• Iron Architectural Element & Mason Jars

    Remember this chippy, blue architectural element I saw at the Eastbrook Flea Market a while back? I remember that it was priced right around $200.

    The other day I came across this one, online for $600:

    It’s available here: The Bella Cottage

    Now I know it’s not quite as big, or ornate, but does that mean the blue one is actually cheap? :-)
    (I need a new dishwasher, I need a new dishwasher, I need a new dishwasher)

    Have you been looking for decorative jars to display your office/craft items in? I found this while surfing the net for accessories for a client:

    It’s available here: ShabbyChic.com

    I’m a huge fan of using jars, baskets and boxes in home offices and craft rooms. Check out this one:

    She’s only got one jar pictured in this photo, but she uses LOTS of them all over her 750 square foot apartment and I love it! I have several of the same pieces she does in my own home office. Gotta get some jars though.
    (I need a dishwasher, I need a dishwasher, I need a dishwasher)

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