• It Had To Be Done

    We hired a couple fellas to cut down a dead tree in our backyard the other day.

    It wasn’t the most fun home improvement money we’ve ever spent, but apparently home owners insurance doesn’t cover damage caused by dead trees, so it had to be done.

    I didn’t want to be all up in their Kool-aid when they first started working, so I snapped this picture of them (tying a rope to the tree) through my home office window…

    I know. I was thinking the same thing.

    Why is dead tree removal guy #1 not holding the ladder for dead tree removal guy #2?!

    I could barely watch. Especially when #2 shifted the ladder to the left and right while he was up there working. So freaky!

    But, like a tree-climbin’ champ, 2 made it back down safe and sound, and proceeded to cut a “break” into the bottom of the tree…

    …and then 1 and 2 went deep into the woods and pulled that sucker down by hand. Going…



    They say that the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, and the 2nd best time to plant one is today.

    Time to find my shovel.

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