• Kids Room Update

    Tomorrow’s the big day, y’all.

    tuxedo cat | buffalo check throw | jenny lind bed from land of nod

    My 40th birthday…aaaaahhhhh! :-D

    Boys Bedroom | Hoop Art | Wall Grouping

    I’ll be robbing the cradle for a minute until Kevin turns 40 on June 28th. ;-)

    The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn | Boys Bedroom | Bookshelves

    I was telling him last night, I don’t think I’ve ever thought too much about what life might look like at 40.


    But here I am…living in the South (my favorite region), with my sweet & musical man (my favorite kind), working as a creative writer (my favorite subject), and in the process of adopting a little boy…just like my Inspiration did (in her late 30s, when she adopted my Dad) almost 60 years ago.

    Feeling pretty grateful today. :-)

    Boys Bedroom Bookshelves | Land of Nod Puzzle

    And speaking of our sonny boy- I wanted to post this video created by the precious people who are taking care of him right now:

    I can’t share which cutie pie is our boy until he is officially deemed a Palmer, but hopefully we’re getting close to meeting him very soon!

    PS- Just in case anyone is curious, the camper hoop art is from ThreeRedApples, alphabet puzzle is Land Of Nod, and the Huckleberry Finn book is available at Parish. :-)

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