I’m Maximus Palmer, and my Mom thought it would be nice if I blogged about my new little brother, Kit-Cat, today.

Yep. Apparently the kid is stickin’ around for good.

I’m not really sure why they wanted me to announce the news though, because…well…the dude sort of weirds me out. I mean, he’s craaaaazy hyper, and according to Mom, his claws are MAD sharp. What’s up with that!? He’s always purring and trying to rub up against me, and he acts like he wants to play with me too, but that is soooo not happening. No way, José. Not with those prickly little paws.

And get this- now that his leg is almost all better, he’s starting to act like he owns the place. Yeah…I know- total weirdo, right? He even took over my spot on the back of the couch for, like, two hours yesterday. The kids got no manners, I tell ya.

And to top it off, he’s even started playing with one of MY toys, too.

Mom says she doesn’t know why I care, because I “haven’t played with it one time” since they bought it for me. But still. It’s mine, and he doesn’t even know how to play with it right anyway. You’re supposed to have someone throw it for you so that you can go fetch it. Kit-Cat just attacks it…

…and lets it attack him.

And stares at it…

And stares with it…

And sometimes, he gets this REAL crazy look in his eyes, and just goes off on it…

Just watching him play exhausts me.

I mean, doesn’t he know that taking naps is where it’s at? Oh well.

His loss.


PS- Max’s Mom here… :-) Just wanted to add that since Max hasn’t been chasing Kit-Cat, and because we’ve got a great/pet-loving house-sitter that will take care of both of our pets when we’re gone, everything is working out just fine.

And a big thanks to everyone who emailed us about adopting him if things hadn’t gone quite as smoothly here with Max. We truly appreciate your kindness and generosity, and we’ll definitely keep you posted on how he’s doing!


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  1. says

    This post and your furry kids are adorable. The pictures made me smile. :) So happy things are going well! I can totally relate to those cats that stare at AND with things!

  2. says

    For those sharp little claws check out Softpaws nail caps… they just glue on over the claws and you replace them when they fall off. It’s super easy. They totally changed my life with my little scratcher.

  3. Barbara says

    Awww. I was hoping it would work out this way. Dogs and cats are meant to be together. Isn’t that weird? But it’s true. Congratulations!

  4. Jane says

    How cute they look together. I wish my Chi would snuggle with me like that. He’s always too busy causing trouble!!

  5. Claire says

    Hey dude. Cats are for barking at. That’s what we three dogs do at this house. Bark Bark. Love, Copper, Todd and Hershey

    • Layla says

      Dear Copper, Todd and Hershey,

      Thanks for your advice. I’ll have to try that more often. Right now I just try to stay out of his way. Those claws are crazy and they freak me out!


  6. Katie says

    SO glad you ended up letting him stay with you. Home isn’t home without a cat around.

  7. Krista says

    You guys rock! I am so glad you get to keep Kit-Cat. Thank you for being such kind, loving animal people. If only all the world were as good as you both. Best of luck and fun with your newest addition.

  8. says

    Congratulations! We rescued a sick kittent that our dog chased into a tree and they get along just fine now. May I suggest teaching your new kitten how to have his nails trimmed, once his little leg is healed of course. I started trimming our cat’s nails when he was little and it really helps with damage control to keep the sharp hooks cut back. Good luck!

  9. Stellastarlite says

    Tuxedo cats love to roam, so if Kit-Cat goes outside, he will be exploring. If you read Chez Larsson, her black and white cat, Bonus, goes away for days at a time. Such lucky pet babies you have!

  10. says

    Great post! Adorable pets…so nice that Kit-Cat will be able to stay!! Nice way to start my morning!!

  11. Chrissy says

    Hi Kit – Cat looks exactly like my Buttons, whom we adopted at the shelter cause she was as cute as a Button. (I guess – she came with the name) we liked her and her name – We have Baylee (cocker spaniel) and Bella (a wild kitty who we saved along with siblings – they all were adopted) but Bella hates Buttons and moved out….: ( makes me Momma so sad. But I just wanted to say Kit-Cat has an actual twin up here in Pgh., PA.
    P.S. I love your Blog, so glad I found you and hubby.

    Take Care and Good Luck with the kiddo’s…If I can send a picture of Buttons I will…I’m not that saavy here with electronics…only decorating and one day would love to start a blog. (bucket list)

  12. says

    I came over from Ree’s site and read your post on her re-do ofthe stairs. Very lovely!!! Decided to scan thru some of the rest of you site and came across this post. Well, I am an animal lover and have 3 cats of my own, so of course I applaud you adopting Kit-Cat. Looks like he has landedin a lovely home with great people, and a brofur to boot!

  13. Amber, This Little Bird says

    Awww, Kit-Cat reminds me so much of the tuxedo kitten we rescued 4 months ago in our bushes, Cleo. His facial markings are different but the video of him and Max looks exactly like how she plays with one of our other cats. Glad everyone’s happy together!