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We’re waiting on an official invite from IBESR. That’s the next step in our adoption process.


Lifeline families adopting children from “our” orphanage are required to travel together in groups now, and the next group trip will *probably* take place in late January and/or early February.

White Painted Planks From Lowes

If we get our invite in time to board that plane, we’ll head to Haiti to bond with our babe! If not, we’ll hop on the next one. (Maybe March?) Either way, we both feel sure that God’s got this thing- and we’ll be there with bells on whenever the time is Right.

Fellow adoptive mamas: this process is such a Mysterious one, isn’t it? You step in and hand over your heart. You squeeze your eyes shut and pray- give thanks and ask for guidance. You watch the highlights and shadows drift and dance from week to week…month to month…year to year.

Camp Wandawega Paint By Number Nursery

(Camp Wandawega)

Boys Bedroom | Built in bunk beds and desks | Green Paint | Striped Rug


The Pioneer Woman | Girls Room | Country Living Magazine | Flor Carpet Tiles | Roadside Attraction

(Country Living)

Urban Grace Interiors | Bunk House | Seafoam Green | Star Wallpaper

(Urban Grace Interiors)

Kids Room | Boys Bedroom | Holly Mathis Interiors

(Holly Mathis Interiors)

Cathedral Window Quilt | Jane Coslick Interiors | Amazing Grace |Tybee Island

(Jane Coslick Interiors)

Christmas Tree | Cottage | Front Porch | Tolkien Quote

This week, I’m painting planks by the pine tree that’s (still) on my porch. Next week? Who knows- I may be blogging about a trip to meet a toddler! :-)

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DIY Cuff Bracelet Holder
Shutter Doors for Sweet P's Room

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  1. says

    As a Mama of 3 beautiful adopted daughters I know that “mystery” you are referring to! Adoption is such a huge, beautiful leap of Faith! We are praying for you and for God’s perfect timing. Your little one is out there just waiting for you, and soon you will be able to take what might seem like your first real deep breath in a very long time. Can’t wait to see this sweet room and hear your amazing announcement!

  2. says

    I’m seriously crazy about your style, Layla! Loving all the details you’re looking to incorporate in this space.

    Oh, and that bit about visiting your little human soon, that’s pretty exciting, too! 😉 Thinking about you guys!

  3. says

    Oh, how exciting! I hope you get to go this month but Iunderstand that whenever God feels it is right is the right time. His timing is perfect. I keep reminding myself that everyday as we await or final call to book our tickets to Hong Kong. We hope to bring Esther home by the end of the month!

  4. Anna says

    Dance, stumble, sometimes fall, cry tears of joy and frustration, smile, but most important, love…congratulations!

    Mama to 2 crazy colombianos who I wouldn’t trade for all the stars in the sky

  5. Dottie says

    I have followed your adventure with your adoption and passing it on to my daughter who is also awaiting a call for her little girl. They have gone in a different direction but in the end it will be the same joy! I feel your excitement and wish you all the best!
    I also would like to comment on your wonderful remakes and redos that you do and love everyone. Your style is my style…just love it. I have an unfinished living-dining area that I am hoping to finish this year. It is a smaller room with the very tall pointed ceiling. I want to do planks. From what I have been able to find it will be quite an expensive undertaking….any suggestions on a less expensive way to get the same “cottagey-seaside” look? Thank you for any suggestions and prayers your way on your little one!

  6. says

    One year ago today we boarded a plane for China from Jackson, MS (with Lifeline as our agency as well). We picked up our then 5yr old from Haikou, Hainan Province 4 days later and have had an incredibly adventure ever since. We have 4 biological kids and to say the least she was delighted to have a forever family. Don’t blink your eyes it’ll be your 1 year “gotcha day” celebration. Enjoy each moment God gives you happy, sad, crazy, delightful… soak it all in b/c it’s meant for something!

  7. Jennifer says

    How exciting! I can’t even imagine the anticipation you are feeling right now! You guys deserve it! Can’t wait to see your finished room

  8. Peggy says

    Yes, it is Layla – but SO worth it with a great “ending” (actually the beginning)!!

  9. says

    I am so amazed at how quickly and smoothly your adoption process has gone so far. It makes your journey so exciting to read about. We have been in the Ethiopia adoption program for five years now…. and we are now down to number 30-something on the wait list. It is taking absolutely f-o-r-e-v-e-r with so many hiccups along the way. One of my favourite things to do is read other families’ successful adoption stories (I’m kind of obsessed, lol) so I can’t wait for your next update.

    My little guy’s nursery was almost the exact square footage of your little one’s room. Even though it was so tiny I tried to jam pack it full of goodies. You can see over at this link if you are curious. I also can’t wait to see what you do with your little one’s room. It will no doubt be super duper special. :)

  10. catherine says

    Your description of the adoption process sounds a lot like parenthood! Congrats on your first step of this journey. My daughter has had some health issues and I am constantly amazed at what we’ve been through, how our expectations have shifted, and the things that we will do for her. It is beautiful, joyful, sad, frustrating, lovely and heartbreaking all at the same time! xoxo

  11. says

    We adopted domestically and when we started thinking and praying about it we were thinking one child because we already had 2 bio kids. God thought differently and he basically delivered a sibling group of 3 kids right to our door. Hard to say no when God makes it so clear. It has been hard It has molded me and changed me and challenged me. Our kids had more labels than my soup cans, but the only one that matters is they are His. Our story has amazing mountaintops and devastating valleys. I always say they were sent to change me. Hopefully along the way we showed them the God who can change and heal them. God bless you as you wait!

  12. says

    So true about adoption being a mysterious ride! I have been reading your blog for years and am so excited to get updates on your adoption journey! We are also in the adoption process (through Lifeline) and have a little boy, Max, waiting for us in China.

  13. colleen Young says

    Layla, So happy for all that awaits you, but I did notice your fingernail still looks like it hurts! boo.

  14. says

    I have enjoyed following your blog for quite some time….and am now loving to follow your adoption journey. I have many, many friends that have adopted children from all over the world….all in God’s timing. How exciting for you! I can’t wait to hear when you get to see your child.
    I am sure your little one’s room will be spectacular! Looking forward to all the updates:)

  15. says

    I have been reading your blog and seeing your stuff on FB for about a year now. I love everything you do…. but was so touched by your Joy To The World post. That, and your adoption stuff, is just proof of God’s love shining in your life. And then to see you reflect that light outward is beautiful.
    Just wanted to say I am excited for you to have the bonding trip. What a moment that will be.
    Thanks so much for your words and inspiration!
    Cellar Designs

  16. Lisa W. says

    AND so the excitement, AND anxiety AND nerves, AND happiness all rolled into one. LOVING your inspirtion posts..all yum. Exspecially like the white cottagey looking bed…Looks just like you Layla!!!!!

    Keep it coming:)

  17. Peggy says

    You know what I love about the blog world – you really do get to shout it from the rooftops! Can’t wait until you bring the little one home :)

  18. baileywife says

    I remember when I first found your blog you showed us some quilts you purchased on etsy for your future sweet P….do you still have them, are you going to use them in this new room?? Cannot wait, so excited for you! ~Kim

  19. Dawn says

    I love your inspirational idea pictures. I can’t wait to see what you do with your little sweet p’s room!

  20. says

    By far, our adoption journey to Lydia was my longest, hardest pregnancy.
    It’s no exaggeration that our adopted babies are truly birthed in our hearts.

    God is knitting your hearts together in this wait…

  21. Carol says

    Hi Layla.
    This is obviously an extremely exciting time for you and I really believe that everything unfolds just as it is supposed to. I’m the mother of three. Our youngest is a chosen child. Our older two are biological. This journey will bring many unbelievably happy moments for you. Not sure if you’ve ever heard of something called insecure attachment. It is relatively common in toddler and older child adoption. It is nothing to be alarmed by. We experienced it with our sweet pea. I am happy to say that with much diligence, she has totally overcome her issue. If you would like to know more about it and what we did to resolve it, I would be happy to tell you. There are many helpful articles online as well. Best wishes.

  22. Gwen says

    As I read your comments, I thought of Elizabeth waiting for a baby. And waiting. And waiting. It’s like you understand Hannah, Sarah, and other Moms in the Bible but you are godly and Worship Him wholly so that is why I thought of Elizabeth. You have to wait!!! But soon. Soon. You’ll have your son. And he will love any room for it will be home. And filled with love for him. It’s funny but I love him already, as a child of God, whose birth was planned for YOU!!! To be his Mommy. All motherhood requires a waiting…anticipation…and I think of the Jews waiting for the birth of their Messiah…waiting….and the waiting period is part of the importance to this important event. We as your readers are excited.

  23. says

    I wish you the best of luck on your adoption journey! Those rooms were all so beautiful, I love the light and airy feeling in all of them!

  24. Janet says

    As an adoptive mom of 2, I thank you for sharing this exciting time with us. Enjoy these days of nesting. I had plenty of time to nest with my first, but no notice on the second. I felt that she was a toddler by the time I finished her room, but I enjoyed every minute being with her. Such a joyous gift is unfolding. We’ll be in prayer for you during your travels and look forward to rejoicing with you as you bring your son or daughter home.

  25. says

    Wow, you are so close to the finish line. My husband and I have been in the foster to adopt process for over a year. We recently lost twins we had had a year that were supposed to be adopted. We have an 19 month old now that we’ve had for four months. It’s a strange process. One thing you simply must go for…. a teepee. My seven year old and our 19 month old spend a lot of time in that teepee. Best purchase yet! Best of luck!

  26. Mel O says

    Your patience and Faithfullness are to be commended! I hope all of your dreams come true!

  27. says

    Layla, This is all so exciting! I love your inspiration photos. Praying for you for an invitation soon.

  28. says

    I love yous inspirations. I am currently finishing up my boys room with built in bunk beds and starting my daughter’s room. It is hard to do something fun but original and still kid friendly. I love your ideas!

  29. Katrina says

    I’ve been viewing your blog for years!! I pray for a smooth adoption for you!

  30. says

    “You step in and hand over your heart. You squeeze your eyes shut and pray- give thanks and ask for guidance. ”

    Love this quote! It sums up being ‘gifted’ a child from God exactly, because no matter how that childs comes to you .. birth, adoption, foster care or family crisis – raising a child is one crazy, wonderful, scary, magical, frightening, fun-filled trip of a lifetime …

    Good luck & I will pray you fly out in late January to bond with your new toddler.

  31. says

    Yes it is certainly a crazy mysterious process! The Lord has stretched us and grown us in so many ways! It is tough for sure!

  32. Colleen says

    Yes, you step in and hand over your heart. And then…then…God fills your heart with the greatest joy you have ever felt. We adopted our son last year. As I write those words, my eyes fill with tears and my heart feels like it might explode from happiness. Excited for you and the amazing gift you are about to receive.

  33. BelleAbner says

    I have seen a chandelier like the one in the “dodgers” bunk bed photo….in Auburn…..It is wonderful….it was a few months ago…but if you are looking for this….I will run by and see if it is still there….pricy….but I bet you know how to get a bargain… ;-0) Let me know….

  34. Laura says

    Joy. :) I didn’t adopt (I went through fertility treatments which is it’s own journey). But this sentence, “You step in and hand over your heart. You squeeze your eyes shut and pray” pretty sums up every single day since the moment I first held my precious baby. He’s a toddler right now and it is just like watching my heart walk around on two little legs. It is terrifying and glorious all in the same beat. I can’t wait for you to know this feeling. :) Best wishes.

  35. says

    I love looking at all of these beautiful and fun kids rooms. Your little one will love his or her new space. My littlest one is getting her big girl room soon. Thanks for some inspiration.