Kit-Cat the Adventurer

3 things I love about Kit-Cat:

1. His sense of adventure.

Unfortunately I’m forced to interrupt the adventure from time to time, but I usually can’t resist snapping a photo of him first.

2. His paws.

I could rub them for hours. Literally. Because he lets me. (I love that about him too.)

If you’ve been following along with our Kit-Cat posts, you know that this particular leg was completely broken in half when we found him. I’m happy to report he is 100% healed, and he doesn’t even limp anymore!

3. His sense of adventure.

I may never put anything in that particular cubby again because that’s one adventure I wouldn’t dream of interrupting. Would a Kit-Cat name plate on the bottom of that cabinet be too much?

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  1. Bernice says

    Your Kit-Cat is such an adorable furbaby, thanks so much for sharing this with us! I love the places they choose without permission!

  2. Rachel says

    Thanks so much for rescuing Kit-Cat. I volunteer with my local Humane Society and there are so many more cats (and dogs) than there are loving homes. It’s so heart warming when someone rescues one off the street and an injured one at that. You and your hubs are the BEST!

  3. Lisa Rafferty says

    I’m so happy he found y’all/y’all found him. Such a match made in heaven!!!

  4. Laurie V says

    If he is like most cats, when you put the nameplate up, he will never get up there again. lol
    GO WILDCATS!…..sorry.

  5. Beth A says

    You know how cats are, right? The minute the nameplate is in place, he will never go in there again. Ever.

  6. says

    What a cutie pie! Isn’t it funny where they’ll wind up in the house? My parents kitties are like that. :)

  7. Betty says

    I <3 KitCat… and no, a name plate wouldn't be too much, it would be just enough!!!

  8. says

    I love your cat. Our family has had 3 black and white cats and now my whole bathroom is decorated in that. Black, white and red. I love it. It makes me happy. I love your beautiful cat. He looks like Binx, that we have. Just goes everywhere and yes, you should put his name on the cabinet, I have Emilie. She’s a manx and I swear, she’s like a dog, you can call her and she’ll come, after she says, “Whaaaaat?” She listens so good. Sleeps on the pillow with me and has to touch me when she’s sleeping, will stretch her arms out. Animals are wonderful. Your cat is beautiful, such a beautiful face. I bought a luggage tag that says, I miss my cat for when I travel. Enjoy your website, signed a professional organizer, Ms. Organized, Jan Lawrence.

  9. erica rankin says

    your kitty reminds me of my fur babie binx he is always up 2 something.