Kit-Cat the Crazy

The other day I caught Kit-Cat doing something…weird.

It involved Kevin’s bathroom sink…

…and a full bladder…

…but absolutely no flushing when he was done.


I caught him in the act a couple more times since that first time, and Kevin may or may not have been greeted by a….semi-solid surprise (ahem) in there the other day, too.


We’re assuming he doesn’t like the new lid we bought for his litter box because I just noticed he’s not going in there anymore, so we have since removed it and we’re currently standing by to see what happens.


*UPDATE: Click here to read the rest of the story: Kit-Cat the Crazy

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  1. susan says

    You should potty train this cat! It clearly has the instinct…it isn’t hard to do… just imagine no more litter box! Google for instructions, I was successful getting my cat 100% toilet trained in 20 days… well worth it!

  2. Dana says

    If this isnt his usual behavior then he has an infection. Mine would always go in the sink when he had a bladder infection. Poor guy.

    • Layla says

      Hey Dana!
      We actually figured out what the issue was. Click on the link at the end of the post to read the rest of the story. :-)

  3. Tonya says

    We have the same issue with our cat. Very annoying! She hated the covered litter box so we ditched that and she’s very picky about how clean it is. If I don’t scoop often enough she gets annoyed and uses the sink instead. I suppose I wouldn’t want to dig through my poo either!

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