Kit-Cat Update

Kit-Cat did so good at his vet appointment the other day! He’s such a calm little boy.

Me, on the other hand, well…I saw stars and had to sit down.

Apparently I get faint at all doctor’s appointments…not just my own.

I’m sure it had something to do with the up-close-and-personal visual of the vet pushing Kit-Cat’s pins back into his leg. (They had started to pop out through his skin….*shudder*) Apparently that’s normal, and if everything continues to heal right, they’ll be able to take the pins out for good in a couple of weeks. Yay!

We’re going to take care of him until he’s ready to go to his forever home. (More news about that when we know exactly which home that is!)

We sure will miss the little guy though.

Max, on the other hand….I think he wants the other half of “his” house back.


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  1. Jody says

    I love the photo of Kit Kat and Max — so cute!

    Pushing pins back into his leg…? I would have to sit down too! It makes me squeamish just *thinking* about it!

  2. Carol Sullivan says

    Whew!! Made ME a little dizzy reading about those pins! I’m glad to see he is doing well, sweet kitty… Thanks for the update!

  3. mary rose says

    Thank you for taking such good care of this precious furry baby. My furry baby is now 16 and blind but she gets around our home and still loves us unconditionally. The world is not just a prettier place but a better place because of people like you two. Best regards, Mary Rose Taft

  4. Renee' D' says

    Kit-Cat sure is the cutest little cat I have seen in a long time. I have always been an animal lover and I would have done the same thing. You both brought a tear to my eyes knowing that there are other people out there that will sacrifice their time and $$$ for a stray that is in need. I see way to often here where I live that animals do not have a voice and are left unwanted and alone, it kills me. If I didn’t already rescue 3 strays, I would have been happy to drive one state and pick up Kit-Cat. I just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for being who you are, I apprecaite you and I know Kit-Cat does too. God Bless you both!

  5. whislerpotpie says

    This makes me warm and fuzzy.

    Thank you for taking care of KitCat. You are good and kind and putting a lot of love out into the world.

  6. says

    You guys warm my heart with the story of Kit-cat!!! His forever home will be lucky to have him. Thanks for the love you have shown him.

  7. says

    even after 11 years of practice, IM pins creeping their way back out gives me the heebs too! Glad to hear he’s doing well, though!

  8. Tavia says

    There is a special place for sweet people like you. Thank you for fostering and saving this little sweetheart. I could just hug you!!

  9. Mott says

    I can totally relate to the dizziness. I also faint for others, animals included! Our vet was having my son and I help with the docking of tails and dewclaw removal. First I had to leave the room and had him relieve me. Next thing I knew, he was turning white, too! We both had to go outside for some fresh air and the doc had to get some new help! Glad Kit-Cat is doing good! He’s a pretty boy!

  10. Dorothy Brown says

    I’ve always been more of a dog person, but wow-Kit-Cat is adorable! You’re so sweet for saving him and takng care of him now. BTW, I had a hammer toe release done and there was a pin in there too. I sure sympathize with being grossed out by it. In my case, it was when it was pushed out. Urp! And I’m not usually squeamish. You did well!

  11. says

    what a beautiful kitty! so glad you are taking the time to find him a happy home! too bad you can’t keep him. he seems to fit so well info your family.

    Oh! and i just saw your piece in BHG Special Interest Christmas issue. Truly ah-mazing! beyond stunning! you were the showcase of a beautiful magazine. you should be so proud!

  12. Beth says

    Kit-Cat is so lucky that you found him! Bless you for what you’ve done for him, and thank you for sharing that story as it unfolds.

    And what a pretty kitty he is, too. I’d adopt him, if I didn’t live *several* states away. My Very Large Dog needs company!

  13. Sherry Ann says

    Love this picture and all other pictures of Kit Kat. The story is heartwarming. So happy to know I am not the only crazy one out there with a magnet for stray, battered, little creatures that need a forever home ! Always keep your heart open, I have a feeling you will!

  14. says

    He’s so cute! These vet pics remind me of when we had to take our kitty Lily (at about this same age), when we first got her as a stray, and have a cast put on her front leg. She looked so helpless with it on, but she eventually healed. Kit-Kat is appreciating all your TLC I’m sure. You guys are doing a good deed!

  15. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    Kit-Kat has the most precious little face. I love his little mouth with the heart on it. Says volumes!
    I’d say he has a pretty good home right now………….some things are just meant to be. Maybe you are supposed to be kitty parents…….and that’s why Kit-Kat came into your life.
    I call this a GOD WINK! Think about it. :-) >^:^< mee-oow

  16. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    Yikers! Crimany! It’s Kit-Cat.
    Maybe he should be Kit-Kat….2 K’s like you and Kev……….
    I’m just sayin…………….

  17. Trish says

    My cat, Pemberton, looks just like KitCat and he shattered his leg as a kitten … and has some pins as well. He healed perfectly and doesn’t even have a limp – you would never know – not to mention it was over 8 years ago now. Didn’t change his demeanor one bit :)

  18. says

    What a cute little meow. I’m totally partial to black cats, though! Good luck finding him a fantastic forever home – as a former foster mom (for dogs) I know how hard that can be!

  19. says

    Kit-Cat’s a blessed kitty to be found by y’all! I’m praying that you are blessed with a REALLY H U G E home, so that you can continue to bless both man and beast with all that luvin’! What wonderful giving hearts you and Kevin have! So thankful for folks like you!!!

  20. says

    Poor Layla! It’s hard to watch a little animal go thru something like that.
    I’m so glad he’s going to be healed up soon. : )
    Loved the photos.
    Happy Halloween!

  21. says

    Haha I do the exact same thing! I was so excited when my sister got her vet degree so that I didn’t have to faint in front of strangers anymore – at least she already knows! You’re doing such a great thing and what a sweet little cat!

  22. Lisa W. says

    Whew…me too . You are such a good Momma Layla.

    Curious minds want to know, I always see all your husbands ink. Did I see some on your arm???? Would love to see the “whole” thing. Thanks:)

  23. Cindy says

    What a beautiful kitten. I wish I lived closer, because I would take him. I lost my cat of 16 years this past January. I miss him dearly. I hope you find him a good and safe home. He deserves it. And may you be blessed for taking the time to care for him. I know he appreciates it.


  24. Ashley says

    We have a stray kitty that we had to have pins put in her back leg too! She also had the pins push back out through the skin and they\ vet eventually removed them. It’s been two years and she is doing great. Hope your kit-kat has the same results. :)

  25. says

    Oh Layla! He is adorable!! And I would have been flat out on the floor if ANYTHING was sticking out that wasn’t supposed to be. Sheesh!

  26. Mary Pat says

    From one animal lover to another, I’ve had my woozy moments at the vet on more than one occasion. You’re not alone! Kit-Cat is beautiful and so blessed to have rescuers like you. Who knows, maybe your pup will warm up to him!

  27. Theresa in ALberta says

    HEY!! I have one of those “Tuxedo Cats”…..or I should say, my Tuxedo cat owns the house I live in 😉

  28. says

    LAYLA, i am probably your girl (the keeper of kitkat) anyone that knows me, knows i am an animal lover especially of cats. my black cat “scooter” (age 15) just died a few months ago & things around here are not the same. i have always been a black cat girl, as a matter of fact i had a cat that looks just like kitkat back in the mid 80’s (age 15), he was also one i can’t forget. i don’t know how far we are from each other but i would cross the sea for a critter. does this llittle guy need me? i would like to think so.

  29. says

    I guess I am secretly hoping you end up with Kit-Cat. You showed such love when you rescued him and you’ve bonded with him. Maybe it’s meant to be. Our animals choose us. I have 3 rescues right now and I am so thankful I have them in my life.

    You and Kevin are kitty angels!