Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one in the world who would spend 8 months deciding which cabinet knobs and pulls to use on their kitchen cabinets.
First I thought I wanted to use glass knobs, so I bought a sample of each of these:

The one on the left is $9.00, the one in the middle is $3.76 and the one on the right is $3.76 ( I went back and forth on oil rubbed bronze bases, or satin nickel, or polished chrome. Last week I finally decided on satin nickel. (Don’t ask me why, or I’ll start to doubt myself again) THEN, I changed my mind about the glass when I saw these on Ebay for 89 cents a piece:

So I ordered sixteen of them and I think they look pretty good, don’t you? :-)
(This picture will give you a clue as to what color I painted my kitchen cabinets!)

Guest Bedroom Renovation
Living Room - During

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  1. Renna says

    Trust me, you are not the only one in the world like that! 😉 I still have mismatched knobs on my kitchen cabinets, and have had for over a year because I simply cannot make up my mind!

    In the picture, I thought the two less expensive glass knobs were every bit as pretty as the one which was nearly three times the cost.

  2. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality says

    They do look great! I liked the glass ones too. I ordered some black matte ones off Ebay for the kitchen & the finish is coming off, so I’m not too happy about that. I may have to replace them eventually, cause they were cheap. It’s only the knobs that are touched constantly that are wearing, so I’ve spray painted them, but that doesn’t last.


  3. Claire says

    What a great deal! Kudos to you! I’ve been pondering kitchen hardware for 2 years. My problem is I can’t go with knobs. They have to be handles and I have to find matching hinges as they’re exposed on my cabinets. I need 40 handles in the kitchen alone. Gaah!

  4. Marc says

    OMG, on three different occasions I attempted to pick knobs for my cabinets, each time spending hours pouring over photos of various knobs for my cabinets! I thought I was crazy (maybe I am.) And wouldn’t you know, I picked THE SAME EXACT KNOBS!!! I bookmarked them and was ready to spend about $5 per knob and now will buy them on eBay. What a great reinforcement your selection has been and even better that I can save some dough on eBay. Thanks! Now it’s onto knobs for three bathroom cabinets and selecting the “perfect” mailbox!!!!

    (Love your site BTW!)

  5. Jenny B. says

    Hi Layla! I don’t know if you read comments on OLD blog posts or not, but I just had to comment and say that I’ve been trying to choose cabinet knobs and pulls for our kitchen for the past TEN YEARS. I bought a couple today, but I’m going to use them on our entry table, and not in the kitchen. Our whole kitchen is out of date now, though, so I think we’re going to have to paint it before I really get to pick out knobs. So, you should feel pretty successful at only taking 8 months to decide! Ha! :)