Kitchen Cabinet Makeover (Part One)

Our kitchen cabinet makeover project is officially under way and I am loving this Ultra by Muralo paint!

Painting Kitchen Cabinets | The Lettered Cottage

Ultra by Muralo

We decided to take one chunk at a time, so this week we’re working on the upper cabinets. We started by removing the (8) doors and their hinges.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets | Simply White | Ultra by Muralo Paints

Then we lightly (hand) sanded everything with a sanding block wrapped in 120 grit sandpaper. After that, Kevin cleaned up all the dust with water, and then followed up by wiping everything down with some professional strength lacquer thinner. (That’s what the guys at New Look Decorating recommended doing.) Last but not least, I taped off the walls around the cabinets and we fired up the Wooster brush!

Painting Kitchen Cabinet | Ultra by Muralo

The guys at New Look recommended we brush it on, and so far it’s looking great, but I think I will do the final coat with a small sponge roller today, just to get an even smoother finish.

Painting Kitchen Cabinet | The Lettered Cottage | Ultra by Muralo Paints

We’re painting the doors out on the porch today, too.

Kevin and Layla Palmer

Ya know, in between song and dance breaks. 😉

Kitchen Cabinet Makeover (How To Paint Cabinets)
How To Create A Wall Grouping

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  1. says

    How does it happen that even your stacks of dishes look like art? Must be the artist. Color me in admiration.

  2. says

    Loving your kitchen remodel. I’m having my cabinets painted white in two weeks and can’t wait. Going to be doing the bathroom ones myself though so I’ve been enjoying your tips! Can’t wait to see the final finish!

  3. says

    This sounds like amazing paint….sadly it’s not carried here in California.
    I can’t wait to see the next step in your kitchen project. I ALWAYS love seeing what you two doing.

  4. Jen says

    You two are so adorable…and it looks like your kitchen will be as well! Can’t wait to see it done :)

  5. pamela says

    Hey Layla! Kitchen is looking great! But I need to know about your shoes 😛 I love them!

    • Kris says

      They look like Skechers GoWalk shoes to me–I have 2 pair and absolutely love them. So comfy. Combining fashion and function is the best!

      And I love the cabinets as well.

        • Tyra says

          Exactly what I was going to comment on too! Figured someone else had to ask though lol

          LOVE the cabinets, they look awesome! I would so love to paint ours, but they are beautiful oak, mind you, a bit 90’s builder, but the whole house has solid oak trim and doors. The hubby won’t let me touch them lol

  6. Jen P says

    Looking good!!!

    I wanted your opinion. I’m dying to paint my cabinets white. They are those terrible honey oak, college apartment quality cabinets. Just terrible. A few people have said they think the cabinets would look nice painted white but have complained that they think it looks back when the inside of the cabinets are still the original color. I can see from these pictures that the inside of your cabinets are already white. I wish!

    What is your take? Should I leave them, paint them, paint the inside too? I personally don’t think it looks bad to have wood on the inside boxes, but I’m thinking for resale.

    Thank you! Love your blog!

    • Robin says

      I used the Ultra Muralo on my kitchen cabinets last summer. New Look did recommend priming the cabinets with BIN before using the paint, even though the instructions did not require that you do so. And even after priming, I have had a couple of places that have had to be touched up since painting them. The nice part about the paint is that it’s water base and easy to clean up,and I LOVE the flat finish I was able to get; however, it does not have the “sticking” power that oil base paint provides. Just FYI!

    • Angela says

      Wooster is a brand name. They make brushes as well as other painting supplies.

  7. Juli P says

    Did you use a different paint on the interior of the cabinets? just curious why you have it taped off?

  8. Angela says

    I love white kitchens!!! Also loving those beautiful blue bowls. Where did you find them?

  9. Emily Jones says

    Hey Layla! Your kitchen looks better already! Love the white cabinets with the new backsplash yall installed! So beautiful! I have a question for you – are your cabinets solid wood? I want to paint my maple cabinets white too. The doors are solid wood but the boxes themselves are particle board with a thin laminated veneer on top. I’m just wondering how they would paint and if it’s something I could do myself. There aren’t that many cabinets. Would you recommend painting them if they aren’t solid wood?
    Thanks so much!

    • Layla says

      Hi Emily!

      I think the sides of ours are veneered wood too. We just sanded it, cleaned it, and painted right over it! :-)

  10. Lori says

    I wish this awesome-sounding paint was available in my area. Perhaps on our road trip back home to GA this summer we can find a dealer between here and there. Big bummer for sure on the few dealers in the southeast.

    Any recommendations for a more-widely available paint with similar features?

    By the way, your kitchen is going to be incredible! :)

  11. Carol says

    I’m a little confused Layla. Is this your kitchen? It does not look like the one in your house tour.

    • Layla says

      Hi Carol!

      You might be looking at our old house photos. We moved in October of 2012 and you can see before photos of our new place by clicking on the links on that same page. :-)

      • hello haha narf says

        wait. you moved in october of 2012? i had followed you at least a year + before you moved. that can’t be right?!
        sheesh, time flies when you enjoy someone’s blog, eh?

        • Layla says

          Yep, October of 2012 it was! Time sure does fly, doesn’t it. Except when it comes to our adoption process, it seems!

  12. Laurie says

    The white paint with the backsplash is just beautiful and oh so cheery. Love the song and dance photos and everything about your joyful blog : ) I need to sing and dance more while going about my day. You guys are adorable!

  13. Colette J. says

    I can’t wait to do my kitchen. You guys are such an inspiration and you have great taste!

  14. says

    We used Muralo paint from New Look last spring when we painted our cabinets and we have been so pleased! Even with three little ones banging things into the cabinets on a regular basis the paint has held up extremely well with just the tiniest of touch-ups. And that was with no sanding or priming! I think you’ll be very happy with the final product! :) And – I love the white you’ve chosen!

  15. Heidi says

    I’ve been debating whether to paint my wood cabinets white or not. I think you have convinced me! Absolutely LOVE the tile……oh, and your shoes!

  16. Deborah says

    Layla, so happy to get your updates again. Love how the kitchen is progressing. The music and dancing are a must!

  17. says

    It’s looking gorgeous! And so are you, in the blue shirt that matches the painter’s tape and the bowls. Lol.
    It would be so perfect to hear the song your husband is playing, while reading the blog.

  18. Jan says

    Looks great! Was wondering why you emptied the cabinets. I realized the sanding dust would get on them. Look forward to the next step.

    • Layla says

      Thanks, Jan! Yep- the stuff had to go so we could get in there and make a little mess the other day. 😀 Everything is cleaned up and back in place now, and I look forward to sharing another update tomorrow! XO

  19. Maryjane from MB says

    THANK YOU, thank you, thank you…

    I love how you can take colours that I’d NEVER pick on my own and show me the beauty of them together. Thank you.

    I love your back porch. I have always (that should be in bold) wanted to have a back porch one day! Thank you that I can enjoy it vicariously through you two! I appreciate you sharing. :) You’re awesome.

    I love that you guys can already wear shorts!!! Its only 48-degrees-F here today. However the sun is shining so there’s a sense of optimism all over. Thank you for wearing shorts…I’m living through you guys. :) Our winter was long and really cold so we’re all very anxious for shorts-weather. Thank you for sharing.

    I also hope to look as pretty as you when I’m in the middle of renovations one day. 😀 Ooh, and have a fabulous man by my side. That’s another brilliant idea. Layla you are such a lucky lady! 😀 Thank you for such a beautiful blog to start my day!

    I’m so happy for you guys that you are being allowed extra time to really shape your home into your vision before your wonderful little one comes home to stay. What a blessing in disguise, eh? Then you’ll be able to totally soak up each second with Sweet P.

    I’m simply adoring you both this morning and sending vibes of happiness and enjoyment your way! All the very best to you both!

    Happy dancing with you in MB, Canada!

    • Layla says

      You are just the sweetest, Maryjane! Thank you for always brightening my day here. Reading your comments always feels like a hug from a friend! XO

  20. Jenni says

    Your kitchen looks amazing!!
    One question:
    Where did you find the rug in front of your stove? It’s really pretty!

  21. Sunny says

    First… intent on information as we are painting our cabinets, second..admiring backsplash (again)
    third…smiling because you two are just too cute!

  22. Jen says

    Can’t wait to see your finished kitchen. So far it looks amazing! What is the paint color of your kitchen walls?

  23. says

    I absolutely am in love with your backsplash too. We have white cabinets and a brownish granite countertop. I can’t wait to see how your backsplash looks when your cabinets are done (becuase I might want the same backsplash). Everything looks fabulous so far!

  24. Chella says

    I know you are sooooo busy so I hate to ask but …. Can you please do another Pick My Pesto …. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them – they are just so amazing!

  25. Courtney Horvath says

    Your kitchen is looking beautiful! Thank you so much for the paint recommendation, but on their website it is showing that it is not available in Texas. :-( I was really excited about the “tile like finish” as I need to paint my kitchen cabinets desperately and did not have good luck with the last paint I tried on them.

    Do you perhaps have a secondary recommendation for a good white paint for kitchen cabinets if Muralo is not available in our area? Thank you!

  26. says

    I just love seeing your makeovers come together – always so lovely and fresh! I also love how cute you two are together – something that will only be made sweeter with the addition of your little one in the months ahead : ) Praying the time passes quickly…

  27. says

    Love the new color already!! My cabinets are the same color as your “before” and I’m working on a new color project too! Can’t wait to see the finished look!