Kit-Cat the Crazy

The other day I caught Kit-Cat doing something…weird.

It involved Kevin’s bathroom sink…

…and a full bladder…

…but absolutely no flushing when he was done.


I caught him in the act a couple more times since that first time, and Kevin may or may not have been greeted by a….semi-solid surprise (ahem) in there the other day, too.


We’re assuming he doesn’t like the new lid we bought for his litter box because I just noticed he’s not going in there anymore, so we have since removed it and we’re currently standing by to see what happens.


*UPDATE: Click here to read the rest of the story: Kit-Cat the Crazy

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    • Kati says

      Actually they have something for that it’s called kitty city and it really works takes about a week and you have a toilet trained kitty.

    • Kay says

      My cats did the same thing … I thought they would like the lid, but didn’t. I took it off and they immediately started using the litter box again.

  1. erica rankin says

    i have a 3 crazy cats. we have 2 leave the toilet seat down bcuz binx plays in the toilet water. kitty doesnt like closed doors so if we have family over and the go 2 the bathroom she opens the door on them, so embarrassing. finally theres molly whom for some reason will pee on towels and clothes if there left on the ground. lets say me and my husband dont leave any clothing on the ground. their crazy but i love em.

    • Allyson says

      Oh, my dumb cat does that too. Can’t leave anything on the ground. Also can’t have a nice soft bed for her to sleep in cause she’ll pee on it too. So she sleeps in the laundry hamper on top of the dryer. Weird cat.
      At least it makes us keep everything picked up off the floor!

  2. Danielle says

    Actually – you can train your cat to go on the toilet! There’s lots of info out there about it!

  3. says

    I’m sure you will get many comments about how you should get him checked for bladder crystals because cats going in odd places can mean something is wrong (especially when they are going on cool surfaces). So that’s always a possibility.

    However, my cat just likes to use the drain of the bathtub as his litterbox (thankfully not for… solids). Vet thinks it could be something he smells from the drain. I figure if he’s going to refuse the litterbox, that’s not such a bad alternative.

    • Emily says

      My brother’s cat pees in the sink to let his owners know he has a bladder infection. They take the cat to the vet right away and every time he has been sick. Cats are smart. Well, some cats are. Mine just pees o the carpet for no good reason….

  4. SUSAN BUSH says

    LOL…As a child we had a cat that sat on the toilet to do its business and drank water out of the sink ….well at least its not on other things ….keep the bleach wipes<3
    close by….lol….wish ya luck …

  5. says

    Sounds like Kit-Kat has some potential for REAL toilet training. Seems he prefers a porcelain environment. If I were you, I’d treat this like the teachable moment it is – and get that cat to go on the toilet! I have two kitties, and I could never train them to do this, because they drink from the toilet. But if I could, I sure would!

    • bdaiss says

      Agreed! If my cats were this disinterested in their litter box I’d totally be training them to use the toilet! Unfortunatley mine just want you to leave the sink running so they can drink from it, and the toilet is just a strange contraption that provides us humans at the perfect height for their pettins.

  6. says

    We have a Kit-Cat too! Our will only drink out of the sink, not water bowls. So, as soon as I turn on the sink to wash dishes (or whatever), she comes running. Crazy little kitty, but she makes me laugh, so it’s all worth it.

  7. Caia says

    If it’s not the litter box, take him to the vet. He may be trying to tell you that something is wrong. We had a cat who started doing something similar for no apparent reason, and he was also becoming slightly aggressive. Turns out he had a bladder infection and crystals. Once that was cleared up, no more problems!

  8. Marianne in Mo. says

    EEEWWW! But I agree, he probably doesn’t like the lid. Mine didn’t either! At least he used the sink. It’s alot easier to clean than a carpet, as I know from experience!

    • Marianne in Mo. says

      Ditto on the bladder infection…..could be a reason, but I’d bet it’s that he doesn’t want to be enclosed while doing is business.

  9. says

    Layla, you should get him to your vet. Sounds like he has a UTI.

    My male cat, Theo, does this when he as a bladder infection. Kit-Cat will most likely need some antibiotics.

    Ask your vet about Cosequin capsules that you can sprinkle over his wet food. They are intended to help with arthritis, but they also help reduce inflammation around the bladder.

  10. says

    Oh if only that were the place our cat would choose when he opts not to use the litter box. We have had problems with him going right by the sliding glass door to the back yard. It has happened so many times it is starting to ruin our floor. We hang our draperies a few inches off the ground so that they don’t get ruined when it happens. I’m with the others… go ahead and try to toilet train him.

  11. marybeth says

    Ummmm, maybe it should now be considered Kit-Cat’s bathroom! Thanks for the kitty laughs this morning!

  12. says

    Hey Layla, I thought I’d add my unsolicited vet advice (I’m a vet). There are two things that can be causing this: 1. medical issue 2. behavioural. First, medical: Bladder infection or crystaluria may be the culpret. Definately worth a visit to the vet so they can do a urinalysis. Also, is he drinking/urinating more frequently? Secondly: Behavioural. Litter box aversion is a real possibility in this case. Also, you should have 2 boxes (a pain, I know, but it’s recommended to have 2 boxes/cat in the household). If not the box itself, it could be the litter he doesn’t like, or the location of the box. I feel it’s more likely behavioural than medical since he also had a bm in the sink, but you really should have a urinalysis done to be 100% sure. Crystals in the urine can be deadly in male cats =( Good luck!!

  13. says

    oh my gosh!!!
    that is hysterical!
    but not really, for you. :/
    i giggle because we have a kit cat too and i’ve wanted to get a lidded litter box to cut down on messes, but i’ve heard some cats don’t like jumping out of them.
    case in point…your kit cat! :)
    i would just DIE if that happened over here!
    you are such a trooper!

    {still giggling}

  14. kara says

    Sounds like the perfect opportunity to toilet train. Both of mine are toilet trained and I love not having to mess with a litter box any more.

  15. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    You’ve not changed his brand of litter have you?
    Be thankful he is not using your BED!!!!!!!!!

  16. Michelle says

    My cat, Baxter (also male) started doing this in our bathroom sink and it turned out that he had a bladder infection! Some meds later, and it stopped!

    But, we did not have any changes to the litter box. Still, something to consider if it does not stop. He usually did not go much, and he seemed uncomfortable (a lot of meowing).

  17. Quadmom says

    My cat does that every once in a while – usually because he doesn’t like the type of litter in the box. When I return to the usual brand the problem goes away! Now, if someone could explain to me why my cat likes to lick the walls, life would be perfect.

  18. says

    Cats will lose their little minds if you mess with their litter boxes. Here’s a tip: fill the sink with about a half inch of vinegar. Cats hate vinegar and she’ll be less likely to go in there. Hopefully she’ll go back to the litter box, but keep an eye out on other places. We don’t have cats anymore (I’m allergic) but once my husband made our cat very angry, and found a surprise in his shoe the next morning.

  19. Annie says

    Yay! Someone else who grabs the camera before stopping whatever gross or crazy things kids (4 legged or 2 legged) are doing before you stop them!!!! :) Rockin’. :)

  20. says

    Looks like a few people have already mentioned this, but I wanted to echo it. You might want to take him to the vet. Our Buster was peeing in the sink a few years ago, and we took him. Turns out he had crystals in his urethra that were almost blocking his ability to pee. He had to have surgery to remove the blockage. The vet told us that if we had waited much longer to bring him in, the blocked area would have burst, and he would have probably died from it.

    Otherwise, you could just be dealing with a behavioral problem. :) Kitties are so opinionated, and let you know quickly when they aren’t happy about something!

  21. Amy says

    We had a cat that did that too. It wasn’t limited to sinks though, he would also use bowls on the counter or the kid’s buckets of toys. Watch out! :)

  22. Racheldcarey says

    Well, cats are creatures of habit. KitKat is showing you he is not HAPPY about something. They do not accept change very well. Turn his litter box back and keep an eye on him. My cat peed a couple of places and we discovered that he had a uti…poor baby!

    Better Kevin’s sink than YOURS, right?

  23. Michelle says

    Oh, Layla….kitties rule at our house too :) They can’t talk but they sure get their point across!
    Hugs from Iowa,
    Michelle at Pine Needle Hill

  24. Caia says

    One more thing- there is an additive you can put in your litter box that attracts cats. There is also special litter, but the additive is cheaper. There is something in it that attracts the cats and makes them WANT to use the box instead of the floor/sink/wall/etc. I haven’t seen it at any big box stores, but pet stores do carry it.

  25. Dianne says

    Hi Layla,

    You are not alone. I have 2 black and white rescue cats. The male definitely has behavioural issues. The fist time I got him peeing the sink, I must admit, I was kinda impressed and yes disgusted. That sink gets cleaned all day long. He has then gone to the bathtub and will also leave solids there as well. I am going to try the toliet training.

    Also, i am so happy that Andrea the vet, who posted, told you how deadly urine infections can be. A few years back during Thanksgiving he stopped eating. Now you need too understand this cat will eat all day long if I let him. I brought him all kinds of food. He did take one bite of turkey, then immediately threw it up. I took him to the er medical center for animals. He stayed there until Monday with an IV, medication and constant care and was very lethargic. He had an infection and it almost killed him that weekend. If I had brought him a day later, he would not have it. I did not realize how deadly these infections are for male cats. He has been fine ever since, but it scared the _________ out of me.

    I am going to try to potty train him…I will let you know how it goes. Meantime please keep posting about your precious Kit Kat!

  26. says

    It deserves a trip to vet to make sure there’s not a problem. I know at least three people that have cats that pee in the sink when they have bladder infections/urinary tract infections. It could be a behavioral issue but it could also be a warning sign.

  27. says

    We had a cat that started to do that in the bathtub, he ended up having to be an outdoor kitty onlly. We could not break him of it. But he loved being outdoors anyways so he was happier in the long run.

  28. says

    My best friend’s dog uses the shower. They wondered why she kept going in the bathroom and finally discovered she was peeing in the shower. I think it’s pretty darn smart. Of course, she could have asked to go out…but she figured it was similar to a toilet. I think Kit Cat thinks the same. Seems like a toilet to her. Too funny.

  29. Lindy says

    My aunt and uncle have a female cat named Fondzie who is a spiteful toaster pee-er. Unfortunately they didn’t realize she had done this until after they put a pop tart in and turned the toaster on. Hot cat pee reeks!!!

  30. says

    LOL. Sorry to laugh but it is a little funny at least he pees in an easy to clean spot and not on the couch or somewhere. One of my cat’s has litter box issues sometimes, too. If he decides the litter isn’t clean enough or it is too fresh, like right after I do a full clean, then he pees in the little tray right in front of the box. He only started doing the peeing when the litter is too clean after I switched their litter. I now use pine pellets (I couldn’t stand the dust and smell of clay litters, I swear the dust in every room of my apartment smelled like cat litter) that turn to sawdust when you wet them and then they soak up pee after. But he doesn’t like the fresh pine scent the first day or two and you have to make sure it is all dust. He doesn’t like to dig in the pellets. Some cat’s are just so picky! LOL.

  31. Christine Aldinger says

    i’d give it a few more days to see if taking lid off makes a difference if not i would guess it it medical………

  32. Sherri Langford-Farrell says

    I’d see if he’d move to the “other” porcelain fixture in the room!!!! I hate litter boxes myself…not that I’ve used one!!!! LOL

  33. R says

    I work at a Veterinary Specialty Hospital and also have 2 cats that are at risk for bladder blockages. The behavior your describing is classic for a cat that is developing bladder crystals. Not to be an alarmist but I would take the cat to the vet immediately to make sure he is not developing a bladder blockage. I hope all is okay with your cat.

  34. Dee says

    You have a lot of good advice here about the medical part of it and I’ve had that issue with a few cats. Bladder and crystals are a part of life with cats. I will share about my experience with lidded boxes…….I have some that are quite large with a high lid/dome and a new smaller one with less clearance space inside. My male cat doesn’t like the smaller, confined box so I discovered. The larger boxes might be harder to find now but that is my suggestion based on my issue with the smaller one. And put the box/boxes in non-traffic, less busy areas of the house.

  35. Abby K says

    That picture was too funny! Thanks for the morning laugh! Our cat Roxy hates lidded litter boxes too and refuses to go inside. She is also a rescue cat, and I think it’s just tough to train them on the lidded boxes if they have been used to something else previously.

  36. Joanne B. says

    Ha ha ha… it is so NOT funny! How about getting an old sink and put it on top of the litter box to sort of move Kit Cat over to there!
    But really, do have him checked out- the crystal issue can kill him- we almost lost our cat 6 years ago had I not acted quickly. $1800. late Oliver is fine and on a special diet for bladder health. Do have this checked out!

  37. tracyo says

    Funny! Also gross! I like the little cartoon pictures of you & Kevin with masks on! You always brighten my day, Layla!

    • tracyo says

      Oh, but DO have him checked out for bladder issues. My cat almost died a couple of times until we got him on a special diet and stuck to it religiously.

  38. says

    Too funny! Just the fact that you caught him in the act and decided to blog about it is hilarious. I’ve seen a bunch of people comment on getting him checked out for possible bladder infections. If it is that, they start to associate the litter box with the pain of urinatino. What my vet told me was that if it was small amounts of urine and the cat is drinking a lot more water, then be worried. Otherwise, it might just be the lid like you said. One of my cats is very picky about where and what type of litter box we use for him; has been every since we moved into our new place. We still struggle to get him to use the litter box for solids… although it’s totally gross, I’d rather deal with picking solids up off the floor (carpet) and using a little cleaner than dealing with urine that soaks into the carpet/pad. So I wish you luck on getting Kit-Cat to use the litter box like he’s suppose to.

  39. says

    I think you’re probably right about the lid. Our male cat hates going in an enclosed litter box. When we bought a lid for it, he protested by peeing all over our dirty close in the closet. We got rid of the lid and, fortunately, no more problems.

  40. says

    I laughed AND cried when I saw this post. Laughed b/c you seem to be a roll with it kinda girl (grabbing the camera). And cried b/c our male cat Sam used to do that occasionally (in the tub) in his older years.

    We lost him last year at the age of 17. We miss him. ♥

  41. says

    Layla, I bet that was it. If removing the lid doesn’t work, you may want to run him by the vet. Sometimes kitties will go in places they shouldn’t if they have a urinary tract thing going on. But if it started when you added the lid, I’m sure that’s it. Max doesn’t like to use potties with lids either. My vet made a suggestion and I did it and I love it. My vet bought one of those HUGE, deep bins you buy at Home Depot or Lowes…like the kind you store away Christmas decorations or clothes. He filled it with lots and lots and lots of scoopable litter and placed it in his basement. The laundry room or some other out of the way place would work, too. Anyway, the kitties can’t toss the litter over the edge because it so deep. AND because it’s so big, you can skip scooping it daily and usually scoop about every 3 days with a one kitty household. That’s what I’m doing now and it works great. And Mr. Max is a happy cat. He loves his spacious bathroom renovation. ;)

  42. says

    Our cat used to do the same thing! In his case each time he did it, he had a UTI. I guess you could say, he had very unique way of letting us know :)
    Good Luck with Kit-Cat

  43. Gracie says

    If he keeps it up, just plug up the sink and fill it partially with water. That’s a good trick I learned with a cat that liked to use the tub as his litter box. Hopefully with the lid off he’ll go back to using the litter box for you.

  44. says

    Oh my gosh, too funny! At least he has the good sense to go in the sink where it’s easy to clean up. What a smart kitty. :)

  45. says

    Without knowing much about your cat, I just wanted to say keep an eye on him because this is sometimes a sign of a bladder infection or kidney issues. My hunch is that because he also pooped he’s probably just being a stinker, but just wanted to throw that out there just in case!

  46. kim says

    lol. omg.. i gotta say. we have the same issue. i keep lysol antibacterial spray beside the sink at ALL TIMES. we have tried numerous litter boxes and he still uses the sink sometimes( not all the time). grrr. maybe they think its a cats version of a urinal?? i dont know. have tried citrus scents, paper , etc. to try and dissuade him. at least its kevin’s sink…. (tee hee) and therefore kit kat likes him.. on another note, we have a female kitty; “loose wheel” is her name; that pees in the toilet. she hops on the edge of the seat and lowers her butt in. ( such a little lady) :)

  47. kim says

    make sure he doesnt have a UTI too. alot of times cats will avoid a litter box because they associate the pain of peeing with the box instead of the act itself.

  48. says

    … cat does the exact same thing…only she scratches on the mirror after to cover it up….no idea what she thinks it will hide, but really funny…and gross…. :)

  49. says

    haha…Our puppy likes to pee in the shower! Sometimes when I’m getting ready in the morning he’ll just walk into the shower, pee, and then leave. It’s so awkward, but at least it’s easy to clean up!

  50. amber peters says

    ahahahahah!! at least he did it in the sink! so funny! This must be Mr. Jinx’s cousin, right?

  51. Lin says

    Oh I love that Kit-Cat! I even bought a Kit-Cat Clock embroidered dish towel on after seeing him on your post. I love animals as you can tell and we have a senior cat and dog and I would have loved to had Kit-Cat when you were looking for a home for him and told you. Anyway at least he picked the bathroom sink……that is pretty smart of him because he could have chosen many worse places! Good luck. Maybe he will go back to his litter box now that it is like it used to be. Cats are kind of choosy like that. Thanks for the laugh today.

  52. says

    Now you did it! A few years back we changed to wheat kitty litter and Princess Pearl was not amused. Found out some time later that she was going behind a chair to pee. Kitty pee soaks right in wood so that has been an ongoing battle using enzyme cleaner. At least it won’t “soak” into the sink!

  53. says

    Oh my goodness, I thought we were the only ones. Haha. Our cat, Bob has done the same thing. Even over the bathtub drain. So wierd! He hasn’t done it in a long time, knock on wood.

  54. says

    Ohh no the little tinker I know they usually like to leave you gifts of mice but that errkkkk I don’t think I would be to pleased about hee hee

    I bet you are going through the bleach? Hope he gets litter tray trained with not to much difficulty & you can claim your sink back :)

  55. says

    I have never heard of a cat doing that.. Pretty funny, and weird. It doesn’t seem like too much of a jump to move him to the toilet :) Good luck with the retraining…

  56. Stephanie C says

    You may want to have a vet check out the cat. Our cat always used the litter box expect when he had a problem with crystals in his bladder. That’s when he would pee in the bathtub.

  57. Esther says

    Ha! We had a cat once that would go in the stove burners. I’d get up in the morning and turn on the stove to fix something and this horrendous smell would come. I think it happend 3 times and then she became a barn cat.

  58. Coastal Femme says

    Loved this post. Cats may not be able to talk but they find other ways to tell us something is bothering them :) Good idea to remove the litter box lid. He’s still an adorable cat….hope Kevin doesn’t hold it against him

  59. says

    I used to have a cat that did the same thing in the bathtub. It was hard to break him of that nasty habit but I was thankful he didn’t do his business some other place that wouldn’t of been as easy to clean up. Your kitty is adorable. Good luck.

  60. Briana says

    My cat used to pee in the bathtub, but only when she was sick. I would notice blood in her urine and I would take her to the vet. Sure enough, it would be a urinary infection. Maybe it was her way of letting me know that something was wrong.

  61. Bernice says

    Shreik! I almost shreiked in delighted horror! I guess he was sending you a mesaage….right now! This kitty is a KEEPER! How smart is he!!!!!!
    Here i am …Sending this to all my friends!

  62. Jeanne says

    I have read that cats don’t really like a covered litter box. I guess its something that we humans like. Also, if you have changed the litter to a different brand he may not like it. Mine will only go if there is one particular brand in the litter box. Otherwise they go in places they’re not supposed to.

  63. Ann W says

    I think he’s ready for the toilet! Friskies has invented new cat games for the iPad. Maybe they should invent a toilet training game. Just be glad it isn’t Your sink.

  64. Linda says

    My cat, a male ,less than 2 yrs old does this also.. He also goes in the tub too …. Sometimes….. He also goes in the sand box…weird.

  65. says

    Gross is right! Our dog has started relieving herself in the strangest places! I have to wonder what goes through her mind – how funny it would be to hear a narration of her life :)

  66. says

    Well, that is disturbing, ha.. but at least it’s the sink?? Slightly better than finding a gift in your shoe for example?? I hope the lid removal helps welcome Kit-Cat home. :)

  67. Heather says

    You should have Kit-Cat see his vet. He is probably dealing with a UTI. Being a boy, this can become serious problem fast, so I would do it sooner rather than later.

  68. says

    Our daughter has a cat that does the same thing in the bathtub. He never got over it so she has to keep the bathroom door closed all the time. Before she got married they were both living with us for a while and he would do that in my big antique Redwing crocks. I used to throw my mail in one until I could sort through it and you can only imagine what happened to my bills that day. That’s what I think of bills too, but it wasn’t fun to figure out how I was going to send those payments to the lucky recipients.

  69. says

    My mother’s late cat, “Sugar Bear”, went potty in her potty. That’s right. She sat on the seat, lifted her tail, and did her thang. My mother could never put the lid down. Sugar Bear taught herself without the suggestion from anyone.

  70. JessicaA says

    too funny. We have two cats and one of them will do this from time to time, the other never does. We have figured out it is a litter box issue every time, not health-related. One time because of a new lid, one time because hubby was lax cleaning the box, and one time because we changed litter on her. They are such divas!

  71. Laura says

    Our former cat would go on the changing pad (for babies) if we left it on the counter (where it belonged!). And if you took anything fabric and let it sit on the floor for a few minutes? You know how bad cat tinkle smells! God bless him! I couldn’t leave the dirty sheets from the bed, and the poor Christmas tree skirt got it every year! How about the joy of finding a hairball in the hall in the morning? With your foot? Gee, I miss my cat!

  72. says

    I don’t know anything about cats so this was so absolutely funny, specially taht his business wasn’t affected by your presence…cats are egomaniacs, right? it’s like: hey, i was here first, so wait for your turn! jajajaaaa…but it did worry me a bit the comment about bladder problems…anyway thanks for the laughs and hope this isn’t a sign of anything other than CRAZINESS as you say

  73. Kate says

    I didn’t read all the replies but my cat has a chronic urinary tract infection and does this all the time. A homeopathic doc has given us the best relief.

  74. Wendy says

    Welcome to the world of cat ownership. Our cat has recently been banished to the outside after deciding it could pee on our bed.

  75. says

    I have 3 cats and this Kit Kat story had me in stitches. You never know what they are going to do. I swear they love to embarrass me when I have company. My baby cat used to grab poop out of the litter box, toss it in the air with both of his paws, let it drop to the floor, and then play with it like it was a ball. Ew, I was so worried I might come home with company only to find a piece of poop in the middle of the floor. Luckily, he has outgrown this disgusting habit. Hope Kit Kat is ok and it was just the litter box lid. Keep us posted.

  76. Renae Fletcher says

    I do not always get enough time in the day to read your post.
    So I leave it unopened in my mailbox until I get time.
    This is one of those times I am glad I do this.
    I really needed a smile today.

  77. says

    I concur with the others who are saying get him checked out for a urinary tract infection. Our cat had the same problem. First he started using my houseplants, then he used an empty plastic shopping bag I had left on the floor. After two rounds of antibiotics, the infection finally cleared but we had to switch to prescription cat food (Science Diet CD), which wasn’t much more expensive than the premium stuff we were buying at PetSmart. Ironically, our dog who had been eating the same BRAND of food as the cat developed a UTI several months later, which makes me question if the maker of the food changed something, but apparently cats are prone to UTIs. Get Kit-Kat checked out before it becomes serious.

  78. Amanda S. says

    Can’t stop laughing! Yeah, sounds like he doesn’t like the lid on the litter box. At least he has chosen a solid surface material as a substitute and isn’t going on any rugs or bedding. Hope he goes back to the litter box ASAP!

  79. Mandy says

    We have two cats, both male. One of them does this to my husband’s sink all the time. He’s been known to do that in the bathtub, too!!! I don’t understand it and the other cat doesn’t do it at all. So weird, but it’s nice to know that we don’t have the only strange cat! :)

  80. says

    New litterboxes can bring on revenge-potty issues, but it can be a sign of illness too, our cat, Fluffy, started finding creative places to do his business when he was in the early stages of kidney failure.

  81. says

    Ha! I know so much about this! I actually created a toilet training kit for cats called CitiKitty and so I am VERY familiar with cats bathroom habits.

    First get him checked for a UTI. If he’s in clear my 2 cents…instead of discouraging him from what he is doing I would encourage him to use your toilet instead. Litter boxes are an invention of the 50’s and not all cats like them, especially when they are not cleaned right away. Your cats instincts are to hide/cover the scent of his/her waste and your SMART kitty has figured out he can go down the sink drain an presto! – it’s gone. Use those same instincts and try and train him to use the toilet instead.

    Good Luck!

  82. Dana says

    has there been any change? Because I am worried about the little feller. I had a male cat who died from the urine problem mentioned above. I was too late getting him to the vet. So please don’t hesitate to take him in. =( He is sure a pretty little guy!

  83. carol says

    Cats are just so weird. I have 3. I know im crazy. But they are driving me nuts. My one cat did her business right in my sons shoe! Gross. And than the next day, she did it right on my husbands favorite chair. Guess she doesn’t like guys. And cat urine is horrible. We ripped out lots of carpeting because of the problem. Whats the deal with all these cats?

    • Layla says

      Hey Jeri!

      Turns out is was the baking soda stuff we were sprinkling on top of his litter. I usually sprinkle it on the bottom of the pan before I put the litter in, but switched up my methods one week and BOOM. Kev’s sink became his toilet. :-) I’m happy to report things are back to normal now. :-D

  84. says

    I agree with the last comment ;) at least the sink can be cleaned!
    And yes my cat had a bladder infection too (like somebody else mentioned) every time he went outside the litterbox.

  85. susan says

    You should potty train this cat! It clearly has the instinct…it isn’t hard to do… just imagine no more litter box! Google for instructions, I was successful getting my cat 100% toilet trained in 20 days… well worth it!

  86. Dana says

    If this isnt his usual behavior then he has an infection. Mine would always go in the sink when he had a bladder infection. Poor guy.

    • Layla says

      Hey Dana!
      We actually figured out what the issue was. Click on the link at the end of the post to read the rest of the story. :-)

  87. Tonya says

    We have the same issue with our cat. Very annoying! She hated the covered litter box so we ditched that and she’s very picky about how clean it is. If I don’t scoop often enough she gets annoyed and uses the sink instead. I suppose I wouldn’t want to dig through my poo either!

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