• Kitchen Cabinet Makeover (Part One)

    Our kitchen cabinet makeover project is officially under way and I am loving this Ultra by Muralo paint!

    Painting Kitchen Cabinets | The Lettered Cottage

    Ultra by Muralo

    We decided to take one chunk at a time, so this week we’re working on the upper cabinets. We started by removing the (8) doors and their hinges.

    Painting Kitchen Cabinets | Simply White | Ultra by Muralo Paints

    Then we lightly (hand) sanded everything with a sanding block wrapped in 120 grit sandpaper. After that, Kevin cleaned up all the dust with water, and then followed up by wiping everything down with some professional strength lacquer thinner. (That’s what the guys at New Look Decorating recommended doing.) Last but not least, I taped off the walls around the cabinets and we fired up the Wooster brush!

    Painting Kitchen Cabinet | Ultra by Muralo

    The guys at New Look recommended we brush it on, and so far it’s looking great, but I think I will do the final coat with a small sponge roller today, just to get an even smoother finish.

    Painting Kitchen Cabinet | The Lettered Cottage | Ultra by Muralo Paints

    We’re painting the doors out on the porch today, too.

    Kevin and Layla Palmer

    Ya know, in between song and dance breaks. ;-)

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