• Keith’s Living Room Makeover – Barnwood Wall

    Hi! We made a little more progress over at our friend Keith’s place, so I thought I’d share a little bit about that here today. If you’re just tuning in, here’s Keith’s “before” photo…


    …and here’s the inspiration picture I put together for him a while back…


    …and here’s where we’re at right now:

    Rustic Barnwood Mantel Fireplace Lettered Cottage

    We’ve still got one barnwood plank to attach (right above the mantel), but in a nutshell, Kevin and Keith used our nail gun to secure each board to the studs behind the drywall there.

    I told you that we stained the wood with watered-down Amsterdam-colored stain the other day, but I also wanted to mention that we decided to give them even more dimension by brushing on a quick coat of Behr’s “Atlantic” colored semi-transparent stain the day the guys tacked them up:

    Atlantic Behr Wood Stain

    Now they really look almost just like the ones in my inspiration photo! :-)

    Rustic Barnwood Fireplace Mantel Lettered Cottage

    I look forward to sharing another update as soon as we’ve got that last board up and all the bookcase trim and crown molding in place! :-D

    PS- To check out all of my Keith-related posts, click here: Keith’s Living Room Makeover.

    …and for more makeover pics between posts, join us over on Twitter, Facebook and/orĀ Instagram!

    Instagram Pic_Lettered_Cottage

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