Kitchen Cabinet Baskets

The blinds I’m using throughout the house look like this:

So what happens when you find baskets (at IKEA) that perfectly fit the openings of your kitchen cabinets that look like this?

Well, you paint them with three different colors of acrylic paint and spray them with a glossy clear coat of course!

Here’s a photo of when I had painted two of the baskets, and the bottom one is still unfinished:

Still no backsplash, no accesories, no hanging light fixtures, no rugs, no stainless steel appliances, and STILL haven’t finished trimming out the tops of the cabinets…but here’s another look at the kitchen in it’s current state:

Kitchen Layout
Kitchen Cabinet Details

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  1. Amy says

    ohmigosh!!!! please do share your technique on how to make those light-colored (i.e. not-so-pretty) baskets look like THAT!!! You did an amazing job!!! thanks!

  2. paperjunk-lc says

    Who knew you could paint wicker w/o spraying it! It looks great can’t wait for the finished project.

  3. sandra/tx says

    Great job on those baskets. Yep, paint ’em. That’s what ya do. Your kitchen’s looking great.

  4. Dreaming of Mermaids says

    WOW! It’s all beautiful! Lots and lots of gorgeous design going on in your home. Love it all! Get well!

  5. Liz says

    Oh Layla! Your whole house is just evolving into something so breathtaking! I adore your style and LONG for a screen door in my house now. :)

  6. Laurel MacD says

    They look great – you are an inspiration. There is ALWAYS more work and projects to do, isn’t there?

  7. niartist says

    Those baskets add such a fresh look to the space, and I am in love with those cabinets. We have open top cupboards too, and I’ve never really thought of using baskets to maintain some of the visual mess. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Emily@Remodelingthislife says

    OH my goodness you don’t need that list of stuff! It is gorgeous as is!! Love the baskets.

  9. Kimba says

    Those look fantastic! I never would have guessed that they didn’t come that way. Great job!

  10. Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality says

    It's all coming together so well! And I would have done the exact same thing to those baskets. The power of paint is huge.

    Hope you are getting well this week…we have lots to do & see on Monday.

  11. Kymm says

    Beautiful as usual!! I can’t wait to see what you do on HGTV, you’ve got my vote!

  12. Natalie says

    I’m officially a follower now in hopes that you post a tutorial. They look fantastic.


    How pretty love it….I love your blog it’s always got something great to look at…. thanks for sharing .. Toni

  14. Jersey Girl in DC says

    I love those Ikea baskets so much more after you’ve painted them. I’ve walked past those in the store a few times and now I would actually consider them with the possibility of painting them. Thank you so much for sharing this idea! :)

    – Jennifer

  15. Beverly says

    You are brilliant! I’m so glad I found your blog … I love your very imaginative ideas and that you share them with us. In today’s world, we need all the help we can get.

    And your HGTV video is so cute … I’ve voted at least twice, maybe more.

  16. Chris says

    Paint? Really? Did you water it down to get the transparency? Do explain. Also, am I crazy or have we never seen the other side of your kitchen? What’s over there? 70’s wallpaper and avocado trim? Must know.

  17. Inspired Kara says

    Just love this kitchen every time I see it. And LOVE The baskets. Did you water the paint down at all??

  18. Debbie @ says

    Great job. Love those baskets and the kitchen. You have done a great job, but you make it look easy…like it was supposed to always be that way. I like that.

  19. M.L. @ The House of Whimsy says

    What a “WOW” statement!! The whole kitchen is shaping up to be completely amazing!

  20. Lorie says

    Those look great! I have often NOT bought those baskets (even though they would work perfectly for what I want them for) because they are NOT cute!

    But now they are!!


    please share the colors you used…they are gorgeous! they are just like your blinds…

  22. angela | the painted house says

    Well, aren’t you a smart cookie! Nothing like being frugal and ingenuitive and still getting what you want. That is always a good day.

    Girl, I hope you are feeling better.

    I’d love to come have coffee with you in that pretty kitchen.

  23. Cindy ~ My Romantic Home says

    Those baskets look great! They don’t even look like they’ve been painted! I posted a cabinet today that I also painted with three different colors! It really makes a difference in giving things more depth and not that flat painted look!

  24. Anonymous says

    Could you, would you, please, explain the process of painting your cabinets? I have never undertaken such a project of painting furniture/cabinets. Is the paint flat or shiny? How exactly do you distress? What do you put on as the top coat.

    Your whole house is lovely. I’ve have enjoyed every one of your posts. Thank you so much.

  25. Me says

    I am so lovin’ it!!!! Now me? I would get in the spray paint section and spend thirty minutes debating with myself which colors would work well. Then I’d talk myself out of trying it and leave thinking “I’ll tackle that later” argh!

  26. Kat says

    Perfect solution Layla! The kitchen looks fabulous. I need to make a decision on a backsplash soon.

  27. Susie Harris says

    What a great job on those baskets! Looks like you bought them just that way…..perfect! Your kitchen is turning out beautiful. It’s nice to see it step by step~

  28. new every morning says

    I have some light colored straw baskets that I need to do something with … you’ve inspired me!

  29. Karin Katherine says

    I just had no idea that was even possible—painting those baskets and spraying glossy finish on them. I am so going to steal that idea.

  30. DAL says

    I just discovered your website…love it all. It cracked me up that you would redo your rooms so often…is this so that you have new photographs and material for your site…or because this is what you do? I always thought that when you did a room, it was done for like 20 years. W-O-W was I wrong!
    LOVE those baskets too. I’ve whitewashed wicker before but your tecchnique is beautiful.

  31. Kerry says

    Hi Layla;) could you please let me know what paint colors you used for the baskets;) I need my baskets to look just like yours;) that’s the color I am after! Thanks;)

  32. rebecca snodrochen says

    PLEASE TELL US HOW TO PAINT THESE BASKETS…if only just the colors you used…PLEASE!!!!!

  33. rebecca snodrochen says

    I am getting ready to paint my baskets to look like yours. Can you tell us what colors and brand of paint you used?
    Any hints would be ever so helpful!!

    • Layla says

      Gosh, I can’t remember what brands they were, but it was just a few different tubes of umber colored craft paint (acrylic). Hope that helps! :-)