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As promised, I’m back with a quick post about some goodies I found at Hobby Lobby for Keith’s living room makeover. I went into the store searching for something else, but noticed they had all of their Summer stuff marked 80% off along the way, so I decided to take advantage of the sale and picked up $154 worth of merch for $30!

Lettered Cottage Hobby Lobby home decor

The starfish sculpture was originally pink…

DIY Starfish

…but I loved the way it looked, and knew with a little paint I could transform it to the color of my choice. I had a little sample pot of Benjamin Moore’s “Seashell” and a tube of Delta Ceramcoat’s “Trail Tan” at home, so I just used those to give it a new look:

DIY Starfish Hobby Lobby

I started by coating each starfish with some of the Seashell-colored paint, then while it was still a little wet (but almost dry) I lightly brushed on some of the Trail Tan craft paint.

I love mixing textures & finishes, and using items that can serve dual purposes, so I thought these containers would be great on Keith’s bookshelves:

Hobby Lobby home decor bowl vase Lettered Cottage

The tallest jug has a “label” on the front of it:

Hobby Lobby home decor Lettered Cottage

Kevin and I both sort of like the back side the best, but it’s fun to have two options, and we’ll leave that decision up to Keith! :-)

I love the idea of using this little “salty” 6 weight on top of a stack of books in one of the bookcases:

Hobby Lobby home decor weight Lettered Cottage

They come in three different sizes, and I’ve had my eye on them for a while now. So glad I was able to snatch one up for 80% off! Oh yeah, and speaking of prices- here’s the breakdown:

“Salty” weight- Reg. $11.99   Sale: $2.40

Shiny silver vase- Reg. $19.99  Sale: $4.00

Cement and black bowl- Reg. $7.99   Sale: $1.60

Seagrass cloche- Reg. $11.99   Sale: $2.40

Tall blue/gray vase- $12.99   Sale: $1.70

Small blue vase- Reg. $3.99   Sale: $.80

Tall “Cologne” jug- Reg. $39.99   Sale: $8.00

Black & White Polka Dot Bowl- Reg. $14.99   Sale: $3.00

Starfish stand- Reg. $29.99   Sale: $6.00

Happy shopping if you decide to go!

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  1. Lauren says

    EEEK!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE all of these!!! Can’t wait to see all of these in Keith’s living room! You are so talented at what you do! We appreciate all that you guys have been doing and can’t wait to see the finished piece! :)

  2. says

    Ohmygoodness!–I LOVE all of those accessories!!! Awesome finds! (And the prices–crazy fun!)

  3. says

    Excellent choices! I can’t wait to see them all in place – and what bargains too. We have never had a Hobby Lobby near us but recently one came about an hour and a half away. Might be worth the trip it seems…

  4. Michelle says

    The only thing better than Hobby Lobby’s 80% off sale is their 90% off sale. Love their options & pricing. Thanks for sharing

  5. says

    Great price on the “salty” weight. I have been eyeing that too. I will have to go check and see if there are any left.

  6. says

    Great finds! I also hit Hob Lob’s 80% off aisle this week and picked up some of the same stuff you did. Isn’t it so fun to get such great deals and to get to the sale before it’s picked through with only junk left. How fun! Can’t wait to see Keith’s living room finished! :)

  7. says

    What a steal. Hobby Lobby can be such a genius place to buy accessories some times. I was sad when we moved from St. Louis seven years ago because they didn’t have one close to us here in Raleigh. They opened one this past year and I was so excited, although I think my enthusiasm was lost on my husband. Maybe so, but not my budget.

  8. brenda says

    we do not have a Hobby Lobby here and with the city’s gloomy financial picture, I seriously doubt they would want to come for quite some time. Do get to go when out of town visiting occasionally and am always amazed at their price reductions on regular stock. The starfish fooled me. I thought you and Kevin had devised a clever dowel stand for painting objects on all sides. !! DUH. Thank you for sharing your adoption journey as well.

  9. says

    I love that you posted this! I was in Hobby Lobby on Wednesday for some party supplies for my almost 1 year old and I happened upon the 80% off aisles. My coworker and I filled up a cart with all the goodies! It was so much fun. I mostly bought the brightly colored dishes and a table cloth, but I saw most of these items that you bought and my mind kept reeling about how someone else would be able to make this or that cute. I wish I could go shopping with you so you could help me style!!

    • Layla says

      Hi Abby! 😀
      I was so excited to see those 80% off racks, too!
      And I agree, it sure would be fun to have a blog friend shopping day! Wish I could talk y’all into moving over/up/down here- LOL! 😀

  10. Lenora Helms says

    Layla, I’ve enjoyed your blog for some time now. I’m 70 years old so I’m not so much into redecorating anymore but really enjoy seeing how you and Kevin use your talents. I met your sweet husband about a year ago at a relative’s funeral. His mother and my husband are first cousins and he told me about your blog that day. I’ve been following you ever since. I’m so excited about your adoption and know that God will one day bless you both with that special child that you have prayed for. How blessed he or she will be too, to have you both as their loving parents. I’ll continue to read your updates as you keep us posted on all your projects and adoption progress. It’s been wonderful getting to know you and Kevin through your blog. Give our love to that sweet mother-in-law of yours.
    Lenora (Johnny)

  11. Lisa W. says

    WOW…we do have good taste Layla. I was freaking out reading this post because I too was JUST at my local Hobby Lobby store and snached up some of the very same things you showed us!!! LOVE it, but mine was only 66% off, but still got some great deals. Don’t ya just LOVE that, one for me, one for my friends birthday…one for me…one for my other friends up and coming birthday…hee hee:)