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    As promised, I’m back with a quick post about some goodies I found at Hobby Lobby for Keith’s living room makeover. I went into the store searching for something else, but noticed they had all of their Summer stuff marked 80% off along the way, so I decided to take advantage of the sale and picked up $154 worth of merch for $30!

    Lettered Cottage Hobby Lobby home decor

    The starfish sculpture was originally pink…

    DIY Starfish

    …but I loved the way it looked, and knew with a little paint I could transform it to the color of my choice. I had a little sample pot of Benjamin Moore’s “Seashell” and a tube of Delta Ceramcoat’s “Trail Tan” at home, so I just used those to give it a new look:

    DIY Starfish Hobby Lobby

    I started by coating each starfish with some of the Seashell-colored paint, then while it was still a little wet (but almost dry) I lightly brushed on some of the Trail Tan craft paint.

    I love mixing textures & finishes, and using items that can serve dual purposes, so I thought these containers would be great on Keith’s bookshelves:

    Hobby Lobby home decor bowl vase Lettered Cottage

    The tallest jug has a “label” on the front of it:

    Hobby Lobby home decor Lettered Cottage

    Kevin and I both sort of like the back side the best, but it’s fun to have two options, and we’ll leave that decision up to Keith! :-)

    I love the idea of using this little “salty” 6 weight on top of a stack of books in one of the bookcases:

    Hobby Lobby home decor weight Lettered Cottage

    They come in three different sizes, and I’ve had my eye on them for a while now. So glad I was able to snatch one up for 80% off! Oh yeah, and speaking of prices- here’s the breakdown:

    “Salty” weight- Reg. $11.99   Sale: $2.40

    Shiny silver vase- Reg. $19.99  Sale: $4.00

    Cement and black bowl- Reg. $7.99   Sale: $1.60

    Seagrass cloche- Reg. $11.99   Sale: $2.40

    Tall blue/gray vase- $12.99   Sale: $1.70

    Small blue vase- Reg. $3.99   Sale: $.80

    Tall “Cologne” jug- Reg. $39.99   Sale: $8.00

    Black & White Polka Dot Bowl- Reg. $14.99   Sale: $3.00

    Starfish stand- Reg. $29.99   Sale: $6.00

    Happy shopping if you decide to go!

    PS- To check out all of my Keith-related posts, click here: Keith’s Living Room Makeover.

    …and for more makeover pics between posts, join us over on Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram!

    Instagram Pic_Lettered_Cottage

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