iPhone Pics & Pinterest Prose

iPhone pics + a quote that struck a chord =

I used to think I was the strangest person pet in the world.

But then, I thought, there are so many people pets in the world…

…there must be one just like me.

…who feels bizarre and flawed in the same ways I do.

I would imagine them, and imagine that they must be out there thinking about me, too.

Well, I hope you know that, yes, it’s true. I’m here…

…and I’m just as strange as you.  -Frida Kahlo


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  1. Mary says

    I’m glad they are getting along well. So sweet. My dog and cat used to play hide and seek, sleep together etc. Love it. Mary in NY

  2. karen says

    I would love to say that the cat who owns this house would be so loving, but, I know he would scratch that dog’s eyes out….HE IS THE KING AND HE WOULD NOT SHARE HIS KINGDOM.

  3. says

    It’s so nice that they get along! My little dog wants nothing in the world more than to be friends with a cat but she has not found one yet that is agreeable to this!

  4. Sandy A says

    These cute pics made me think about our dog Jack and her former house mate Fred (a cat). When they lived together Fred used to kiss and lick Jack and she would do the same to him. They would sleep curled up together and even watch TV cuddled on the couch. When one went upstairs-the other went with. They would sit at the window side by side and watch the world go by. They were the best buddies. Seeing your cute family members brings back such sweet memories. Even though they don’t live together any more–they both are doing well and loving their lives. Jack is our spoiled little princess, and Fred is happy in his life with two other cats he adores and a dog we likes-but nothing like the relationship he had with our little Jackers…

  5. Donna says

    OMGosh! that 5th one down . . .is that the CUSTEST EVER? just what I needed today Layla . . .thank you as always for brightening my day! :)

  6. says

    Ahhh, that is so precious. I’m all teary reading this. We lost our black lab earlier in the winter (she was 14), and our other pup is now lost without her. Sometimes we under-estimate the bond that animals have for one another! Such a sweet post! ~Kerri, A Pop of Pretty

    • Lee says

      Kerri, reading YOUR note made ME teary eyed! Our “boys” will be 13 this year. The vet has told us that we need to start thinking about what we’ll do one when something happens to one of them. That the other would not be far behind for being so lost. I can’t stand the thought of it! My heart goes out to you and your little pup.

        • Lee says

          Layla, I’m afraid we’re hijacking your post! It’s really touched a nerve! Deborah, I just read your post about Buster and once again I’m in tears. Think I need to go hug my boys right now.

  7. Shawn says

    So many people say their are either “cat people” or “dog people” and I have never understood why anyone would pick a side. Your pictures are wonderful and make me feel extremely normal in my love for all furry creatures. >^..^<

  8. Sue says

    So cute. I’m glad to see that they are getting along so well. It looks like they are totally devoted to each other. Thanks for sharing. Love you site and all your creativity. Keep up the good work.
    Sue in FL.

  9. dianne says

    How precious! I love it! I have 2 black and white cats and a beagle, but I have never been able to get great photos like these. Wouldn’t it be cool to have them enlarged and frame separetly and hung in sequence. You would always have a smile on your face. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Andrea says

    We just lost our sweet boy Buster (dog) last week and our home isn’t quite the same without him. Seeing your cuties sunning themselves reminded me of my boy- that was one of his favorite activities. Pets truly are a part of the family- they have their own personalities and moods- and they add a dynamic to a family that can’t be reproduced. Thanks for the pictures- brought back good memories of my Buster boy.

  11. Angie Sullivan says

    Awwww so cute. We lost our westiepoo last year and she was 17 what a blessing to have had her so long. We had to give our little pomeranian to our son to move in an apt a year ago but are getting ready to move again and get her back. I can’t wait. She is the biggest blessing and my husband wants to get a cat. I hope we find one that loves her like we do. Thanks for sharing. That made my day :)

  12. Christine Aldinger says

    and to think you were going to give the cat to a *good*home……..what could be good-er……lol

  13. says

    Such sweet photographs and what an appropriate quote to go with them. Dogs are pack animals {even though Max is a chihuahua, he sees himself as a wolf!} and need the companionship of other pack members. It doesn’t matter if it’s not another dog…as long as the alpha {you or Kevin} accept the other animal into the pack! Bonding always goes smoother when one of the animals is a ‘youngster’. That being said, our Siamese sisters love Scout but fight like jealous girls with each other! : /

  14. Kristen says

    Such sweetness in those photos. Love how puddems cares for the pup.

    Just makes me squee with happiness. Yay for happy home filled with pet love.

  15. Marcy says

    love the pictures. those 2 are too much!. you rescued your little tuxedo just as i was saying goodbye to mine. i’ve loved seeing the pictures.

  16. Cara says

    I hope you don’t think I”m too weird, but I know exactly how you feel about that quote. Google INFJ and read about that personality type. It may strike a chord with you. When someone suggested it to me, I about fell aout of my chair after reading about it.

  17. Coastal Femme says

    Loved this post and the prose is so apropos. This just warmed my heart and silly you,you thought these two wouldn’t get along:)

  18. becky says

    Those brought tears to my eyes! All animals should have the right to a safe, happy home. So glad you kept pretty kitty and keep these posts coming!!!! :)

  19. Usha says

    So precious!! Loved this post. It bought back so many memories of my kitty. We lost 4yrs back. Pets give us so much while asking so little in return.

  20. karen says

    Just love the way Max tucks in his little feet! Makes me want to give him a big smooch on the forehead just for being so cute!!

  21. says

    The one where they face each other is the best one for me. I am glad to see they get along. My tabby and pitbull don’t seem to like each other and easily remind me of Tom and Spike from Tome and Jerry! :)

  22. Lori Seifert says

    Reminds me of our neighbor’s sweet cat that would come and meow at the back door asking if our little doggie could come out and play. We would let him out and off they would go, usually to take a nap in the sun.

  23. Liz VanKirk says

    Before our whippet Lucy passed away she used to always sleep and curl up next to our cat Cali. We have such cute pictures and memories of them sharing the same doggie bed. :~)

  24. says

    Those are adorable pictures! So sweet. My kids keep pestering us about getting two new pets (either one large and one small dog or a dog and a cat) and I wonder about how they will get along, so this is encouraging. :)

  25. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    These are such precious photos. I love kitty hugs. I sure miss them.
    Thanks for sharing and giving us a fur-fix.

  26. Amanda S. says

    They are so precious together! I love that they are such bosom buddies now when you feared they would never get along and you kept them separated.

    The fifth photo down of them face to face is incredible.

  27. Rhonda I says

    It’s so neat to see them together. Do you remember trying to find a home for him.. surely worried about the dog not having anything to do with that cat.. and then….

    so neat.!

  28. Janel says

    your animals actually love each other? that is so sweet. I have heard of cats and dogs getting along but it has to be done in a certain way. love this. your ‘pets’ are beautiful.

  29. says

    Seriously..best pics EVA!

    How do you get them to stay like that once you get your camera out? I have two dogs (one older, one a puppy) and they are starting to love on each other, but as soon as I pull my phone out or any camera, they break up the activity!

    Your photos made my day! SO sweet!

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