Kitchen Brick

Remember when we “guested that nest” on Upper Kingston Road?

I’ve been thinking about those reclaimed brick floors in the hallway off their kitchen ever since!

The homeowner told us they were actually thin slices of salvaged brick, and that you install them just like you install regular tile flooring.

And now that the living and dining room floors are done…

…it’s almost time to rip out the ugly, stained old tile currently covering our kitchen floor and replace it with something we love.

So the question du jour: To brick, or not to brick?

Whaddya think?



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    • Ann says

      Looks great in pictures….real life means spills and washing..I think it could be prettty miserable to keep up with children and pets. Sorry about the downer opinion…just trying to look at it realistic.

  1. Jen M says

    I like the look, but I think they would be really hard to clean, especially in a kitchen when typically we want evertything as clean as possible.

      • says

        Again, another killjoy. I love, love, love the look and want the same in my home. But, if you cook a lot or have animals, it’s a pain to clean. I had friends in college with reclaimed brick flooring and their mom always complained about it. It sure was beautiful, though!

        • kathy h says

          I’m with them. They are absolutely beautiful, but I can just imagine how difficult they would be to clean. I bet they’d hide a lot of dirt though.

          • says

            I KNOW. I have had tile, wood, even linoleum, AND BRICK in my kitchen through the years. The brick is my favorite “look” and by FAR the WORST to keep clean. It’s very difficult to keep spills and food from sticking and staining – and yes, we sealed the brick. Also, every single grain of sand and dirt seems to settle in all the cracks and grooves. Sorry to be so negative, but I lived it.

          • says

            I love the look too, but I also worry that things would shatter more easily when dropped maybe? (my husband drops a crazy amount of dishes, so this is of great concern to me!)

    • Natalie B. says

      and if you love to cook…standing on a rough and hard surface like that might make for some tired little piggies or back! Just a thought!

      • Kelly C. says

        That was my first thought. I love to cook & standing on that for several hours would probably really hurt. It is beautiful though!

        • says

          They are really hard on the back in a kitchen area. Trust. Unless a kitchen is just for show and not high traffic function, it can be a tough compromise.

    • Brenda Bucher says

      They are beautiful and unique. I agree that they would be really hard to clean. How about using them around your stove for a rustic look? Cleaning the bricks in that location would be much easier. Let us know what you decide!

  2. says

    i absolutely love, love, LOVE brick floors in a home, but personally i would hesitate to put them in a kitchen for two reasons: cleaning spilled stuff out of grout isn’t always fun and dropping glass / ceramic / china is usually disastrous due to the rough edges (even with wood or smoother tile or whatever there is a chance of the item not breaking, but brick will get you every damn time). any other room? oh yes!
    just my two cents.
    can’t wait to see how the kitchen turns out with whatever you decide!

  3. says

    I think those look awesome! but the previous poster makes a good point about cleaning, though I can’t imagine it would be any harder to clean than a backsplash?

  4. Tina says

    Soap and water all over the place and then moppit up… presto* its clean… That is how you can clean that brick floor… I think it would turn out fantastic. Hope you go for it…

      • says

        There are a few amazing products out now that seal grout to make it easier to clean, so that may be an option…mind you…it’s still easier to clean a back splash than a floor, as the dirt on the floor can get really ground in.

        What about brick the area by your back door?

        I’m really torn, as I LOVE the look of brick, but would hesitate to use it in the kitchen for the exact cleaning reasons others have mentioned.

  5. Cindy says

    Layla and Kevin: While I love the look of brick floors, I have to agree with the previous posters when it comes to cleaning the floors. Would you consider installing brick floors in a back hall?

  6. Kim H. says

    It looks amazing! I’m wondering if it would be practical though… cleaning and such.. and with little ones running around, would it be safe? My kid tends to slide ride off the porch every now and then and those bricks leave some nasty scrapes…. I suppose there would be a way to smooth it out… very pretty though :)

  7. as UNIQUE as ye and he!! I love....and the rest of your home too! says

    yes yes yes! beautiful, indestructible, historical (you will be using old brick..yes?), easy maintenance and as UNIQUE as ye and he. I love…and the rest of your home too!

  8. Lisa says

    No, no, no, not for a kitchen. If you must use something that requires grout (I would not), the grout lines should be ultra-thin. It doesn’t matter how thoroughly you clean or how often you reseal it, the grout will be your dirty, bacteria infested nightmare. It would be ok elsewhere, but not in the kitchen. I do like the look though.

    • Saraj says

      I agree with you about grout lines for tile and such! However, with the way we installed our brick floor the grout lines are as smooth as a hardwood floor, because you poly over the top of the bricks/grout about 5-8 times afterwards.

      • Linda Matson says

        We recently had our bathroom tiled. There is now something they mix with the grout that makes it seal and keeps it mold proof. Wouldn’t you use cement on a brick floor, though?

  9. Saraj says

    I have a brick floor in my kitchen and I absolutely LOVE it. It looks as good today as it did 8 years ago, and it never looks dirty! Installation is a bit of a bear, at least 5 coats of poly-(whatever you want) but looks incredible afterwards and keeps it up day after day. I say, go for it!

    • Brooke Payne says

      Saraj sounds like she is a good example of what you could do to keep it clean. A good vacumn, dark grout, and once in a while a scrub down and suck up with the shop vac. I have six kiddos and I think brick in the entry and kitchen would make clean less worrisome. If I don’t feel or see it too much I don’t stress about it. Every floor is gonna be dirty.
      sounds neato!

  10. Susie says

    Brick would no doubt be beautiful, but I would shy away from it for not only the above reasons, but mostly because it is really hard on your feet. You could always put a foamy kitchen rug under the sink or stove, but a kitchen is such a high traffic area.

  11. Meredith says

    I LOVE the bricks! Go for it. No matter what flooring you use it will get dirty and things get dropped and broken. And I don’t care what kind of grout you have, if you have grout, it gets dirty. DO it!!!

  12. Doreen says

    yes yes yes! beautiful, indestructible, historical (you will be using old brick…yes?), easy maintenance and as UNIQUE as ye and he! I love…and the rest of you home too!

  13. says

    I love these! They are very warm and home-y. I think they would be especially great this time of year – they make me think of the warmth of Christmas time and Thanksgiving when family gets together and you are reminded of the beauty of simplicity. It’s funny that floors can remind someone of so much but they are really beautiful and old, which I think is why I like them so much. I agree that they would be hard to clean, but I think if you did it properly, you would have no problems and they would be worth a little extra cleaning effort.

  14. Carol says

    We have brick floors in our kitchen, I LOVE the look of them, but they have different thicknesses, so it is hard on our feet! We have a few that stick up quite a bit higher than the others and I am constantly tripping over them. So if you decide to go with brick, make sure you really try to lay them evenly so it’s easier on your feet. We got ours at Lowes, they look like reclaimed brick but are the thickness of tile.

  15. karen says

    i don’t know how cleaning would be…you’d need to steam clean them often. but if anyone could get away with it…it would be you guys!! i say go for it!

  16. says

    I’m not a huge fan of the redder brick, but the one in that first inspiration picture is absolutely gorgeous. Do it! We have an open concept house and we didn’t really want to switch our flooring in between the kitchen and the living room and break up the flow, but if our next house is different, I’m definitely filing this idea away!

  17. Frances says

    A friend of mine remodeled her 2nd home, which was 100+ years old. They did brick in their kitchen. They actually found the brick tiles at Lowes, I believe. Turned out amazing! Plus, she loved how hey never “looked” dirty. Good luck- I think it’s a fantastic idea!

  18. says

    LOVE the brick!! But since you’re undecided, I’m going to let you come and practice at my house first–you know, just so you can be sure. ;)

    • Stephanie says

      From a decorating point of view, I LOVE THE BRICK! I have a thing for reclaimed items. So the decorator in me yells Brick!
      From a homemaker’s, mother of five children and pet owner point of view, I would seriously weigh out the pro’s and cons of the brick. While it is beautiful, and it makes me swoon, How will a brick floor be for say when you have children in your home, I am not sure how a baby learning to crawl, may enjoy the brick work on their tiny knees. Also to consider, (since I am ADD with decor) how hard will this be to replace when or if you tire of it? Just make sure the choice was made with the future in mind, not just the now!
      Whatever you choose, I’m sure it will look absolutely beautiful!

  19. says

    Brick looks fantastic BUT (I had brick in my old house) I wanted to shoot myself when it came time to clean…..we have dogs & kids & OMG the dirt would just SIT in the crevices & drive me crazy…I’m sure there is something though you could “overcoat/seal” with to help with that! Fun Fun getting new floors! :)

  20. Nancy says

    My concern was for little baby knees and feet on the rough surface, as well as the cleaning, but I guess the multi-coats of poly would take care of both problems.

  21. says

    What are you asking us for? You’re the ones with the great taste! Trust your gut. It’s gotten you this far. However….SO cool! :)

  22. Angie says

    I love it! Especially in that first kitchen picture. I think you’ll have to carefully select the brick though. I don’t know if I’d like the orangey toned bricks with grey cabinets.

  23. Gracie says

    We have brick in our kitchen, hallway, and bathroom. I thought it was pretty cool when we first moved in, but now I really hate it and wish we could replace it with something else. For starters, it is really hard to keep clean. Our brick is not completely smooth and has these little crevices that drive me crazy. Dirt likes to hide down in those and unless I get down with a scrubber I can’t get it out with just a mop. Secondly, I hated it when our kids were babies. They would get little cuts and scrapes on their knees when they were crawling.

  24. says

    Since you are considering adding to your family, think about if you had an infant or toddler in a room with brick floors. Scrapes galore! And, having grown up in a kitchen with brick: PITA to clean, for real. One KoolAid incident from childhood is forever remembered in the middle of the kitchen as a purple splotch. And ours were sealed. What about doing the back porch/sunroom brick? Or how about carrying the hardwoods into the kitchen?

  25. Tonya Bryant says

    I think they look great….but if your future little ones are crawling around it would be rough on the knees!

  26. says

    My favorite floor of all time is brick! I love the look! BUT, I would probably never install it in my kitchen for several reasons. Number one, I LOVE to cook and I am ALWAYS standing in my kitchen. If I installed a brick or tile floor in our kitchen remodel, I knew it would have killed my back. Secondly, we have three rough and tumble boys. There is always someone tripping or wrestling each other. A bonk to the head on a brick floor could be serious stuff. (I already have it bad here, because we are on a first name basis with the ER staff. No need to add to it! They REALLY are rough and tumble!) Thirdly, keeping it clean. Unless there is a special heavy duty sealer I would hate to clean a brick floor in a kitchen. I know you two have adoption in your future and let me tell you, the stuff that gets on your floor from kids…. yeesh! It would be almost impossible to get that brick clean.

    Sorry, I hardly ever post here and when I finally do, it sounds so negative! I would hate to see you spend the money and a year down the road regret your decision!!!

  27. says

    Absolutely love the look of brick on the floor and am considering it for my sunroom, but in the kitchen my concern is that I’ve heard it’s really hard to stand on for long periods of time, read that in a decorating mag. But I don’t know why that would be any different than standing on a tile floor.

  28. Tamara says

    I’m going to agree with the above posters! Looks awesome, but maybe not on the floor. Backsplash perhaps? Cleaning that floor would be very difficult….especially with kids around.

  29. says

    Love the brick look, but it seems so impractical with kids. Everything about your house is beautiful but practical and this just may not be a great decision. If you can be sure they are well-sealed and the grout can be cleaned then go for it though. It’s beautiful.

  30. says

    LOVE the look of brick. I think it just depends on whether you are a clean freak. I have beautiful slate floors in my kitchen. The downside is (and I would think it would be the same thing with
    brick) that they are uneven. They are terrible to clean … sweep no way! … even vacuuming is questionable, there are so many nooks and crannies. Also very had to stand on if you are cooking for a long time. Look nice but reall not practical.

  31. says

    If it’s easy to clean, brick it up! The inspiration pics above are lovely! Brick, brick, brick! (Unless, of course, it would be a cleaning nightmare. Then you might regret it every time you try to clean. And that would be sad. And dirty. And sad.)

  32. says

    Go for it! After all, you’re the one who’s always telling us to put things in our homes that we absolutely love, even if others don’t think it’s quite right. These pics are gorgeous – so do what your gut tells you to do.

  33. says

    yes brick! i love it layed in that heringbone pattern in the third picture. i have zero experience with it though so i cant say how it would hold up to life but it looks amazing.

  34. says

    It is so beautiful, but cleaning grout is a nightmare! Cleaning the grout in our ceramic tiled kitchen floor is the bane of my existence and it’s even sealed. It definitely would look amazing though, if you don’t mind the extra cleaning. Do what makes YOU happy! :)

  35. says

    absolutely ! brick! I want to add brick to my kitchen , but, by building a huge fireplace. possibly a working fireplace that I can cook in (for fun, mostly.) Maybe with a place to bake pizzas….ahhhh…that’s my dream. Have you seen Paula Deen’s kitchen? to die for!

  36. Karen says

    I know a lot of people who have brick floors in their kitchen. Most of them will have a clear sealant applied over the top which gives it a low gloss but also makes it easier to clean and keeps the grout from chipping out.

    • Jennifer says

      The people that I know with brick floors absonlutely love them! Like you said, they have a thick coating of a clear sealant applied over both the brick and the grout. It helps even the surface as well as keep all the crud that builds up on grout. I say go for it. If sealed it is no worse on you feet (or little knees) than tile and easier to keep clean.

  37. says

    My parents lives in a house built in 1832 with an English Basement — meaning all brick floors — so the downstairs Kitchen obviously has brick floors. I love them in their house – they are absolutely beautiful! But there are some drawbacks… if you drop a glass, plate, bowl, etc., it’s history. Brick floors are very unforgiving. They are also cool to cold under your feet all year long. In the Summertime, it’s great, but in the Winter not so much if you tend to go barefoot a lot. And heaven help if you stub your toe… Eek!! Then there are some of the things others have already mentioned… not great for households with small kids – crawling on brick is murder on the knees, bumps on the heads from falls end up hurting way more than on hardwoods (this coming from someone who raised 2 kids that spent a lot of time at their Nanny’s house when they were little) and then even sealed brick can sometimes be a nightmare to keep clean. Sorry for all the negatives because I truly love it in their house! But given the opportunity to do it in my own home, I would pass on using it inside for any room other than a sunroom or screened in porch. :)

  38. Melissa says

    Ooohhhh… my sister did this years ago in her kitchen and I LOVE IT! She’s never complained. Can’t go wrong!

  39. says

    I love love love the look of it and actually considered it in our kitchen. We ended up just continuing the hardwood throughout. I do wonder if it would be hard to clean. I think I would go for it anyway. I think it adds so much character. Can’t wait to see what you do!

  40. Shannon says

    Check out Port Stone! We’re getting ready to do our entire downstairs with it. It lays down just like tile and even has a mesh backing.

  41. Cindy Logan says

    I agree with a lot of the other people. The brick is gorgeous, but I think they would be very hard to clean.

  42. Camila says

    I Loved it! You guys have been a HUGE inspiration for my home. I’m addicted to your blog. You guys are amazing!

  43. Liz says

    To brick! Just maybe install a floor heater underneath because those babies will probably get cold when it’s cool outside!

  44. MimiG says

    I love the brick, but I must say hardwood is my first choice in a kitchen – NEVER tile. I had tile one time and thought my knees would come out of their sockets! Another option I may look at for the next “redo” is cork – I’ve heard fabulous things about cork and they’re making some interesting patterns now.

  45. Heidi says

    Go for the brick! I’ve had brick pavers in my kitchen for 16 years (Old Chicago Brick) and after sealing the grout, it’s not any harder to keep clean that any other floor. Also, I chose pavers that were already sealed so no staining. After all this time, I still love it.

  46. Lynne says

    I think brick could look great.
    But I have another question. What did you decide to do about the floor in your living room where the concrete foundation was higher than the rest of the living room. At one time you thought this would prevent you from putting down hardwood floors. Did you find a solution?

  47. Holly says

    I think they would look amazing but as a mother who just cleaned up a very large glass of spilt milk last night from her own wood floor…I wonder how difficult they’d be to clean. To sweep? All those little crumbs? Potential sand?? I feel like such a killjoy…

  48. Beverly Palmer says

    I say brick! Especially because I remember you saying something about you not cooking a lot. ha ha

  49. Jody says

    I say go for it — I love the look! We have slate tiles in our kitchen, bathroom and entryway that are beautiful and they aren’t difficult to keep clean. They also have the added benefit of not “looking dirty” when they are :)

    This post makes me want to find floor space that I can use this type of brick on!

  50. Lisa G. says

    I am also in the “it would be hard to clean camp”. This weekend though on the parade of homes in Kentucky one of the kitchens had brick like tile in the kitchen. While you still have the grout/mortar issue the tiles were rustic but sealed for easier cleaning, they looked great.

  51. says

    Who cares if your hips will hurt from standing on it, you MUST do the brick! It’s gorgeous, and I need to live vicariously through your brick. ;)

  52. Kellie says

    I would talk to people about how it “feels” underfoot. We had ceramic tile in our last kitchen. It was horrible to stand and work in the kitchen. I kept some cushy slippers in the kitchen for all tasks.

  53. SheilA says

    Oooooooo……mmmm….Yes, definitely go with the brick! Now if I can just convince Darling Hubby to do the same……..

  54. says

    Don’t do it!!!! We have a brick floor in one of our bathrooms and I hate it! (We did not put it in, house came with this floor) It is almost impossible to keep clean. I would highly advise you against it. Looks fabulous, but horrendous to keep clean.

  55. Olivia Juenke says

    Brick for sure! I love the look, it’s warm and inviting, old charm and beautiful. Just don’t dropped anything breakable.
    But really, brick and bring us along for the installation and the know-how, I’d love to try doing that myself, maybe in a much smaller room, like the powder room. Brick…mmmm, yes, brick!

  56. Alison says

    Although it looks amazing. I agree w/ the “hard to clean” thread going on here, and also… might it be cold on your feet? Brrr. Another reason I’m not thrilled w/ tile in the kitchen. Not nice to wake up, grab your coffee and have frozen feet instantly. Maybe it’s just me?!

  57. raylene karns says

    Absolutely brick!! Love, love love it! (I wanted to write something like “brick is the trick” but thought it might be to hokey!!)

  58. Tiffany B says

    Totally go for the brick!!!

    (When my husband and I got married, 9 years ago, we were married at and stayed in a great old bed and breakfast that had brick flooring in the kitchen. So so lovely!)

  59. Sallie coons says

    Absolutely love the old brick look. We are also considering that for our kitchen. Would probably have to seal it with a clearcoat, though, for easier cleaning.

  60. says

    Brick looks amazing…however, cleaning would be a pain and not to mention how rough it might be on your bare feet. You’d have to wear socks to keep from callousing your feet all up. And if you drop something you can forget about the chance of it not breaking. Also, as a parent I can imagine there’d be a lot of scraped knees if little ones tripped. Wow, I really sound like a downer. It does look incredibly awesome though so if you want to do it…DO IT! :)

  61. patty says

    love the look – but i think it would be a nightmare to clean… how about slate? large and tapered slate would be beautiful… easier to clean and still give you the texture of stone… good luck!!

  62. Angi M. says

    I totally say to BRICK IT! That is such a lovely look and it would go perfectly in your kitchen. Have fun with it!

  63. nancy nichols says

    Does anybody know where I can get the white deer head in the last kitchen? It is so neat.

  64. says

    brick! As far as the concerns with keeping it clean, it would be awfully similar to a slate floor. If sealed properly (you can buy many different types of sealant, some that create a sheen, others that are totally matt), then you can easily mop over it and keep it spic and span.

  65. Nelson's Mama says

    I think it’s very beautiful, however…

    My major hesitation would be that it’s cold and very uncomfortable to stand on for any length of time. If you cook or entertain very much and are on your feet for long stretches, brick, tile or concrete is very unforgiving to your knees, hips and feet. Wood floors “give” and are much kinder to your body.

  66. Terri says

    Without a doubt….. brick ….. It is soooooooooo vintage….. so so ….. gorgeous… and easy to clean!!!!!!!!!! Now…. I want brick!!!! :) lol….. thanks for sharing Kayla!!!!!! Terri

  67. Marielle says

    Brick is nice, but I’m thinking more hardwood… The Chevron brick is wrong for your decor–too English or French country. Brick is really brutal on your calves, unless you don’t spend too much time working in the kitchen. :)

    Love all you do much luck on the t.v. Gig.

  68. says

    Hey Layla… we stayed in a cottage on Lake Michigan over the weekend. The kitchen had brick floors and of course, we dropped the tupperware of chili all over it! What a mess! I guess my point is, the floors cleaned up real well… I was surprised!

  69. says

    Love the look. Hate the maintenance. Trying to mop the grout? Oy. They’re also cold and hard. I even hate ceramic tile in a kitchen for that reason — it’s not comfortable when you’re standing and cooking. I could possibly see an entryway, however.

  70. says

    We actually used to live in a house with old, brick floors in the kitchen and dining room. It was beautiful and was a NIGHTMARE to clean. Just think of all the food particles and crumbs that find their way on the kitchen floor, then think of the gritty grout and super textured brick that wants to hold on the crumbs at all cost. There was not a good way to clean them ever. Sorry to be a kill-joy, but my assessment is beautiful, but highly impractical, especially for a kitchen.

  71. says

    My favorite thing involving brick and kitchens is to have one “exposed” brick wall. So pretty, Another great option if you are thinking of bricking the floor is to do stamped and dyed concrete instead, saves on costs and looks real.

  72. says

    I love the brick but personally I wouldn’t want it in my kitchen. As many have commented it would be hard to clean and anything dropped on it would probably break. Maybe just brick the entrance to the kitchen? Why not continue your wood floor into the kitchen? I think that is what I would do. I’m sure anything you and Kev do will be just perfect!

  73. SheilaG says

    I love the look, but like most on here, wonder about the cleaning. Be our guinea pig, go for it, and tell us your verdict in a few months! :)

  74. says

    The brick looks lovely, but on a practical note is probably a pain to clean as the surface is a bit rough, and underfoot its will be a bit on the hard and cold side. My Neighbour has a stone tiled floor an in the winter it can be cold, and she is always cleaning it.

    Sorry to be a kill joy.

  75. says

    Love the brick, especially in the first picture! I do wonder how comfortable it would be to stand on while cooking – although, I am sure a few cute rugs would do the trick :)

    I am also sure whatever you decide to do will look amazing!

  76. says

    Hmmm. I think it depends. I think the answer is more a design question than an aesthetic question because obviuosly they’re beautiful. In a small house, you may want the floor material to blend with the floor in the rest of the house. In most of the photos you show, it seems the brick is used in a space that perhaps transitions to or from an outdoor space that might have a similar surface. Stylewish, it seems to have a real rustic and/or historical vocabulary; e.g., paired with barn doors, wrought iron, Windosr chairs. My advice, pun intended, is tread carefully on brick floors.

  77. says

    It’s kind of like shopping.. if you love something in the store and then decide to wait, but then think about it for the next week… then you should get it. You’ve been thinking about it for a while, so go for it!

  78. Pamela says

    I like the brick in a rear entry/mudroom location, but it’s just too hard/cold in a kitchen where you spend most of your time standing. Don’t know what your house construction is like, but I say a hung hardwood floor all the way (or cork)!

  79. Kate says

    speaking from experience…..although beautiful the bricks will be ver hard on your feet and back if you spend any amount of time in the kitchen. I have tumbled marble stone in my kitchen and it’s gorgeous but painful for any length of time. And let’s face reality….we are in our kitchens way too much! I do have the “ugly” gel mat in front of the sink for some relief.

  80. says

    Do brick!! All of those floors pictured are amazing! We put brick floors in our kitchen in 2009 and love them. They are a breeze to clean… when you do clean them, they hide all the dirt! Ours are made to look like antique brick but are actually a resin. I read where some people commented they would be scratchy on feet or little knees but ours are no different than hardwood. Even with real bricks you aren’t using the same kind on an exterior of a house.
    Here are some photos of ours. I haven’t been able to snap any great pictures of them so they do look better in person. You are more than welcome to come check them out, I just live right down the road in Auburn ;)

  81. KellBell says

    Love brick, and I saw something like this one time. A homeowner put in a concrete counter and it was make from old crushed bricks it looked awesome. I do not know it you could do this as a floor though, but it would solve the grout problem. Kitchens get dirty no matter what you do. Good luck with which ever one you choose, it will look great.

  82. Deb-IL says

    Love the look, but would not find it a practical choice for a kitchen.

    1. As mentioned, cleaning is an issue. Even if you are not OCD about clean, imagine something sticky spilling (life happens!) and dealing with getting it out of an uneven surface like that.

    2. As mentioned, if you drop something, kiss it goodbye – brick is not forgiving – at all.

    3. Hard on your feet and legs if you spend any time at all standing on it. Even if you don’t spend lots of time cooking long involved meals, picture being on your feet making holiday cookies for hours – oh my achin’ feet!

    4. Maybe not now, but someday, that floor is going to be hard on little knees crawling around and any little tumble will be met with a hard, hard surface :-(

  83. Kimberley says

    Skip the brick. While a cool look, it doesn’t seem practical. Have you ever stood for a long period of time on a brick floor? What about when you drop a glass or a plate? You will have pieces everywhere.

  84. Cyndi says

    Love the texture and color….but yeah, the cleaning, hard on the feet (ouch!), and durability (breaking/cracking) could be a down side. Love the previous post idea of backsplash or even an accent wall.

  85. says

    I have always loved brick floors in the kitchen. In fact when I was younger I would cut images out from magazines and that was one of the images I clipped. I guess it reminds me of the older days when they used to have brick floors. They are cooler on the feet but probably not as soft. Also if you drop anything on them, the item will surely break. But you won’t have to worry about stains! I can’t wait to see what you two decide.

  86. Hailey Erickson says

    haha I agree with Kimberley… it does hurt if stood on for long periods of time :( My husband and I always joke that we are going to put in that bouncy floor that some playgrounds have now instead of bark! You know the one that kind of looks like a tar road…. that one!

    Or maybe just go with the brick…

  87. Jeanne says

    My sister has a brick floor and HATES it. 1. It is very hard to clean, 2. She has two little kids and it is hard to walk on for the baby. 3. Everything breaks if you drop it and the kids get hurt when they fall. 4. It is hard on your feet and body.

  88. Krista says

    I looooove the look of brick! We considered using it in our kitchen when we remodeled. My husband wasn’t completely sold, so we chose to put it in our entry instead (I figured he would love it so much that we would eventually add it to the kitchen!!). We had our tile guy seal the heck out of it and I figured it would be just like tile– but, sadly, it is not. It is very difficult to clean (despite the thick sealant) because of all of the crevices. A mop doesn’t work well because it is uneven and rough and I can’t run a vacuum over it because it is so bumpy. Our brick entry is beautiful and I still love it, but I am relieved we didn’t put it in the kitchen with all of the spills, kid accidents, etc.

  89. Trish says

    Brick!!! Love it. I’ve wanted to do it for years in my kitchen but couldn’t. But you say the ones this owner had are slivers of brick? Where do you get somthing like that? A friend has had brick for years and they put a polyurethan coating on it.

  90. Kira says

    Not that you will read all the way down to my comment, but here it is anyways. If the kitchen is open to the living room I would match the flooring. It looks like you have an open floor plan. But that brick is adorable. If you have a seperate industrial room like a laundry or mud room that would be perfect.

  91. Leslie says

    Haven’t read through all the comments, but I’ve always heard that the conventional wisdom is that you want something easy on your feet in the kitchen (i.e. wood rather than brick, stone or tile) and forgiving of fragile items like ceramics and glassware if they’re dropped on it inadvertently. I’d vote for something durable in a foyer, and if it’s just a small area, brick is fine, but I think a large area, while beautiful, could be problematic on several levels. Good luck!

  92. says

    I love, love, love the looks of brick, especially the reclaimed (used) brick…BUT if you cook a lot and are standing in your kitchen for prolonged sessions, wood is so much easier on your legs and back. Just a thought.
    I sure hope HGTV picks up your show and schedules it…I love the work you and Kevin do…so amazing and you guys are so talented.

  93. Liz Harris says

    My parents have brick floors and I love them. Make sure you seal them and they will be simple to clean with soap and water.

  94. Darcy K says

    Go for the brick.! I have had it for over 28 years in the kitchen, entry, family room and absolutely love it. We have raised toddlers and grandkids on it with no scraped knees at all(ours is kind of smooth and we seal it once a year or 2.) Bumped heads will happen no matter what the flooring and wood can have water damage in kitchens. My husband does handyman work and has had to try to repair wood floors after a dishwasher or pipe leak and water got under the flooring and warped it. I am a grocery checker for over 37 years and so I stand a lot and standing on the kitchen floor has given me no problems. Things do break when they hit the floor but that doesn’t happen often, and with the kids, we usually went with plastic fun dinnerware and cups ’cause they wanted Disney, etc. anyway. I love how the floor never looks dirty and just gets more patina with age. I don’t generally sweep, I just vacuum it and it’s good. I originally used a stiff brush and bucket to clean and then went over it with towels to dry. Now I use a steam cleaner with a wand attachment with a stiff scrub brush at the end that I got at Costco and it is great. Maybe ’cause ours is sealed so well, we have never had anything stain. I live in S. Calif and go barefoot and like the cool of the floor most of the year. If I’m feeling cold I just wear those fuzzy socks. LOVE,LOVE,LOVE the brick floor.

  95. says

    Ummmm…I’d say no. Like everyone else has said…looks fanatastic…HARD to clean. I wonder if you could find some tile…OR…CUT some saltile tile to LOOK like brick? Saltile tile has that pretty red and adged look that looks like brick. Benefits of it, you can SEAL it and it cleans really easily.
    Don’t give up your wants…just work them into a flooring that will work in real life with family and pets…save yourself the future headaches of massively hard cleaning…:)

  96. Sue says

    I love the warm look of the brick floors and would love to have something like that in my kitchen. They would be so easy to take care. My only concern would be how comfortable they would be on your feet if you spend a lot of time standing in there. I’ll be anxious to see what you decide. I know it will be beautiful whatever it is. Good luck with your pilot.

  97. says

    Brick can be tricky, and they are not easy on little knees crawling around on the floor. Plus, they do not clean as easily as you might think. Trust me, I have attempted to clean dog puke off of bricks in a kitchen, and it was not pretty. Have you thought about limestone? Limestone is easy to clean, and it is cheaper than hardwoods.

  98. Julie W says

    Brick Brick Brick!!! My grandparents had brick (real brick) put throughout their house. It was absolutely beautiful. They had a real thick sealer/poly/whatever on it that made it shiny and kept the brick from being porous. They vacuumed the floor instead of sweeping and they mopped it to. They also had to redo the sealer/poly/whatever every few years. So I vote for brick.

  99. says

    Although I like the wood floors, the brick would add more character and uniqueness to the space. It will be an adjustment to the hard surface, but the brick will basically be in-destructive. Difficult choice! (Perhaps a good choice for a smaller area like the front entrance or powder room.)

  100. Dawn says

    I say brick but with sealer! Gotta have an easy clean up route. It would look so nice next to your wood! I can’t wait to see what you guys do!

  101. laurie says

    Someone said this earlier and as a homeowner with brick floors I will agree. We have them in our master bedroom and hallway. Our house has an adobe addition and this is where the brick is (very common in adobe homes). I love them, but upkeep is incredible!! We have a dog and 2 cats. Anytime a furball lands on the floor (or any liquid other than water) it stains. You have to be careful about the sealant you use because some can cause yellowing. Our bricks do not have cement between them, but the traditional sand. Again, chipping edges, falling bricks where heaving pieces of furniture sit, etc means upkeep. Just some honest information to throw into the mix! I love the way the wood turned out!

  102. maggie says

    I love the look of brick floors and they can be sealed pretty much to the 9th degree.
    They are hard on you if you’ll be cooking and standing a lot, though. That’s why I finally went with wood flooring in the kitchen.
    But…..I would do whatever makes your little heart go pitter-patter!!!

  103. Danielle says

    I love the look of the brick – but not a fan of the actual material. Another great option to get the same look would be END GRAIN WOOD FLOORS.

    Same type of look as brick, but warmer looking, softer, easier to clean, etc. Not to mention very unique. Given the small size of the pieces of wood, it can be very DIY-able.

    Here’s a few examples I found:

    I’m DYING to install these, but alas, we’re renters.


  104. says

    had to comment!
    a friend of mine bought several boxes of half-pavers from lowes or home depot and laid them in her entryway and half bath. the contractors thought she was crazy because they were a hideous orangey color. after she laid them, she stained them to make them look like costly vintage bricks. and i have to say, it is the most beautiful flooring i’ve ever seen. what an amazing detail.
    you have to do the brick. you’ll love it!

  105. Lauri says

    To the post re: the deer head, I saw something similar at West Elm the other day.
    Love the brick, so pretty.

  106. Sandy A says

    Love Love Love the look of the brick!! But—how about keeping it clean in the kitchen? and the shattering of dishes when dropped? and for me the worst would be how the brick would be to stand of for any length of time without carpet over it? Just on tile floors my heels ache after an afternoon of cooking and working in the kitchen. And–how will it be for a baby to crawl and play on it while working in there? But again–it is GORGEOUS to see in those photos!!!!

  107. Loretta says

    Brick looks amazing and if you put a top coat on it like one does satillo tile it would clean up nicely. We have satillo tile cut too look like brick on our kitchen and have no problems with clean up. In areas that are hard to sweep I just use the vacuum. ; )

  108. tanya says

    CON: Painful even if you are NOT standing and cooking. After a full day of walking back and forth across a brick floor your back, feet, and legs will all be sore. Sure. You will attribute it to “must be gettin old” but you’ll realize soon enough that those beautiful floors are the culprit.

  109. gabbi says

    It is lovely a lovely look! Perhaps it’s a bit more practical in an entry-way though.

    Our house came with wood floors throughout. I love wood! However, it was installed with space in between the slats. It is impossible to clean between them! Grouting has more access but still a hassle.

    Then there is the issue of staining, being in the kitchen (Kool-Aid sounds frightening!). A finish might help but I’d check that out thoroughly. Personally, I’d be paraniod. I had an experience with turmeric in a curry nearly staining the oven setting panel on a stove, as well as rouge that was insistent to remain on our new bathroom vanity top.

    As mentioned, scuffing your feet and tripping are something to consider also.

    Not to be a downer but better to address a possible problem with a plausible solution now, if you can.

  110. Emily says

    I LOVE the look but I too would be worried about cleaning and how unforgiving brick is. If you drop anything and with kids.

  111. says

    I feel the same way about brick flooring as I do Los Angeles…fun to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there!!

    Seriously, I’ve walked on brick barefoot and it doesn’t feel good. And I’m all about feeling good….

  112. Traci Fuqua says

    Love it! A friend did and it’s wonderful. You just to invest in some good back relieveing mats in front of the sink &/or stove – it’s hard on the back. It’s beautiful!

  113. stacy says

    Go for it! Its different…low maintenance….and will break up the hardwoods with visual interest! I think it will look awesome!

  114. Patti says

    I vote for the brick, and love your examples, but would be wary of two things: brick that is too red/orangey and grout lines that are too wide (the last kitchen pic is kinda what i mean). To me, those things make brick look dated.

  115. says

    It’s beautiful! Would it just kill your legs cooking a Thanksgiving meal? Maybe have kitchen clogs or commercial kitchen mats at the sink and prep stations. I think they would be a good contrast. Go with the brick

  116. Jennifer says

    Love the look of brick, but…..if you spend much time cooking it is not the greatest on your feet and back. Just my opinion, though it would look amazing

  117. Carrie says

    I love the brick idea but you do have to consider how it would work with little kiddos around….they tend to spill things like juice, smush peanut butter and jelly into crevases, and have their hands and toesies on everything before putting them into their mouths. How easy or difficult to clean does need to be taken into consideration – it’s just what you’re willing to put up with. It definately would be fun to incorporate somewhere in your house!

  118. says

    the brick is beautiful – but hard on little feet and knees. Your future little ones are going to spend a LOT of time scooting/crawling/sitting/sliding on that floor, so maybe a more welcoming surface?

  119. Amber says

    How did it feel when you walked on with bare feet? Was it rough? Cold? Smooth? Somthing you would want to walk on when it gets cold outside????

    I love the look and would love to do it in my house but I’ve never seen it in person.

  120. Bonnie says

    I don’t know… I love the look of brick but the kitchen? It might look warm and inviting but would it feel the same under bare feet? How would you keep it clean? It does look really pretty, though. What a tough decision!

  121. says

    You may be interested in a Jackson, MS product called “Portstone” ( We have it in one of our bathrooms and have considered putting it on the porch when the funds catch up.

  122. Lauren K says

    Hi Layla,
    I struggled with this very decision for far too long. So many people had discouraging (but helpful) advice about brick. I really TRIED to find an alternative to brick, but, in the end, our hearts were set on it. We installed it 9 months ago. Our kitchen floor looks similar to Photo #5, but with the pattern of #6.

    One day I’ll get my act together and blog about the experience. In the meantime, here are a few cautions from my recent experience should you decide to join the brick club: 1.) Antique brick pavers are expensive. Way more than you originally budget them to be. Just be ready for that. 2.) They get more expensive when you realize that a TON of them get broken during the shipping process. They are old and fragile and brittle until installed. 3.) To make the pavers, they slice whole bricks into 3 or 4 pavers. Over half of our shipment ended up being “center cuts” – the middle pieces = raw, red brick with circular saw marks on it. Once we laid it out, the starkly RED and ORANGE center cuts stuck out like sore thumbs next to the old weathered “face cuts.” We ended up ordering another shipment just so we could use all “face cuts” — the beautiful outer planes of the brick with the patina and lettering that we had originally envisioned. FYI – most companies will not let you buy face cuts only. I tried. 4.) The brick pavers are not consistent in their size, shape, or depth. Be prepared to use up a lot of grout to adapt, and make sure you have enough of a grout bed to make up for the differences in height. We were able to weed out most of the super tall ones, so you can get it pretty level and avoid toe stubbings :) 5.) Make DARN sure that the bricks all came from the same batch. Otherwise, they will be all kindsa different animals. The second batch we ordered came from a completely different building that had obviously burned down. The bricks were all maroon and covered in ash and soot, and we were very lucky the company agreed to swap them out! So, again, when you start, make sure you order WAY more than you need. 6.) Be sure to use a sealer that “breathes.” If you don’t, you run the risk of getting a cloudy finish if water gets trapped. Like by the sink, and if the refrigerator leaks. Dupont makes a good one, and I just rolled on a few coats with a little sponge roller and a small container you’d use for trim paint.

    In conclusion, it can be a MAJOR headache to install, given the nature of the material. It’s old, it’s inconsistent, it’s pricey. But do I love my floors now? YES, yes I do! They really make the house and give it such warmth and character. Alas, the rest of the renovations are on hold while we admire our over-budget brick beauties ;)

  123. Beth says

    I love the brick look in a kitchen – very warm and homey. One suggestion though…my sister had brick on the family room floor and the best way to clean it was with a steam cleaner. Hope this helps!

  124. Beth says

    Oh, and also….if you can, it’s best to lay radiant floor heating under the brick. So much more comfy, cozyon the feet when you add that little element of heat – a brick floor can get cold in the winter!

  125. says

    I have the first picture saved as a favorite and wanted brick in our new kitchen so bad but honestly it just doesn’t seem practical at all. I just can’t imagine cleaning it! I’d obsess over getting it clean and in my experience brick doesn’t clean up very nicely. Don’t even get me started on the grout…

  126. Shar Yates says

    Brick! I have it in my entry way. very easy to clean. use natural toned grout, not white, of course. use a mat near oven or sink to stand on, it will be great!

  127. says

    My parents have had brick paver floors for about 20 years now and they’re fabulous! Very durable, indestructible, and great cause they hide dirt. If you seal them well they hold up fabulously.

  128. Karina says

    I’m also in the category of “they are beautiful, but the cleaning would keep me from doing it”. There might be a great cleaning technique, though, that would make it doable.

  129. Harbormom says

    My first house (bought 1996!) had old cracked vinyl squares in the kitchen. When I pulled the corner of one up, I saw red underneath, but when I pulled up the whole tile, the glue stuck to the floor. Handy hardware store man told me to open all the windows, pour a couple of gallons of muriatic acid all over the floor and leave for several hours. When I came back, the acid had evaporated, but the tiles pulled right up and I was able to simply sweep the dried glue off the gorgeous Mexican tile floor! I loved it! The other tip from the handy hardware store man: “Standing on that floor will be like standing on pavement.” If you’re going to be spending a lot of time standing in that kitchen, you’ll need Sketchers!

  130. says

    First I will say they are really pretty! I love the idea of reclaiming and reusuing something like that. But I would have to say I would think if you use your kithcen alot and your a cook it would hard on the back. You could always get those gel mats to stand on but thing I most think about is the cleaning. Out fire place is bricked all the way to the ceiling it is sealed really good they have a thin coating of seal so its shinny but still its still a pain to clean. I would think being able to mop a floor made of it would be hard. If you dont cook much or use a kitchen alot I think it would look pretty. But think for a normal use kitchen it would be hard to up keep.

  131. says

    Brick is gorgeous and it would really go so perfectly in your home. I never thought the brick was “rough” (like other people mentioned), definitely not rough enough to cause cuts on little ones.

  132. Monique says

    Brick looks wonderful but I wouldn’t want to walk on it with bare feet. Since brick floors would be in the kitchen, how easy wold it be to keep clean?

  133. says

    We have had brick floors and the things I loved were a) how they looked and b) how they held up—they are easy to maintain and clean. BUT they are tough one little people learning to crawl and walk. They really HURT their knees and toddlers trip and fall A LOT on the uneven surface. And if you cook a lot, brick is tough in your feet and legs. My best solution was to use it in a room that we did not have to stand or have kids crawling a lot in (our sunroom). It gave us the look without the worries.

    Let us know what you decide.


  134. says

    I would brick the kitchen! I have a friend whose father did the entire house and it’s beautiful! It’s super shiny and feels so good on my feet that I thought it was faux brick! I would research what type of thick coating to put on it after it’s laid. Good luck!

  135. jules says

    My late MIL had split chicago brick in her kitchen and den. Hers had a coat of sealer over it. It had a beautiful shine that she could just mop as usual. The floors were beautiful.

    As other readers pointed out though, brick is hard on anything glass that gets dropped, and if you do alot of cooking or standing, brick is like cement and hard on your back/feet/joints.

  136. Karen Robinson says

    While I love the look of brick floors, if you have table and chairs in the kitchen, on a brick floor, scooting the chairs back and forth would drive me bananas, as well as being a danger. The chairs would get hung up on the bricks, possibly tipping, and falling on brick (or tile)…well, you get my drift. Plus it’s hard on the feet. We moved from wall-to-wall carpeting part of the country to tile floors part of the country and I can’t go barefoot (or stockingfoot) on the tile floors. I have to wear 2-inch flip-flops in the house now. Hate it!!! lol. Let us know your decision!

  137. Mary Deathe says

    I have an 1915 Georgian Revival. The former owners bricked the kitchen and when we wanted to take out the carpet out of the den and back hallway, we were able to find the same brick (actually not brick per se but a concrete product made here in Oklahoma) and finished off the den & hallway. It butts up to our wooden floors in the dining room and just looks gorgeous. I’ve lived on it for a year now and clean up is very easy! I vacuum it and mop with a sponge head mop. It is VERY forgiving as far as showing dirt…..maybe a little too forgiving :-) I don’t have any problem standing on it but I do always wear shoes or flip-flops as it is a bit uneven. But I wouldn’t trade it for the look, wear, and ease of care.

  138. Kathy says

    My mother had brick in her utility room, kitchen, breakfast room, den and front entry in her home in Texas many years ago. She/we loved them. When she moved from that house she said that she wished she could take them with her. There were 2 adults, 2 kids, a German Shepherd and a poodle living in the house at the time. She loved that they never looked dirty and were easy to clean. I can’t remember if they were sealed or not. I don’t remember them being cold, but then again, in Houston there wasn’t much cold weather. But you might be able to put those awesome under floor heaters under them if that’s a concern. Yes, there are draw backs too, but the look is amazing. I say go for it.

  139. Lynn says

    You had me with just a sliver of the brick picture! Yes!
    A brick floor has always had an upper berth on my home dec Bucket List! Herringbone puhleeeze!

  140. says

    I love my brick floor. Love it everyday. It cleans like a dream. We had them when the girls were small and there was not a serious problem with them falling at all. I woud wholeheartedly recommend it if you love the look.

  141. says

    I say go for it. I’m thinking about bricking my own kitchen floor. If it’s too hard to clean……well…..just don’t clean it then! Sweep it and go. If it’s hard on the feet – throw on some fluffy houseshoes! It’s such a cool, cozy look.

  142. kim says

    I love the look of brick in the kitchen. But bear in mind, brick is difficult to sweep and mop. If it’s looks you’re going for…brick has a great wow! factor. Ease of care? Not so much.

  143. Deborah says

    I absolutely love the look of brick floors. I love them so much that in my last house I had real used brick floors in the entry hall, 1/2 bath and kitchen.

    The down side was that just sweeping them was very tedious as crumbs, bits of mud and any kind of debris was extremely difficult to capture. Using a dustbuster was the best option but, still not good.

    Additionally, standing on the floor cooking for a family 3 times a day was exhausting. The hours of cooking a holiday meal was the worst!

    The kitchen table and chairs never sat level and the chairs did not easily move in and out from the table.

    Also, NOT good when you have toddlers. They stumble on the floor and get plenty of owies!

    Yet, I still love the rustic testure and look. I am still contemplating them in our next house.

    The issue is always whether it will be form or function!

  144. the farmer's wife says

    I did this in our old house in the laundry room. I totally botched the grout, but, with much toil, I fixed my botched job. Let me know how you grout it because I never did figure out the correct way.

    As for those who thought it hard to keep clean, it hides dust, but also loses luster after a while. I resealed mine to regain the luster. You definitely need to vaccum these verses sweeping, which is easier anyway–in my humble opinion : )

  145. says

    I grew up in a house with a brick kitchen floor. My mom put a dozen or more coats of paste wax (good ole Johnson’s right out of the can) on it and buffed it with an electric buffer between coats. It took her a few months til it got to where it was smooth enough and easy to clean. The floors were beautiful and different. Everyone else had the dreaded vinyl! Go for it, honey!

  146. says

    Brick it! We have a brick hearth around our woodburning stove in our living room and the bricks were made in our town years and years ago. Some are quite old. What’s really neat about them is that a few of them say “Streator Paver” on them. Streator is the name of our town. Other ones say “Barr” on them which was another type of brick manufactured in our town. Love having that history in our house.

  147. Jana says

    I think the brick would look amazing. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it before and now I think I’m in love…. :: sigh ::

  148. Laurel says

    I think the brick would be great in an entry or laundry room or something but there is no way it would go in my kitchen, I’ve switched to cork floors in my kitchen and hope I never have to live with anything else!

  149. Kathy says

    To brick or not to brick that is the question…… being from New England the first thing I thought was brrrrrrr – in the winter that could get cold on the tootsies:)

  150. Christina says

    I think the brick is so pretty! Gives it a really nice sort of farmhouse look (a look I love!) We just got wood to replace our kitchen floor,..I wonder if my husband would still love me if I said I changed my mind???

  151. says

    I have flagstone in part of my house and I hate it and can’t wait to replace it with hardwood. Sure it’s pretty but it is extremely hard to stand on for periods of time (particularly in a kitchen), difficult to clean because of the grout. You also need to seal it constantly and in high traffic areas the sealant comes off the grout too often. Then dust and dirt settles into the cracks and you cannot merely sweep it out. Your guests will hate to walk on it in stocking feet (as will you) It will wear out your socks and slippers (you’ll always need to wear something on your feet – always!) ANd last but not least it ‘s VERY COLD.
    You will regret it, trust me.

  152. mary says

    I think it would look amazing, but hard to clean and since they are porous, it would absorb alot of the kitchen spills. Maybe in a sunroom or laundry room might be better.

  153. John M says

    You may need to consider the structure under the brick. The brick is heavy and if your structure and subfloor has any flex or bounce you will have problems with cracking and settling. Just a thought

  154. Nannibuzz says

    I love the look but wonder how it is for standing on while cooking or doing dishes etc. Perhaps having them in the hall off the kitchen is the best.

  155. Kim says

    Love the look of the brick, but I would hesitate to use it in a kitchen. I think it would be hard to clean and the mortar would alway make a mess. What did the owner on Upper Kingston have to say about the maintenance?

  156. says

    i think cottage lovers like us have to be careful. as much as i (we) love the look, i’m afraid other potential buyers down the road would turn their noses to the creativity. i’m always for doing what you love but i agree with others on cleaning and maintenance. best of luck deciding!

    ashley over @

  157. Bree says

    I agree with Jen M. We have brick and it’s not fun to clean. It looks nice, but is a total pain.

  158. says

    Although the brick looks beautiful I would say not to brick in your kitchen. I have handscraped wood floors in my kitchen and my feet hurt after standing to long on them. I think I would do the something like the floors that are in the other rooms, maybe painted in a diamond pattern.

  159. Chaney says

    Absolutely brick! My grandmother’s house had brick from the entryway down a hallway and into her kitchen and it was always one of my favorite parts of the house. She had reclaimed brick and it looked fantastic. And of course, it’s super durable, which is always nice :).

  160. says

    There is a fine line between fabulous and functional sometimes! Sadly… the one here is that it looks amazing… BUT… very cold in the winter, grout attracts dirt, dust, oil, and the such like a maniac magnet, rough on little knees crawling around, and rough on the feet. BUT… it works great in a sunroom with rugs and less footware surface and you get the look… or brick a back patio that can be hosed down!!!!!!

  161. says

    Totally forgot to add the option of putting it on a wall! A brick wall in a kitchen screams to me of warmth, love, comfort, style, and total radness!

  162. Amy says

    Brick! I have a friend with brick in her kitchen and I’ve never heard her say a word about it being too hard to clean. And they look fabulous!

  163. Amber says

    Cool, love the look! Might be a bit uncomfortable under foot? Do you happen to know the paint color on their kitchen cabinets? So pretty.

  164. says

    The brick looks awesome. I just finished vacuuming, and I could just see all the cat hair stuck to those bricks if they were in my home. I’m sure if anyone can figure out a way to make it work, it will be the Palmers!!!!!

    Don’t forget about the little people you will be adding to your family. Make sure crawling tots won’t hurt their knees!

  165. Jo says

    I love the look of brick. However, I have it in my front porch (enclosed room actually) and it’s very creepy to scrub it. I don’t like the feeling and if it were in a kitchen I would be afraid it would never be really clean. If you decide to do it, even tho the white grout is gorgeous, don’t do it. It will get dark over time, it will get stained with splatters, grease from dropped food, dirt, etc. You really can’t clean that stuff well. So, having it, I would advise, don’t do it. Not in the kitchen, at least.

  166. Holly says

    Definitely brick! My parents have a sunroom with a brick paver floor, and I’ve always said that when I build my own home my wishlist for the kitchen is to have brick floors. And a brick wall for the oven and such, but I’m not sure that’ll happen :) I think exposed brick in a home is gorgeous, one the floor or the walls!

    • Holly says

      oh, and my parents have lots of sealer of the brick so it’s super easy to clean and the mortar is the original color.

  167. Lenora says

    I think that it is lovely… but how would it be to keep clean? My kitchen floor always seems more dirty then other parts of the house… maybe it would be good for the entry way :)

  168. Heather says

    Brick!!! 1) It would look fabulous and have a lot of character. 2) I’ve been toying with the same idea for our laundry room for a long time, and if you did it first then maybe I’d have the benefit of a tutorial- LOL! :)

    • Heather says

      Oh, and total shot in the dark, but do you happen to know where to get the light fixture in the gorgeous foyer of the second photo example?

  169. says

    I say do it in a bedroom where you won’t have to worry about keeping it clean or being on your feet with it for long periods of time! Getting caught up around here . . . forever since we’ve chatted . . . so excited for you and the pilot episode! xo!

  170. Evelyn says

    Go with the brick…it looks fantastic. I have friends who have it in the foyer of their beautiful home and I love it.

  171. susan bush says

    love,love the brick ….might do the same ,love to know what kind your using and where to get them….they would really look nice in my kitchen and dinning room….

  172. Judith says

    BRICK!!! Just be sure to SEAL really well with a good tile & grout sealer. Then clean up is super easy: sweep or vacuum & damp mop, done!

  173. Dee in BC says

    Pretty to look at, yes, Hard on your feet, worse for your kids ( to come) if they fall on it. Guananteed death for any dishes that land there & really, really hard to keep clean.

  174. says

    Sealed brick, a thousand times…brick! I’ve had many homes with brick or stained and sealed Mexican pavers. Seek expert advice for the mortar mix to accept seal or over wood subfloor. I love the wood I have now but loved everything about my brick. Swiffer it and/or mop with vinegar-water and spot clean spills. As long as it’s sealed, you will love it!!!! (You can lay a heater layer under for warming your tootsies, if need be.)

  175. says

    I LOVE it!! I would totally do it. I think the aged feel of brick for flooring would be amazing. It adds so much warmth and character to a room, and what better room than your kitchen! Go for it! Curious though if it really is as easy as tiling :)

  176. Linda@Coastal Charm says

    GO BRICK!!! I’ve had brick floors in my kitchen for 15 years now and I sooooo LOVE them…best floors ever (you can never tell if they are dirty…how awesome is that? I also wood floors in my den and dining room and both rooms led to the kitchen brick floors and it looks good.


  177. A2 says

    Nothing could be cooler style wise-L-O-VE it-BUT…I spend waaay too much time in my kitchen to stand on something so unforgiving. :( It makes me hurt just looking at it.

  178. Karen R. Hill says

    I love the brick but I love the old flooring as well…tell us how you would clean the brick? Might be tricky but it is beautiful…I love brick…

  179. Robin Pasternak says

    I say go for it. Now days they have many products available to seal and coat porous stones and bricks.

  180. Jerri Czosek says

    The greatest floor I have ever seen was at an old plantation in Mississippi that we stayed at one year for our anniversary. The floor was reclaimed brick, that was covered in beeswax and then rubbed over with burlap for texture. I still dream about that floor even years later. Brick would look so awesome in your cottage. You two rock!!!!

  181. Staci says

    We have sealed brick in our kitchen and family room. We cannot keep them clean, no matter how much we mop it. Our feet are constantly black after we walk on it and we track the dirt throughout the house. I finally stripped the floors with a porous stripper and a scrub brush. There was literally sludge when I started scrubbing. It was a labor nightmare! I had to bring in the outside hose to wash the sludge off and use towels (at least 20 bath towels) to absorb all the water. I sealed it after I got it all clean and even after 4 coats, it still is dirty after I mop it. I’m seriously considering ripping it up and putting in hardwood floors, but I have to let the blisters heal on my hands before I tackle that.

  182. Kim says

    I love the brick! I think there needs to be some sort of sealer on there in case oil splatters or spills on them… or red wine. My friend did brick in their kitchen and put a clear sealer on it and it looks amazing.

  183. says

    I helped build a Cafe/Bistro from dirt and we had a heckuva debate about brick. We wound up having our bakery/coffee shop area and our walk way/entry covered in this type of brick. The other floors are wide plank reclaimed hardwood. The brick looks beautiful, is sturdy as all get out, but a MASSIVE PAIN IN THE REAR to clean. After trying about 100 different things ourselves, we finally had to outsource regular cleanings to a professional company that comes in overnight, waters, scrubs, and then puts a light finish on top. It’s pricey and ripping it back out has been discussed plenty.

    In the beginning when we installed these, also, for some reason they shed. I can’t really think of a better way to put this, but they had gravely stuff (I made up that word too, gravely) stuff they’d give off.

    They are also exceptionally HARD (duh, brick, right?) but boy, my dogs would BARK after working/standing on that floor like no other. I don’t think I’d ever put them in my kitchen for that reason alone, as you’d have to buy those rubber mats to stand on or you would just stop cooking. And cooking barefoot, forget it.

    The other thing that comes up in a high traffic area is that people trip on them, in particular women in heels and old people because they are so uneven. Obviously, more of an issue in a restaurant as it’s a liability.

    Sorry to rain on your parade but, entry way…maybe. Kitchen? Think twice!

  184. says

    Oh man. I love that look! My only concern would be with durability and cleanliness. Do they crack easily? Are they easy to clean or is there always gritty brick dust clinging to them? I guess you could seal them to eliminate that problem…

  185. Lara says

    If you drop anything consider it smashed. Many people love slate and brick but I don’t think they are practical. And as many have stated – incredibly hard to clean. That’s why they work well outside – they get a constant scrubbing in the rain.

  186. Nichelle says

    Love the brick! Looking at those pics, I wish I had a room that I could use brick in. One question – how do you clean it?

  187. Peggy Flynn says

    When we built our house 35 years ago, we used old brick for the kitchen floor… whole bricks laid on top of cement in a herringbone pattern. I have loved it. Compared to the hardwood floors in the rest of the house, the brick floor is warmer in winter since there’s no crawl space underneath. I raised three kids on it; they crawled on brick and if it was tough on their knees, maybe that motivated them to walk earlier. I’ve even dropped glasses and jars on the floor and they didn’t break. My husband is a farmer and tracks in dirt with the best of ‘em; the floor doesn’t track or show dirt like vinyl flooring. I just vacuum and wet mop it as needed. I never waxed the brick floor. Over the years when it began to look dull, I added another coat of varnish. The only real issues we’ve had with it are installing additional HVAC vents; that required a jack hammer. Love it. I say go for it!

  188. Ashley @ the handmade home says

    Brick! Not that you needed my opinion. Hope things are going well…so excited for you guys! Muah!

  189. Victoria Athens says


  190. G.J. Phillips says

    Forgive me if this has already been mentioned, but I’ll weigh in as a Mom. A floor like that, lovely as it is, could be pretty tough on little people. A brick floor could be a stumble problem, would really hurt to fall on, and I just don’t know how you’d get a truck or doll stroller to go on it! I know your hoping to adopt a little one, so it just something to think about for down the road.

  191. Sandra says

    It’s beautiful but I wouldn’t touch it with s 10 foot pole….not for a kitchen anyway. I’m a neat freak and can imagine how hard that would be to clean.

    How about somewhere else? Front porch floor and/or walkway? How about the back splash? Still could be messy but I’m pretty neat in the kitchen so it would work for me…..

  192. Gayle says

    Well, I read your blog & have never posted a comment. I am inclined to post on this topic because I am serious on what I’m about to say. Dead serious. From experience, don’t do it unless you have all the time and energy to invest in cleaning and never being able to go barefoot without pain. If you want this old rustic, imperfect, lived-in look, you will never be able to mop and get it done in manner you’re normally used to. You could seal it to make cleaning easier, but then it won’t look rustic anymore…and you will have to keep re-sealing more than you probably realize.

    Seriously, if you are going to brick an interior floor, do an experimental entry or something that you can cover or rip out when you realize what a pain it is. Don’t jump into a kitchen without knowing what you’re dealing with. Trust me. They make for pretty pictures, but what you see in the rustic manner you’re loving is not exactly what you want t to live in. If it were that great of a product/application, it wouldn’t be such an interesting novelty.

  193. says

    Love the look of the brick. I don’t remember if you have a laundry room or entryway, but it could be great there! With 6 kids I hate to have to have a hard time with clean up, but if you are up for it and like it enough, go for the brick! Great inspiration photos by the way!

  194. Nancy says

    I too love the look but question the practacality? Not sure if that’s a real word or not. I got stung by putting waxed hardwood floor in my house cause I loved the look over varathaned hardwood. When you clean it it’s a really really big job and the house smells horrible for days after. I’d love to refinish it but I hear that if any of the wax remains the varanthane will not adhere. And it has bevelled edges. So now when I may a choice I question all those things I love the look of because I’d hate to go through this again. I love slate tile but i worry it will look dirty eventually.

  195. Melinda Ke says

    I love the way it looks in the kitchen but I wonder if it would be a good idea with little ones? I could see many scuffed knees with a floor like this!

  196. carol says

    BRICK…luuuuuuuuuuuuv luv it!!

    Hey, did I miss the reveal of what you did with the uneven part of your living room??

  197. Cookie says

    Hi Layla, I had “split-brick” floors put in my kitchen and breakfast room in Mobile, Alabama back in 1979. They were polyurethaned in a satin finish and were EASY to care for. Never did more than damp mop them.

  198. says


    my neighbor has that new but worn looking half brick that you can lay down like tile. every time i go over to her house, i drool over her bricked floor. so much detail!!!

  199. says

    I wanted to say, brick all the way it looks amazing.. heck you hose it off in the garden.. right? Course I’m hearing a lot of those common sense folks they do have a point, hard on the feet, back, dishes, etc…. Form, function.. form… function? It’s just so charming..

  200. sabrina says

    They look AMAZING and are not nec. a pain to clean–just seal them and the porous factor is significantly reduced. Additionally, with animal hair and crumbs and such, you can just vacuum the debris– that’s I did at my old house and it’s easier than sweeping. You can even use a shop vac. Cleaning= easy peasy.

  201. Melanie says

    We had “Old Chicago” split brick in two of our homes. I have always wanted wood and that is what I have now. Since you already have wood, I think you should go for the brick. It looks killer mixed with wood, and it is practically indestructible. With four little boys running around here, I miss our brick floors. By the way, we have always been told that they have to cure for a month or so before being sealed., here in Coastal Alabama. We learned the hard way not to rush this. White chalky spots pop up if sealed to soon. They also feel much better underfoot if sealed.

  202. Melanie says

    Ok I did not read the previous comments or my first one would have been considerably longer. You don’t lay brick with grout, you use mortar as in an exterior application. You have to seal it! With several coats of poly, satin or matte ,preferably. Ours was professionally installed, if that makes a difference. I never had a problem with keeping it clean or it staining, the opposite actually. Mine never showed dirt. I cleaned it with whatever antibacterial cleaner smelled appealing to me at the time. It does not have the same feel to it as solid brick , namely because it is sealed, that smoothes it out. It felt like any other hard surface flooring. As far as rough on children and your back… no more so than tile. Actually, my children are much more dangerous to the wood, than the brick was to them! Ok, enough, please email if you have any more questions.

  203. Chrissy T says

    We had brick in our old house through kitchen and living room- while it looked really cool- it was very hard on the feet. We had two toddlers at the time- VERY difficult and “ouchy” for the kids to crawl on and play on- my son ended up hitting an edge of the brick and had to get stitches-

  204. Sara says

    Brick – absolutely! My old house had brick floors from kitchen, family room, hall, laundry room and little bathroom off the kitchen. I loved it. We live in an apartment right now since we just moved across country – but when we can have a house again I will definitely be wanting brick flooring again.

  205. Lori says

    If you spend any time at all in the kitchen I would not brick, although the look is beautiful. I have a large bricked entryway, half-bath & laundry room & although the floor is pretty it’s killer on the feet & not the easiest to clean.

  206. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    One of the coolest kitchens I ever saw was a kitchen in Kingsport, TN. They had sandblasted red brick in the kitchen that was TO DIE FOR. The rest of the house was drop dead gorgeous, but it was that kitchen that kept me up at night.

  207. says

    There is so much beauty in the brick!!! The new steamer mop machines would clean and disinfect that floor in no time. I would leave it!!!

  208. Stefani says

    The brick is gorgeous but not ideal in a kitchen. Try getting spaghetti sauce out of those grooves.

  209. lucy says

    brick period…….My backsplash in the kitchen is brick…I LOVE it! FYI, there may be some reclaimed brick at Southern Accents. I know there is a guy in Decatur or Hartselle that has some…G will know who to send you to when you start looking!

  210. says

    I love the brick but used to live in a home with it in the kitchen and it was very (very) cold in the winter. The kind of cold that seeped right through your clothes as you do dishes. Plus when glasses and plates fall they always break. I say it was lovely but never again :)

  211. Kristina says

    Love the look for the entryway! But wouldn’t it be hard on the feet if you spend any time in your kitchen??? I’ve been wondering this for awhile–would love to know thoughts!

  212. Linden Townhouse says

    I would go for the brick. We had it before in a rented cottage with a dog and kids, and I was pregnant. It’s not hard to keep clean and doesn’t feel any harder than wood or ceramic. You can practically just POUR water on it to clean it and then mop it up. And those bricks you have shown look like they have a shiny surface, which will make it easy to clean. That’s what we had. I think the rough surface bricks might not work as well. I have had hardwoods in kitchens too but never again. We had water damage from a leaking dishwasher and fridge. I have also had very light colored ceramic tile, which was horrible! It showed every hair. The brick, hands down, was the best.

  213. melissa says

    Hi there Layla,
    I don’t think I’ve ever commented on your blog before, although I’m an avid follower! We just went through a kitchen reno, and I thought that I’d share another option with you. We didn’t do brick, but we did do 3×5 tumbled marble tiles that give the same feel, yet are probably more user friendly. You can do the same patterns as you would with brick–love that herringbone pattern! With all the negative comments that I’ve just browsed through, I thought maybe you’d want to consider other options…
    I’ll send you a photo of our floors, if you’re interested!

  214. Glenda says

    No argument here on how rich and beautiful brick floors look. But, beyond keeping them clean, you have to live with a pretty rough surface day in and day out. My sister-in-law went to great lengths to install a brick floor in her kitchen, but our children’s clothes and joints paid the bigger price. My daughters would come home from playing for the afternoon with torn up, holey socks. The knees of the baby clothes would shred when one of our babies would crawl across the floor, and their little hands were just as scratched and scraped. As they got older, my daughters learned real quick how hard and rough a brick floor is when you get tackled by your football lovin’ cousin. I’d recommend a brick floor after small children get out of high school.

  215. RubberChickenGirl says

    Speaking as a mom of five–hard to clean but then again it might be “black hole” flooring (as my Mom calls it) and nothing may show, so you may get away with it.


  216. says

    I have brick pavers in my kitchen and living area and everyone OOOOHS and AAAAAHS over them. It took alot of convincing to allow my hubby to let me do it because he was worried it would be uncomfortable on his feet but he was wrong and not only wrong but WAY wrong. They’re warm, soft, comfy and AMAZING!

  217. Rose says

    We put antique Chicago brick pavers in all of our living areas and hallways over 4 years ago. Sealed them penetrating sealer and have resealed the kitchen twice since then. It’s a herringbone pattern. I have a wool braided rug in front of stove and sink to help my feet.

    Yes, the grout in the kitchen gets a little dirtier. We have a dark linen grout though. It only looks aged. You can apply stone enhancer to darken all of it after installation. Lots of my family have them in their kitchens. Most use polyurethane to seal the brick. We opted for water base sealers instead. Love them!!!!!! Steam mops clean them beautifully.

    We’ve moved 9 times. I lived with wood, linoleum, vinyl, asbestos, tile, concrete, cork, and now brick. Cork in the kitchen is still my absolute favorite, but it wasn’t going to work in our current home.

  218. leslie says

    I think that’d be awesome! but you’d have to be really careful to make sure your floors are level!!

  219. Lisa says

    The herringbone pattern is gorgeous, but dang, that’s gotta be hard on the feet and back! -Not to mention hard to clean and tough for toddlers, especially if the surface is remotely uneven.

  220. Pamela says

    I am in the process of bricking my floors but haven”t found the right color. I love the floor in the room with the gray barn doors and striped rug. It has a whitewashed look with light mortar. Any ideas what color brick. I showed this pic to my flooring guy but he brought me Old Chicago which has a peachy colored stone and a very dark almost black stone that is throwing me off.

  221. says

    as much as i love brick it’s tough to clean.
    dont get me wrong – it looks awesome!!!
    just takes a lot of elbow grease to clean it. :(
    we have slate and love the colors and texture – just despise cleaning it with kids.

  222. Lacey Kingsley says

    I love the brick floors! They are unique and beautiful. Where can you get sliced brick at a reasonable cost? P.S. I love your site!

  223. sara says

    I just bought a house with brick floors in the dining room, kitchen, foyer, and living room. I love the look, but sisn’t haven’t figured out the best syster for cleaning them.
    I would say go for the brick if you can have some people give you ideas on what works best for cleaning. I wonder what other people use?

  224. Kellie says

    I love your designs. I was wondering the name/style of door in picture #4 (black door that opens on top and bottom), also the style/name of french doors in picture #5 (big pane doors). It is a lot to try and find these things and I want to make sure I say the right thing. :) My husband and I are building our first home in the Fall.

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