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    I follow a sweet gal named Tiffini on Instagram and she posted a really great quote over there on Friday. It read, “The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more resistance we will feel toward pursuing it.

    It rolled up into my feed at the Perfect time.

    I was still in bed, but I read it aloud to Kevin right after I had just watched him rushing nervously around the room:

    Alarm. Shower. Closet. What am I going to say? Closet. What should I wear? Closet. Does this look okay? Bathroom. Blow dryer. I’m nervous. Bedside. Does my hair look okay? Bathroom. Water. Toothbrushing. Hair fixing. I need a haircut. I’m nervous, Hone!

    Hone. It’s just one of the many pet names he calls me. It’s pronounced just how it looks, but it’s actually short for “Hone-y”…not to be confused with “Honey”. At some point along the way, it also morphed into “Oney”…pronounced “Own-y”, and not to be confused with “One-y”. :-D

    Thankfully, the Insta-quote helped put things into perspective for him a little, but I knew he was still feeling intimidated about the conversation he was about to have. Intimidated about feeling vulnerable, and nervous about whether or not he could find the right words to articulate his story in a way that would help others. Shaky about sharing his heart in a very different way that day.

    We never talked about whether or not I should go with him, which come to think of it, is really unusual. We go almost everywhere together, especially when one of us is nervous about where we’re going, but for some reason we had never discussed it that week.

    I think we both must have subconsciously felt like this opportunity wasn’t about us being able to lean on each other. It was about leaning on the One who created it, and fully experiencing the peace that comes along with doing that.

    Now I’m not saying Kev’s heart wasn’t racing as he drove up I-65 to Prattville.

    And I’m not saying he knew exactly what to say when he got there…or even as he walked through the door.

    I’m just saying that, in the end, the prayer he prayed inside our car somewhere along that interstate was Answered…and he definitely didn’t feel alone as he shared his testimony with our friends, Tommy and Billy, that day:

    (email readers will have to click over to my blog to view the video above)

    We squeezed hands tight between our chairs at church yesterday, as that video flashed up onto the screen in front of us. I think my heart was probably pounding just as hard as his was as we watched it alongside his parents and brother!

    But like Tiffini’s Instagram quote said, he knows that it’s “important to his soul’s evolution” to Lean in these kinds of ways, and he’s hoping that sharing his experience will help encourage others who have found themselves in similar boats.

    When we got home from church Kevin said, “If God gave me a talent, I want to add value. I don’t want to misuse it. I want to help create an environment where God shows up, and changes lives.” I wrote it down quick so I wouldn’t forget it. Hearing that was so important to my soul’s evolution, and my hope is that it makes your heart feel a little more Full today, too.


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