Kitchen Cabinet Details

My Kitchen only has ONE little, tiny window in it (above the sink), so when I painted my cabinets, I decided to have some mirror cut to adhere (using velcro) to the inside/backs of the open cabinets.

I needed six pieces of mirror, and got them cut at a local picture framing company for $10 a piece. It has really helped open up the space, and kind of tricks you into thinking there are more windows. Sneaky, huh? :-)

I lined the cabinets with a rubbery, black shelf liner material, (from Walmart) so the dishes would have a soft landing when unloading them from the dishwasher.

I added this little piece of trim around the cabinets that I took the doors off of, to make sure the lack of doors looked very intentional. I didn’t want it to look like I was just too lazy to paint and re-install the doors. It took a little more time to do this step, but I think it was well worth the extra work, and gives the open cabinetry a nice, finished look.

Thought I’d share of few more of my favorite bargain shopping finds again today…

I found this set of 12 little tiny wine glasses (they’re only about 5 inches tall) at a flea market (that’s inside of an old barn….heaven) for $6.00! Aren’t they precious! They’re one of my most favorite possessions. :-)

I got this mirror at Pier One on clearance for $60 (marked down from $250) last year.
Still haven’t decided where it’s going to hang. Love the grooves. Just not sure about its color or if it needs extra trim around the opening where the mirror is.

Well, I’m off to work on a product for It’s my favorite one so far…so excited to show ya’ll! The website is coming along. The antibiotics I’m taking make me kind of sleepy, so I’m only able to stare at this computer for so long these days. I will be SOOO happy when this sickness goes away! :-(

Til tomorrow….

Kitchen Cabinet Baskets
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  1. says

    Love your house- you have done a gorgeous job!! We can’t wait to see more!

  2. Lacy says

    The mirrors look so clean and classy! Just wanted to check and see if you still have the Pottery Barn numbers and recived my info?Hope your meds are working:)

  3. Marie says

    LOVE your blog.. Keep the pictures coming ,your SO inspiring.
    Have you done anything with your black
    entertainment center yet, you said in a post that it wasn’t “styled” yet?
    I have one just like it.. can’t wait to see pics!

  4. new every morning says

    It is amazing what a difference a mirror can make. I love how you used it in the back of your cabinets.
    We put one up as the backsplash to our stove. The wall was dark and when we built the house, tile wasn’t in the budget. So, a mirror was the answer!

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