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I don’t know about you, but I’m a sucker for handwriting fonts, and the day I stumbled onto Kevin and Amanda’s website,, I was in handwritten font heaven!

If you’ve never visited their blog before, you’ve gotta check it out! They live in Alabama (like us!), and starting today, they’ve put together a special handwriting font package to help raise money for the tornado victims here in our state. Here are just a few of the fonts included in the package you can download…

(Submitted by Jessica of How Sweet Eats)


(Submitted by Sara of Our Best Bites)


(Submitted by Rachael of Rachael Rossman)


(Submitted by Cheryl of Tidy Mom)


(Submitted by me!)

There a 11 fonts total in the package, and although they are free to download, Kevin and Amanda are asking folks to consider making a donation to Toomers for Tuscaloosa.

Toomer’s For Tuscaloosa has organized an all-volunteer, state-wide effort to provide food, shelter, and clothing to thousands of people around Alabama affected by the April 27th tornadoes The organization says, “We will not rest until every person affected by this tornado has access to the assistance they need.”

So thanks in advance if you decide to swing by and make a donation in exchange for the font package, and thanks to Kevin and Amanda from north Alabama- from Kevin and Layla from central Alabama!


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  1. seashoreknits says

    And here’s a follower from South Alabama fixin’ to click on over there and make a contribution.
    Thanks, Layla, for letting us know about this!!
    love ya

  2. Missy says

    Holy cow, I love your g’s. Seriously. Off to download the package and donate to the cause!!…

  3. says

    Love Kevin and Amanda and you two too! Alabama has some wonderful couples residing in the state :) Thanks for letting know about the Toomer’s for Tuscaloosa.

    My best- Diane

  4. says

    Wish I would have sent you the link…lol I have been reading her blog for years, i lover her blog. I ran across her blog when she was on back then she did was doing the fonts as well, my fav font site. But she crafted alot to. Her craftroom is so awesome. And then she got into decortating her home its so pretty I want her landry room so bad…lol Now she is a foodie…lol she has met really super famous tv cooks. She has some awesome recipes, I joke sometimes and say I gained 5 pounds just by looking at all the yummy cupcakes she post. Girl loves her cupcakes….lol I dont think she crafts any more, she was amazing at scrapbooking and cards. I still make cards all these years later still love my hobby, now I have a blog about crafting….lol

  5. says

    Great fonts! I’m a sucker for handwritten fonts, and these will be a great addition to my collection. I love reading Kevin & Amanda’s blog, so I’m happy to see her featured here. Also LOVE that yall are teaming up to help Toomers for Tuscaloosa. Great things happening with those guys over the past two weeks. It’s so awe inspiring to watch a grass roots effort take hold like they have and really make a difference in people’s lives.

  6. Kelly C. says

    I just donated, thanks for letting us know. I had no idea you could create your own fonts! That was cool!

  7. says

    I think we all have toomers for tuscaloosa on the brain- I blogged about it today- they are doing such good work! Thanks for the link! I love your handwriting! I love exclamation points too! apparently! TGIF!

  8. says

    This is a great post! I was an art director in publishing for many years. I can appreciate a great font. The personality of each typeface is an important part of the overall impact of any graphic statement.

  9. sara says

    Thanks for sharing. I am about to go toss some $$$ over that way. We just did a big thing here, called Aggies For Alabama. We were able to take a FULL UHaul trailer and truck to Tuscaloosa full of diapers, flashlights, hygiene items, food, etc. My 10 year old son helped and has been deeply touched by the entire experience. I’ve never been to Alabama, but someday!

  10. says

    i LOVE your blog and was so pleasantly suprised to see your from alabama! i don’t know where i missed that?! anywho…i’m a native alabamian….(auburn grad!) turned michigander and i just LOVE when i hear of any southern connections to things that i love! blog on! :) god bless alabama!

  11. JANE CRAWFORD says

    Kevin and Amanda’s blog is one of my favorites. You should also check out her recipes!! OMG!

  12. Kathy M. says

    Love reading both The Lettered Cottage and Kevin & Amanda…fellow Alabamians. We live in Central East Alabama. I great grew up in Kentucky and moved to Alabama as a 22 year old….now a 45 year old. Love the South East. Thanks for all the great ideas!!!

  13. geri says

    Such great fonts.
    Such great people …who help others.
    downloading and I come.

  14. says

    Thanks for sharing this website! The more information we can have to be able to help the survivors the better! Several areas close to my heart were affected by the devastation but thankfully my family remained safe! The storms of April 2011 will forever change the lives of all.

  15. says

    OH MY GOD – how incredibly amazing – I absolutely love fonts – I LOVE helping a good cause – How amazing that you (and Kevin & Amanda) have made it possible to put these two fabulous things together!!! LOVE IT!