen. So far it looks amazing! What is the paint color of your kitchen walls?

  4. says

    I absolutely am in love with your backsplash too. We have white cabinets and a brownish granite countertop. I can’t wait to see how your backsplash looks when your cabinets are done (becuase I might want the same backsplash). Everything looks fabulous so far!

  5. Chella says

    I know you are sooooo busy so I hate to ask but …. Can you please do another Pick My Pesto …. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them – they are just so amazing!

  6. Courtney Horvath says

    Your kitchen is looking beautiful! Thank you so much for the paint recommendation, but on their website it is showing that it is not available in Texas. :-( I was really excited about the “tile like finish” as I need to paint my kitchen cabinets desperately and did not have good luck with the last paint I tried on them.

    Do you perhaps have a secondary recommendation for a good white paint for kitchen cabinets if Muralo is not available in our area? Thank you!

  7. says

    I just love seeing your makeovers come together – always so lovely and fresh! I also love how cute you two are together – something that will only be made sweeter with the addition of your little one in the months ahead : ) Praying the time passes quickly…

  8. says

    Love the new color already!! My cabinets are the same color as your “before” and I’m working on a new color project too! Can’t wait to see the finished look!

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