Kitchen Cabinet Makeover (How To Paint Cabinets)

Happy Friday!

Now that I’m done painting the upper cabinets, I thought I’d share some tips I found helpful along the way. As far as tools go, I used these little plastic pyramids to hold my doors while I painted them:

painters pyramids

I also used a high quality paint brush (Wooster and Purdy brushes are my favorite) and a mini roller with a head made for smooth surfaces.

Best Paintbrush and Roller

In hindsight, I wish I had used a sponge head because I think I would’ve gotten an even smoother finish, but like I told Kevin this morning, “they’re not perfect, but they’re painted!” :-)

As far as the doors go, I highly recommend painting the back of each door first. That way, the front side (the side that will get seen the most) will be the last thing you paint. I started by painting the recessed edges on the back side of each door with a paint brush because it’s easier to get into those areas with a brush then it is with a roller. Then, after I had all the recessed edges painted, I used my mini roller to paint the flat parts of each door. Doing it in this order is the best way to go if you’re looking for a smooth finish with minimal brush marks. Also, the key to the roller is to not over load it. It’s better to do several super thin coats than to glob on a couple of thick ones.

Cabinet painting tips

Once the backs were coated (four times), I flipped the doors and did the same thing on the front sides.

We’re putting the doors back on this morning (they’re closed for this photo, but we’re going to leave them open til Monday), and then I’ll get started on the base cabinets.

Painting Kitchen Cabinets | Simply White | Benjamin Moore Color | Ultra by Muralo Paintes

Truth be told, I’m pretty excited about the being able to sit down while I paint this time. 😉 #PaintingUpperCabinetsIsn’tMyFavorite

PS- You can read about the type of paint we’re using HERE, and for up-to-the-minute kitchen makeover updates, join me on Instagram!

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  1. says

    Wow! They look great. Look at all the light now in your kitchen. Gorgeous with your backsplash. Thanks for all the tips. We’ll be painting our cupboards at some point…Not to the kitchen yet…

  2. Kate says

    Don’t beat yourself up about the choice of your roller. I wanted a smooth finish on my doors (I live in a 1928 Cotswold Tudor). At first I used a velour roller to give me the smoothest of smooth….well, the velour roller, just like the highest quality sponge rollers produce foam!!! What a mess. I wiped off as much of my BM Aura satin gloss paint as I could, waited for it to dry so I could prep the doors again and went at it. Like yourself I have a Wooster brush and Wooster extremely low nap roller. The results were great. However, were I to do this over again I would use BM water borne oil – Advance. I did use the Advance in a upstairs small conservatory on all the woodwork and doors. The results were exquisite. Kate

    P.s. love your kitchen.

  3. CLynn says

    I plan to paint our kitchen cabinets in August. Can you tell me what color white you used for your cabinets? I looked through the posts but couldn’t find the actual shade name. (Apologies if I missed it somewhere!!) We have BM Chantilly Lace in adjoining living room cabinetry and kitchen trim. I also plan to paint the kitchen walls SW Sea Salt. Thanks!! :-)

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