Kit-Cat the Adventurer

3 things I love about Kit-Cat:

1. His sense of adventure.

Unfortunately I’m forced to interrupt the adventure from time to time, but I usually can’t resist snapping a photo of him first.

2. His paws.

I could rub them for hours. Literally. Because he lets me. (I love that about him too.)

If you’ve been following along with our Kit-Cat posts, you know that this particular leg was completely broken in half when we found him. I’m happy to report he is 100% healed, and he doesn’t even limp anymore!

3. His sense of adventure.

I may never put anything in that particular cubby again because that’s one adventure I wouldn’t dream of interrupting. Would a Kit-Cat name plate on the bottom of that cabinet be too much?

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  1. says

    Eeee, I love the pictures of your kitty.

    How was the litter box portion of his sickness? I know my cat had a heck of a time with the litter box. Made for some interesting clean-up!

    In the first pic his markings under his nose look like a heart…so cute!

  2. says

    Too too cute!! I adore my Miss Belle as well!!

    Please come visit to enter my amazing Cross Bottle Giveaway!

    Art by Karena

  3. Sherri Langford-Farrell says

    Too cute!!! What a wheet face (wheet if my baby talk for sweet)!!!!! I love the pic of him in piano!!! He’s got a heart under his nose!!!! WHEET!!!!

  4. says

    Of course a name plate is not too much. Kit-Cat has some guardian angel that led him to your home! You have done a wonderful thing for him.

  5. ann says

    I love this cat!!! I’ve been following Kit-Cat since you guys saw him run across the street dragging his back leg. I am so happy that you took the time/energy to rescue him. These pictures made me laugh out loud! And your narratives are great! Please label that cubbie! He is a big schweetie pie!

  6. Kelly says

    He’s so precious and such a handsome little man. I love the photos you share of him. Be sure and put a name plate on that cubby just for him.

  7. Kristen says

    It’s so nice to hear he’s so very happy and doing well with you. I’m glad his leg has healed so wonderfully. Purrfection, indeed.

    I adore tuxedo kitties and that face on Kit-Cat melts my heart and makes it sigh. He’s so adorable. Purrfect, too. A charmer and I think he knows it.

    Your pictures of him are amazing. I look forward to seeing them.

  8. carol ann says

    a name plate doesn’t sound wrong to me either… but I too have a sweet cat Kocadon (coco) and well I am thinking of putting up art over her food dish….

  9. says

    You did a wonderful job capturing little kit-cats personality both in your photos and in your words, what a cute cat! :) I’m happy to hear his leg has fully healed!

  10. says

    I knew the first time you blogged about that tuxedo kitten that it found a home at TLC and your hearts. Our motto is a house is not a home without a cat and a dog and whatever else you can give and accept love from. I love Kit-Cat’s markings; he’s a very dapper dude.
    We have two Siamese cats which take ‘adventure’ to a whole other level. It’s currently 448 AM and I have yet to sleep. Guess who’s up keeping me company? : )
    Your Friend,

  11. vicki bucy says

    I think a name plate on the cubby is a must. Unfortunately being a cat, Kit Cat will never visit the cubby again. You know how those cats are! LOL

  12. Denise Carter says

    We have a black and white cat named Ben which our daughter says stands for been naughty. Love mine and yours.

  13. says

    What a cutie pie! How wonderful that his leg is 100 percent better and he doesn’t limp!! It amazes me how God makes a leg to heal. I usually don’t ask this on someone else’s blog, but if anyone reads this would you mind saying a quick prayer for a lady in our church named Danita…she needs a healing in her leg too. Thanks xoxo

  14. says

    Kitty paws are my favorite thing. In our house, it’s an unspoken rule that when rubbing Gus’s paws, you have to say “he has the softest paws in the world.” I think it’s true :)

    • Megan says

      Charming – he matches the decor perfectly! Love these photos. He’s clearly happy in his forever home.

  15. LuvWheaties says

    Kit-Cat is a very photogenic boy, and I can tell he never misses a photo op! I love the heart mustache, and that he lets you rub his paws. I once had a very special cat who let me do that too, and I just loved that about him. I think putting a name plate up on his cubby would be a nice way to honor Kit-Cat, so go for it. So glad Kit-Cat came into the Palmer’s life!

  16. says

    My heart just bursts with joy when I see beautiful kitties! I’m so glad Kit-Cat’s leg has completely healed.

    I have 2 cats myself and one of them actually was missing for a week. She just came back this morning, right before I was going to print out flyers and hand them to neighbors. So thankful! :)

  17. says

    Oh my word he is so cute! We lost our sweet kitty a few months ago (she was 17!), and seeing these pictures makes me want one again. Precious!

    • Bernice says

      @Brenda…ouch. my chichi cat is also 17-18..she does not look like she is ailing in any way, but I look at her and wonder…..Trying to prepare myself for the inevitable. She is pretty old, thankfully an indoor cat 95percent of the time.I hope you do get another fur baby, Maybe an abandoned or older cat you can give lots of love to?

  18. dianne says

    A name plate is brillant! He is so precious. I rescued a black and white kitty about 5 years ago. She has similar marking as your. She also has bullseye right on her chest. Like your Kit-Cat, my Zoey is so precious to me. I love your photos. I need to take more.

    Thank you so much for the constant creative inspiration you give me.

  19. gail says

    i’ve been following kit-cat’s story since you saved his life. being a vet and having seen it happen and also done the saving myself, i was really betting you’d have to keep him. and the ones you save are often the most special additions to the family. i love the way my kitties’ feet feel and the way they spread their velvety toes when you rub the bottoms and the way their feet smell. i think a kit- cat name plate on the shelf would be perfect especially cuz if he’s established it as his, you aren’t going to keep him out of it. and with kitten adventures who needs tv for entertainment! love your blog.

  20. says

    OK, don’t get mad. I’m not a cat fan but your Mr Kit Cat makes me think I am. He’s precious and hearing the way you talk about him…yea, he’s cute! I think you should do it. The name plate that is! It seems fitting.

  21. melissa says

    We love you and love you even more since kit-cat entered your lives.
    We are animal rescue peeps that love to beautify and enjoy our home. A great combination and nothing makes a home more beautiful than a grateful furry love that’s rescued.
    Way to go kit-cat for finding such a loving home!
    You guys are awesome.

  22. Lin says

    Yes Kit-Cat needs that name plate for sure! He is such a beautiful baby and I am so happy ya’ll found each other. God knew who to pair him with . Have a great weekend.

  23. Elise says

    Oh my gosh, my cat used to do the same thing in that last picture at my old house! She always jumped up and would watch us in the kitchen! It was too cute to move her!

  24. says

    I remember when Kit-Cat limped into your life! I was secretly hoping you would not find a home for him because I thought you might fall in love with him if you had enough bonding time. So glad he’s all healed. He is really an adorable cat!

  25. Bernice says

    Your Kit-Cat is such an adorable furbaby, thanks so much for sharing this with us! I love the places they choose without permission!

  26. Rachel says

    Thanks so much for rescuing Kit-Cat. I volunteer with my local Humane Society and there are so many more cats (and dogs) than there are loving homes. It’s so heart warming when someone rescues one off the street and an injured one at that. You and your hubs are the BEST!

  27. Laurie V says

    If he is like most cats, when you put the nameplate up, he will never get up there again. lol
    GO WILDCATS!…..sorry.

  28. Beth A says

    You know how cats are, right? The minute the nameplate is in place, he will never go in there again. Ever.

  29. says

    I love your cat. Our family has had 3 black and white cats and now my whole bathroom is decorated in that. Black, white and red. I love it. It makes me happy. I love your beautiful cat. He looks like Binx, that we have. Just goes everywhere and yes, you should put his name on the cabinet, I have Emilie. She’s a manx and I swear, she’s like a dog, you can call her and she’ll come, after she says, “Whaaaaat?” She listens so good. Sleeps on the pillow with me and has to touch me when she’s sleeping, will stretch her arms out. Animals are wonderful. Your cat is beautiful, such a beautiful face. I bought a luggage tag that says, I miss my cat for when I travel. Enjoy your website, signed a professional organizer, Ms. Organized, Jan Lawrence.

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